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Vampire Story Time

By RPHeart
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Looking for a good ole fashioned vampire roleplay.
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RPHeart     2y ago

Itching for a good ole fashioned vampire RP! Need someone who would be up to writing a dominant vampire. Possibly 2. Here are my guidelines: > Please be active! At least a reply a day or once every other day. > No one-liners! At least 3-10 sentences per reply. > I only RP on-site over PM's. > I enjoy character images and prefer realistic. > Absolutely no controlling my character/s. > I only accept 3rd-person. VAMPIRE LORE PREFERENCES: 1. Vampires don't sparkle. 2. They can only consume human / animal blood. 3. Sunlight kills vampires, just not instantly. 4. Garlic, silver, and holy water / objects have no effect on them. 5. Their fangs aren't retractable and don't grow / shrink in size. 6. They don't have added abilities i.e. shadow walking, mind / soul reading, hypnotism, changing form, levitating, etc. 7. They can enter through doors / windows at their leisure; they don't have to be invited inside first. 8. Though they don't need sleep, they can rest in coffins to keep out of the sun. 9. Their eyes are normal colors and don't change colors. 10. They don't age. 11. They can't catch illness, diseases, or cancers of any kind. === Looking forward to writing! === Share on Facebook, Twitter, E


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