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Ame|| Nora ||   1y ago

Nora Nekomura has had rough start to life. At a young age he and his sister were orphaned. Their loving parents were slaughtered mercilessly. At the time Nora was only 8 years old there wasn't much he could do other than morn the loss of his parents. What was even more heartbreaking they never caught the killer who slaughter their parents. Somewhere out there still lurked a monster.

Nora's sister who was only 16 at the time did her best to take care of Nora. She and her brother still lived in that little house on the outskirts of town. His sister Naomi went to school and to a full time job.

Naomi would do her best to take care of Nora. Nora was the only family she had left. She was happy to have some kind neighbors what would watch Nora while she was at work. When Naomi got home she would cook dinner and help Nora with his home work. These things were normal. Their tragic was now simple and quiet. When Nora turn 18 he decided it was time to repay his sister.

He got a job, It was an over night job, but it paid well. Well enough anyway. Tonight Nora would surprise his sister with her favorite kind of fish and flowers. 10 years ago today was the day he and his sister lost their parents. He knew it was hard on sister, he was grateful for her. Without her, who knows where he might of ended up.

Nora was happy when he got home. He smiled softly as he dug in his pocket and pulled out the brass key. He unlocked the door, step inside. "Sis I am home" he said in low voice. His pale blue eyes danced around the room. Nora came in put his grocery bags down on the counter along with the flowers he had purchased. Normally his sister was up by now, she would be siting at the table drinking her coffee. She wasn't there the scent of coffee was faint.

"Sis" Nora said a little bit louder. He then walked towards her bedroom. His sister normally didn't sleep in unless she wasn't feeling well. "Sister are you alright? Do you not feel well?" he said as step into her bedroom. The scent of blood tickled his nose. Nora pale blue eyes widen when he seen his sister.

She was covered in blood. Bite marks could be seen on her arms, neck and her even legs. Nora scream, as he hit his fists into the wall. He called the police his pale blue eyes still filled with tears. The officers that arrived apologized to him as they took his sister body way. Nora was told to stay else where for a while.

Days turn into week and weeks turn into months. Nothing not a single clue. His sister death was just as mysterious as his parents. The officer that worked the case said it was probably another vampire attack. Their attacks had become for frequent lately. It wasn't just humans they were after. Any species was a target.

Nora was finally able to got back home. His sister's room was empty. Everything just seemed dull and colorless. Nora was all lone. His only family member he had left was gone. Nora sighed softly as he walked around the house. The flowers he had bought where now dried and lifeless. The stench of rotting fish filled the house as well. Nora

Nora groan as he enter the kitchen. Everything in the fridge need thrown out. Nora sighed softly as he clean the kitchen. He then moved to the rest of the house. Cleaning and straightening things here and there. After a few hours of cleaning. Nora finally decided it was time to sleep. Tomorrow was going to be a busy day. Nora was going to hunt down this killer and personally tear him apart. Nora fell a sleep holding a small picture in a frame close to his chest. It was a picture of him and his family.
SeaSoSlimey[ A N ]   1y ago

[center [size10 [font "arial" All he could remember was being parched and feeling insanely contradictory. It felt as if his entire body had been set aflame and at the same time as if he'd been dunked into an ice bath. He felt as if his throat had been coated in gravely sand, but he wasn't the slightest interested in a beverage. His stomach rumbled, yet he felt nauseous, the thought of food sickening.

He could hardly see straight, his vision warping things together, and doubling others. Sweat dripped from his forehead in buckets, his arms barely managing to hold his body up. He wasn't entirely sure where he was or what he was doing however long before he woke. It was concerning feeling this disoriented and unable to shine a light on his current situation.

He grabbed the bark of the tree, choking on a gasp in his throat, as the pain in his nails intensified. What felt like electrical currents ran through them as he pulled himself upright. He could not remember a time where he felt this weak as he wobbled unsteadily on his legs. Sagging his weight into the tree behind him, he looked down at his body, and a frown creased between his brows.

Who the hell torn up his clothes? Whose blood was he covered in?

Lifting up his arm, he watched as they trembled, and lowered them slowly. Running his hands up them individually, then across the span of his chest. There weren't any cuts or injuries that he could find by touch alone. So did all this blood belong to him? Grimacing as he pulled the fabric from off of his skin. Squelching wetly as it fell to the floor at his feet.

Why had he woke alone in a forest covered in blood? What was he doing before he woke up here? Why couldn't he remember anything?

What happened to him?

All he had were unanswerable questions. Standing against the tree would not help him, especially not in such unbearably cold weather. He wasn't sure where he was going, not knowing where he was didn't help the cause, and he was already poor with directions. Plus, he wouldn't get very far feeling as though he was on the brink of death. Fumbling over his own feet, the twigs that lay across the forest floor, the trunks of trees rooted deeply into the floor. He was pissed.

He couldn't have been far from the city, he could hear cars driving in the distance, and people busying themselves in their homes. A fact that would have concerned him if his mind didn't feel as if it was blanketed in a thick coat of fog.

In the distance ahead of him, he could see a dim light, a porch light he assumed. He hoped that whoever lived there was woke. The moon shone high above him, without his cellphone, and watch missing. Well, it was obvious that there was no way he could accurately get the time. His feet began to move more fluidly, approaching this new destination with gusto.

He lightly rapped his knuckles against the wooden door, scrunching his face as the blood smudged against the grooved surface. "[+salmon Hello, can I help you?]" A woman called out to him softly through the small crack. "[+teal Yes, I need help, I think I was attacked.]" That opened the door completely as she took in his appearance as a whole. A multitude of expressions twisted her features as she decided on her next move.

"[+salmon Come in. Quickly now!]" She dragged him inside with relative ease, stepping past him to look outside, then closing and locking the door. "[+teal Is there any water? So thirsty.]" She handed him a glass of tap water which he swallowed down greedily. She was obviously in the middle of making a meal, with there being dishes scattered all around, and the smell of food in the oven. The smell alone was making his nausea worse and he bit back a groan as he wrapped an arm around his midsection.

The woman, whose name he hadn't learned yet, placed a damp cloth on his forehead. She then pushed another in the hand that rested on top of the table. "[+salmon Are you in pain?]" He simply nodded, dragging the rag across his face, wiping away the grime. Handing it back to her as she held the dirtied rag under the faucet and wrung the water from it.

And that was when he smelt it.

She barely pricked the tip of her finger on the knife in the sink. The blood that welled on the prick on her finger, soaking into the rag she handed back to him. He mouth flooded instantly with saliva as ran the rag across his lips. His tongue snaking out as if on instinct to get a taste. Only then did he notice that his teeth hurt something fierce. Oh shit. His stomach lurched, his chest heaved painfully, and he whimpered softly. Someone left him for dead... except he didn't die. Not exactly.

If he felt like shit before it couldn't compare to how he felt now.

An inhumane sound tore itself from his throat as his eyes stung with unshed tears. Grief flooded his system as the realization of his humanity being stolen from him. Despair at the knowledge, a guaranteed fact, that he would kill this woman. At being powerless to stop himself even as she screamed and pleaded. He sobbed violently, shaking and trembling as choked down her blood.

He was going to be sick.

She wasn't moving, she wasn't breathing, she was lifeless beneath him.

"[+teal Oh my god.]"

What did he just do? He knew what he done. How could he have done that? Why couldn't he stop? Well, he did in fact try, only he hadn't succeeded. Not if the all the bites that were littered across her body had anything to say for themselves.

He lifted her in his arms, his strength having retuned to him, and carried her to the room filled with her scent. He laid her in her bed, covering her with the blanket, and fixing her hair. The only thing that stayed consistent throughout this was the shaky limbs. Everything shook as he did his best to display her as apologetically as he could.

And he fled.

And unbeknownst to him, the anklet he wore, that had his name inscribed one of the charms, and a message on the only other... was left behind.

'[i Antonio]'

'[i Every angel is terrifying.]'
Ame|| Nora ||   1y ago

[center [Font "Century gothic" Nora tossed and turned in his bed. It was hard to sleep, all the thoughts running through his mind. The officers believe it was a vampire who did this. A vampire one of the high ranking species that could almost get away with anything they desired.

Nora's pale blue eyes flashed open as he stood up. It was only 3:15am. Nora sighed softly as he moved through the house. He walked to his sister room. The room was pretty much empty. Her bed was gone, anything that had blood splatter one was gone. Even the walls had been scrubbed clean and repainted. Nora step father into the room. He walked toward her dress and sighed softly looking at all the photograph that decorated the top of it.

It was then when his food kicked something farther under the dresser. Nora sighed softly as he got down lower. He could barely see something shining under there. Nora reach under there and pull out what seem liked a cuff or a bracelet.

Nora looked at the small metal band closely. This didn't seem liked anything of his sister's. She hardly every wore any jewelry. Except for mom's pendant. That was the only thing he ever seen her wear. Even then she only got it out on special occasions. Nora fingers traced over the bracelet.

It was then his pale blue eyes widen. He came a cross the name Antonio. [#8cc8e8 " Antonio?"] He said softly. This didn't make sense who was this Antonio? His sister hardly ever went out on dates. So that meant this had to belong to the killer right? Nora let out a low growl under his breath as his tail flickered angrily against his side. How could this be missed. He was going to have to call back Officer Shorigane.

Nora let out a sigh as he walked toward the window. His open the curtain letting the bright beam of light come flooding in. The moon was full. It's beautiful silvery light was shine bright. Nora pale blue eyes locked on to beautiful orb in the sky. [#8cc8e8 "Don't worry sis... I will do what ever it takes to avenge you..."] he said softly.

When he was little his sister use to tell him to look up at the moon when ever he was scared or lonely. She would always tell him mom and dad were up there watching over him. Nora let out another sigh has he walked out his sister's room. He closed the door behind him. It was still early it was best he got some more rest before calling Shirogane.


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