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It was all a normal day. The Final Fantasy boys were all in a battle with a particularly tough being. Everything was going smoothly until one moment. Time seemed to stop as a strange light seemed to come down from the sky and engulfed the Final Fantasy heroes that were fighting a monster. When time resumed, everyone who had been hit with the beam of light found themselves in an unfamiliar place. Of course, Tidus and Bartz had unknowingly found out that they couldn't use any of their active powers. In addition to that, a majority of the group were in an unconscious state from that beam of light.
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"Just our luck! As if a hoarde of Malboro wasn't bad enough NOW we have to deal with behemoths and not just any behemoths. We have to deal with king behemoths." Bartz muttered to himself. He was not happy or pleased about having to fight a large variety of monsters. He was starting to get tired of all the fighting and secretly wished that all of the monsters would just go away. He had become somewhat distracted and that was noticible by Tidus, Vaan, Locke and the rest of the Final Fantasy boys.

"Hey, are you going to get your head in the game or what, Bartz! You know that these monsters aren't going to slay themselves!" Tidus said. He seemed to be having a little too much fun with slaying monsters much to Machina's annoyance.

"I should do my part as well! I can't just leave my friends without any sort of help." Hope and Ace said in unison. They both ended up doing the things that their magic was meant to help with. Currently for Ace, that meant blasting the hoarde of monsters with a powerful fire element spell and for Hope, that meant boosting the party's resistance to physical damage, magical damage, elemental damage. He was also in charge of using healing magic to get rid of wounds and status ailments.

"Tidus, don't be so reckless now. Let the others have some fun with taking out monsters as well." Vaan said to Tidus. There was no way that he would let the sunshine idiot have all the fun when it came to slaying monsters. He hit one of the opposing Malboro with a high level fire spell and then looked at Ramza who was also hard at work slaying monsters.

"We should be able to be rid of these beasts in no time at all if everything goes as planned." Ramza said. He ended up skillfully slicing a Malboro to ribbons with only a single rapier.

Noel was just standing there completely frozen in fear. He was normally shy and had a lot of trouble socializing with people however that didn't explain the fact that he couldn't move. He was pushed out of the way of an attack by none other than a very annoyed Machina.

Everything seemed to be going well if not rough however none of the combatants knew that would change. Suddenly, time seemed to freeze which left nothing but the spectacle of the Final Fantasy heroes frozen in combat with a hoarde of monsters. Just then, a massive beam of light came from the sky and struck the frozen heroes. Just like that, in a blinding flash of white, Bartz and Tidus found themselves in an unfamiliar location alongside their unconscious friends. All of them were covered in some form of injuries in one way or the other.
Kitiki_AnemaraSeige   1y ago

Caught in a war that would end their world, all creatures fought tirelessly against the gods and titans. Having already felt the end coming, many had been transported by the magical beam of light several times into these other worlds. Now Seige was at the head of the group, taking control immediately and constantly butting heads with Azula and Moira as they shouted their commands and fought.

Luna ignored them all, using her Phoenix form to blast through many of the creatures fighting against them while Kiki worked on building its own army and befriending and uniting many of them against the gods and titans. Naomi hid in the shadows and out of the conflict with, Eva, Yana, Thalia, and Mira. Luna used her version of the Phoenix Force, The Dragon Force, against them, being one of the few who could go head-to-head with the gods themselves.

Little did any of them know, this was the last stop. Not for the first time, everything froze, an evil laughter heard very distinctly in the distance by Raven just before the blinding light washed over them and everything went black.

[center ---------------------]

Moira was the first to wake up, her head snapping towards the sound of someone screaming at the sight of her. It was a neko that looked like the human version of Seige. She cried out in shock in return, both wondering what had happened and what this change in appearance signified. And they looked around at the scattered bodies of unconscious people around them which they recognized to be the ones who had fought against the gods with them.

Bartz approached Firion and tried to shake him awake. "Fi... Now isn't the time to sleep you know." He said. He continued to try and shake the young male awake but to no avail. After a while, he started to cry out in both frustruation and desparation. He was frustruated due to the fact that he couldn't wake his friend up and desparate to wake him up.

Tidus noticed Bartz and then realized what he was trying to do. "Fi seems different somehow and yet, here you are trying to wake him up." He said softly as he looked at Bartz.
Kitiki_AnemaraSeige   1y ago

Seige kicked Elisa awake and went around seeing who else it could wake up while Moira began to growl in irritation as though she were trying to do something but couldn't. "WHAT IS GOING ON!?" She screamed in unison with Azula and they glared at each other.

Elisa looked up and yelped in surprise "Seige why do you look like that!? Where are we!? Why does [i she] look like that!? Why cant I use my powers!? Why is this place different than the other ones!? Wh-" Seige clamped a hand over her mouth to stop the questions and shut her up.

Luna sat up with a groan and put a hand to her head, noticing everyone had some form of injury and looked at her leg which was now bleeding through the bandages. She remained silent and looked around cautiously as she realized their powers were all gone, and for some of them, their forms reverted to something more acceptable to the world they've landed in.

"COME ON! YOU NEED TO WAKE UP! I DON'T KNOW IF THIS PLACE IS THE RIGHT PLACE TO TAKE A NAP!" Bartz yelled out. He was starting to cry as he continued to try to wake up Firion.

"Should I get someone to help? You seem rather sad." Tidus said before he ended up hugging Bartz. He didn't let go of him at all and just stayed there. It was as if he could feel the pain that Bartz felt.
Kitiki_AnemaraSeige   1y ago

Seige looked around, realizing many of the others remained unconscious, the ex-demon grumbled.

Elisa, having been the soul Seige was once attached to, showed much more concern for everyone as she went around attempting to wake them up and dragged some of them around to line them up. "what's wrong with them?" she asked quietly, even slapping a few across the face to no avail. "They're out cold..."
Catlover33Tidus   1y ago

"HELLOOOO! IS ANYONE OUT THERE! BARTZ IS ABOUT TO HAVE A SERIOUS CASE OF SADNESS AND OUR FRIENDS WON'T WAKE UP!" Tidus yelled out. He hoped that somebody... anybody would notice him and help him and his friends. He wanted to help Bartz and the others however he knew that he was unable to do it alone. That was why he yelled out to see if anyone would answer his call. He was starting to get desparate and also wanted to see if anyone was even out there in the first place. He waited for an answer and was trying his best to calm down Bartz before he found a way to hurt himself or other people.

Seige's ear twitched and it looked up in the direction it thought it had heard someone screaming from. Looking at Moira it didn't bother asking, grabbing her and Azula by their shirt collars and dragging them toward the sound as it figueed something to do was better than nothing.

Elisa looked up "H-Hey! Wait for me!!" She ran after them, leaving the group of unconscious behind with Luna who remained silent and observant.
Catlover33Tidus   1y ago

Tidus continued to wait rather patiently. He was still hugging Bartz who was still crying. "It's going to be okay, Bartz. I'm sure that we'll be able to get them some help from somewhere. It's bound to happen eventually. Someone will come here and make all of that icky sadness go away." He said softly in an attempt to comfort his crying friend. He was gently hugging him and closed his eyes momentarily.

Bartz had all but stopped crying. He wasn't being as desparate as before and was slowly calming down. He closed his eyes for a brief moment.
Kitiki_AnemaraElisa   1y ago

Elisa ran ahead of them once Tidus, Bartz and Vaan came into view

"Elisa wai-!" Seige growled softly and ran after her, Azula and Moira grumbling as they walked behind, their bloodlust all but gone as they despised the lack of power.

Elisa ran up and stopped short of reaching them "H-hello!?" she called to them, walking closer as she slowly rose to panic, thoughts of ever getting back to their own worlds drifting through her thoughts as her eyes began to water.

Seige now walked beside her, grumbling as it looked at the Final Fantasy boys and asked calmly "I'm going to guess y'all are in the same situation we are huh?" He asked, referring to both the new world and unconscious companions
Catlover33Tidus   1y ago

"Wait... Did you end up here as well?" Tidus said. He was a little confused and very worried about Vaan and the other Final Fantasy boys that had ended up alongside him. He continued to comfort Bartz who had just about fallen asleep at this point. "Are your companions also in an unconscious state? If that's the case then we might be in the same boat. I'm almost done with comforting Bartz. He was being extremely loud earlier and we should probably move our friends to a safer location. The thing is, my friends all have injuries that vary in severity." He'd say. He soon realized that Bartz had fallen asleep.
Kitiki_AnemaraElisa   1y ago

"We aren't all friends but a lot of people ended up with us with the same thing!" Elisa practically shouted "We were all just in the middle of fighting when out of nowhere this big flash of light came, and everytime we ended up somewhere new and we were fighting more and more until we got here and it's super quiet, we can't use our abilities, and a lot of them that looked super scary before now look normal!" At that last comment, Moira snarled and made Elisa jump. She hid behind Seige, now acting more like a child as if she hadn't lived for centuries.

Now Seige became concerned. "What is happening...?" It wondered quietly and returned its gaze to Tidus. "We have a lot of people to move, and no safe place to go.." It would set aside its pride and ego for the time being in order to come up with a sensible plan. Moira on the other hand lived up to being the incarnation of Pride and Greed despite her now-human appearance but immediately demanding that everyone listen to her. This caused Azula to begin arguing with her.
Catlover33Tidus   1y ago

"Maybe we could call for help. I can't just leave my friends like this. Who knows what could be lurking and I saw a weird metal monster earlier along with this weird small rectangular building. Of course, I don't know what any of them are but this place is too dangerous to leave my injured friends here all alone." Tidus said. He had gently let go of Bartz and looked at Azula, Seige, Moira and Elisa. He was too worried about his friends and that worry had started to cloud his mind and rational thinking.

Moira growled at Azula and turned to them "Call for help from who?! In case you haven't noticed, we've all been stranded in the middle of nowhere in an unknown world with NO POWERS!" She was clearly pissed by the situation, too stubborn to admit that she'd need to rely on others for help.

Seige rolled its eyes. "You know what..? Azula go back and wake some of those fuckers up, I don't care how you do it, some of them arent in a deep coma like the others and bring them back here." He turned back to Tidus "Have you tried to wake up any of the other ones there that arrived here with you?" it glanced at the other unconscious Final Fantasy boys in question.
Catlover33Tidus   1y ago

"Well, Bartz already tried to wake up Fi which didn't end up going rather well. I'm scared to wake up the others because they all seem to have some not-so-good injuries. I don't want to risk them dying because I'm not sure if Phoenix Downs exist here. Without those, I have to take extra precautions and I'm going to go investigate that strange small building. Hopefully it can provide us with some answers and maybe we can use it to call for help." Tidus said.

Bartz had woken up and tried again to wake up his unconscious friends. When they didn't wake up, he was starting to get frustruated and upset again.

Seige thought for several moments "I would suggest healing spells but my powers are rather... gone.." it said quietly, beginning to think as it looked at them

Elisa ran off with Azula to try and wake up a few of the others with less extreme injuries while Moira remained with Seige, her arms crossed angrily as she began to lose herself in thought.
Catlover33Tidus   1y ago

Tidus ran into the small building and then noticed a strange device with buttons next to it. Curious, he picked up the strange device and then pressed three of the buttons in a random order. It turned out that he had managed to dial the number that was often called when there was an emergency. He put the device up to his ear when he heard the words "What's your emergency" on the other end of the line. He then began to explain that his friends were covered in wounds and that they were all unconscious. After that, he heard the words "Hang on. We'll be right there". As soon as he heard those words, he felt relieved. He ended up figuring out that the strange device that he used was something called a phone and then hung up the line. He put the phone back and ran out of the building. He saw Seige and ended up sighing. "Get your friends here. Help will be on the way in a few minutes. I found this strange device, dialed a random number and then heard a voice that asked me what my emergency was. I left out the parts of being transported here by a beam of light because that would be too confusing while I was explaining the situation." He said.

Seige narrowed its eyes and glanced at Moira.

"What... numbers... did you dial?" she asked cooly, aware that she wasn't the only one who had problems with authority. Specifically the police.

"You know you can guess that" Seige growled softly and walked over, towering over her "Mind you that none of us are in our own world so it'd do you good to hold your tongue when they arrive." It was tense, almost all of them had some bad encounter with police officers. It was aware of this, Seige nodded thanks to Tidus and dragged Moira back to where they had ended up, carefully moving the unconscious and the barely conscious back near the Final Fantasy boys.
((what if some of the officers recognized them from shows and games and stuff? But assumed they were all just cosplayers or something like that? LARPers gone to far maybe? i dunno))
Catlover33Tidus   1y ago

"I pressed the 9 button first. Then I pressed the 1 button twice." Tidus said. He had no idea what the number that he dialed was meant for but he dialed that number anyway. He looked at Bartz who had absentmindely wandered into a street. That was when he noticed the car heading towards his friend and pushed him out of the way. This resulted in him ending up getting hit by the car.

Bartz had no idea about what just happened and only stared at the signs with the glowing Japanese writing on them. He was mesmirized by the lights and thought that they were pretty.

It took several minutes but they'd managed to gather everyone in one spot. Seige noticed Bartz on the street and ran over cursing silently "What the hell!?"

Elisa yawned, startled that she was beginning to feel tired as she'd never slept before "whats happening?!" She cried out in a whine and Moira smacked the side of her head

"Stop crying you annoying brat! You look like you should be in high school by now not acting like a child!" She growled, feeling like a mother as she'd said that
Catlover33Tidus   1y ago

Tidus was on the ground in front of the car in a small pool of his own blood. He didn't move and had been seriously injured from jumping in front of a moving car. Unfortunately, this meant that he was in danger of dying from blood loss and the severity of his injuries.

Bartz continued to stay there. He still didn't know what to make of the current situation. He was the only Final Fantasy boy who was still conscious however the fear and awe that he felt kept him frozen in place.

Seige cursed again and looked as the group of them began to gather around in the middle of the street. It picked Bartz up and practically dragged him towards the group. Raven, now awake, was checking over Tidus for broken bones and tended to what wounds she could, glad she didn't have a healing ability like others to depend on and had actual basic first aid knowledge.

"The lights are so pretty. I've never seen anything like them before." Bartz said softly. He stayed still but was soon snapped out of his trance by a loud noise. A large, white vehicle with flashing lights on top of it had arrived. Curious about this strange metal creature, Bartz tried to approach it however he stopped himself when he realized that Tidus had gotten hit by a different metal monstrosity. "Is Tidus going to be okay..." He said.

Tidus remained unconscious and unresponsive. He had lost about half of the blood that was in his body. His injuries were also very severe with several broken ribs, a broken ankle and a broken wrist.

Seige growled "if the fucking ambulances would arrive on time for once then he might make it!" Everyone seemed either afraid, didn't care, were completely confused, unconscious, or barely showing concern. But no one seemed to be moving to try and do anything other than Raven, Elisa, and Luna

"Umm... Is that thing what you call an ambulance?" Bartz said as he pointed to the vehicle that had just shown up. Before he did that, several other vehicles that were identical to that one had shown up. "And now there are more of them." He said softly. He started to become a little hopeful that his friends would be alright now. He didn't want for any one of them to end up dying.

Seige looked up "yes... those are..." it sighed only to growl again softly as everyone standing around were being pushed back roughly.

Elisa stuck by Naomi and the others who were still unconscious and got upset when she wasnt allowed onto the ambulance with them. Luna immediately stood by her side and made excuses that they were all a big family and would appreciate sticking together as such etc.

Seige had to put its own emotions aside and grabbed Moira who had been pushed, pulling her back before she attempted to fight one of the people carrying the stretcher.

"Stop trying to fight. It seems like they're trying to help out our friends. I'm not going to fight them because that isn't the right thing to do in this situation." Bartz said. He didn't fight and just stayed there. He didn't want to get in the way of the people who were carrying the stretcher. He stayed silent otherwise and didn't want to interfere with anything especially since he knew that Tidus would die without the proper help and care.

Moira growled angrily in response

sneaking up from behind, Luna swiftly hit Moira somewhere in the back of the neck on a specific point.

"Gah-" Moira was knocked unconscious and Luna merely whistled and caught her.

"hush now quiet now don't you say a word" Luna mumbled with a soft smile, knowing Moira would be less of a bother this way as she looked around a bit "okay so... we all need a way to meet them at the hospital" she said calmly.

"I want to visit Fi. I wonder how he is doing. I'm also worried about Tidus, Noel, Locke and the others. Not to mention Ramza, Machina, Ace and Hope. I'm also worried about Vaan." Bartz said softly. He was still very worried about his friends. He couldn't stop thinking about them no matter what he did. Just thinking about how Tidus could end up dying at any moment was scaring the life out of him.

Luna didn't need her telekinetic abilities to tell that Bartz was distressed, she glanced at Azula who seemed eager to break some laws despite the possibility that she is no longer immortal. Luna went and whispered something to her then returned, Azula already gone as she sprinted to do something.

"I'm sure everything will be fine" Luna told Bartz softly

"That's Raina, Kirami, Gia, Daemon, Maka, Olivia, Thalia, Cole, Yana, Kiki, Naomi...." Elisa mumbled names as she watched everyone getting put onto the ambulances in a rush, several trails of blood following them. Some of them seemed pale and she already knew they wouldn't be seen again. She began to cry. Seige did its best to comfort her.

"I'm sure they'll make it..." Luna said. "It's not too late." She knew even if they didn't see some of them again it would not be because of death.

"I have to go. I need to see if my friends are okay. I'm also starting to wonder if they have even been picked up off of the ground." Bartz said softly. The worried look that he had never left his eyes or face even as he spoke. He had so many thoughts running through his head that he couldn't comprehend. Trying to calm down would only result in him being even more distressed. Any more stress would be bad for him.

Luna smiled reassuringly "they've been taken to a hospital... our ride is almost here-" as soon as she said it a wooping shout of laughter cut through the silence and a bus horn honked loudly. Azula sat in the driver's seat, slamming on the breaks and sticking her head out the window

"C'MON WE DON'T GOT ALL DAY!! THE ACCIDENT WILL ONLY HOLD THOSE COPS A COUPLE OF MINUTES!!" Azula called happily, enjoying a true adrenaline rush since she'd rarely committed crimes without using her powers

Luna sighed "our ride is here..." she grumbled, knowing even if she wanted a normal car, only a bus would be able to hold them all. "Alright then... Everyone get on!"

Seige picked up the unconscious Moira and put her on the bus, Raven, Elisa, and Fawn following behind as Seige came back and looked around at the Final Fantasy boys. "you all coming to see your friends or what?" it asked with a neutral expression.

((Bartz is the only Final Fantasy boy who is conscious. The other Final Fantasy boys ended up having to go to the hospital due to their injuries with the ones who were melee attackers having the most severe injuries.))

"I can walk. I don't trust those metal monstrosities at all." Bartz said as he looked at the bus. He didn't want to ride the bus because it just seemed too new for him. He would normally accept change however today was not one of those days. He knew that he had no way to defend himself in case of an emergency and that was why he hesitated. Suddenly, he got on the bus however a feeling of dread washed over him.

((oh okay))

Seige and Luna got on the bus behind Bartz. Seige standing over Azula and pulling her out of the drivers seat.

"Hey!!" she exclaimed in irritation

"I'm not leaving out lives in your hands not sit down." It grumbled, she was about to fight him when Luna did the same to her that she'd done to Moira and knocked her out swiftly.

"What is it with the short-tempered, sadistic immortals?!" she asked, dropping her into a seat and sitting down across from her

"I dunno" Seige shrugged and began driving as though they werent on a stolen bus as the police with their sirens blaring drove on in the distance

"I don't have a good feeling about this. If this metal monstrosity had been stolen then you need to return it immediately. I don't think that I want to rot in a dungeon for the rest of my days." Bartz said softly. He had a sad look in his eyes as he ended up sighing. He didn't even want to be in this mess at all.

Luna looked over at Bartz "you want to see them in the hospital don't you?" she tilted her head questioningly. "and the bus will be returned.." she added quietly "none of us are going to rot in a jail cell" she smile softly and look out the window at all the billboards and signs up in lights.

Seige drove the bus steadily, following behind the ambulances carefully.

"I do want to see them... I won't scream... I won't be a bother... I'll just stay here in silence until we get there." Bartz said softly. He still couldn't get his mind off of what could possibly happen to Tidus and the others. He didn't want to lose them since they were the only friends that he had been brought here with.

Luna sighed quietly on the way to the hospital. Moira had woken up mid-drive and immediately growling and asking who knocked her out so she could choke them. This soon woke Azula and they once again began to bicker and argue like children.

Seige stopped the bus. "We're here..." it said calmly

Fawn finally snapped "FINALLY DAMN! For two ex-immortal beings they fight like children!!"

"Who are you calling an ex-immortal!?!" they called simultaneously "I will smite you!!" they both shouted then scowled at each other again like two gods in a pissing contest (i dont know what other expression to use for this lol)

"Would you both stop? We're probably already here and I want to see my friends again. I'm not in the mood for this nonsense." Bartz said softly as he got up out of his seat. He walked towards the door of the bus and waited for it to open. "Come on. Let's go." He said softly. He was a little too worried to continue staying on the bus any longer.
Kitiki_AnemaraSeige   1y ago

Seige opened the door, but not before Fawn decided to jump out a window and run towards the hospital with Luna following, hurting her ankle on the fall but ignoring it as she limped over a bit to Bartz. "I can stay with you to get them to let us see your friends if you'd like?" She offered kindly

Seige grumbled, getting off the bus last

"I have to go see my friends immediately. I don't want to wait another minute. I'm already worried enough as it is without all of this mess." Bartz said. He started to walk towards the hospital and entered the building. He still had a worried look on his face as he didn't want for his friends to be dead. "Please don't be dead..." He said softly.

Luna ran along and stayed by Bartz, getting them through the customs and the information for the rooms as she wrote them all down and tapped his arm "c'mon! this way to them" she said kindly, leading the way to the elevators

Bartz followed Luna to the elevator. He tried to suppress the feeling of dread that he had but to no avail. He couldn't clear his head of all of those thoughts that scared him. "I can't stop thinking about them..." He said softly. He still had that worried look on his face.

Luna refused to let her emotions show as she covered it up with a smile and tried to stay optimistic "they'll help them, I'm sure of it!" She smiled sweetly as the elevator opened to the floor where they keep ER patients and she ran in and found their room number, stopping at the door and looking at Bartz. Her expression changed a bit to show her worry and concern. "ready?" she asked softly

"I-I'm ready..." Bartz said softly. He was still very worried and had closed his eyes momentarily. He just couldn't seem to calm down as his normal personality had been suppressed. He didn't want to hear any sort of bad news whatsoever since that would only end up upsetting him more than was needed.

Luna nodded and opened the door, waiting for Bartz to step in first as they were his friends, she was tagging along merely in hopes of becoming a friend as she didn't really have any.

Bartz stepped into the room. He didn't make any movements other than that. He had a solemn look on his face as he looked around the room. The sight of his unconscious friends seemed to make him slightly gloomy.

Luna walked in behind him and looked at the monitors. She smiled despite all the bandages that surrounded them and looked at Bartz "They all look alright!" she sounded hopeful and a bit excited

"That's a relief however I wonder if Tidus is alright. He was very roughed up from that metal monster." Bartz said softly. However, he was interrupted by the sound of someone softly crying. "Someone's crying..." He said softly.

Hope was crying in his unconscious state. He was slowly starting to wake up however he found himself unable to move for some reason. He didn't know why this reason was but he was the least injured out of the Final Fantasy boys. His injuries were still rather nasty enough to have needed to be stitched up but other than that, he was fine.

Luna turned her head to the sound and walked around the curtain, her eyes drifted to the chart at the foot of their beds. She began to inspect them to really see the status of their conditions, ignoring the fact that she herself despised hospitals and chemical smells as she suppressed the sudden need to run away. Shaking her head to clear it as she inspected the charts.


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