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The Three Guardians [A The Boyz Fanfic] [Complete]

By AkiraInu

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Kevin never thought he'd be tracking after one of the most powerful vampires in Europe for the sake of a human's life of all things. Eric never thought he'd be the one defending said human, especially after he learned just how much danger she really was in. Jacob never thought he'd be the one to take care of the human in the first place, especially after she was dropped off at Kevin's doorstep without any explanation as to why. And Yoohyeon, well, she was the human caught in the middle of all this mess, simply because of the way she apparently smelled to every vampire in existence.


If that plot isn't awkward as hell, I don't know what is.

Anyway~! Hai! Author-nim here with another story~! The Boyz are here with their story! If you read through The Soldier and His Protector, this takes place literally hours after Yunho, MK and Gunmin rescued the human from the blood den. Now the human has a name! Who is the most powerful vampire in Europe right now? Well read and find out~!

Eric, Jacob and Kevin are all bound to a werewolf named Jun. Jun was featured in this story if you want to know what had happened to him.

Also I know that Eric, Jacob and Kevin aren't brothers. But this makes sense for this story so.

Now onto the characters~!


Kevin: An animal-human whose soul is bound to Jun via a contract that consists of an x shaped scar across the back of his neck. He was originally a wolf shapeshifter but had died after his father sent him to his death after returning from war when his brothers Jacob and Eric were killed trying to save him. He is the middle child technically, but is really the youngest between the three brothers since he was the last one to be brought back. He tries to be something other than his brothers, as he was the only one to not awaken his alpha's voice when he had died. He is known to get very emotional at times, though he passes it off as it being part of the contract with Jun, as he takes most of Jun's emotions. He is a tracker, being one of the best in the pack. His animal form is a large Tibetan Mastiff with a plain leather collar around his neck to cover the x shaped scar on his neck seen in his animal and human forms.

Jacob: An animal-human whose soul is bound to Jun via a contract that consisted of a large x shaped scar going across his back. He is technically the oldest of the three brothers, but is the middle child since he was the second to be brought back. He was the main alpha before he was killed, as he had awakened his alpha's voice first. That title since was handed to Eric, who didn't mind at all. Jacob is known for his anger issues, really due to having to deal with Jun's anger that he held because of the contract. He is also known to be the voice of reason in the pack, as he is one of the oldest in the pack anyway. He is the main medic of the pack, having been in nursing school before he had started changing when he was still a shapeshifter. His animal form is a large leopard with a large x shaped scar going across his back seen in his human and animal forms.

Eric: An animal-human whose soul is bound to Jun via a contract that consists of an x shaped scar going across his stomach. He is technically the youngest, but is the oldest of the three brothers since he was the first to be brought back. He is the main alpha of the pack now, making all the big decisions and things when concerning anything really important. In the contract he is the one with Jun's alpha aura, thus making him even more commanding than usual at times. He doesn't mean to, but sometimes using the alpha's voice wasn't enough so he used the alpha aura to keep his pack in line. He was one of the fighters in the pack, and trained the others how to fight. His animal form is a large grizzly bear with an x shaped scar going across his stomach seen in his animal and human forms.

Yoohyeon: A human whose blood is so delicious smelling to vampires that it caused a vampire named Daeyeol to just dump her in Finland at Kevin's pack house to keep her out of danger. She has no idea why her blood smells so good to vampires but she can recover quickly from blood being drawn by just drinking more blood. She has no idea what her life was like before being put in this situation, and has no real desire to be in another blood den. She just hopes that she survives this ordeal. Human or not.

I hope you enjoy the story~!

Thanks to Venelle for the poster :D
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AkiraInu     1y ago
King of angst and cliffhangers. Fanfiction writer, Kpop stanner. Also notice is going to kill me. oops

[center Chapter 1]

"Kevin," called Juyeon, causing Kevin to get up and walk outside to where Juyeon was. "What's up?" Asked Kevin as he looked at Juyeon. "We have company," said Juyeon as he motioned towards the three people standing in their front yard.

Kevin looked at the three people, sighing as he recognized one of them. "Daeyeol," he warned. "I warned you to not come here again," he growled. "I have a reason for being here this time," said Daeyeol. "There's [i always] a reason for you to show up here isn't there," Kevin said with a scoff. "Where's Changmin and Chanhee?" He asked Juyeon. "I believe they went running, they'll be back soon," said Juyeon.

"Go call them here," said Kevin. "This is between me, Bomin and Daeyeol," he said. Juyeon turned to Kevin in surprise. "Are you sure?" He asked. "Don't worry," said Kevin. "I have things here," he said. "I can't die so," he said, shrugging. "Go, I'll be fine," he said. Juyeon eyed Daeyeol and Bomin before changing on the spot, shaking out his fur before running off to find Changmin and Chanhee.

"Now," said Kevin as he walked over to Daeyeol. "Tell me why I [i shouldn't] rip you apart right now huh?" He asked. "I need to ask you a favor," said Daeyeol. "Is it the human behind Bomin?" Asked Kevin. "Because there is no way in [i hell] that I'm bringing her into this," he growled.

"She's already in this you know," said Daeyeol. "You leave her here and send [i him] after her?" Asked Kevin. "What kind of stupid idea was this?" He asked. "You know as well as I do that even Finland isn't safe," he said. "They won't find her here," said Daeyeol. "I'll make sure of it," he said. "Damn you and your stupid ideas," Kevin said, letting out an exasperated sigh.

"Fine," said Kevin. "I'll take her in," he said. "Doesn't mean I won't give her up when they come for her though," he said. Daeyeol sighed. "It's only for a few months, and I owe you big," he said. "Leave her, I'll have Juyeon take a look when he gets back," said Kevin. Daeyeol nodded, turning around to face Bomin.

"By the way," called Kevin. "No hunting, get out of here," he called. "Damn it," said Bomin. "We weren't going to be able to hunt anyway, the only person to have hunting rights was Eunki," said Daeyeol. "We'll get out of here," he said, turning to Kevin before rushing off with Bomin.

Kevin sighed, turning to the human that they left behind, walking over and leaning down in front of her. "Now, what's your name?" He asked. "I-I'm Yoohyeon," said Yoohyeon. "Can you stand?" Asked Kevin. Yoohyeon nodded, and Kevin held out a hand for her to take. She took it, letting Kevin pull her to her feet.

Yoohyeon hid behind Kevin when Juyeon returned with Changmin and Chanhee, shaking in fear. "Don't worry, they're with me," said Kevin as he sighed. "Alright, Juyeon go get changed and have a look at her, Changmin go call Haknyeon and Sangyeon and tell them to let Eric and Jacob know this is urgent and to come over as soon as they can," he said. "Chanhee, let's go move the spare bed into my room," he said. The three wolves nod, rushing off to change and get their things done.

"Come with me," said Kevin as he turned to Yoohyeon. "They're harmless, and won't do anything without my say so," he said. Yoohyeon nodded, and Kevin turned, walking back to the house. Yoohyeon followed after him.

[center ~]

Juyeon took a look at Yoohyeon, bringing a first aid kit with him to cover any small injuries from the journey. "Are you okay?" He asked. "I think so," said Yoohyeon as she let him check her over.

"How was the trip here?" Asked Juyeon. "They carried me," said Yoohyeon. "Bomin did, I think that was his name," she said. "We landed in Poland and they booked it for here, wherever here is," she said. "You're in Finland," said Juyeon. "You're in one of the most closed off countries in Europe, at least, supernatural wise," he said. "I see," hummed Yoohyeon.

[center ~]

"Who is this human?" Asked Chanhee as he and Kevin moved things around in Kevin's room to accomodate for the bed that was being moved in. "I don't know," said Kevin. "I owed Daeyeol a favor, and I wasn't about to turn down a human from a chance to live a normal life," he said.

"You're letting her sleep in your room?" Asked Chanhee. "Well, I don't think she'd want to sleep in yours and Changmin's or Juyeon's rooms," said Kevin. "I don't even have a bed in here," he said. "So I can room with Juyeon and she can have this room," he said.

"You wouldn't do this for anyone, just who [i is] this human?" Asked Chanhee. "Someone important," said Kevin. "Apparently," he added. "I don't know why she's important, but apparently she's important," he said.

"There's something you're not telling me," said Chanhee. "What's wrong?" He asked. "I can't explain it now," said Kevin. "Things will be explained in due time, I'm sure," he said.

[center ~]

"Jacob and Eric are on their way here," said Changmin as he stood in the doorway of Kevin's room. "Good," said Kevin. "I think the room is ready for now, don't you think?" He asked, looking around the room. "Well, she'll need a dresser, which we can get from the store," said Chanhee. "And clothes, which she can also go shopping for," he added.

"Cool," said Kevin. "Is Juyeon done looking her over?" He asked, turning to Changmin. "Yeah," said Changmin. "I think he's ordering take out," he said. "She mentioned she was hungry so," he said, shrugging.

[center ~]

The first night in the pack house was a weird one for Yoohyeon. She had never been around anyone really except vampires, and these people she was dumped on were definitely [i not] vampires. From what Kevin had said, they were harmless but could she trust him? Something in her told her to, but her natural distrust for anything in the supernatural world turned her away from trusting them immediately.

"This is your room for the time being," said Kevin as he opened the door to his room. "It's not much, but it'll work," he said. "It's better than nothing I suppose," said Yoohyeon as she took in her surroundings.

"We'll go shopping for clothes and other stuff you may need tomorrow," said Kevin. "My brothers are gonna be here tomorrow to help out with things," he said. "Oh, okay," said Yoohyeon. "Get a good night's sleep, I'm just across the hall in Juyeon's room, okay?" Asked Kevin. "The bathroom is connected to your room, and Changmin gave you some clothes to change into for the night," he said. Yoohyeon nodded, and Kevin left her alone, going into Juyeon's room.

After a much needed shower Yoohyeon flopped down onto the bed that was [i more] comfier than she had imagined, sighing as she stared up at the ceiling. It was going to be a long night, that was for certain. She got up, going under the covers before laying down and burying her face into the pillow to try and sleep.

The burning questions on her mind were: who exactly [i was] Kevin? Why did he go out of his way to help her? And why did he wear a collar?
AkiraInu     1y ago
King of angst and cliffhangers. Fanfiction writer, Kpop stanner. Also notice is going to kill me. oops

[center Chapter 2]

Jacob was the first one to arrive at Kevin's pack house in the morning, and Yoohyeon was the one to let him in, wondering who was at the door. "Who in the world?" Asked Jacob as Kevin appeared behind Yoohyeon.

"You're here!" Kevin said, rather enthusiastically. "Come on in," he said, moving Yoohyeon out of the way as he moved to let Jacob in. "Eric's not here yet?" He asked, dragging Jacob into the kitchen to talk while Yoohyeon was left in the living room.

"No," said Jacob. "But I see now, [i why] you asked for the two of us here," he said. "I drove here, Eric's running here," he said. "Are we finally going to get our answers?" Asked Changmin as he entered the kitchen. "When Eric gets here," said Kevin.

"Daeyeol stopped by to drop her off huh?" Asked Jacob as the others made their way into the kitchen. "Can you take a look at her?" Asked Kevin. "Sure," said Jacob. "After breakfast though," he added. "I didn't see much," said Juyeon. "But you may be able to see more than I did," he said. "I told you I was okay," said Yoohyeon as she entered the kitchen.

"I'm the main medic," said Jacob as he turned to Yoohyeon. "I know there might not be anything wrong since I trust Juyeon and his skills but it's better to make sure," he said. "A second opinion works," said Juyeon. "Sometimes a second opinion is needed," he added.

[center ~]

Eric arrived after breakfast, putting up his human illusion as Yoohyeon opened the door. "Oh, a human," he said. "Huh," he said. Yoohyeon blinked as Eric studied her. "Are you gonna let him in?" Asked Jacob as he stood behind Yoohyeon. Yoohyeon jumped, bowing before letting Eric in and closing the door behind him.

"How was the trip?" Asked Kevin as Jacob went with Yoohyeon to do a last check up on her before declaring her okay. "Fine, I thought I got lost when I knocked and the door and she answered," said Eric. "You got the right address," said Kevin.

"So Daeyeol finally brought her over huh?" Asked Eric as he walked with Kevin into the kitchen. "Yep," said Kevin. "This isn't good," said Eric.

"Daeyeol says she's not in any immediate danger," said Kevin. "You know how [i he] can be," said Eric. "They landed in Poland before Bomin had to carry her here on his back," he said. "Poland is Kyuhyun's territory, good choice," hummed Eric.

"Even an idiot knows better than to try and get any information out of Kyuhyun," said Kevin. "What worries me is if she got spotted on the way here," he said. "There are quite a few countries between here and Poland," agreed Eric.

"Okay, spill," said Changmin as he, Chanhee and Juyeon piled into the kitchen. "Who is this human, and what's with the three of you's sudden interest in her?" he asked. "We'll wait on Jacob," said Kevin. "This involves him and the human too," he said. "I've enough waiting," said Changmin as he slammed his hand down on the kitchen table. "I need to know whose butt we're kicking because they are after her damn it," he said.

"You couldn't wait a few more minutes?" Asked Jacob as he walked into the kitchen with Yoohyeon. "Sorry," hummed Changmin. Jacob shook his head and turned to Eric and Kevin. "She's fine," he said. "Juyeon did a good job of patching her up and Bomin was careful with her," he said. "Good," said Kevin.

[center ~]

"So wait, you're saying [i he's] after her?" Asked Changmin. "You see why we're trying to keep this hush hush now?" Asked Kevin. "This makes more sense actually," said Juyeon. "He dropped her off here because we don't allow public communication," he said. "And we're close to each other's territory," said Chanhee. "Along with being right next to Russia," he added.

"We can use my truck to take you shopping," said Jacob as he turned to Yoohyeon. "I'm sure you'd wanna be out of Changmin's clothes by now," he said. "They're comfortable," said Yoohyeon. "But I'd rather have my own clothes for the time being," she said. "We'll go looking for furniture," said Kevin. "It was my room but you can have it for the time being," he said. Yoohyeon nodded. "Okay," she said.

"I have a question though," said Yoohyeon. "What are you?" She asked. "Because I know that Daeyeol and Bomin were vampires," she said. "Juyeon and the rest of them are shapeshifters," said Kevin. "Eric, Jacob and I are animals in disguise," he said. "Animal-humans as what they call us or whatever," he said.

"We were shapeshifters like them," said Eric. "But we died," he said. "We were brought back though, and here we are," he said. "I see," said Yoohyeon.

"Let's get you into some new clothes and then Jacob will take you shopping okay?" Asked Kevin. Yoohyeon nodded. Changmin went to find some clothes for Yoohyeon before letting her get changed.

[center ~]

Jacob drove Yoohyeon to the mall, with Eric and Kevin taking Kevin's truck to get some furniture at Ikea. Yoohyeon got to pick out everything she needed, along with a few extra decorations for her room as she shopped around. Jacob only let her out of his sight when she went into the changing room to try on clothes.

"You don't have to do this you know," said Yoohyeon as she left the changing room to find Jacob waiting on her like usual. "I'm fine with waiting on you," said Jacob. "It's fine," he said. "You're not tired or anything from the drive?" Asked Yoohyeon. Jacob shook his head. "We can grab lunch, my treat," he said.

Eric and Kevin met them in the food court after getting their shopping done, sitting down across from Jacob and Yoohyeon after getting their food. "What'd you get?" Asked Yoohyeon. "A dresser, a bed frame with more storage and a mirror," said Kevin. "If you need anything else we'll get it for you," he said. "A desk?" Asked Yoohyeon. "I bought some journals and stuff to write in," she said. "Sure," said Kevin.

[center ~]

Changmin and Chanhee went to build all the furniture when everyone got home, the two of them having the best teamwork when it came to doing anything so Kevin left them to their own devices.

Yoohyeon was able to tell them [i where] to put everything first, so that they could just build in that specific spot, but after that she left them be. There was clothes to sort through, amongst other things, so she went to work on organizing things before she was allowed to be in her room.

"Can I see your animal forms?" Asked Yoohyeon as she met Eric, Jacob and Kevin outside as they were discussing things. "You want to see our animal forms?" Asked Kevin as he turned to Yoohyeon. Yoohyeon nodded.

"Who did you want to see first?" Asked Kevin. "Yours," said Yoohyeon. "I want to know why you have a collar on," she said, earning a scoff from Kevin. "Okay," said Kevin. "Don't be alarmed, when you see it," he said. "I don't think anything can surprise me anymore," said Yoohyeon. "Fair point," said Kevin as he sighed. "Well?" Asked Yoohyeon.

Kevin dropped his human illusion, causing Yoohyeon to blink in surprise. "A dog," she said. "Well, that does make sense actually," she said with a small giggle, walking up to Kevin and patting him on the head. Kevin bumped her hand with his head before moving back and putting up his human illusion. "Told you," he said, rubbing the back of his neck.

Yoohyeon took a generous step back when Jacob and Eric walked over after dropping their human illusions, gasping in surprise. "Wow," she breathed out, examining both animals from a respective distance. "They won't hurt you you know," Kevin said with a shake of his head. "But a leopard and a bear?" Asked Yoohyeon.

"It reflects our previous lives as shapeshifters," said Kevin. "They couldn't find a wolf for me, so a dog it was," he said, looking up at the stars. "I was a polar bear back then," said Eric as he put up his human illusion. "I was a lion," said Jacob as he put up his human illusion.

"There are others right? They're still shapeshifters too?" Asked Yoohyeon. Kevin nodded. "I'm sure they'll come around eventually," he said. "I doubt it," said Eric. "Haknyeon and Sunwoo don't want to leave the territory alone, so you'll have to come for a visit sometime," he said.

"Can we?" Yoohyeon asked Kevin as she turned to look at him. "I suppose," hummed Kevin.
AkiraInu     1y ago
King of angst and cliffhangers. Fanfiction writer, Kpop stanner. Also notice is going to kill me. oops

[center Chapter 3]

Months passed, and Yoohyeon fell into a sort of routine. Kevin didn't have many rules for her, but a big one was to never wander anywhere alone. At least, when it came to being outside. Changmin and Chanhee patrolled their land often, so they were sure she'd be fine but Juyeon often accompanied her anyway, more due to him not having anything to do.

"So what do you do in the pack?" Asked Yoohyeon as she walked with Juyeon in the forest near the property. "Not much really," said Juyeon. "I'm home a lot because I'm in charge of Kevin's side of the information network," he said. "That sounds rather boring," said Yoohyeon, causing Juyeon to laugh. "I guess, but it's not as boring as you think," said Juyeon.

"How do you know Daeyeol and Bomin?" Asked Yoohyeon. "I don't actually," said Juyeon. "Kevin knew them though," he added. "Vampires don't usually come through here anyway, we don't allow them to hunt so there's no point," he said. "Well, we let one vampire hunt here, but that's mostly due to him hunting one human each territory he goes into," he said. "I see," said Yoohyeon.

[center ~]

A sigh left Kevin as he and Juyeon stared down Yunho, Gunmin and MK. "What brings you three here?" He asked. "Missions," said Yunho. "For how long?" Asked Kevin. "A few weeks or so," said Yunho. "The three of us each have our own missions," he said. "So it'll take longer than usual to be done with them," he said.

Kevin hummed, and Juyeon eyed them with a calculating look. "Let them stay for a bit," said Juyeon. "Yunho saved the human I think," he added.

"At the cost of my brother's life," Yunho said with a scoff. "But I won't harm her," he said. "When I was told exactly [i who] was after her I couldn't bring myself to harm her," he said. "But," he added. "I won't stop him, if he shows up," he said. "I don't expect you to," said Kevin. Yunho nodded.

"Just be out of here as soon as you're done with your missions," said Kevin. "We will," said Yunho. "You're in the livingroom for the time being," said Kevin. "I'll get Changmin and Chanhee to get you some blankets and pillows," he said.

[center ~]

"I-I'm sorry for your loss," said Yoohyeon as she stood beside Yunho as he sat down in the grass in the backyard to meditate. "It's okay," hummed Yunho as he shrugged. "San was dying anyway," he said.

"What do you mean he was dying?" Asked Yoohyeon. "From what Yeosang had said when I asked, San's body started rejecting the blood he was drinking again," said Yunho. "He was able to cure it by hunting a human last time but," he said, shrugging. "He thought it was his time to die," said Yoohyeon. "Pretty much," hummed Yunho.

"Now, leave me be," said Yunho. "I need to meditate," he said. Yoohyeon nodded, turning and bumping into Kevin who had walked over to talk to Yunho. "Go inside," said Kevin as he tousled her hair. "Juyeon has a project he wants to do with you," he said. "Really?" Asked Yoohyeon. Kevin nodded. Yoohyeon rushed inside, earning a small chuckle from Yunho as Kevin watched her go.

"A weird human huh?" Asked Kevin as he turned to Yunho. "Of course," hummed Yunho as he shook his head. "Things are odd though," he said. "I expected to be after her next for some reason, but here we are doing regular missions to ease myself back into doing them," he said.

"Why did you think you'd be sent after her?" Asked Kevin. "Not to kill her obviously," said Yunho as he opened his eyes to look at Kevin. "To move her somewhere else," he said. "Right," said Kevin.

"How long are you gonna be out here?" Asked Kevin. "Not too long, I just need some time to think," said Yunho. "Alright, come inside whenever," said Kevin. Yunho nodded and Kevin turned, walking back into the house.

[center ~]

"What did you want to do with me?" Asked Yoohyeon as Juyeon was in the kitchen looking through his phone. "Well," said Juyeon as he looked up at Yoohyeon. "Kevin gave me the day off, so I was going to ask if you wanted to go shopping with me today," he said.

"I don't know what i'd want to get though," said Yoohyeon. "I'm sure you'll find something," said Juyeon. "You don't have to get anything today, but we can always get it later," he said.

"What's the occasion?" Asked Yoohyeon. "I just wanted to get some shopping done," Juyeon said, shrugging. "If you don't wanna go I'll ask Changmin and Chanhee," he said. "Or MK and Gunmin," he added. "No no, I'll go," said Yoohyeon. "I was just wondering why me of all people is all," she said.

"You just seem like good company is all," said Juyeon. "Ah," hummed Yoohyeon.

[center ~]

"She's finally out of the house huh?" Asked MK as he watched Juyeon drive away with Yoohyeon in Kevin's truck. "For a few hours," said Kevin as he sighed. "Who was visiting again?" Asked MK. "Yeosang and Mingi along with Eunki, who's passing on some information about [i him]," he said.

Eunki showed up a few minutes later with Yeosang and Mingi not too far behind him. "We waited until she was gone, but damn I can still smell her," grumbled Eunki as he looked around. "Any news?" Asked Kevin. "Daeyeol is a genius apparently," said Eunki. "He doesn't suspect a thing," he said.

"Of course, to get here he'd have to cross through Russia and Yuri hates it when people go through Russia without getting his permission to do so," said Kevin. "It doesn't matter who you are, as long as you ask for permission," he said. "Of course, this is not going to stop [i him] from trying but," he said, shrugging.

"Why are you going out of your way to keep her out of trouble?" Asked Mingi. "Something about her just has me second guessing how things go from here," said Kevin. "Even Eric and Jacob are wanting to keep [i him] from finding her," he said.

"I wouldn't be surprised when he does show up though," said Yunho as he walked over, nodding to Yeosang and Mingi who nod back in greeting. "He's gonna show up when he wants, it's just the matter of if he's brave enough to do so," he said.
AkiraInu     1y ago
King of angst and cliffhangers. Fanfiction writer, Kpop stanner. Also notice is going to kill me. oops

[center Chapter 4]

Howls erupted from the forest near the house, and Kevin turned to the sound, tensing on instinct as he knew who was howling. Footsteps were heard and someone rushed into view, with Eunki going to stop them as he stepped in front of the person's path. "Oi," said Eunki as he grabbed onto the intruder's shoulders. "What the hell are you doing here again?" He asked.

"Ah," hummed Kevin. "Bomin," he said. "I was not expecting another visit from you this soon," he said. "I got separated from Daeyeol," said Bomin as he moved away from Eunki. "I don't know where he went," he said. "Have you seen him?" He asked. "He hasn't come by no," said Kevin. "The human is out of the area for now, she's shopping with Juyeon," he said.

"Where's Gunmin?" Asked Yunho as he looked at MK. "He went running with Changmin and Chanhee when I saw him last," said MK. "Why?" He asked. "Something is up," said Yunho. "The contract is reacting to something," he said.

Footsteps were heard and Daeyeol rushed out of the forest with Gunmin close behind him. "Enough Gunmin!" Shouted Yunho. Gunmin slid to a stop as Daeyeol stopped beside Bomin. Changmin and Chanhee came out of the forest, looking warily at Daeyeol.

"Were you hunting in our lands?" Asked Kevin as he turned to Daeyeol. "No," said Daeyeol. "I swear," he added. "There's only [i one] reason those two would leave patrolling to chase after a vampire," said Kevin. "You [i know] the rules Daeyeol," he growled.

"I don't smell any humans on him," said Yeosang. "I've hunted my one kill for the duration of my stay," said Eunki. "So whatever happened isn't my fault," he said.

"He didn't do anything," said Bomin. "I didn't do anything either, I don't know [i why] they were hostile towards us," he said.

"The only reason they would be, is if you screwed up," said Kevin. "We didn't though!" Said Bomin. "We hunted in Russia before coming here," he said. "I hunt animals," said Yeosang. "So it wasn't me," he said.

"You're right, it wasn't those two," came a new voice as someone stepped out of the treeline. "I wasn't aware this territory belonged to 'shifters," he said as he stared down Chanhee and Changmin who turned to the newcomer.

"And who are you?" Asked Kevin. "I'm Seongyoon," said Seongyoon. "I was kicked out of Russia and this was the closest country I managed to get to," he said. "What did you do to piss Yuri off?" Asked Kevin. "I didn't," said Seongyoon. "[i He] was there, and well," he said, shrugging.

"What was he doing there?" Asked Kevin. "I don't know," said Seongyoon. "I was leader of St Petersburg's coven before he showed up," he said. "I guess he wanted an excuse to be close to this territory," he said.

"If you're going to be staying here an extended period of time you're gonna have to start hunting animals," said Kevin. "I see no lies in your story, however I will have to contact Yuri to see what's up," he said. "The Russian accent really cements it, but next time don't wander into a territory you don't know," said Kevin. "I won't," said Seongyoon. "And I'll be here for a bit, I don't know when I can return to my own city," he said.

"Go make sure we don't have any other stragglers," said Kevin as he turned to Changmin and Chanhee. "Kill off any who don't have a Russian accent or we don't know," he said. Changmin and Chanhee nod before turning and running back into the forest.

"Is there any others in your coven we need to watch out for?" Asked Kevin as he turned to Seongyoon. "Jangjun, though I think he ended up down South, we were separated," said Seongyoon. "[i Maybe] Youngtaek," he added. "But I don't know where he disappeared off to after we separated," he said.

[center ~]

When Juyeon came back with Yoohyeon Changmin and Chanhee were done patrolling for the time being, after making sure their new guests would stick to the diet of hunting animals while in the territory. Yeosang, Mingi and Eunki left after a few hours, going to visit Jacob before going to see Eric and leaving the trio of countries all together via plane.

Daeyeol and Bomin were only around long enough to check on Yoohyeon before deciding to just roam the forest and try out the new diet, the smell becoming overwhelming and almost causing them both to go after her. Seongyoon stayed away for the sake of just trying to stick with the new diet, though he now found himself patrolling with Daeyeol and Bomin. Kevin didn't mind their presence as long as they didn't break any rules, and it gave Changmin and Chanhee a chance to finally have a break from patrolling.

[center ~]

"We got new guests huh?" Asked Yoohyeon as she was relaxing on the back deck with Kevin. "It's Daeyeol and Bomin," said Kevin. "Along with Seongyoon who had no prior knowledge of those two until a few days ago," he said. "What's he doing here?" Asked Yoohyeon. "It's only temporary, as he belongs to the St Petersburg coven in Russia," said Kevin. "Ah," hummed Yoohyeon.

"Where's the rest of his coven?" Asked Yoohyeon. "I don't know," said Kevin. "His story checks out though, because Yuri was able to confirm everything," he said. "I recommend staying away from them for the time being though," he said. "Due to the way I smell to them?" Asked Yoohyeon. Kevin nodded. "It's gonna be hard but we'll figure it out," he said. "Daeyeol and Bomin are trying their best, and Seongyoon refuses to come nearby anyway," he said.

"They were tolerant of me before though," said Yoohyeon. "They were trying to get you to safety," said Kevin. "It overrides every instinct a vampire has," he said. "Vampires can feel that sort of thing?" Asked Yoohyeon. "Surprisingly yes," said Kevin.

"How do you know this?" Asked Yoohyeon. "Because my brothers and I are the same way when it comes to our pack," said Kevin. "I've seen it countless times with other packs, and even other vampire covens," he said.

[center ~]

"We're off," said Yunho as he met Kevin outside after MK drove over with the car they were renting for the rest of their journey. "Good luck on your other hunts," said Kevin. "I'll let Jacob and Eric know you're coming over for missions," he said. "Alright," said Yunho.

"Is there anything else?" Asked Kevin. "No, but I'll let you know if something comes up," said Yunho. "Okay," said Kevin. "Good luck," he said. Yunho nodded and got into the car after making sure everything was packed and MK drove off.

[center ~]

"How are the vampires doing?" Asked Kevin as he turned to Chanhee who walked over after changing and putting on his clothes. "It seems they're fine," said Chanhee. "Daeyeol had to leave though, he needed to speak with his brother," he said. "Hopefully Yuri doesn't yell at him for that," said Kevin. "Yuri is aware of what's going on I'm sure," said Chanhee. "I'm sure he is," hummed Kevin as he nodded.

[center ~]

"...You know as well as I do that as soon as Kevin dies we lose this war," said Jacob as he, Eric and Kevin were discussing strategies. "We can't let you on the front lines Kevin, you're the worst fighter of everyone here," he said.

"I can't just let you three go to your death!" Said Kevin as he slammed his hand down on the table. "I [i refuse] to send either of you to your death until we come up with something that will [i actually] work," he said.

"We're running out of time," said Eric. "I'll go, and I'm taking Sangyeon and Younghoon with me," he said. "Don't worry, we'll come back alive," he said. "Do they even know how to cover your brawler style fighting?" Asked Jacob. "We don't have any choice at this point," said Eric. "We're running out of time," he repeated.

"Promise me one thing," said Kevin as he went and put his hands on Eric's shoulders. "Come back alive, okay?" He asked. "The three of you [i better] come back alive damn it," he said. "We'll come back alive, don't worry," said Eric.

"Here's the strategy then," said Kevin as he laid out the map on the table and showed Eric what to do when they ran into the enemy in certain spots on the map. Their father wasn't offering any help at all it seemed, but Eric [i easily] compensated for the lack of soldiers simply for being the tankiest.

[center ~]

The battle had been won, but at the cost of Eric's life. "Eric," said Kevin as he fell to his knees. "Damn it Eric you promised!" He screamed into the sky above him. Sangyeon and Younghoon could only offer their presence to help comfort Kevin as he grieved over the loss of the youngest in the pack at the time. Kevin was left sobbing on the ground as he blamed himself for what happened.
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[center Chapter 5]

Kevin let out an exasperated sigh as he found 2 more vampires on his doorstep, the both of them looking sheepish as Kevin glared at them. "What do you want?" Asked Kevin. "We were told to come here, I think," said one of the vampires.

"You're with Seongyoon I suppose?" Asked Kevin. "Yeah," said the other vampire. "Youngtaek and Jangjun?" Asked Kevin. "Yes," said Youngtaek. "Is this them?" Kevin called out to Seongyoon who came out of the forest with Bomin. "Yeah," called Seongyoon. "Daeyeol should be back within the next few days," said Bomin as he shrugged. "No worries," said Kevin.

"You should know, if you're staying here you gota hunt animals," said Kevin. "We don't let vampires hunt humans here, unless you're Eunki," he said. "Fine with us," said Jangjun. "We're waiting like Seongyoon is to get our home back so," he said, shrugging.

"I'll let you go then," said Kevin. "Stay out of trouble," he said. Jangjun inclined his head before turning and sprinting over to Seongyoon. Youngtaek was a bit more hesitant, his sense of smell picking up on Yoohyeon's scent. "Oi," said Kevin, a growl in his tone. "Get out of here, before I make you yeah?" He asked. "Sorry," said Youngtaek as he forced himself to turn around and sprint over to Jangjun and Seongyoon. Bomin scoffs before turning and sprinting back into the forest, the three other vampires following after him.

"People," scoffed Kevin as he sighed, turning and walking back into the house.

[center ~]

"I feel bad for taking your room," said Yoohyeon as she was out getting groceries with Kevin. "It's fine," said Kevin. "I didn't really have much in that room anyway," he said. "I tend to sleep in my dog form so I just had a rug in that room," he said.

"Why didn't you sleep in a bed?" Asked Yoohyeon. "It didn't feel natural to me," said Kevin. "Eric and Jacob are the same way apparently," he said, shrugging. "Did you try to?" Asked Yoohyeon. "For a while yeah," said Kevin. "But I always ended up sleeping on the floor so the mattress was taken out of the room," he said.

"I wondered why your room seemed so bare," said Yoohyeon. "I didn't need a dresser with clothes in it, what can I say," Kevin said, shrugging. "No problem though, I sleep on the floor in Juyeon's room," he said. "He doesn't mind it, and I found a corner that I liked," he said.

"Don't your packmates find it weird?" Asked Yoohyeon as they walked the cart towards the checkout lines after getting everything they needed. "No," said Kevin. "Eric, Jacob and I were always weird, but everyone that wasn't part of Jacob's original pack came afterwards, and they don't know of our life before, well, except stories of what happened," he said.

[center ~]

"What do you want?" Asked Changmin as Yoohyeon stopped him as he was returning from patrolling outside. "I just want to talk," said Yoohyeon. "About?" Asked Changmin. "Kevin," said Yoohyeon.

"I just want your opinion of him," said Yoohyeon. "I see," hummed Changmin. "Sure," he said, moving passed Yoohyeon to go into the kitchen. Yoohyeon followed after him, leaning against the counter as Changmin got a bottle of water from the fridge.

"Where is Kevin anyway?" Asked Changmin. "He had to go see Jacob for a few days," said Yoohyeon. "Juyeon is here somewhere, but I don't know where he went off to," he said. "Huh, I thought he'd take you with him, I guess not," said Changmin. Yoohyeon shrugged.

"So what'd you want to know?" Asked Changmin. "When did you start changing?" Asked Yoohyeon. "After Kevin's death," said Changmin. "Juyeon was the last person to change before they died," he said, taking a sip of water before putting the bottle on the counter and turning his attention to Yoohyeon.

"So you don't know anything of before?" Asked Yoohyeon. "I don't," said Changmin as he shook his head no. "Chanhee and I heard stories, but we never met them before they died," he said.

"What's your opinion of the Kevin you know now and the Kevin you know from the stories you've been told?" Asked Yoohyeon. "My opinion hasn't really changed much," said Changmin. "From what I know Kevin was a [i great] strategist," he said. "He still is, apparently," he added. "I see," said Yoohyeon.

"He wasn't the best fighter however," said Changmin. "But he compensated, by making sure we got out of there alive," he said. "You guys still have wars?" Asked Yoohyeon. "Not as often as before," said Changmin. "From asking Sangyeon Kevin was blaming himself for both of his brothers' deaths before he died," he said.

"Why so?" Asked Yoohyeon. "He was the one who told them how to do their battles," said Changmin. "He didn't think that things would end up the way they did and that Eric and Jacob would never return from the battles," he said.

"Do you think their father did this on purpose?" Asked Yoohyeon. "Why do you say that?" Asked Changmin. "Thinking back on it," hummed Yoohyeon. "From what I've learned from Juyeon the three brothers were powerful in their own right, and were about to overthrow their father before war claimed their lives," she said.

"It's possible," said Changmin. "Their father was a dictator, I still remember when they split all of us up to keep us from rebelling," he said. "It took [i many] years for Kevin and his brothers to return but I feel like it was good they returned when they did," he said. "Some things changed within Kevin, things that I wouldn't know but Juyeon would," he said.

[center ~]

...Kevin stared down Jacob as Jacob glared back at him. "I can't let you go into this," he said. "The moment you do you'll be killed," he growled. "I have no choice," said Jacob. "I know this is not going to end well, but what other choice do we have?" He asked. "You have to keep Juyeon under control, and I need to bring my best fighters into this," he said.

"You better stay alive for this," said Kevin. "I swear on it," said Jacob. "We'll come back, and I'll do everything in my power to come back from this okay?" He asked. "Promise me?" Asked Kevin. "I promise," said Jacob as he nodded, turning and walking over to Hyunjae and Younghoon.

[center ~]

"...Jacob please," sobbed Kevin as he fell to his knees. "You promised," he said, hitting the ground with his fists as he leaned forward. "You promised damn it," he sobbed.

"Kevin," said Hyunjae as he stood in front of Kevin. "What do you want," said Kevin as his breath hitched, trying to calm himself down. "I think I know who's behind this war," said Hyunjae, causing Kevin to sit up, looking up at Hyunjae. "Tell me," said Kevin, a determined look appearing on his face.

[center ~]

Kevin sat down in the grass in his dog form, looking up at the sky in thought. "You're only like this when something's wrong," said Jacob as he walked over, patting Kevin on the head before turning to look up at the sky. "I'm just lost in my thoughts is all," said Kevin as he put up his human illusion.

"Is it about the human?" Asked Jacob as he turned to look at Kevin. "She can come stay here for a few days," he said. "It's not, surprisingly," said Kevin as he shook his head. "She does need a break, and the vampires would like a chance to come back to civilization for a bit," he said, turning to Jacob. "Do you mind?" He asked. "Nah," said Jacob as he shook his head.

"Well, I'll see you in a few days then," said Kevin as he stretched, dropping his human illusion before taking a few steps into the forest behind the property. "Be careful on the way back," said Jacob as he watched Kevin go. Kevin turned, nodding to Jacob before turning back to the forest and sprinting into it, heading home.
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[center Chapter 6]

Kevin patted Juyeon on the shoulder as he stood before Kevin in wolf form, adjusting the collar around his neck. "Keep an eye on her okay?" He asked. Juyeon nodded. "Come back as soon as you can, I need to meet up with Yuri," said Kevin.

"Tell me why I can't go by car again?" Asked Yoohyeon as she walked over with a backpack slung over her shoulders. "Juyeon's quicker than a car, and your scent is more masked compared to being in a car," said Kevin. "Just hang onto the collar, you should be fine," he said. Juyeon leaned down and Kevin helped Yoohyeon onto his back.

"Jacob is fine with me being there right?" Asked Yoohyeon as she gripped onto the collar when Juyeon moved, fully standing now as he waited for the conversation to be done. "He is, don't worry," said Kevin. "Okay," said Yoohyeon. "Be careful," Kevin said to Juyeon who nodded before turning and running off, being careful to not cause Yoohyeon to fall.

"She's finally gone," said Daeyeol as he walked into view with the other vampires. "Go get freshened up or whatever," said Kevin. "I'm going to the borders," he said, turning to Daeyeol. "We'll meet you there," said Seongyoon as he nodded. Kevin dropped his human illusion, huffing as Changmin and Chanhee came into view. He nodded to them and rushed into the forest, Changmin and Chanhee following after him.

[center ~]

Yuri was standing at the borders between the two countries, keeping his arms crossed over his chest as Kevin appeared with Changmin and Chanhee.

"You're late," said Yuri as Kevin put up his human illusion. "I had to see the human off, I couldn't just let her go without reason," said Kevin as he shrugged. "Otherwise she'd be questioning why we're sending her off for apparently no reason," he said. "Right, humans are complicated creatures," Yuri said with a scoff.

"I wouldn't know," said Kevin as he shrugged. "Of course you wouldn't," said Yuri.

"What brings you here anyway?" Asked Kevin. "I wanted to speak with Seongyoon, but it seems that they're not here yet," said Yuri. "They went to freshen up," said Kevin.

"If it's about our city," called Seongyoon as he ran into view with the others, coming to a stop beside Kevin. "[i He's] still occupying it," said Yuri. "Of course he is," grumbled Seongyoon. "We wish to have our city back you know," said Youngtaek. "You know how [i he] is," said Yuri.

"Why is he so close to Finland anyway?" Asked Kevin. "He is close to finding out where your human is," said Yuri. "I believe you moving her may throw him off your tail for a bit," he said. "From what I know anyway," he added. "This is as close to your place as possible, but he knows better than to try and enter your territory," he said. "Damn right," grumbled Kevin. Changmin and Chanhee snort in agreement, shifting on their feet as they got restless.

"You can go," said Yuri as he looked at Kevin. "My business is with the St Petersburg Coven," he said. "That means we go too then," said Daeyeol. "Go," said Kevin. "We'll meet you back at the house," he said. Daeyeol and Bomin nod before sprinting off. Kevin turned to Changmin and Chanhee before dropping his human illusion and rushing off with them following after him.

[center ~]

"Jacob, we got a visitor," called Hyunjae as he walked into Jacob's office. "Who is it?" Asked Jacob as he looked up at Hyunjae. "It's Juyeon and a human," said Hyunjae. "Kevin couldn't come himself huh?" Asked Jacob as he got up. "Get Younghoon and meet me outside," he said. Hyunjae bowed before going to do so. Jacob headed out as Hyunjae and Younghoon went to flank him as they headed outside. Sangyeon was already there, fixing a stern gaze at Juyeon who glared right back, soft growls escaping him as Yoohyeon clung to Juyeon in fear.

"[i Enough] Sangyeon, you're scaring the human," said Jacob, his alpha's voice there [i just] enough to get Sangyeon to back down with a head bow as he went to stand beside Younghoon. "You're not gonna let her down Juyeon?" He asked, fixing his gaze at Juyeon. Juyeon leaned down and Yoohyeon slid off his back, her knees buckling as she leaned against Juyeon's side to keep steady.

"Kevin had to um," said Yoohyeon as she composed herself, brushing her fingers through Juyeon's surprisingly soft fur. "He had to meet up with Yuri," she said. "I see," hummed Jacob. "Go then Juyeon," he said. "She'll be fine in our care," he said. Juyeon nodded, bowing by leaning down on his front paws before straightening and turning before running off, back home.

"Sorry," said Jacob as he relaxed, walking over to Yoohyeon. "We had to make sure you weren't being followed," he said. "How?" Asked Yoohyeon. "As soon as Juyeon turned his back we would've known," said Jacob.

"Kevin's territory is the first line of defense," said Younghoon. "If his territory was taken over they wouldn't've left any survivors," he said. "If his territory falls, we're next," he said. "Juyeon is the fastest runner in the pack, so for him to be alive well," he said, shrugging.

"It would've been nice to be let known of a visit," said Sangyeon. "Well, I was told that she'd be brought here, but I was under the assumption of Kevin coming with her by car," said Jacob. "This meeting couldn't be avoided apparently," said Yoohyeon. "And the vampires in the area are expected to be out of hiding so that's why he sent Juyeon with me instead," she said.

"Kevin has vampires under his care?" Asked Jacob. "It's the St Petersburg coven," said Yoohyeon. "At least, that's what he had explained to me," she said. "They're there until they get their city back," she said. "Ah," hummed Jacob.

"Hyunjae," said Jacob. "Is the spare bed in your room still?" He asked, turning to Hyunjae. "Yeah," said Hyunjae. "Good, she'll be with you," said Jacob. Hyunjae blinked in surprise. "Okay," he said, turning to go get the room ready.

"You don't have a spare room?" Asked Yoohyeon. "It's my office, which is where I sleep in general," said Jacob as he shrugged. "Unlike Kevin and Eric, my room actually has stuff in it that's being used," he said. "We'll let you get some rest," he said. "I'm sure you need it after the journey you took," he said. Yoohyeon blinked before realizing how tired she really was as the adrenaline wore off as she nearly collapsed. Jacob went to catch her, picking her up bridal style and bringing her into the house. Hyunjae cleared off the spare bed and Jacob put her down, maneuvering the backpack off her shoulders before letting her lay down to get some sleep before leaving the room with Hyunjae.

[center ~]

Kevin huffed out a sigh as he found yet [i another] vampire at his doorstep. "Okay Sungyeol, what do you want?" He asked. "Daeyeol wished to speak with me," said Sungyeol. "He went hunting with Bomin in the forest somewhere," said Kevin. "You're welcome to go look," he said.

"With your two trackers out there? Are you crazy?" Asked Sungyeol. "They know you through Chani, don't worry," said Kevin. "Go," he said. "Fine," said Sungyeol as he rubbed the back of his neck before turning and sprinting off into the forest to find his brother and Bomin.

"People really need to stop just [i showing] up without letting us know ahead of time," grumbled Kevin as Juyeon ran into view. "Welcome back," said Kevin. Juyeon inclined his head before going over to Kevin and changing, walking inside to take a shower after Kevin moved out of the way.

Things were suddenly boring without the human there. What else could Kevin do but wait for the news of the St Petersburg coven. He didn't mind the vampires' presence but instinct still caused him to be wary.

"Jacob thought we lost the territory," said Juyeon as he walked out onto the back deck to sit down beside Kevin who sat on a bench reading a book. "I wouldn't be surprised," hummed Kevin. "I did tell him Yoohyeon was heading there, but I guess he thought I was bringing her over," he said. "I guess so," hummed Juyeon.
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[center Chapter 7]

Jacob and the others in his side of the pack eventually let their guard down, after Kevin had come over himself to confirm that yes, their territory was still intact. Yoohyeon was happy to see Kevin again, even if it was only for an hour or two before he was gone again.

"Stay safe," said Yoohyeon as Kevin got ready to leave. "I'll try," said Kevin. "You stay out of trouble now," he said. "I will," said Yoohyeon. Kevin nodded, dropping his human illusion and running off, heading home.

[center ~]

Hyunjae found himself on watch duty when it came to the human guest, much to Sangyeon's amusement. The normally stoic Hyunjae had no idea how to deal with Yoohyeon and her quirks. Once Yoohyeon had learned that the tough persona that Hyunjae had up was just a front she basically broke it within the span of an hour just by being herself.

"You remind me of Kevin," said Hyunjae as he leaned against the railing on the back porch next to Yoohyeon who was watching the forest behind Jacob's pack house. "Really?" Asked Yoohyeon.

"Well, at least before the war brought their deaths," said Hyunjae. "You remember the time before their deaths?" Asked Yoohyeon. "I was part of the original pack, so yeah," said Hyunjae.

"Is everyone here part of the original pack?" Asked Yoohyeon. "Yes," said Hyunjae. "I'm the youngest in Jacob's side of the pack, but I was the third youngest overall," he said. "Before Juyeon joined us anyway," he added.

"Were their personalities different back then?" Asked Yoohyeon. "No," said Hyunjae. "Well, not much different," he added. "They've changed, sure, but sometimes you can catch a glimpse of their past selves," he said.

"There's a reason for the change in behavior," came a voice as Jacob walked over. "Jun's got a [i pretty] high influence in our lives apparently," he said, standing beside Hyunjae.

"As far as I'm aware, you and Eric never changed," said Hyunjae. "More strict, sure but it was mostly for the fact that you had to compensate for the fact that you're not 'shifters anymore," he said.

"Our side of the pack has changed the most to be honest," said Jacob as he looked out at the forest in front of them. "I still don't know how you managed to survive after everything," he said. "By then most of the others joined us," said Hyunjae. "Sangyeon kept us going for the most part, somehow we knew you'd be back," he said. Jacob hummed in response, straightening when he heard movement in the forest.

"Who's out there right now?" Asked Jacob. "No one," said Hyunjae. "Younghoon and Sangyeon are running errands right now," he said. "What's wrong?" Asked Yoohyeon. "Move behind us slowly," said Jacob as he kept an eye on the forest, his hearing picking up on the smallest of footsteps. They were being surrounded apparently as Jacob immediately shifted slightly, going into his alpha stance as he crossed his arms over his chest. Yoohyeon moved behind them, keeping close to Jacob because he was further away from the stairs that led off the porch.

A blur rushed towards them from the stairs, and Hyunjae acted quickly, grabbing the blur by the arm and pinning him against the porch railing, yanking the arm behind the now captured person to keep them in place.

"Joochan!" Came a voice as someone came out of the forest wearing nothing but a pair of shorts. "You should know better than to try and target a human under our care," said Jacob as he turned to the newcomer, who was now flanked by 4 other people.

"You let go of our youngest you hear?" Growled one of the people standing behind the leader. "Maybe you shouldn't've sent him after our human yeah?" Asked Jacob as he raised an eyebrow. Sangyeon and Younghoon came at them from their left and right respectively, waiting on a command from Jacob as they eyed the newcomers.

"One word and his chip will be destroyed," growled Hyunjae as he kicked Joochan to his knees and put a hand on his shoulder near where he felt the chip pulsing. "Don't you dare," growled the person to the immediate right of the leader as he took a step forward. "Donghyun I suggest you don't," said the leader. "They know how to dispatch us," he said.

"God this reminds me of a scene from Twilight," grumbled Joochan as he tried to move into a more comfortable position. "Long time no see Jacob," he grunted as Hyunjae put pressure on his arm that was behind his back. "It has huh?" Asked Jacob as he turned to Joochan.

"Are these idiots really with you?" Asked Hyunjae as he relaxed slightly, though he kept the act up more for show. "Unfortunately," Joochan said with a humorless chuckle. "Oi," shouted Donghyun. "Leave it Donghyun," grunted Joochan as he easily got out of Hyunjae's grip on him, standing as he rotated his arm to make sure it wasn't out of place.

"I wasn't going to hurt the human, relax," said Joochan as he turned to Jacob who shook his head. "A warning would be nice," said Jacob. "I thought I sent one," said Joochan. "I didn't get it," said Hyunjae as he shrugged.

"So you found a pack that would take you in huh?" Asked Jacob as he turned to the pack Joochan had arrived with. "Yeah, the rude one's Donghyun, the leader is Seungmin, the one to his left is Jaehyun and the one to Jaehyun's left is Jibeom," said Joochan.

"They all got chips huh?" Asked Jacob. "Unfortunately," said Joochan as he shrugged. "We wouldn't've been able to survive without them however," he added. "I can see that," said Jacob. "Considering the nasty scars in various places on them," he added.

"What brings you here anyway?" Asked Jacob. "Well," said Joochan as he scratched the back of his head. "We're looking for a pack to merge with," he said. "We'll have to have a discussion about it," said Jacob as he shrugged. "You'll get an answer within the next week or so," he said.

"Of course, each of us will have a trial for whoever joins," added Hyunjae as he shrugged. "Good luck trying to out track Changmin and Chanhee," he said. "Or trying to find a better tactic to use in battle when talking with Kevin," he said.

"Or being able to beat Eric in a brawl," said Jacob as he shook his head. "Me, it's simple," he said. "Surprise attack Hyunjae," he said. "There's a reason even Sangyeon and Younghoon don't bother with pranking Hyunjae," he said.

"I don't have a chip," said Hyunjae as he shrugged. "I just have fast reflexes," he added. "The only person to ever surprise me has been Yunho, but that was because he trained his body to react," he said.

"We'll let you go for now," said Jacob as he turned to Joochan. "Come back in a week, we'll have your answer," he said. Joochan nodded, rushing off to join his pack before they disappeared back into the forest.

"They are creepy," said Yoohyeon, earning a scoff from Jacob. "You haven't seen creepy," he said. "Just wait til you see who [i Eric] deals with," he said. Yoohyeon blinked.
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[center Chapter 8]

"How do you know Joochan?" Asked Yoohyeon as she sat on the couch watching a movie with Jacob. "Well," said Jacob. "He was a part of my father's pack," he said. "He started changing around the same time as Eric, so they were grouped together," he said. "They became best friends from that point, but I don't know what happened to him after our deaths," he said. "Sangyeon had said he disappeared, didn't want to stay around after everything happened," he said.

"Joochan was really adamant by that point, that the war we fought was your father trying to get you three killed so you wouldn't take over," said Sangyeon as he walked over, laying down on the loveseat facing the tv. "He didn't have proof however, and was kicked out afterwards," he said. "I don't know what happened after that, he just disappeared off the face of the earth from that point," he said.

"Somewhere between then and now he ended up with a chip in his shoulder," said Jacob. "You think he's working for [i him]?" Asked Sangyeon. "I wouldn't think so," said Jacob. "But I'd be careful with their pack as a whole," he said. "Joochan may be known to us but the others we don't know their motives," he said. "I'll let the others know," said Sangyeon. "Good," said Jacob as he nodded.

[center ~]

"So other than Joochan we really don't know the others huh?" Asked Kevin as he sat with Jacob and Eric outside at Jacob's pack house a few days later. "No," said Jacob.

"Do you know why he decided to show up again after all these years?" Asked Eric. "I don't," said Jacob. "But it could be for anything," he said. "He does have a chip, as do the others apparently," he added.

"Hyunjae felt the pulsing?" Asked Kevin as he blinked in surprise. "Joochan's chip is in his shoulder," said Jacob. "So Hyunjae was able to tell that Joochan had one," he said. "Interesting," hummed Kevin. "Indeed," hummed Eric.

"We don't know whose government they belong to then," said Kevin. "[i If] they even belong to one at all," he added. "We'll have to ask Jun or Daewon to come over to see," said Eric.

"Can't," said Jacob. "Jun's resting from returning from a big hunt you also just came back from," he said. "Daewon is unreachable at the moment," he said.

"What's the human doing?" Asked Kevin as he shifted in his seat to get more comfortable. "She's out with Hyunjae getting groceries," said Jacob. "Why?" He asked. "Daeyeol and Bomin wanted to make their presence known," said Kevin as said vampires walked out of the treeline.

"You knew who we were before we even showed up?" Asked Daeyeol. "Each person has a distinct sounding footstep, I'm not the best tracker for no reason now," said Kevin.

"For the record, we knew you were there," said Jacob. "Kevin has a distinct gesture he does when someone's approaching," he said. "A nervous tic from my human days it seems," hummed Kevin as he shrugged.

"What brings you here?" Asked Eric. "Ah, we were looking for Kevin, and Juyeon pointed us in your territory's direction," said Bomin.

"What's up?" Asked Kevin. "Bomin and I are leaving for a bit, Youngbin needs us for whatever he needs us to do," said Daeyeol. "We have to head out anyway, Seongri needed us for something, I can't remember what but," he added, shrugging.

"I'm not your owners or whatever," Kevin said with a scoff. "But thanks, for letting me know," he added. "I assume Seongyoon and the others are still there," he said. "They are, Yuri's supposed to have some information for them sometime next week," said Daeyeol.

"Do you know why Joochan is here?" Asked Jacob. "I don't know who that is to be honest," said Daeyeol as he shrugged. "They're with Seongyoon I think," said Bomin. "You'll have to ask one of them," he said. "I'll ask Youngtaek to stop by or something," he added.

"I'll talk to them myself," said Kevin as he got up. "I'm due back anyway, I had to come here to make sure things were still good," he said. "You think so highly of me," Jacob said, scoffing. "The human is important enough," said Kevin as he shrugged. "I'm sure," said Jacob. Kevin dropped his human illusion and headed off the porch, turning to his brothers before running off, heading home.

"What's his problem?" Asked Bomin. "Don't worry about it," said Jacob as he sighed, getting up. "Go, we'll take care of things here," he said. "I'm sure," said Bomin. "We'll be off then," he said, turning and sprinting off into the forest. Daeyeol looked up at Jacob who stared back at him for a few minutes before turning and sprinting off after Bomin.

"Something isn't right about Daeyeol," hummed Eric as he leaned back in his seat. "Well," said Jacob. "Most vampires don't seem right," he said. "What is up with him anyway," said Eric. "I don't know honestly," said Jacob. "Kevin's changed a lot since he got vampires under his care," he said.

"I think he wants to prove to us that he [i can] be independent, instead of depending on us," said Eric. "It's possible," said Jacob. "Considering that our father used to paint him as the weakest link in the whole pack," he said.

"Do you know why?" Asked Eric. "Kevin used to get sick a lot when we were younger," said Jacob. "It left him weak, even after he started changing," he said. "I think it's why he'd rather plan out battles than join them," he said. "He'll fight when he has to, but otherwise stays out of them," he said.

"Was this before I was born?" Asked Eric. "Kevin being sick a lot? Yeah," said Jacob. "Part of me thinks he still has issues, but he refuses to deal with them," he said. "Or bring light to the issue," he added.

"I'm sure he's okay now, but part of him is still trying to get passed being practically indestructible now," said Eric. "He's still insecure," said Jacob. "We can only support him as his only family left," he said.

"In a way, he's the youngest," said Eric. "Because we both stepped up, but we protected him," he said. "In the only way we could," hummed Jacob as he nodded.

"I should get going," said Eric as he stood, stretching. "I'll be back when Kevin gets back," he said. "We'll have a more in depth discussion about Joochan later," he said. "Sure," said Jacob as he nodded. Eric turned, running off the steps and putting down his human illusion as his feet hit the grass. He turned to Jacob and nodded in goodbye before turning and running off, heading home.

Jacob watched Eric go before getting to his feet, watching the forest for a few minutes before turning and heading inside.
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[center Chapter 9]

Kevin let out a sigh as he looked up at Seongyoon. "You're really causing me a lot of trouble you know," he said. "I don't mean to," said Seongyoon. "I had no idea you knew Joochan," he said. "Joochan is someone precious to Eric," said Kevin.

"He didn't do it by choice," said Seongyoon. "Yet you decided that it was [i okay] to put a chip in his shoulder before doing the same with the rest of his pack?" Asked Kevin. "Only for him to show up after the fact that [i he] took over your city?" He asked.

"His pack is under my care," said Seongyoon. "With what evidence?" Asked Kevin. "For all we know they could be working with [i him] between the time you and your coven were kicked out of your city," he said.

"Look, I don't know what else to say but they're with us," said Seongyoon. "Prove it then," said Kevin. "Send them back to Jacob's territory, we'll have a test," he said. "It'll be a game of cat and mouse out there, my pack against yours," he said. "I'm going now, send Juyeon over," he said, turning and running off, dropping his human illusion as he did so.

[center ~]

Eric sighed as he got up, walking over to where Kevin and Jacob were standing with Juyeon and Hyunjae respectively. "You think this is a good idea?" He asked as Joochan and the others in his pack walked out of the treeline.

"Sangyeon," said Jacob as said person was watching from the back porch with Yoohyeon. "Keep her out of trouble alright?" He asked. "Sure," said Sangyeon. "I'll stay over here," said Yoohyeon.

"Sunwoo didn't want in on the action?" Asked Kevin as he looked at Eric. "Nah," said Eric. "You know what this means Eric," said Kevin. "Of course," Eric said with a smirk. "5 against 5," he said.

"What's this all about huh?" Asked Donghyun. "This game of cat and mouse will determine if you're the enemy or not," said Kevin. "Joochan would remember this game," he said. "A damn good game to be honest," said Joochan. "We're in," he said. "You think this is a good idea?" Asked Seungmin. "Believe me," said Joochan as he smirked. "It's a good way to figure out if we're the enemy or not," he said.

"I'm giving all 5 of you 5 minutes to hide," said Kevin. "Get out of here, find a good hiding spot," he said. "Now, go," he said. Everyone but Joochan turned and rushed off, heading into the forest.

"And with that they failed," said Joochan as he shrugged. "Your pack really thinks we think they're the enemy," said Eric. "Seongyoon checked out then?" Asked Joochan. "Yuri confirmed it," said Kevin.

"So if you knew, why go through the game?" Asked Joochan. "Because, what fun would it be to not test the new allies hm?" Asked Kevin. Juyeon and Hyunjae shifted to their animal forms, a large dark brown colored wolf with white feet and a large cheetah respectively, and waited on the command from Kevin.

"Go, they didn't even bother splitting up," said Kevin as he put his hands in his pants pockets. "They're about 100 meters in front of us, hiding in trees," he added. "Don't attack, wait until you find them and howl," he said. Juyeon nodded, and he and Hyunjae rushed into the forest.

"Your hearing is as good as ever," said Joochan as he crossed his arms over his chest. "There's no where [i to] hide," said Kevin. "We have two of the fastest runners in the pack, they can't be beaten," he said. "Also, your pack are a bunch of idiots," he said, as Juyeon howled somewhere in the distance. Eric, Jacob and Kevin dropped their human illusions before running towards the howling. Joochan sighed and rushed after them.

"That didn't take long," said Seungmin as he jumped down from the tree he was in with Donghyun and Jaehyun. Kevin put up his human illusion as he ran into view, coming to a stop a few feet from Seungmin.

"You failed the test by the way," said Kevin as he crossed his arms over his chest, Juyeon and Hyunjae coming up behind Seungmin, Donghyun and Jaehyun. "Joochan was the only one who passed," he said. "The hell?" Asked Donghyun.

"The purpose of the test was to see who the enemy was, yes," said Kevin. "But the plot twist was that if you ran, you were the enemy," he said. "Staying put means you're not the enemy," he added.

"How were we supposed to know that?" Asked Jaehyun. "If you were here with good intentions, you would've stayed," said Kevin. "So we failed, but you're not going to kill us?" Asked Jibeom as he walked into view.

"Now, why would I do that when the real kill switch is on Joochan?" Asked Kevin. "That information isn't easily obtained," said Seungmin. "No, but Yuri was more than willing to give up some information after I gave him what he wanted," said Kevin.

"The hilarious part of it all," said Joochan as he rubbed the back of his neck with his left hand. "Is that if you had split up, they would've had to kill me," he said. "That means that there's a traitor amongst your pack," said Kevin. "Sticking together was the right idea," he said.

"So what's going to happen to us?" Asked Seungmin. "We'll take you in," said Kevin. "But we're splitting you up," said Eric as he and Jacob put up their human illusions.

"I'm going with Eric," said Joochan as he shrugged. "From a prospective of a strategist this works the best," said Kevin. "Because of your chips, and his being the kill switch that keeps all of you alive it's best to keep him away from the front lines as much as possible, which is my territory," he said.

"Also," said Joochan. "I'd rather be with Eric at the moment," he said. "We have a [i lot] to catch up on," he said. "I'm fine with this," said Eric. "As we're splitting everyone up by what animal form they have," he said. "And Joochan is a bear," he added.

"Whoever is a canine, come forward," said Kevin. "Damn it," said Donghyun as he sighed, walking forward with Jibeom. "Alright Mr. Douche Bag," said Kevin as he raised an eyebrow. "Don't make me put you in your place," he said. "Leave it," said Jibeom as Donghyun growled.

"Why do I get stuck with the [i dog] huh?" Asked Donghyun. "That's rich, coming from you," said Kevin as Juyeon growled at him, stepping forward. "I got this Juyeon," said Kevin. "Since the puppy wants to [i play], come here," he said.

"Donghyun," said Joochan, his alpha's voice coming forward with a growl. "Leave the fight for later yeah?" He asked. "This is our last chance," he said. Donghyun glared at Joochan but backed down, taking a step back to let Kevin know he had stood down. "Good," said Kevin. "Let's go home then," he said, dropping his human illusion and running off, heading home. Juyeon walked passed Donghyun and Jibeom, motioning to follow before he took off after Kevin. Donghyun and Jibeom changed before rushing off after them.

"Seungmin, Jaehyun," said Jacob as he turned to said people. "Come on then," he said, walking back to the house with Hyunjae. Seungmin and Jaehyun looked at each other before following after Jacob and Hyunjae.

"And then there were two," said Eric as he turned to Joochan. "It's been a while," said Joochan as he shrugged, turning to Eric. "I'm taking the human with me," said Eric. "So she sees what things are like in Norway," he said. "Sure, no problem," said Joochan. Eric nodded and headed back to the house with Joochan.

"I should get going then," said Eric as Yoohyeon walked over after packing her things in the backpack she arrived with. "Keep her out of trouble," said Jacob. "I will," said Eric. "Stay out of trouble Joochan," said Seungmin. "Don't worry, I will," said Joochan as he nodded. Eric dropped his human illusion and leaned down to let Yoohyeon climb onto his back. Joochan helped her climb onto Eric's back before moving away and changing. After making sure Yoohyeon was comfortable Eric ran off, heading home with Joochan.

"It's Eric's turn huh?" Asked Sangyeon. "This should be interesting," he hummed. "Sunwoo won't know what to do with her," said Hyunjae as he walked over after changing and getting dressed. "Mhm," hummed Jacob.
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[center Chapter 10]

Bomin shifted slightly, his head tilting to the side as he studied the human shivering in fear in front of him. "Bomin," came a voice as Daeyeol walked over, wondering what was wrong. He blinked in surprise when he saw who was in front of Bomin.

"How'd you get separated from them huh?" Asked Bomin as he leaned down in front of Yoohyeon. "I-I," said Yoohyeon as Bomin reached out to move a strand of hair from her face. "Eric's going to be pissed," hummed Daeyeol as he went to make a phone call.

[center ~]

"What do you [i mean] you lost her?!" Shouted Eric as he pinned Sunwoo against the wall. "I-I didn't mean to lose sight of her I swear," said Sunwoo. "She just went to use the bathroom and that was all!" He said. "She hadn't even been here an [i hour] and we've lost her," growled Eric.

"She's been found," said Haknyeon as he had a phone up to his ear listening to Daeyeol talk. "Where is she?" Asked Eric. "She's somewhere in the town," said Haknyeon. "Bomin said he'd bring her over, if that's okay," he said. "Do it," said Eric. "Bring her over," Haknyeon said into the phone before hanging up after Bomin gave his confirmation.

"I let her go shopping with you for [i one] hour and this happened?!" Said Eric as he turned his attention to Sunwoo. "What was I supposed to do? Follow her into the bathroom?" Asked Sunwoo. "You [i could've] tracked her down," growled Eric.

"It was an honest mistake," said Joochan as he tried to diffuse the situation. "At least she was found, right?" He asked. Eric let out a deep breath as he closed his eyes to calm himself down. "Right," said Eric as he opened his eyes. "Sorry, Jun's unusually pissed off right now, for some reason," he said.

"Jacob's probably got it worse," said Joochan as he studied Eric with a small tilt of his head. "Probably," said Eric as he let out a sigh. "I wonder what's got him so pissed off this time," he hummed, turning when he heard footsteps.

"She was unharmed," said Bomin as he carried Yoohyeon on his back. "I recognized her scent immediately, so I went after it to see what was up," he said. "Where's your companion, Daeyeol?" Asked Eric. "He went off to hunt," said Bomin. "He's in the forest somewhere," he said, letting Yoohyeon down as Haknyeon went to check on her.

"You don't need to hunt?" Asked Eric. "I'm fine," said Bomin as he turned to Yoohyeon who was mumbling something about "stupid vampires and their thirst." Eric tilted his head to the side before blinking in surprise.

"You didn't," said Joochan as he turned to Bomin. "I didn't take any blood from her," said Bomin. "You had vampires in your city," he said.

"He's right," said Daeyeol as he walked over, wiping bits of blood from his mouth. "Deer by the way," he added in case they asked. "But I don't smell any humans on him except for her and that was from when he carried her here," he said. "He's been with me the whole time, we only split so I could go hunting," he said.

"H-He didn't drink my blood," said Yoohyeon as she looked up at Eric. "He found me after some vampires almost went after me," she said. "He killed them," she said. "I see," hummed Eric.

"She's fine," said Haknyeon as he finished looking Yoohyeon over. "Just in shock," he added. "Nothing a good night's rest won't fix," he said. "Good," said Eric. "You're free to go," he said, turning to Bomin and Daeyeol. Bomin bowed before turning and running off. Daeyeol looked at Yoohyeon for a minute before turning and following after Bomin.

[center ~]

Kevin stood beside Jun in his dog form, growling at the vampire in front of them. "You've come [i awfully] close to their territory here," said Jun as he could feel the anger spiking from Kevin, which was a rare event in it of itself.

"I'm just looking for a certain human," [i he] said. "Whoever you're looking for, they're not here," said Jun as he put a calming hand on Kevin's head. "You're really guarded for someone who doesn't own this territory," [i he] said.

"Back off," said Kevin as he put up his human illusion. "There is no human here," he said. "I'm not giving you permission to enter my territory so [i back off]," he growled. "Fine," [i he] said. "I'll be back," [i he] added before turning and sprinting off.

Kevin relaxed, sighing as he flopped down onto the floor. "I come for a visit and end up with this?" Asked Jun. "Sorry, I wasn't expecting [i him] to show up," said Kevin.

"Let's go home," said Jun as he turned to Kevin. "Sure," hummed Kevin as he got up and dropped his human illusion and ran home. Jun rushed after him.

Youngtaek met them as he was out scouting, heading to the borders between the two countries. "Where are you off to?" Asked Jun. "Just doing some scouting," said Youngtaek. "This close to the borders?" Asked Jun. "I was told Yuri needed me for something," said Youngtaek. Kevin nodded for him to go ahead and Youngtaek continued his journey to the borders. Jun and Kevin continued their trip home.

[center ~]

Youngtaek approached the border, spotting a familiar face as he came to a stop. "I didn't think you'd make it," [i he] said. "I was stopped, but I made up an excuse," said Youngtaek as he lowered his gaze, his bangs covering his eyes.

"Where is she?" [i He] asked. "Norway," said Youngtaek. "I don't know when she's coming back here," he said. "I'll update you when I get word of it," he said. "You better," [i he] said. "I will, don't worry," said Youngtaek as he lifted his head to look at [i him], his eyes shining gold for a second before returning to their normal color.

"Go then," [i he] said. Youngtaek bowed and straightened up before turning and running back to the pack house.
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[center Chapter 11]

Youngtaek finished tearing apart his meal, just enjoying the taste of blood in his mouth. He looked around, his eyes flashing gold again for a second to make sure he had really left nothing behind before going to a nearby stream to clean up.

"A messy eater like usual," came Seongyoon's voice as he walked over after finishing his hunt for the day. "I've been thirstier than usual, can you blame me?" Asked Youngtaek as he took off his shirt before jumping into the water. He made sure to clean himself off before getting out of the water and going to rinse out his shirt and putting it back on after wringing it to get the excess water out.

"Where's Jangjun?" Asked Seongyoon. "I don't know," hummed Youngtaek. "We separated after finding a meal for the both of us," he said, turning to Seongyoon. "I'm here," called Jangjun as he rushed over, stopping in front of Youngtaek.

"You know," said Youngtaek as he looked up at the cloudy sky. "I do miss the days of being able to hunt humans," he said. "We have to follow rules while here you know," said Seongyoon. "But I do agree," he added. "At least here you can be as messy as you want," he said. "True," said Youngtaek.

[center ~]

"You don't seem very phased after that mess yesterday," said Eric as he sat beside Yoohyeon. "Well, I'm used to it," said Yoohyeon. "If I wasn't used to it by [i now] I'm sure there's something wrong with me," she said. "Right, I forgot you got this kind of treatment a lot in blood dens," hummed Eric.

"Eric," said Joochan as he stood in the doorway to the guest bedroom. "What's up?" Asked Eric as he looked up at Joochan. "I have some information for you," said Joochan. "It seems Bomin wasn't here for more than just a coincidence," he said.

"Where is he?" Asked Eric. "Outside, wanting to talk to you," said Joochan. Eric got up, walking to the door and Joochan moved out of the way, watching Eric go before turning to Yoohyeon who looked confused at the information. "I trust you can stay out of trouble in here?" Asked Joochan. Yoohyeon nodded. "Okay," said Joochan as he turned and left the room, going outside to where Eric was talking with Bomin.

"There's a traitor in the coven Kevin's keeping an eye on," said Bomin. "Are you sure?" Asked Eric. "I'm sure," said Bomin. "How are you so sure about it?" Asked Eric.

"You'll just have to see to believe," said Bomin as he looked down at the ground to let his bangs cover his eyes. After a minute he looked up, his eyes flashing gold instead of the normal black color in vampires. Eric blinked, before scoffing in surprise as he turned away. "Okay, you got me there," he said.

"Have you met anyone like him?" Asked Joochan as he stood beside Eric. "One other person," said Eric. "People like Bomin are hard to come across, the fox 'shifters would know," he said.

"What [i really] brings you here?" Asked Eric as he turned to Bomin. "Protecting her, like you are," said Bomin. "Daeyeol doesn't seem to understand my obsession with her, but the traitor is tied to [i him]," he said.

"You're tied to her then," said Eric as he blinked. "In a way, but not like the traitor is to [i him]," said Bomin. "Daeyeol is the one I'm bound to," he said. "That would explain the speed," hummed Eric.

"How many?" Asked Joochan. "One," said Bomin. "The traitor has four," he said. "The person you saw, did they have 9?" Asked Joochan as he turned to Eric. "No," said Eric. "Last I remember he only had 2," he said. "There are people with 9, but they're [i extremely] rare," he said.

"Where's your ring?" Asked Joochan as he looked at Bomin. Bomin pointed to the necklace around his neck. "Here," he said. "The traitor has his in the form of an earring," he added. His eyes faded back to their normal color before he turned away. "I'm going to hunt," he said. "And then we're leaving, don't expect a response from us for a few months," he said. "Sure," said Eric. Bomin nodded and ran off into the forest.

"You don't seem [i too] concerned for Kevin," said Joochan. "Kevin's not stupid," said Eric. "He has them there for a reason," he hummed. "It would also explain why he sent her to Jacob and I," he said. "If anything, he's already planning out what to do with the traitor," he said.

[center ~]

"So he has four huh?" Asked Kevin as he talked with Yuri at the borders between Finland and Russia. "It seems so," said Yuri. "Bomin has one, I already knew that," said Kevin as he nodded. "How screwed is he if we were to kill [i him]?" He asked. "Dead," said Yuri. "His contract has to end first," he said. "By repaying the kindness that was given to him," hummed Kevin as he tilted his head to the side in thought.

"He's seemed to have moved on from St Petersburg though," said Yuri. "Tell your guests they are free to move back when I get a confirmation," he said. "Sure," said Kevin. "Though I'm keeping the traitor here," he said. "I don't think Seongyoon would like that," said Yuri. "He has no choice, if his master is still after Yoohyeon," said Kevin. "Right," hummed Yuri.

"How many do you have now?" Asked Kevin. "Just got my third one," Yuri said, puffing out his chest in pride. "Nice," said Kevin.

"I should get going then," said Kevin as he took a step back. "Knowing how Donghyun is at the moment, I need to make sure the traitor doesn't accidentally kill him," he said. "He's a real piece of work ain't he?" Asked Yuri. "Definitely," Kevin said, sighing as he bowed before dropping his human illusion as he turned around and ran off. Yuri watched him go before turning and running off, back into Russia.

[center ~]

Jacob didn't look too surprised when he was told of a traitor in Kevin's territory. "I wouldn't put it to him yet," he said. "Kevin's keeping them there for a [i reason]," he said. "There's a reason this traitor exists, and I'm sure he's trying to figure out a way to get him back to being on the right side," he said.

"Kevin's stupid," said Seungmin. "He isn't," said Jacob. "He's one of our top strategists for a reason," he said. "You wouldn't know of course, until you face him in a game of strategy," he said.

"I'd like to try to play a game of chess with this guy," said Jaehyun. "I'm sure he'll enjoy that," said Jacob. "I'll see if you can," he said.
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[center Chapter 12]

"It looks like you'll be staying here a bit longer," said Eric as he turned to Yoohyeon. "Kevin's on the manhunt right now," he said. "It's safer here than to be on the front lines," he said. "Why what's wrong?" Asked Yoohyeon. "The traitor made himself known, by killing a human," said Eric.

"You're not going to help him?" Asked Yoohyeon. "Kevin can take care of himself," said Eric. "Believe me," he said. "The others in his side of the pack are also capable of fighting the traitor," he said. "If they get overpowered, Kevin will get to him to end him," he said.

[center ~]

"How was [i I] supposed to know that Youngtaek would do that?!" Shouted Seongyoon as Kevin confronted him with Changmin and Chanhee flanking him, the both of them in their animal forms.

"I should've played the game of cat and mouse with you before even letting you stay here," growled Kevin as he took a threatening step forward. "Where did he go?" He asked. "I don't know," said Seongyoon.

"Jangjun?" Asked Kevin as said person shook his head. "I'm not entirely sure either," he said. "If anything he went back to his master," said Kevin. "Changmin, Chanhee, go scout to make sure he didn't slaughter any [i other] humans," he said, and said people rushed off to do so. "Juyeon, go tell Jacob what happened, so if we get overrun, he'll expect [i something]," he said. Juyeon bowed before changing and running off towards Sweden as fast as his legs could carry him.

"And us?" Asked Donghyun. "Keep these two in your sights, escort them back to Russia and if Yuri yells at you, tell him that the traitor has made himself known," he said. Jibeom sighed. "Okay," he said. "Sorry, but this has become personal now," growled Kevin. "Alright," said Donghyun as he and Jibeom changed, going over to Seongyoon and Jangjun.

"If you are still our allies, I suggest you go," said Kevin. "Unless you want me to end you right here and now," he said. Seongyoon sighed, turning and running off. Jangjun had no choice but to follow. Donghyun and Jibeom quickly followed after them. Kevin dropped his human illusion, frustrated growls escaping him as he followed the pull of the contract to where Youngtaek had run off to.

[center ~]

"It was only a matter of time before he made himself known huh?" Asked Jacob as Juyeon delivered the news. "Be prepared for anything then," he said, nodding to Juyeon. "Go back, help Kevin," he said. "I know you want to be able to do [i something]," he said. Juyeon looked relieved to do so, nodding as he turned around. "Be careful," said Jacob. "I will," said Juyeon as he changed and ran off, back to Finland.

"Younghoon, Sangyeon," called Jacob. "Get ready, if Finland falls we're next," he said as everyone ran over after Juyeon left. "Hyunjae, go to the borders, keep an eye on things," he said as Younghoon and Sangyeon went to prepare for anything and everything. Hyunjae nodded, changing and making a beeline for the borders between Sweden and Finland.

"Seungmin, Jaehyun," said Jacob as he turned to said people. "I know you don't know how we do things, but we're the last wall between here and Norway," he said. "We have to defend this country as much as we can," he said. "If Finland falls, we will know," he said. "If Sweden falls, there's not much between here and Norway, there won't be much time to get to Eric," he said.

"This is your last chance to back out," he said. "Hell no," said Seungmin. "A traitor needs to be dealt with no matter [i who] they are and what pack/coven they belong to," he said. "I second that," said Jaehyun. "We're staying," he said.

[center ~]

Eric was full leader mode, ready for anything and everything at this point. "Is everything ready?" He asked. "It should be," said Haknyeon. "The hidden room is set up, everything should be set for the human," he said.

"You never explained how important she is to you three," said Joochan. "If we survive this whole ordeal, we'll tell you," said Eric. "It seems our father was hiding an affair," he said.

"Sunwoo," said Joochan. "How safe is this hidden room?" He asked. "Safe enough to hide her scent, I made sure of it," said Sunwoo.

[center ~]

"Was this a cry for help?" Asked Kevin as he stopped a few feet behind Youngtaek as Youngtaek stood next to a river. "Why do you think that?" Asked Youngtaek as he turned around, the earring glinting in the sunlight on his left ear.

"Well," said Kevin as he felt his contract reacting with Youngtaek. "A fox like you wouldn't want to remain tied to a vampire for much longer huh?" He asked. "Especially when you have to act like one in front of another coven," he said.

"Please, I enjoy the speed this brings me," said Youngtaek as he moved his head, his eyes now shining gold as his true nature came forward. "I believe you," said Kevin as he shifted on his feet slightly, ready to attack as Youngtaek made the first move, rushing forward to grab Kevin by the neck. Kevin moved out of the way, dropping his human illusion and attacking Youngtaek.

[center ~]

Jacob got to his feet, feeling the contract reacting to Kevin's fight with Youngtaek. "It's started," he said. "Let's hope [i he] doesn't show up," he said.

"Just how powerful is [i he]?" Asked Jaehyun. "Enough to kill a pack of 'shifters by himself," said Jacob. "With a fox by his side? Even more powerful," he said. "Where'd [i he] find this guy anyway?" Asked Seungmin. "Probably the same way we found Yuri," said Jacob. "Russia is a good place for foxes to hide," he said.

[center ~]

Eric was jumpy, pacing back and forth as his side of the contract reacted to whatever was going on with Kevin. Jun [i probably] had it worse, but he didn't know, or bother to ask. "You're gonna wear a hole in the floor," said Joochan. "Sorry, whatever's going on is setting off all alarms," said Eric.

"Everything should be fine, this is Kevin we're talking about here," said Joochan. "Kevin is also not a fighter," said Eric. "This is frustrating as hell," he said. "He'll make it, believe me," said Joochan. "Practically indestructible remember," he said. "Right right," grumbled Eric.
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[center Chapter 13]

Kevin and Youngtaek leaped at each other, Youngtaek shifting into his fox form in mid air as they both collided. Youngtaek knew he had no chance, but he was going to die trying if it meant he could break the contract he was in. He had to provide a distraction, but how much more could he take before [i he] showed up?

Juyeon showed up right in the nick of time, launching himself at Youngtaek and going straight for one of his tails. Kevin rolled out of the way, watching as Juyeon grabbed a hold of one of Youngtaek's tails and biting down. Youngtaek lashed out, twisting around and biting a sizable chunk out of Juyeon's side. Juyeon let go, collapsing as he did so, whines escaping him as he tried to move.

Kevin howled in rage as he launched himself at Youngtaek, forcing Youngtaek to move out of the way and away from Juyeon. The sounds of footsteps were heard as Changmin and Chanhee showed up, snarling at Youngtaek as they launched themselves at him in rage. Youngtaek was able to jump out of the way, finding himself outnumbered. He growled at the two wolves and one dog in front of him, baring his teeth in a challenge. A blur rushed passed him and that caused Youngtaek to move back more as Changmin and Chanhee were forced to run after said blur.

Kevin was torn between going after [i him] or just dealing with Youngtaek whose earring had seemingly disappeared. "What a way to repay the kindness," spat Kevin as he put up his human illusion. Youngtaek bared his teeth in a smirk as he shifted, returning to his human form. "Well, I never said how I would do it," he said. "Go take care of your friend, lest you want him to die before your two trackers," he said.

Donghyun and Jibeom ran over as soon as they could, going straight to Juyeon who was struggling to remain conscious. For some reason his healing never kicked in, which was a real concern. Kevin was doing everything he could for Juyeon, trying to keep him alive. "If only Chanhee didn't run off," he grumbled, turning to look at Donghyun and Jibeom. "Which one of you is a medic?" He asked. Jibeom returned to human form, nodding. "Go, I can keep an eye on him," he said. "Keep an eye on that damn fox too," grumbled Kevin as he dropped his human illusion and ran off, rushing to get to Changmin and Chanhee before he lost them too.

Donghyun turned his attention to Youngtaek, growls escaping him as Youngtaek simply stayed where he was at, finally able to relax.

[center ~]

Changmin and Chanhee faced off the vampire in the best way they could, fighting as a team. It [i was] a way they managed to stay on top of spars, teamwork was what they could do best. The most important part, was that they didn't get [i him] any closer to Sweden, even at the cost of their lives.

"Such a waste of potential," [i he] said as he let Changmin bite into his shoulder. "The mutt was treating you in the worst way," [i he] said, grabbing Changmin by the snout and basically crushing his top jaw in his grip before throwing the wolf over his shoulder and slamming Changmin into the ground. [i He] just had fast enough reflexes to move out of the way of Chanhee who leaped at him.

[i He] quickly dispatched Chanhee, crushing his back in the process and leaving the wolf whimpering on the ground. Changmin struggled to get to his feet, howling into the sky to let everyone know that they were down. [i He] quickly leaped at Changmin and crushed his throat in his grip, breaking his neck in the process. Chanhee was helpless as he watched Changmin's lifeless body fall to the floor after returning to his human form.

Kevin quickly rushed into view, launching himself at [i him] in rage. They battled it out as long as Kevin could, his rage taking over his mind. [i He] definitely put up a decent fight though, and went toe to toe with Kevin while keeping himself from getting torn to pieces.

A lull in the fight caused [i him] to continue the journey to Sweden, much to Kevin's annoyance. Kevin found his body giving up on itself though, as he collapsed to his knees after putting up his human illusion. "We lost," said Kevin as he punched the ground in frustration. "Damn it, we lost!" He screamed into the sky. Chanhee let out the loudest howl he could muster up, hoping that it would send the message across.

Kevin struggled to get to his feet, almost [i crawling] to Changmin's body and moving to close Changmin's eyes with a defeated sigh, a sob soon escaping him as he grieved over the death of a dear friend.

[center ~]

Hyunjae rushed back home from the border as soon as the howl was heard, knowing he was running out of time. The message was clear though, Finland had fallen.

Jacob winced as he felt the contract reacting to Kevin's grief. He kept a ready stance though, as Hyunjae rushed over as soon as he could.

"Go, I know what happened," said Jacob when Hyunjae showed up. "This just got personal," he growled. "Get to Norway, get there as fast as you can," he said. Hyunjae nodded and soon rushed off again, heading straight to Norway.

"Get ready for anything," said Jacob as Younghoon and Sangyeon flanked him, with Seungmin and Jaehyun behind Younghoon and Sangyeon respectively. "This is your last chance to back out," he said. The two jaguars behind him hissed in response, and Jacob took that as they were staying.

"How many [i more] people have to die so you can get your satisfaction huh?" Spat Jacob as [i he] showed up. "None, if you just let me get to her," [i he] said. "Not a chance, I'm not letting you [i anywhere] near my sister," hissed Jacob as he dropped his human illusion, launching himself at [i him].

Younghoon and Sangyeon followed the attack, working with Jacob like old times as they went after [i him]. Seungmin and Jaehyun jumped into the battle as soon as they could, attacking as one with Younghoon, Sangyeon and Jacob like they've been doing it for years.

[center ~]

"We lost Finland, damn it," said Eric as he paced back and forth in frustration. "We got this," said Joochan. "Jacob can hold down the fort I'm sure," he said. "It's 5 against one, what could happen?" He asked.

"If our sources were correct, he has two foxes under his wing, which means even if one is done with his duties, the other is still powerful enough to get him a boost," said Eric. Joochan blinked in surprise. "You're kidding," he said. "No," said Eric.

"And I'm pretty sure [i he's] not stupid enough to bring both into this mess," said Eric. "If he is, we may have a chance," he said. "If they both manage to repay their kindness that was given to them, it leaves [i him] vulnerable," he said.
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[center Chapter 14]

Seongyoon couldn't just sit there, not after everything had happened. He and Jangjun rushed back across the borders into Finland and eventually came across Youngtaek, Donghyun and Juyeon. Jibeom had left after making sure that Juyeon was now healing, leaving Donghyun to watch over the traitor while Juyeon rested. "Where's Kevin?" Asked Seongyoon as he paused after Donghyun snarled at him. "Where else but closer to Sweden?" Asked Youngtaek as he shrugged. "I'll deal with you later," growled Seongyoon as he rushed in the direction of Sweden.

Jangjun went and punched Youngtaek in the face, with Youngtaek spitting blood as he touched his cheek with his hand. "After [i everything] they've done for us, you do this?!" Shouted Jangjun. Youngtaek could only look away, wiping blood from his mouth as he spat onto the ground again.

[center ~]

Seongyoon came across Kevin and Jibeom who was tending to Chanhee who had since returned to human form and was lying on his back. "Why did you show up again?" Asked Kevin as he didn't look up from tending to Chanhee. "I couldn't just sit there and let you lose your sister after all you've done for me," said Seongyoon.

"So you've known this whole time," said Kevin as he turned to Seongyoon. "I found out through Bomin," said Seongyoon. "He was repaying your kindness to him when you took him in, thus why he brought her over," he said. "I didn't have a choice at the time," hummed Kevin. "But yes, I remember that," he said. "He's bound to Daeyeol now, as my item disappeared after he showed up with her," he said.

"Go," said Seongyoon. "I know you want to help your brothers fight [i him] off," he said. "I'll keep an eye on Chanhee," he said. "Go back to keeping an eye on the fox," said Kevin as he got up. "Chanhee's healing kicked in so Jibeom is making sure everything is healing correctly," he said.

"I'll be fine," said Jibeom. "The battle is over here, just take Changmin back with you, okay?" He asked. "We'll have a proper funeral when this is all over," said Kevin. Jibeom nodded. "We will," he said. Seongyoon nodded and went to pick up Changmin as Kevin dropped his human illusion and ran off, in the direction of Jacob's territory. He just hoped he didn't get there too late. Seongyoon took Changmin back with him, holding his body carefully in his arms as he did so.

Jibeom let out a sigh as he looked down at Chanhee who honestly could be better. "I'd hate to add you to the list of dead bodies at this rate," he said. "Let's hope your healing manages to bring you back from this yeah?" He asked.

[center ~]

[i He] quickly dispatched all but Jacob who was honestly trying his hardest to keep from collapsing as he now fought with [i him] in human form. Jaehyun and Seungmin were luckily able to bounce back the quickest and were able to rejoin the fight thanks to their chips.

Younghoon and Sangyeon were struggling to get back into the fight, but the injuries sustained were enough to keep them down for the time being. Younghoon managed to jump in the way of an attack meant for Jacob as [i he] pushed forward after having enough of the shenanigans, crushing Younghoon's throat and killing him.

Kevin appeared just as Jacob fell to his knees, finally just collapsing from exhaustion and grief. "Back for more [i puppy]?" [i He] asked as Kevin tackled him, snarling as adrenaline rushed through his veins to try and avenge Younghoon's death.

Jacob got to his feet, the anger taking over his grief as he dropped his human illusion, attacking [i him] with renewed vigor. Jaehyun and Seungmin were forced away from the fight when a new figure entered the battlefield, scattering the fight and forcing Kevin and Jacob to divide their attention between the new enemy and [i him].

Another fox? Kevin growled as [i he] went straight for Norway, quickly rushing after him. Jacob eyed the new fox who just fell to his knees as his item disappeared. Sangyeon limped over, nudging for Jacob to go. They had to get to Norway and quickly.

Seungmin walked over after changing back to his human form and putting on a pair of shorts. "Go," he said. "I'll keep an eye on things here," he said. Jacob put up his human illusion. "Keep an eye on this new fox, he may be tied to the other traitor," he said. Seungmin nodded and Jacob dropped his human illusion, running in the direction that Kevin had run off to.

[center ~]

Eric was pissed, though he kept a level head and had Haknyeon put Yoohyeon in the hidden room, promising to come back to her when this was hopefully all over.

"We got this," said Joochan. "Just like old times huh?" He asked. "Definitely like old times," said Eric. Hyunjae, who had arrived hours ago to let them know what had happened, stood by their side in his cheetah form, growling as he prepared himself for the fight.

Sunwoo walked over after changing to his grizzly bear form, huffing and growling as he prepared for the fight. Haknyeon soon joined them after making sure the hidden room was secure, changing to his brown bear form as he stretched, readying himself for the last big fight they would ever get since the war that took the three brothers' lives.

"Here they come," said Eric as he dropped his human illusion. Joochan changed to his polar bear form, snarling as [i he] came into view. "Well, I didn't think I'd face the tanks so quickly," [i he] said. Jacob and Kevin were not too far behind [i him], the both of them falling into a familiar fighting routine with Eric as everyone went after [i him].

Haknyeon was the first to fall, a miscalculation causing [i him] to grab a hold of his neck and bringing him into a choke hold. [i He] was quick to snap Haknyeon's neck before anyone could save him, causing Eric to roar in rage as [i he] threw Haknyeon off to the side.

Sunwoo was next, getting thrown into Hyunjae who was just leaping at [i him]. They both went crashing into the ground, Hyunjae just [i barely] missing being crushed by Sunwoo's larger form. They both got back into the fight as soon as they could, providing a distraction while the three brothers and Joochan thought up a plan.

Kevin had to think and fast, knowing this was his last chance to keep their newly found out sister alive. He noticed a strong looking tree branch high above him and leaped up, grabbing it and twisting his body around it in a flip to break the branch and land on his feet. He smashed the branch into the ground to break it off even more, making sure there were sharp edges and quickly rushed forward, bringing up his human illusion as he thrust the stake straight into [i his] chest.

"This is it then," [i he] coughed, looking down at the branch that speared through his chest. "There's a reason I'm in charge of strategy," said Kevin as he pushed [i him] backwards into another tree and effectively spearing him there.

"Any last words, Geumhyuk?" Asked Eric as he put up his human illusion. "There will be more to my coven than just me, my reign may be over but there is one more just as powerful as I," he said. "The 9th will show up eventually," he said. Kevin removed the stake, watching as Geumhyuk turned to ashes before dropping the stake to the ground.

"We won," said Kevin as he fell to his knees. "We won, but at what cost?" He asked, a sob escaping him as the grief hit him full force. Eric and Jacob quickly went to his side, putting up their human illusions and bringing Kevin into their arms as Kevin started sobbing, the loss of their pack members fully hitting him as his mind caught up with what had happened. Joochan and Sunwoo looked away from the scene, letting Eric and Jacob comfort Kevin.

Sunwoo went to change and put on clothes before going to get Yoohyeon while Joochan went to change and put on clothes to go tend to Haknyeon who had since returned to his human form after death.

Yoohyeon came outside with Sunwoo after a few minutes, going straight to the three brothers and doing her best to comfort each of them by wrapping her arms around Jacob and Eric and letting Kevin sob into her shoulder.
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[center Chapter 15]

"Hyunjae," said Joochan as said person stretched out to get some of the soreness out of his muscles. "Can you go back to Sweden and bring back Jacob's truck?" He asked. "As much as I don't want to separate the 4 of them, Jacob and Kevin have to return to their territories," he said.

"The others need to be let known of what happened," hummed Hyunjae. "Yeah, I'll go," he said. "I'll be back in a few hours with the truck then," he said. "I'll pass on a message to them too," he said. Joochan nodded and Hyunjae went into the forest and changed, rushing back to Sweden as soon as he was on all four feet.

"Is there anything I can do?" Asked Sunwoo as he walked over to Joochan. "I'm not sure," said Joochan. "How are they?" He asked. "Kevin's asleep now," said Sunwoo as he took a deep breath. "Eric and Jacob are watching over him while Yoohyeon is making some soup for everyone," he said.

"Mind helping her?" Asked Joochan. "Some soup would be nice to be fair," he said. "Sure," said Sunwoo as he went to do so. Joochan let out a deep breath as soon as Sunwoo was out of sight, feeling a comforting pulsing coming from his chip. The others seemed to have picked up on his turmoil, and were giving him their support.

[center ~]

"Kevin's collar disappeared," said Yoohyeon as she stirred the pot. "Really?" Asked Sunwoo. "I wasn't sure why, but I assume it had to do with Bomin," said Yoohyeon. "Bomin's a fox," hummed Sunwoo. "I guess Kevin did something to get him under his contract, and when Bomin brought you here he paid Kevin back for that," he said.

"A fox?" Asked Yoohyeon. "A nine tailed fox," hummed Sunwoo. "Though, Bomin only has one tail at the moment," he said. "I don't know much about the foxes, Kevin knows more about them than the rest of us do," he said. "I see," said Yoohyeon.

[center ~]

"How is he?" Asked Eric as Jacob brushed his fingers through Kevin's fur. Kevin had returned to his dog form as soon as he fell asleep so they had moved him into Eric's room. "I don't know," said Jacob. "I honestly don't know," he added.

"I think I know who the second fox is going to," said Eric as he sighed. "Ace?" Asked Jacob. "Considering who was running that coven, yeah," hummed Eric. "I'm surprised Ace didn't show up with Ayno when he found out," said Jacob. "He's probably there now, knowing how things are," hummed Eric.

[center ~]

"Lou," said Ace as he walked over with Ayno flanking to his left like usual. "You're here for the second fox?" Asked Sangyeon as he walked over with a small limp. "Of course, he's with my coven anyway," said Ace.

"He won't be bothering ya'll anymore," said Ayno. "We weren't aware that Geumhyuk would even try something like that," he said. "We'll leave your human alone, I swear on it," he said.

"Ace is a trusted source," said Jaehyun as he walked over. "Joochan knows him, and sometimes goes to him for information," he said. "Is there anyone else we need to be aware of before you go?" Asked Sangyeon as Seungmin brought over Lou after untying him from his restraints. "There's Jacob, but I haven't seen him in years so I don't know where he's hiding," said Ace.

"I doubt he'd show up here without reason though," said Ayno. "Jacob keeps to himself a lot, you'll see us again before seeing him I'm sure," he said. Lou walked over after a nudge from Seungmin and Ace raised up his left hand that had a ring on the ring finger in goodbye. "I'll see you around," said Ace, turning and sprinting off. Ayno waited on Lou to follow after him before running after the both of them, leaving the area as fast as possible.

"You can come out Hyunjae," called Sangyeon and said cheetah walked out of the forest. "Go and get washed up, I think I know what you're here for," he said, turning to Hyunjae. Hyunjae nodded and went to change and enter the house to take a much needed shower and put on some clothes.

[center ~]

Chanhee was walking again, though he now had a slight limp from something not healing right, and Jibeom refused to break his back again to try and fix it. Seongyoon offered a chip to help compensate for it, but Chanhee had refused, seeing how the chip had affected those that already had it first hand.

"The second fox was picked up," said Donghyun as he walked over to Chanhee. "I see," hummed Chanhee. "We'll leave Youngtaek's fate to Kevin at this point," he said. "I'd think that that'd be what he'd want anyway," he said. "I'm sure," said Donghyun.

"Do you know when they'll be back?" Asked Chanhee. "As soon as Hyunjae takes Jacob home, he'll come drop off Kevin and Yoohyeon," said Donghyun. "Everyone will need time to grieve," he said. "Of course," hummed Chanhee.

"We're going back to Russia," said Seongyoon as he walked over. "We'll leave Youngtaek with you though, his punishment isn't with us," he said. "I'm sorry, about what he had done if that counts for anything," he said.

"It's nothing," said Chanhee. "You can go, we know you didn't mean to do what you did," he said. "If you need us for [i anything], we're just a city away," said Seongyoon. Chanhee nodded, and Seongyoon soon sprinted off, back to Russia.

"How's Juyeon doing?" Asked Chanhee. "He's a lot better now," said Donghyun. "Some scarring on his stomach, but nothing too bad," he said. "That's good," hummed Chanhee. "Kevin will want a report when he gets back, to get a sense of normalcy back," he said. "Right," hummed Donghyun.

[center ~]

"Kevin," Jacob said gently, shaking Kevin awake. "It's time to get up, we need to head home," he said. Kevin lifted his head, looking at Jacob before nodding and standing, stretching as he put up his human illusion. Jacob moved back to give him some room as Kevin took in his surroundings.

"How are you feeling?" Asked Jacob as he looked concerned. "I could be better," said Kevin as he rubbed the back of his neck, finally noticing that the collar was indeed gone from his neck. "Huh, I guess it did go away," he said.

"You want some food to eat before we go?" Asked Jacob. "I'll be fine," said Kevin as he shook his head. "I'm ready to go home now," he said. "Come on then," said Jacob before he left the room. Kevin followed after him, and Eric met them outside as he was speaking with Hyunjae while Yoohyeon stood nearby, ready to go.

"I can drive," said Jacob. "You need a chance to finally just not do anything for a few hours," he said. "You sure?" Asked Hyunjae as he turned to Jacob. "Yeah, no problem," said Jacob. "You've done a lot for us already," he said. "Okay," said Hyunjae.

"Take care of things here," said Jacob as he turned to Eric. "I'll do my best, it's what I've always done," said Eric as he nodded. "You guys be careful alright?" He asked. "We will," said Jacob. Kevin nodded. "We have to be more careful now, that we have a new member to the family," he said. "Right," said Jacob.

"Tell me how we're related again?" Asked Yoohyeon. "Well, apparently our father was having an affair, but we never knew until recently," said Kevin as he turned to Yoohyeon. "We found out through Bomin, who had found out through whatever sources he had," he said. "I see," said Yoohyeon.

"I wondered why Kevin brought you to us," said Eric. "But now it makes more sense," he said. "I'm a bit overprotective when it comes to family," said Kevin as he scratched the back of his head. "But for the longest time I thought it was just us three, and then we found you," he said.

[center ~]

"Well," said Eric as he patted the truck. "Have a safe drive home," he said. Jacob waved from his spot in the driver's seat with Hyunjae in the passenger seat and Kevin waved from his spot behind Jacob while Yoohyeon did the same from behind Hyunjae. Jacob soon started the truck and backed out of the driveway, starting the journey home.

Joochan and Sunwoo walked over after they left, going to stand beside Eric. "We have to rest and try and move on," said Joochan. "I know," said Eric as he turned around to face Sunwoo and Joochan. "We'll worry about the others later," he said. "We'll hear from them when they get back to their territories anyway," he added. "Let's just try to recoup what we have left," he said. Sunwoo and Joochan nodded.
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[center Chapter 16]

Haknyeon's funeral was a quiet affair, with Eric, Sunwoo and Joochan burning his body and putting a cross in the ground by the house in his honor. It was then that Eric finally allowed himself to break down, falling to his knees and sobbing in front of the cross. Sunwoo put a hand on Eric's shoulder in comfort, unable to do much else but that. Joochan kept a respectable distance away, keeping his head bowed in respect.

[center ~]

Younghoon's funeral was also a quiet affair, with Jacob getting the honor of burning his body with Sangyeon and Hyunjae by his side in support. Jacob kept a straight face throughout the event, though he was slightly shaking, unshed tears shining his eyes as he clenched his hands into fists. He had to stay strong for them, whether them being his brothers or the rest of his pack. Seungmin and Jaehyun kept a respectable distance away, knowing better than to disturb them while in mourning.

After the body was ashes Jacob stuck a cross in the ground near the house, taking a shaky breath as he did so. He moved away, closing his eyes and letting the tears finally fall. Sangyeon put a comforting hand on his shoulder and Hyunjae stayed nearby to bring comfort, standing back to back with Jacob as he looked up at the sky.

[center ~]

Kevin surprisingly wasn't the one openly grieving for Changmin like Chanhee was. Kevin had since cried out his grief days ago, after all was said and done with the war. He kept a calm posture as Chanhee was the one to burn Changmin's body. Juyeon, who was now walking with a slight limp like Chanhee was, stood nearby to offer comfort and support. Yoohyeon, Donghyun, Youngtaek and Jibeom were nearby to watch the body burn, keeping their heads bowed in respect.

Once the body was ashes Chanhee went to stick the cross in the ground by the house, stepping back and turning to Kevin who dropped his human illusion and lifted up his snout to the sky and howled a goodbye for their lost pack members. Chanhee and Juyeon soon changed into their wolf forms and joined Kevin in the howling, knowing full well that the others in the pack heard them.

[center ~]

It was a few weeks later, that Youngtaek's fate would be decided. Since the attack Youngtaek had done everything he could to prove to them that he was as much of a victim of what had happened as they were, but Kevin was adamant about keeping Youngtaek there with them and it wasn't like Youngtaek had anyone to return to. Seongyoon had kicked him out of the coven after Kevin had returned home and it had left Youngtaek with nowhere to go.

"I could kill you, I could rip out all but one of your tails, I could do [i anything], but I think I'm just gonna keep you under my protection," said Kevin as he stood in front of Youngtaek who was strapped to a chair, staring up at him.

"The only thing I ask of you is to protect my sister," said Kevin as he put his hands in his pockets. "Are you fine with that?" He asked. "And if I say no?" Asked Youngtaek. "Then I kill you," said Kevin as he shrugged. "Simple," he said.

"Unless you want me to cut off your tails and leave you with just one," Kevin said, shrugging. "It's too bad though, that you probably won't survive that," he said. Youngtaek hummed, looking down at his restraints. "I have no choice then?" He asked. "No," said Kevin.

"What will happen to me then?" Asked Youngtaek. "Nothing," said Kevin. "All you have to do is just protect my sister," he said. "The half human?" Asked Youngtaek.

"The what now?" Asked Kevin. "You don't know she's only half human? That was why Geumhyuk was after her," said Youngtaek. "He's been looking for her since the end of the war," he said. "I don't think others will look for her though, not after the war you fought just for her safety," he said.

"Which war was this?" Asked Kevin. "The second world war? I don't remember," said Youngtaek. "I've been with that douche bag since before then," he said. "From what he said she's half vampire, but not enough to have to drink blood," he said.

"Interesting," hummed Kevin. "I'll have to ask more about it when Bomin comes over again," he said. "He probably knows more than I do," hummed Youngtaek.

"Well?" Asked Kevin. "Which is it?" He asked. "If I do this, I'm free to hunt?" Asked Youngtaek. "No humans," said Kevin. "I'm fine with that," said Youngtaek. "Okay," said Kevin as he went to cut the bindings free, feeling a familiar jolt as he let Youngtaek go. "Don't go against the new contract now, I can end you at any point," he said. "I swear on it," said Youngtaek as he nodded, standing when Kevin moved away. "Go hunt then, I must try to get more information out of Bomin," said Kevin. Youngtaek nodded and ran out of the house, straight to the forest.

[center ~]

Bomin showed up a few weeks later, his hands in his pockets as Kevin opened the front door. "Where's Daeyeol?" Asked Kevin. "Visiting your neighbors," said Bomin as he shrugged. "Ah," hummed Kevin.

"What did you need me for?" Asked Bomin. "Ah, right! I have some questions about my sister," said Kevin. "We can take this to the backyard," he said, moving to let Bomin in before closing the door. Bomin followed Kevin outside and they sat on the back porch.

"How long have you known Yoohyeon?" Asked Kevin as he turned to Bomin. "A long time," said Bomin as he shrugged, leaning back against the chair he sat in. "When was she born?" Asked Kevin.

"That I'm not sure of," said Bomin. "But I rescued her from one of the concentration camps around 1944," he said. "I think she was somewhere in her 20's?" He asked, his head tilting to the side in thought.

"Not sure exactly how she became half vampire though," hummed Bomin as he thought more about it. "Female 'shifters are rare, right?" He asked. "They are, almost as rare as the female werewolves," hummed Kevin as he thought about it. "The pure bloods anyway," he added as an afterthought.

"When did you die again?" Asked Bomin. "Just at the end of the 1st world war," said Kevin. "She might've been born around then, I don't know," hummed Bomin. "Records of that time are hard to come across," he said. "Especially if they were sent to the concentration camps," agreed Kevin as he sighed, leaning back in his seat.

"Who's here?" Asked Bomin as he picked up on the nervous tic that Kevin usually did when someone was approaching. "It's just Donghyun and Jibeom," said Kevin as said coyotes walked out of the forest. Bomin turned to said people, waving in greeting.

"Anything to report?" Asked Kevin as he turned to Donghyun and Jibeom. Donghyun shook his head. "Go take a shower and rest then, Youngtaek should be returning with Yoohyeon, Chanhee and Juyeon soon," said Kevin. Donghyun and Jibeom nodded before going to do so.

"So that's what happened to the four tails huh?" Asked Bomin as he turned back to Kevin who nodded. "They make quite the duo I tell you," said Kevin as he chuckled some, rubbing the back of his neck with his left hand that now had a small gold bracelet on the wrist. It didn't go unnoticed by Bomin who simply shrugged at that.

"Please tell me you don't get messy like Youngtaek does," said Kevin as he turned to Bomin, causing Bomin to scoff. "Please, I may only have one tail but I have more class than [i he] does," said Bomin. "I at least [i clean] my mess," he said.

"Oi," called Youngtaek as he walked over with Yoohyeon after they got back from shopping. "I've gotten [i better] at my hunts, I swear," he said. "Yeah yeah, go hunting," said Kevin as he waved Youngtaek off, earning a scoff from Youngtaek. "I'll join you actually," said Bomin as he got to his feet.

"Can you keep up with me?" Asked Youngtaek. "Is that a challenge?" Asked Bomin. "Oh definitely," said Youngtaek as he rushed into the surrounding forest. "Have fun," Kevin said with a snicker, earning a sigh from Bomin before he rushed after Youngtaek.

"How was shopping?" Asked Kevin as he turned to Yoohyeon who went to sit across from him with a sigh. "Exhausting," said Yoohyeon. "Who could believe a fox like him could have [i so] much energy," she said. "He's just happy to finally be away from [i him]," hummed Kevin. "I'm sure," said Yoohyeon as she sighed again.

"How were Juyeon and Chanhee today?" asked Kevin. "They're fine," said Yoohyeon. "Chanhee wants to test Donghyun and Jibeom's tracking skills, with Juyeon being the bait," she said. "Can't wait to see that," Kevin said, the image of Donghyun and Jibeom trying to find Juyeon making him chuckle. "Honestly? Neither can I," Yoohyeon said with a giggle, earning a soft smile from Kevin.
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King of angst and cliffhangers. Fanfiction writer, Kpop stanner. Also notice is going to kill me. oops

[center Chapter 17]

Everyone met up at Jacob's house when word got around that Chanhee wanted to test their new pack members' tracking skills. Kevin was [i sure] that one team would fail, as Juyeon was one of the best at not being found despite his large size. Joochan wasn't allowed to participate since his chip would lead them to Juyeon anyway, and Youngtaek wasn't a 'shifter anyway. It had been Jacob's idea to have the test in his territory since he wanted to see how Seungmin and Jaehyun worked as a team.

"I remember when you did this when choosing everyone that went into your pack," said Joochan. "It was a good way to tell if potential pack members would work well together," agreed Jacob. "Teamwork is a good way to determine how things go from this point on," he said.

"So my pack against yours?" Asked Kevin as he walked over with Youngtaek flanking him. Yoohyeon was nearby talking with Eric about how he was holding up and Eric was answering whatever questions she had, happy to be spending time with her.

"More like Seungmin and Jaehyun vs Donghyun and Jibeom," said Jacob as he shrugged. "Also, I didn't take you for the religious type Youngtaek," he said, noticing the cross earring on Youngtaek's left ear. "I never was," said Youngtaek as he shrugged. "But I guess I am now," he said.

"Alright," called Chanhee, catching everyone's attention as they turned to him. "This is a tradition that's been passed down from pack to pack," he said. "Since Juyeon is one of the fastest runners and the hardest to track down we'll have a test of teamwork," he said. "I'm giving Juyeon a head start," he added. "To make this really interesting," he said. Juyeon walked over after changing to his wolf form, nodding to Chanhee before running off into the forest.

"The test is simple, work as a team to find him," said Chanhee. "The first team to find him wins," he said. "Juyeon will howl once he is found, okay?" He asked. Seungmin, Jaehyun, Donghyun and Jibeom nodded. "Go change and wait, I will tell you when to go," said Chanhee, and they went to do so, soon coming back in their animal forms.

"This should get interesting," said Eric as he leaned against the porch railing. "You think so?" Asked Yoohyeon. "We don't know how well they work with each other," said Eric. "Or how different things would be since Joochan can't participate," he said.

"Who do you think will win?" Asked Yoohyeon. "Personally? I think Jacob's team," said Eric. "I actually agree," said Kevin as he walked over with Youngtaek, going to stand beside Yoohyeon. "No offense to Donghyun and Jibeom of course," he added. "But Seungmin and Jaehyun seem to work well together," he said. "It could be my strategist mind talking by this point but," he added, shrugging.

"How long do you think it'll be before Juyeon is found?" Asked Jacob. "Mm, probably an hour," said Kevin. "And that's me thinking that they're good at tracking," he added. "Not on par with me of course, but more on Chanhee and Changmin's level, when Changmin was alive anyway," he said.

"If they're anything like Jacob, it could take the entire afternoon," Eric said with a snicker, earning an annoyed growl from Jacob. "That was [i one] time," said Jacob. "And we'll never let you live it down," Kevin said with a teasing grin.

A howl was heard in the distance, and Chanhee turned to Kevin who nodded. "He's hidden," said Kevin. "Alright, go," said Chanhee, and both teams rushed into the forest.

"Where is he?" Asked Jacob. "About a kilometer away judging from how far away the howling was, and if I remember correctly that's passed a huge river they have to find a way to cross, and he's literally standing on a cliff waiting for them," he said. "Right?" He asked turning to Jacob.

"I don't know about the cliff part, but yes, there's a river about a few hundred meters away that they'd have to cross," said Jacob. "How do you know this?" Asked Yoohyeon. "Sweden is home, we've spent so much time out here that we know the area like the back of our hands," said Kevin.

[center ~]

Seungmin and Jaehyun were fast, rushing towards where they heard the howl. Jaehyun was quick on his feet, but Seungmin was good at picking up scents. They had to get there before the other team. As they came across the river Jaehyun paused, and Seungmin nearly fell into the river if Jaehyun didn't quickly grab him by the tail.

Donghyun and Jibeom appeared nearby, having found paw prints ending nearby. They spotted each other before Donghyun and Jibeom jumped into the water and swam to the other side.

Seungmin and Jaehyun decided to look for another way to cross, finding a beaver dam to walk across a hundred meters upstream. Once they were across they both sprinted as fast as their legs could carry them to continue trying to find Juyeon.

Once across the water Jibeom and Donghyun sprinted towards where the pawprints continued, pushing their luck to try and find Juyeon before Seungmin and Jaehyun did.

[center ~]

"Hm, an hour into it," said Kevin as he tilted his head to the side. "Where do you think he's at?" Asked Youngtaek. "I think Juyeon is at the cliff," said Kevin. "I used to go there all the time with him when I was still a 'shifter," he said. "Well, Hyunjae used to accompany me then Juyeon joined me when we had a break with the war," he added.

"I remember that place," said Hyunjae. "You used to sit up there for hours," he said. "There used to be a bridge that connected the land together between the river," said Kevin. "I used to cross that," he said. "I haven't been that way in years," he hummed. "So I don't know if that bridge is still there or not," he said.

[center ~]

Juyeon watched the horizon below him, waiting for the inevitable as he listened for the sound of pawsteps. He wasn't too worried about being seen, as someone had to show up to consider it a win.

Footsteps alerted Juyeon to the arrival of a team, causing Juyeon to turn around and spot Donghyun and Jibeom, the both of them panting as they came to a stop in front of Juyeon. Seungmin and Jaehyun weren't too far behind, but it was clear who the winner was. Juyeon nodded to them before lifting his snout to the sky and howling.

[center ~]

"Who found him first?" Asked Jacob. "My team," Kevin said with a proud smirk, earning a scoff from Jacob. "Of course they did," said Jacob. Chanhee chuckled, sitting down with a sigh. "Well, at least I know they can track pretty well," he said. "I was gonna work with them on that anyway," he said.

"Can I go hunting?" Asked Youngtaek. "Don't take too long," said Kevin. "Once they get back we're leaving," he said. "Sure," said Youngtaek as he nodded. "Go," said Kevin. Youngtaek shrugged and ran off.

"We're leaving already?" Asked Yoohyeon. "You can stay if you want," said Kevin as he turned to Yoohyeon. "I'm sure Jacob won't mind," he said. "I don't mind," said Jacob. "I have to return to Norway," said Eric. "Right, Sunwoo can only do so much by himself," said Joochan.

"I'll come for a visit soon," said Yoohyeon. "Sure," said Eric as he nodded. "I'll bring her over, don't worry," said Jacob.

When Youngtaek returned with the others Kevin walked over and helped Chanhee stand, Chanhee moving away to change before coming back in his wolf form. "Good job," said Kevin as he nodded at Jibeom and Donghyun who nodded their heads. "It's time to go, we're leaving Yoohyeon here," he said. "Ready?" He asked. When everyone nodded Kevin dropped his human illusion and ran off, the others following after him.

"With that we should get going then," said Eric as he stretched. "Well, at least we'll be home in time for Sunwoo to make dinner?" Asked Joochan, earning a chuckle from Eric. "I guess," he said, soon leaving with Joochan.

[center ~]

"Well," said Jacob as he sighed, turning to Jaehyun and Seungmin. "We can work on your tracking, which is up to Hyunjae," he said. "I'm the worst tracker in this pack so," he said, scratching the back of his head. "That's putting it lightly," Sangyeon said with a snicker. "But yes, you're better off having Hyunjae teach you than the rest of us," he said.

"I hope you don't get bored while here," said Jacob as he turned to Yoohyeon. "I don't think I will," said Yoohyeon. "I used to watch Kevin spar with the others, they're learning quickly not to mess with Kevin," she said. "I'm sure we'll get their tracking skills up to par," she said. Jacob hummed in response.
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King of angst and cliffhangers. Fanfiction writer, Kpop stanner. Also notice is going to kill me. oops

[center Epilogue]

Jaehyun finally got to play a game of chess with Kevin, a strategist between a strategist was the reasoning behind Jaehyun wanting to play against the king of strategy. Youngtaek was nearby, keeping watch over Yoohyeon as she tended to the small garden they had surrounded Changmin's grave with. Juyeon, Donghyun Jibeom and Chanhee were out doing normal human things for once, Chanhee wanting to do some shopping and others tagging along out of boredom.

"Why do I have a feeling that I'm going to lose?" Asked Jaehyun as he moved a piece around. "Because of this," said Kevin as he moved another piece and calling checkmate. "God damn it," said Jaehyun as he got up, sighing in anger as he glared down at the board.

"That game took less than an hour, a new record," said Kevin as he rubbed the back of his neck with his left hand. "Who's here?" Asked Youngtaek as he snapped to attention, standing up as he turned towards where he heard footsteps. Yoohyeon quickly went over to Kevin's side out of reflex, though Kevin remained relaxed as he looked down at the board again.

"It's just Bomin and Daeyeol," said Kevin as he went to reset the board. "You foxes have such a distinct sounding footstep that I knew who it was immediately," he said as Bomin walked over with Daeyeol keeping his distance.

"You've really kept the four tails on a leash," said Bomin. "Well, our contract kind of keeps it that way," said Kevin as Jaehyun sat down and turned to the board and made his first move once Kevin was done.

"You can go hunting, it's fine," Kevin said to Daeyeol who quickly ran back into the forest. He soon made a move, causing Jaehyun to make another move immediately. Bomin sat down to watch the game, his head tilting to the side as he watched Kevin make another move.

Yoohyeon went back to tending to the garden after a few minutes, with Youngtaek keeping an eye on the forest with a huff as he sat down.

"What's with the hostility anyway?" Asked Jaehyun as he made another move. "We've had a lot of vampires come through recently, apparently Jacob had some information to pass on," said Kevin as he countered the move. "This is the weirdest game of chess I've seen," said Bomin. "Well, I am constantly strategizing," said Kevin. "So this makes it harder on Jaehyun," he said as Jaehyun made another move. "I see," said Bomin as Kevin made another move, taking more of Jaehyun's pieces.

"How's the neighbors?" Asked Kevin as Jaehyun made a frustrated noise in the back of his throat before countering Kevin. "Better, now that they have their city back," said Bomin as Kevin countered the move again, taking more pieces. "Also I win," said Kevin as he took the king. "Damn it," whined Jaehyun.

"Seongyoon's trying to have the courage to show his face after everything," said Bomin. "I wouldn't mind him coming over to be honest," said Kevin as he turned to Bomin. "It wasn't his fault that Geumhyuk decided to try and take Yoohyeon," he said.

"I don't think it was their fault," said Jaehyun as he shrugged. "The circumstances were different due to the fox," he said. "I have a name you know," grumbled Youngtaek as he got to his feet when he heard footsteps again. "It's just Daeyeol," said Kevin as said vampire walked out of the forest.

"I should get going," said Jaehyun as he got up, stretching. "Thanks for the games," he said. "Sure," said Kevin as he nodded, going to pack up the board. "Say hi to Jacob for me," he said. "Will do," said Jaehyun as he left, rushing into the forest and heading home.

"What's up Daeyeol?" Asked Kevin as he turned to said person. "Nothing," said Daeyeol. "Just popping in for a visit," he said. "I see," hummed Kevin. "You heading over to Jacob's or leaving?" He asked. "Probably going to leave," said Daeyeol. "Just came to check on Yoohyeon," he said. "I'm doing fine," said Yoohyeon. "I know," said Daeyeol. "Still smelling good to us vampires but that can't be changed," he said.

"You're not gonna hurt her are you?" Growled Youngtaek. "Relax," said Kevin. "If he was, he wouldn't be here talking so casually," he said. "Besides, he's outnumbered anyway," he added, as Chanhee and the others walked over after returning from shopping and putting their things away.

"Can I go hunting?" Asked Youngtaek, glad to finally get a chance to hunt. "I suppose," hummed Kevin. "You joining him Bomin?" He asked, turning to Bomin. "Nah," said Bomin.

"We were just leaving actually," said Daeyeol. "Just came to check on Yoohyeon," he added. Bomin sighed and got up, walking over to Daeyeol. "Have fun where ever you end up next then," said Kevin. "We'll try," said Daeyeol before he turned and sprinted off with Bomin following after him. Youngtaek scoffed to himself before running into the forest to hunt.

"How was shopping?" Asked Kevin as he turned to the others. "Been fine," said Chanhee. "We got you lunch," he said. "Thanks," said Kevin. Yoohyeon walked over after cleaning up as Juyeon brought over bags of food for everyone.

[center ~]

Jacob sighed as he stood at the cliff that Kevin had spoke about. It really was a good spot to sit and relax at for a few hours that was for sure. "You're right, this is a good spot to just chill the whole day," he said, sitting down and letting his legs dangle off the edge. He hummed a tune, looking up at the sky,

"You're letting vampires into your territory now?" Came a voice as someone walked up behind Jacob. "It's been a while, Youngbin," hummed Jacob as he turned around to face Youngbin.

"What did you need me for that the others don't know?" Asked Youngbin. "Tell everyone," said Jacob as he got to his feet. "Yoohyeon is off limits," he said. "We have a fox keeping an eye on her, and he's just as fiercely protective over her as we are," he said. "The four of us will do [i everything] to keep her by our side as our sibling," he said.

"I'll pass it on," said Youngbin. "I hope, you take good care of your half sister, she will need your help," he said. "The fox is a good body guard for her though," he added. "I'm going to hunt then," he said. "Animals please," said Jacob. "Sure," said Youngbin as he rushed off, leaving Jacob alone.

[center ~]

Eric and Joochan were currently sparring in human form, Joochan wanting to work on his fighting since it had been a while since he got to spar with Eric. Sunwoo was keeping an eye on the fight, his eyes following the movement closely. They were tanky, but Eric wanted to keep their fighting up to par so that [i if] they were to face another war they would be ready to fight by the others' sides.

Joochan eventually fell to his knees, panting as Eric moved away. "Damn, I know you're indestructible but stop going hard will you?" He asked. "I have a chip, but even that has its limits," he said. "If I don't," said Eric as he sighed. "I get it," said Joochan. "I really do," he said. "We can't expect the others to go easy," he said.

"My turn," said Sunwoo as he walked over. Eric nodded and started the spar after Joochan moved a safe distance away. Sunwoo was quick to react to Eric as Eric upped the ante in speed. Sunwoo grew more and more frustrated as Eric started pushing him back.

It all came to an end when Eric shoved Sunwoo back, sending him into a tree with a grunt. "Sorry," said Eric. "No no," said Sunwoo as he got up. "It's okay," he said. "We'll take a break," said Eric. "Then we can go back to it," he said.

[center ~]

Eric and Kevin joined Jacob on the cliff after coming over for a visit, going to sit beside him. "I see what you mean now, by just sitting up here for hours at a time," said Jacob as he looked up at the sky. "It's a good spot to just lose yourself in," agreed Kevin. Eric hummed in response.

"Was it because of us?" Asked Eric. "That you ended up here?" He asked. "Yes and no," said Kevin as he shook his head. "The war was annoying to deal with for sure, so I just came up here when there was a lull in the battle and observed everything in case they needed me," he said.

"We'll expect to face some resistance now that Youngbin put word out," said Jacob. "I know," said Kevin. "My side is ready," he said. "So is mine," said Jacob. "Same," said Eric. "We'll come back stronger than ever," he hummed. "Definitely," agreed Jacob and Kevin.


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