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Cursethewhitecat[ Bones ]   1y ago

[center [pic]] [center [size25 [b Pack Law]]] [center [sub may variety form pack to pack depending on the alpha currently in charge.]]
Cursethewhitecat[ Bones ]   364d ago

[Oldenburg [i
[center [b [size40 Pack Hierarchy]]]
[center [pic]][center [b [size30 Ranks]]][center [sub -you may posses only one rank of your choice at any given time-]][hr ][b 1-2 | Alpha | ][#bfbfbf Alphas are leaders. They hold absolute authority in decision-making for the pack. Sets the laws of the pack. They demand respect and will not tolerate any sort of disrespect without a price(i.e. Punishment; exile, banish, or even kill).][hr ][b 1-2 | Beta | ][#a6a6a6 The second-in-command, trusted adviser, assists the Alphas when needed and helps keep order within the pack, lay boundaries and remove offending individuals from pack territory.][hr ][b 1-7 | Gamma | ][#bfbfbf Gamma are the elders. The storytellers. The oldest & wisest of the pack. Their life experience makes them extremely valuable to the pack, but their age has begun to hold them back. Alphas normally turn to them for advice. The elders are the only ones to whom the alphas if they wish to do so, may submit themselves.
.][hr ][b 1-6 | Delta | ][#a6a6a6 Messengers & negotiators. They risk their lives while acting as intermediaries and delivering messages without offending friends and foes.][hr ][b ∞ | Epsilon | ][#bfbfbf Warriors of the pack. They keep an eye out for trouble, ward off intruders, and are responsible for the overall safety and well-being of the pack. Warriors must be quick to think and remain calm in any given situation. Strong and skilled in fighting and know-how and when to kill.][hr ][b 1-8 | Upsilon | ][#a6a6a6 Spies. They infiltrate other packs' territories to simply keep tabs. Reporting back only to their Alpha. Upsilon are not allowed to reveal any information to anyone other than their alpha. So there exists this constant mistrust between upsilon and others. Upsilon often live double lives while walking a very fine line between life and death because of their high mortality rate. It is not a position for anyone who plans on having a mate or offspring.][hr ][b 1-8 | Sigma | ][#bfbfbf Sigma are in a sense like an upsilon; only they aren't spies... more like ninja scouts if anything. They are the eyes and ears of the pack. They keep watch and alert the pack of danger. They are the ones who scout for intruders in pack territory. They know how to fight if need be but are taught to warn the pack as soon as possible. ][hr ][b 1-8 | Lota | ][#a6a6a6 Lota are master healers of the pack. They are very capable of mending the sick and/or injured. Lota in general requires very advanced regeneration skills, as well as extensive knowledge on things such as herds, medicines, poisons, and most importantly the human/ beast-man/ wolf bodies.][hr ][b 1-3 | Omega | ][#bfbfbf The omegas are the lowest of low in the pack. Don't be surprised if they don't receive much respect if any at all... Omegas are in short troublemakers often used as scapegoats by the pack or have offended the alpha in some way. Sometimes a new member(i.e. Loners) may be placed with this rank if the alpha is a bit mistrustful of them..][hr ][b ∞ | Lone | ][#a6a6a6 Lone wolfs are outsiders who either have no pack or have been excluded for good reason. Often treated with suspicion, distrust, and disgust. Loners can join a pack later on if the alpha accepts them and a ranked member is not only willing to vouch for them but to be their mentor as well. Note: Some are New-bloods who've yet to be claimed by a pack.][hr ]

[center [size30 [b -Matter of Challenge- ]]]
[center All positions can be challenged, regardless of the challenger's current status within the pack. Those being challenged are not allowed to deny. They must accept the challenger and defend their position. Winners claim/keep their position and may do as they please with the loser(i.e. punish them). Looser must compile to the winner.

Rarely will other pack members stand by to allow their Alphas, to be challenged. The rank is sometimes handed down to a pup or the Beta after the death of an Alpha.]
Cursethewhitecat[ Bones ]   1y ago

[Oldenburg [i

[center [size30 [b -Titles- ]]][center [sub -these are non-ranked titles that any member of a pack can have-]][hr ]
[b ∞ | Brother | ][#bfbfbf Brother is how non-ranked males within the pack are referred to until earring or inheriting their rank.][hr ][b ∞ | Sister | ][#a6a6a6 Sister is how non-ranked females within the pack are referred to until earring or inheriting their rank.][hr ][b 1-4 | Mother | ][#bfbfbf This titled is reserved for those who have received their Alphas blessing to have children of their own. Mothers are expecting and or nursing females. They have a responsibility to guide their young to be loyal to the pack, to love and support them, to protect them when they are in danger. ][hr ][b 1-4 | Surrogate | ][#a6a6a6 Surrogates are females that take on all or part of the role of mother to another member of the pack or an adopted pup. Think of them as a wet nurse of sorts.][hr ][b 1-3 | Watcher | ][#bfbfbf These are the pup/cub sitters of the pack. They will keep watch over the pups/cubs when the others may be out hunting or at battle. Don't be fooled into thinking that they are weak and soft. On the contrary the pup watchers can be the most vicious members of the pack, as long as you don't mess with their pups/cubs. They only watch pups/cubs up until adolescence(age ten).][hr ] [center [sub [i No member of a pack may neglect a pup/cub in pain or in danger, even if it is from another pack or a stray because pups/cubs are a rare.]]][hr ][b ∞ | Pups | ][#a6a6a6 Pups are newborns and toddlers(ages one to four). Pups are usually given birth to by members who have received permission from their alpha or are adopted.][hr ][b ∞ | Cubs | ][#bfbfbf Cubs are some of the youngest wolves in the pack, ages five to ten, and become trainees around age ten. They are able to earn or inherit a rank based on their master/guardian when old enough or when the Alpha decides.][hr ]
Cursethewhitecat[ Bones ]   1y ago

[center [pic]][center [b [size25 Ancestry]]][center
Werewolf + Werewolf = Pure blood
Werewolf + Human = Half blood
Werewolf on full moon + Bitten/Scratched Human = New blood


[center [pic]][center [b [size25 Breeding]]][center [size14 [i Risky business]]]
Lycanthropy is an inherited genetic condition caused by a curse, thus a person can only be a lycan if they are born to at least one lycan parent or are afflicted with the curse during a full moon.

Normally one would think that lycans would reproduce naturally, however due to the nature of their cursed heritage(It is believed that the curse plays a big role in infertility among lycan kind next to miscarriages caused by partial-phasing of the fetus inside the womb.), their numbers have dwindled over the years at a staggering rate making them out to be nothing but the stuff of myth and legend.

Maybe it's because their kind is on the verge of extinction or the drive to survive with the changing times, but some lycans have turned to some safer alternatives when it comes to the matter of reproducing safely.

[hr ][size14 [b Mix breeding:] [i [#a6a6a6 The act of creating half-bloods. The process is rather simple: a lycan mates with a human and produces a half-blood child. Whether the human is aware or not depends on if the relationship shared between them is mutual or unrequited.]]

[b Marking:] [i [#bfbfbf Marking is used to make new-bloods. It can only be done during a full moon during which a lycan in beastman form hunts down humans and inflicts them with the curse. Any human who does not die form the attack becomes a new bloodline of lycan. Marking is usually done subconsciously, but can be done consciously.]]][hr ]Both cases prevent inbreeding and are good substitutes for breeding despite the risk.

Risk for expecting mothers: [hr ][size14 ─ [i [#a6a6a6 Miscarriages are normal for expecting mothers(the pup transforming inside its mother's womb causes her to miscarry).]]
─ [i [#bfbfbf Loss of child, mother, and/or both due to birthing complications.]]
─ [i [#a6a6a6 Child may be born premature or partially-shifted. Sometimes both.]]
─ [i [#bfbfbf Mother will either accept or reject her child. [b 1.)] Should a mother accept her child she will become overprotective of her child. [b 2.)] Should she reject her child things tend to turn dark, very dark(i.e. Suicidal thoughts/ Suicide, attempted murder of her own child, child neglect or abandonment)..]]
─ [i [#a6a6a6 Rejection is highly likely in human mothers, new bloods, and sometimes half blooded mothers. It is very rare for a pure blooded mother to reject her child without good reason.]]][hr ]
Cursethewhitecat[ Bones ]   1y ago

[center [b [size25 Phasing ]]]
[center Phasing refers to how a werewolf can willingly shift between forms. This process usually starts out as involuntary which can be painful. However it can be learned how to control over time through phasing. Phasing is a safe and relatively painless way of shifting forms. It also paves the way for morphing.

[center [size14 [b [size20 -Human-]]
[i [#bfbfbf They are indistinguishable from humans while in human form, though they retain their heightened senses and wolf-like nature. May smell like a wet dog when wet in human form.]]
[left [pic]]
[b [size20 -Wolf-]]
[i [#a6a6a6 Larger than your average sized wolf, much more feral and predatory appearance. They retain their human intelligence, memories and character, even their features such as hair/fur color and eye color. Lycans in their wolf form will not attack you unless it feels threatened or can’t control its transformation yet. ]]

[b [size20 -Beastman-]]
[i [#bfbfbf Beastman form is monstrous combination of man and wolf. an anthropomorphic imposing monstrous appearance. Which allows them to walk on two hind legs or even crawl/run around on all fours. Their nails become claws, razor sharp like their new found fangs. Hair covers their entire body. Their facial features such as the nose, eyes, and mouth become larger.

It is extremely difficult to willingly phase into beastman form outside of a full moon and retain their sanity. There are very few capable of achieving this feat. Those who can are usually in an alphas position or hide their ability to do, so for numerous reasons, if not obvious ones as well.]]

[b [size20 -Morphing-]]
[i [#a6a6a6 similar to partial-phasing- only it won't accidently cripple or kill anyone using it. Morphing is a highly advanced skill in which lycans can selectively phase certain aspects of their body into those of a wolf. Most purebloods tend to naturally possess this skill. While half-bloods and new-bloods must work for it.

Some examples include things such as only extending their claws to cut something, their fangs to bite something, changing their ears into that of a wolf for hearing sound over long distances or simply making their eyes glow to enhance their eyesight or display their supernatural nature.]]

[b [size20 -Partial-Phasing-]]
[i [#bfbfbf Partial-phasing is an unstable form of morph-phasing. It is often involuntarily, painful and can result in accidental crippling and even death. It is also the number one cause of miscarriage's and child fatally rates. ]]

[b [size20 -To Resist Or Not To Resist-]]
[i [#a6a6a6 Delaying phasing for long periods of time can be dangerous, especially on full moon lit nights because its easier to fall prey moon madness. The act of delaying also increases the likelihood of unbearable pain, temporary insanity, aggression, the risk of serious injury to oneself or others and worse case death. Thus it is highly advised to stop resisting sooner rather than later and to let the change happen. It makes the process go much more smoothly and end quicker.]]

[center [pic]][center [b [size25 Full Moon Madness ]]][center [b [i -the curse-]]]
The full moon can last for a few days to the naked eye, thus there are a total of three days that lycan's must deal with potential 'moon madness'.

Moon Madness a curse that forces any lycan of weak will to unwillingly and painfully transform on the nights of a full moon. It forces lycans to literally shed their human skin(the pieces of flesh tend to melt away and evaporate into thin air before even hitting ground) while their body begins to bend and twist in unnatural ways (complete with bone breaking sounds) as fur rapidly covers their entire body. Their nails become claws and their teeth fangs. Their tails act like powerful whips and their eyes become pure gold. This process is usually finished with a traditional howl.

Once in their most powerful form. They become nothing more than mindless, rabid beasts, that go on a feral rampage, while hunting human prey. They become truly dangerous monsters, under it’s bright moonlight.

[right [pic]]
The sudden craving for human flesh compels them to attack humans, thus inflicting their curse upon them. Most humans die during the initial attack, the few who survive become newly blooded lycans.

Although a lycan who has fallen prey to full moon madness cannot be reasoned with, due to their temporary insanity, they will not actively attack other lycans unless provoked. [center ______________________________________________________________________________________]
It is common for those affected by moon madness to experience something akin to a hangover such symptoms include but are not limited to:
[i [#a6a6a6
─ Waking up naked. Get use to it because it is your new 'normal'.
─ Fatigue and weakness
─ Excessive thirst and dry mouth
─ Headaches and muscle aches
─ Nausea, vomiting or stomach pain
─ Poor or decreased sleep
─ Increased sensitivity to light and sound
─ Dizziness or a sense of the room spinning
─ Shakiness
─ Decreased ability to concentrate
─ Mood disturbances, such as depression, anxiety and irritability
─ Rapid heartbeat
─ Short-term memory loss, often leaving one in confusion as to where and how they might have obtained such wounds or why they woke up naked in a field somewhere…]]
Cursethewhitecat[ Bones ]   1y ago

[Oldenburg [center [size14
[right [pic]]
[center [b [size25 Curse]]][i The curse takes form in the initial bite/scratch wound that is inflicted upon a human by a lycan in beastman form during a full moon and only a full moon. It is often referred to as the "curse mark" and is the reason why humans with the mark are called the "Marked".]]]

[center [b [size19 - The Curse Mark-]]][size14 [i The curse mark serves a few purposes:
─ Spreading the lycan curse, obviously.
─ Identification of the human attacked that may or maynot become a new-blood.
─ Forming a bond shared between the marked human and the Lycan who cursed them.]]

[center [size14 [center [b [size19 -Transitioning-]]]
[i The transitioning period last form the initial attack to a marked persons first full moon until after the madness wears off and the marked human wakes up as a new-blood.]

[center [b [size19 -New-blood-]]][i New-bloods are recognized as new lycan bloodlines. Highly valued as pack members for obvious reasons and tend to be treated like cubs.]

[center [b [size19 -The Bond-]]][i a shared experience.]
Cursethewhitecat[ Bones ]   1y ago

[Oldenburg [right [pic]]

[center [b [size25 Nature]]

Werewolf's all possess extremely accurate senses allowing them to see, hear, smell, taste, touch and feel more than normal creatures. But their individual nature is different. Some may posses one or two natures depending on conditions of there birth and the phase of moon.

[center [b [size25 -Nature Options-]]][center - Two natures max -]

Strength | [i - [#bfbfbf Possess strength beyond that of a normal person. Examples lifting up vehicles with ease, smashing through walls, or crushing bones like a toothpick. Control is import as not to accidentally damage the environment/living things without meaning too. ]]

Speed | [i -[#a6a6a6 Speed nature’s can catch-up or even outrun moving vehicles, they are highly likely to beat you to the finish line even if you had a head start and was half way to it! Werewolf's of this nature should avoid sudden stops and making contact with objects/lifting things to avoid self injury.]]

Regeneration | [i -[#a6a6a6 Are often the healers of the pack. They can recover from minor injuries in the blink of an eye and broken bones within a few hours. ]]

Prowling | [i - [#bfbfbf The stealth ninja of the pack. You won’t see or hear them coming until they’ve already hit ya! Their great at camouflaging themselves in their environments without trying and can hide their presence from every rank except alpha. Its highly suggested for Prowlers not to get caught and in case of getting caught to simply get out of sight!]]

Leaper | [i -[#a6a6a6 Jump longer and higher distances than normal humans. Leapers can jump the height of three story building and land safely without the aftershock. However that aftershock can be felt with anything higher than a three story building so Leapers should take heed as not to accidentally cripple themselves]

Reflexes | [i - [#bfbfbf Drastically affects how werewolf's can dodge and maneuver around complex attacks, catch thrown/falling objects, block detriments and react instantaneously to what others have no time to react to. Examples such as dodging bullets, catch flies in mid-air,ect]]

Durability | [i -[#a6a6a6 These werewolf's can sustain numerous blows of internal or external assaults before succumbing to the effects. Durable enough to be bullet proof or get hit by a moving vehicle and walk it off.]]

Howl | [i - [#bfbfbf Howlers are werewolf's who can freely manipulate the tune and freely of their voice. This allows them to easily imitate various sound or noises create by the world around them. Howlers are capable of emitting sound strong enough to damage hearing, cause fear, or paralyze.]]

Crawler | [i - [#bfbfbf fasten onto and climb vertical and horizontal surfaces without falling. They do not deny gravity, but adhere to surfaces unaided.(Think Spiderman without the web.)]]

[center [#00b3b3 [i [hr ] If you would like to add your own nature type pm me with your suggestion and I'll see if we can work things out[hr ] ]]]


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