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Second Chances [Closed]

By FadingReality

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Kate couldn't believe that this was happening. She was having people fall in love with left and right. She didn't get why? She was nothing that special. Or she didn't think she was, but maybe she was, and she could never see it. Kate was always the type of girl that would date and dump, and then like an hour later have another boyfriend. You could call Kate a whore, but she didn't put herself under the category. That was the one thing she would never do to a man. Take them granted for sex. She didn't like the idea of that. Why would she do that when wants her first time to be special. With someone that she could truly love. But at this point, she really didn't know if that was going to happen. It seems like none of these guys are really any of her type. She wanted someone that she could fall madly in love with, and she knew one day it would happen. She would have a husband, kids, everything would be perfect. That is her dream come true. That was the one thing that she always looked forward too. Kate saw her soon to be ex-boyfriend, and then she called him over. He walked over to her, and then she took in a deep breath. No explanation. No nothing. It was over like that. He shook his head, and then walked away rather upset.

That was the suckish part. The guys would always get upset. She would date them for a few months, and once she found out that they were in love with her, she dropped them like flies. Kate knew eventually they would go over it, so that's why she didn't dwell on it too much. It didn't bug her as much as it should. Kate was done with that, but she had a feeling, that she wouldn't be having a boyfriend in an hour. It would take longer then that.

And that was the day when she spot him. She didn't know him that well, because he looked like one of those quiet types. Kate trailed her eyes over his body, and then back to his eyes. She had to admit. He was rather gorgeous. Kate continued to keep her eyes on him. That was something that she could have a long relationship with. Or that's what she thought. Then she shook her head, and realized that she was wrong about that. She bit on her lip, and from that day she went on with her life.

Now it was the day when he asked her out. She thought everything could be perfect. There relationship was going so well, and she thought maybe that this guy could actually be the one for her. Well, she knew one thing was happening. Her birthday. It was coming up rather soon, but also it has been a year since Andrew and her have been together. She really liked the fact that she wasn't able to date anyone. It felt.. Quite nice. She would just smile at the thought. The two of them were always texting each other. Never had one fight, until this happened. Kate was falling in love. Like madly in love. And this is when she knew that she couldn't be together with him. She has never fell in love with someone before, and she isn't going to start now. But also that's what happens when you marry. You fall in love.

Kate was starting to think about this in the wrong way. She doesn't want him to think that they will stay together forever. Kate shook her head, and this was the day when everything perfect would be ruined. Her birthday would be ruined, and her heart would be broken. She would actually be rather heart broken that she would break up with him. They had plans tonight, and that was the night that she would end everything with him. Contact, relationship, school. Everything. Kate was not kidding in any way. Kate was excited, because now it was time for the dinner with him. Yeah, she was going to end it, but then she realized what she was doing was wrong. She couldn't play him like this.. She had to tell him. So instead she wrote him a letter.

Dear Andrew,

I know your going to be reading this, and I'm going to gone already.. But I don't want to hurt you, but when I say that, that means I'm hurting myself in the process. I just can't do this anymore. The relationship we had was an awesome run, but it's time for us to move on.. Time to find someone that's worthy of our time. I'm really sorry. I know that you had dinner plans for me, but I just couldn't play you like that.. And I know this note thing isn't any better, but I really don't feel like crying in front of you.. Andrew, you treated me so well, but like I said its time to move on. I know you will find that one girl that loves you.. But, I'm not that girl. You saw how I was when it came to dating.. I know you have watched me in the past, but I don't want to do that to you. You are a very good person, and you deserve someone that will love you right.. And, I can't do that. I'm so sorry.. I hope one day you will be able to forgive, and we can put this behind us.. And then maybe we can become friends once more. I'm sorry.. Goodbye Andrew.

Love Kate.


Kate was thinking about how she hurt everyone so horribly. This was the last thing she wanted.. She missed Andrew so much. But she hated to admit that. From that day, she has not been dating. She will not date anyone, because she is still in love with Andrew. She had no idea how he took it, because after that day, they stopped talking. There will be a couple of times she would see him, but she would just continue on with her day. Kate has never felt this pain before. It was like she doesn't even have a heart anymore. She felt like she gave it to him. She wanted him to keep it. For it not to get destroyed, but she did that all on her own. No one else did it for her. She is the one that ended it, and now to this day, she regrets it all. She just wishes their was a way that she could tell him, the real reason why she broke up with him, but she was pretty sure that she would never see him again.
FadingReality     1y ago
Lurking DemiGod

Love is a fairytale after all one could only find true love in stories and movies that was something that Andrew had always thought too himself, that he would be neither alone for the rest of his life or hopping from one blind date to another never truly finding what he was after, deep in his soul he knew he wanted that one of a kind true love that you only read about or see in movies, but he had learned at a early age that true love didn't Exist in this world at the age of eight he watched his parents destroy themselves ripping his world apart like it was nothing when they filed for divorce and split the family in half luckily he had been an only child so he did not have to sit back and watch any siblings go through the pain he faced alone and afraid.
He had sworn to himself then as a child he would never fall in love with anyone however this was to be short lived, because as he grew so did his interest in girls, than the dating had started and stopped on and off again, but the small place in his heart that was once so opened to the thought of love was closed and guarded deep in his soul never wanting to experience the same destruction his father and mother had went through, but as he neared his college years his dating died down and a longing began to fill his soul to find the one who he would talk with, laugh with, hold hands with forever.
That's when he had seen Kate, she was so beautiful it had shook him to his core the breath had caught in his throat his chest tightened and his whole world seemed to freeze and he knew deep within himself all though he would never admit it he had fallen in love with her at first sight. However he pushed at those feeling smashing them down as hard as he could try and went on that day, but he kept seeing her over and over again, he asked around about her and his friends warned him to stay away because she seemed to be a Heartbreaker never settling down with anyone for too long before leaving them in a trail of tears and pain, but he couldn't help himself he was already lost for her.

It had started slowly at first one day Andrew was holding the door for some ladies to walk inside of a coffee shop he always went too when Kate appeared, he had thought about her for so long he almost thought he had imagined her there until she smiled at him and said thank you and before he could stop himself he blurted out and asked if he could buy her coffee turning red in the face when she stopped and looked at him and laughed and cheerily agreed to the cup of coffee and from that one cup began the lunches and dinners and the movies together.
Andrew was completely taken by her, how easy it was to spend time with her and how they just seemed to flow on the same channel til he finally got up the nerve to ask her out and she agreed once again it was the best moment in his life knowing the girl he had always thought so beautiful and breath taking was now going to be his girlfriend and he could feel that deep part of himself that for so long had been locked up and sealed away opening itself back up and whispering that she could be the "One."

The relationship was one of the most amazing ones he had ever been in they text all the time, had many personal jokes between the both of them, they never fought about anything it was smooth sailing and each day his heart opened just a little more begging him to let her in and completely give himself to her. The one thing he had been denying himself for so long and now was his chance to open up and let love in a true love that he always been looking for.
However that is when everything changed and the nightmare he had never admitted could possibly happen took place, he woke up and was a year that they had been together he was excited because he had very big plans he was going to ask Kate to move in with him, they spent all their time at each other's places anyway so he thought it would be a good idea to just ask her to move in with him, honestly though he wanted to ask her to marry him, but his heart was still refusing to completely open itself up and let her in, so in Andrew's eyes this was baby steps towards his goal.
That was when he found the letter that shuddered his world forever, Kate had left him with only a later for goodbye saying that they needed to find somebody worthy of his love when he had thought he had already found her it made no since to him at all everything had been going so well they seemed to mesh together like two peas in a pod and now he was alone with nothing, but an empty room and a slowly dying heart that would never let itself be opened up again he had been warned so many times why had he thought he would be any different for her just another notch on the belt a empty heart on her road through life.

Time has passed by now and no matter how hard he had tried he could never purge Kate from his heart or his mind she was with him always. He had finally tried dating again, but next to a few one night stands nothing had ever made him feel the way he once did when he was with her, his mind went back to all the times they had spent together and how odd her sudden departure had been from his life his mind was always nagging him wondering why she had left him, if it was something that he had said or done to force her away, but he knew he would never know the truth because of the few times he bad seen her she had went on as if he wasn't even in the same room with her and she seemed so completely fine even thiufh on the inside be was dead and would never love anyone the way heaved her.
Andrew sighed pushing the thoughts from his mind trying to forget her once again like he did ever night which only brought on one answer it was time to go out for a drink and find someone just as alone as he was to take his pain away even if it was only for tonight. He walked to the bar it had become a new haunt of his and it wasn't very far away from his home which he had just recently bought the year before, walking inside he saw the normal crowd and a few of the new waitresses smiled at him as he passed by them, however he wanted a drink first before he started on his after hours activities and making his way to a table instead of a bar stool he sat down his back to the wall facing the door a waitresses came quickly and took his order and was gone again before he could even glance at her face, but soon the door opened to the bar and everything went horribly wrong as the one person he had no desire to see came walking through the doors and his whole world froze once again and one word escaped his lips "Kate.."
MoonlightBeauty_cнanceѕ   89d ago

It has been one of those nights that Kate felt like she needed to go get a drink. The past year has been really tough for her. She never understood why she did what she did, but it was something that she had to deal with now. But in all honestly, she had no idea how to really deal with it. Alcohol never used to be her go to. But it is now. It was the only way she could think properly. 

While Kate was getting ready she was thinking about the last year. How her and Andrew were together. It was the best time of her life. And occasionally, she would see him around, but she had to move on with that part of her life. But something about him was making it where she couldn't allow herself to move on with her old life. She was still trying to figure out why. Why she couldn't. She wanted answers. But at the same time, she knew if she went looking for answers. He would want answers too. Was that something she really wanted to do. Is that something she wanted to do to him? She knew she hurt him just by leaving a letter. But in reality, she knew that she was getting too close to him. And that was merely the only reason she had to cut it off. And she knew darn well that wasn't going to be good enough for him. That wouldn't be good enough for anyone. 

Kate came back to reality, and she looked at herself in the mirror. She knew that she needed to push these thoughts away. But she was wondering. What was the chances of her running into him? Kate knew she really didn't want to think about it, but it was all she could think about. Then she heard a beep on her phone. Which snapped her out of the little daze she was in. She looked down and saw that it was one of her flings messaging her. She rolled her eyes, not wanting to deal with it. 

Kate realized that it was more work to deal with a fling than it was with a relationship. Plus she had to make sure she was safe at all times. When she was with one person she didn't have to worry about such things. She sighed softly, and finished her hair. She grabbed her belongings and headed for the bar. Once Kate got to the bar, she tried to scan for his old vehicle. But she wouldn't even know if he had the same vehicle or got a different vehicle She parked her car, and then inhaled deeply, and plastered a smile on her face and walked inside. 

She saw the usual crowd when she does come and all the single men gawking towards her. Sometimes she really loved it and sometimes she really hated it. The waiter smiled at her, and already knew what she wanted. While she waited for her drink, she decided to look around. And that's when she realized that was a bad idea. 

She saw him and he saw her too. The two were just staring at one another. Kate chewed on the inside of her cheek, and then she heard the waiter's voice which broke the intense stare between the two. She grabbed her drink and decided to sit at the opposite end of the bar. The farther away she was from him the better.


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