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Kate couldn't believe that this was happening. She was having people fall in love with left and right. She didn't get why? She was nothing that special. Or she didn't think she was, but maybe she was, and she could never see it. Kate was always the type of girl that would date and dump, and then like an hour later have another boyfriend. You could call Kate a whore, but she didn't put herself under the category. That was the one thing she would never do to a man. Take them granted for sex. She didn't like the idea of that. Why would she do that when wants her first time to be special. With someone that she could truly love. But at this point, she really didn't know if that was going to happen. It seems like none of these guys are really any of her type. She wanted someone that she could fall madly in love with, and she knew one day it would happen. She would have a husband, kids, everything would be perfect. That is her dream come true. That was the one thing that she always looked forward too. Kate saw her soon to be ex-boyfriend, and then she called him over. He walked over to her, and then she took in a deep breath. No explanation. No nothing. It was over like that. He shook his head, and then walked away rather upset.

That was the suckish part. The guys would always get upset. She would date them for a few months, and once she found out that they were in love with her, she dropped them like flies. Kate knew eventually they would go over it, so that's why she didn't dwell on it too much. It didn't bug her as much as it should. Kate was done with that, but she had a feeling, that she wouldn't be having a boyfriend in an hour. It would take longer then that.

And that was the day when she spot him. She didn't know him that well, because he looked like one of those quiet types. Kate trailed her eyes over his body, and then back to his eyes. She had to admit. He was rather gorgeous. Kate continued to keep her eyes on him. That was something that she could have a long relationship with. Or that's what she thought. Then she shook her head, and realized that she was wrong about that. She bit on her lip, and from that day she went on with her life.

Now it was the day when he asked her out. She thought everything could be perfect. There relationship was going so well, and she thought maybe that this guy could actually be the one for her. Well, she knew one thing was happening. Her birthday. It was coming up rather soon, but also it has been a year since Charlie and her have been together. She really liked the fact that she wasn't able to date anyone. It felt.. Quite nice. She would just smile at the thought. The two of them were always texting each other. Never had one fight, until this happened. Kate was falling in love. Like madly in love. And this is when she knew that she couldn't be together with him. She has never fell in love with someone before, and she isn't going to start now. But also that's what happens when you marry. You fall in love.

Kate was starting to think about this in the wrong way. She doesn't want him to think that they will stay together forever. Kate shook her head, and this was the day when everything perfect would be ruined. Her birthday would be ruined, and her heart would be broken. She would actually be rather heart broken that she would break up with him. They had plans tonight, and that was the night that she would end everything with him. Contact, relationship, school. Everything. Kate was not kidding in any way. Kate was excited, because now it was time for the dinner with him. Yeah, she was going to end it, but then she realized what she was doing was wrong. She couldn't play him like this.. She had to tell him. So instead she wrote him a letter.

Dear Charlie,

I know your going to be reading this, and I'm going to gone already.. But I don't want to hurt you, but when I say that, that means I'm hurting myself in the process. I just can't do this anymore. The relationship we had was an awesome run, but it's time for us to move on.. Time to find someone that's worthy of our time. I'm really sorry. I know that you had dinner plans for me, but I just couldn't play you like that.. And I know this note thing isn't any better, but I really don't feel like crying in front of you.. Charlie, you treated me so well, but like I said its time to move on. I know you will find that one girl that loves you.. But, I'm not that girl. You saw how I was when it came to dating.. I know you have watched me in the past, but I don't want to do that to you. You are a very good person, and you deserve someone that will love you right.. And, I can't do that. I'm so sorry.. I hope one day you will be able to forgive, and we can put this behind us.. And then maybe we can become friends once more. I'm sorry.. Goodbye Charlie.

Love Kate.


Kate was thinking about how she hurt everyone so horribly. This was the last thing she wanted.. She missed Charlie so much. But she hated to admit that. From that day, she has not been dating. She will not date anyone, because she is still in love with Charlie. She had no idea how he took it, because after that day, they stopped talking. There will be a couple of times she would see him, but she would just continue on with her day. Kate has never felt this pain before. It was like she doesn't even have a heart anymore. She felt like she gave it to him. She wanted him to keep it. For it not to get destroyed, but she did that all on her own. No one else did it for her. She is the one that ended it, and now to this day, she regrets it all. She just wishes their was a way that she could tell him, the real reason why she broke up with him, but she was pretty sure that she would never see him again.

He had been getting ready for that night when he received that letter. He had the entire night planned out. He was thinking about the first time they had met, and the nights they had spent together. He remembered every moment they had spent together and in that moment, the moment he had read that letter, his entire demeanor changed. The night he had planned for the two of them to have together, the romantic dinner for her birthday and his excited and happy mood had crashed down hard. He was devastated and taken aback, wondering what he had done to have her break up with him. His mind had traveled back through their entire year together, thinking of what he had done wrong and what he could have changed. It had only been a year, and it had been a great year. So what had he done for this?

Charlie remembered trying to call her countless times, countless text messages and trying to contact her in any way he could before he completely stopped. It's like she had fallen off the face of the earth after their break up. She was gone and he had to accept that they would no longer be together. He remembered having to call the restaurant he had booked a reservation for, cancelling it in embarrassment even though the hostess had no idea or cared why he had been cancelling it. He had gone into a slight downward spiral. A whole year of getting to know someone and figuring this could be the last relationship only to have those thoughts crushed in a single moment. He remembered dressing down from the semi-formal outfit he had picked out for her special night and sitting on the edge of his bed, memories still playing out as he tried to remember a single moment that had gone wrong to cause this downfall. Not one memory. Not one fight or issue had come up to indicate anything so he let it go. It took a long time and a lot of booze from his friends before he finally had let Kate go. He would still feel hurt whenever someone brought her up but it became easier to talk about her and talk about anything else.

Then his entire personality did a 180. Charlie had always been a quiet, reserved and very affectionate human. He had been since he was younger. Since Kate, the boy became colder and less inclined to fall too quickly. It would take a lot more than a year for the boy to even say "I love you" to anyone. He hadn't since Kate. Through the months, the male had gone though countless girl-friends, mostly hookups but sometimes they would come back. His mind had built up these walls and made sure he wouldn't get hurt again. He made sure everyone he met would be at arms length.

[+red "Charlie, do you want anything other than just a hookup?"] the blonde asked, stroking his chest as the two laid in his bed together. The male made a face at the girl, leaning himself up and looking down at her.
"Why would you think I wanted anything other than this. Have I indicated that I did?" the male asked, a little harshly but he had to make sure he didn't play games with her. She gave him a look back, now sitting up with him.
[+red "Well.. I don't know. I just thought... we've done this a couple times.."] she said, her voice going a little quiet.
Charlie sighed a little bit, sitting up off the bed and getting himself dressed. He realized his tone was a bit harsh in that moment. "No, I don't need a relationship right now." he commented, sliding a shirt over his shoulders. "You gotta go now." he spoke, tossing her clothes over to her. She gave a huff, holding the balled up outfit in her arms and ran off to his bathroom to get dressed. Charlie exited his room, peering over at his roommates as they stared at him. He grabbed a mug, pouring the coffee into it before taking a sip. "Women are fucking crazy." he commented.

The blonde girl left in a hurry, leaving the three males in the house to converse among themselves the happenings of the previous night and the interesting turn that happened during the morning. Charlie knew the girl wouldn't be back and he didn't feel like it was too much of a loss at that point. He had turned into Kate, pushing off anyone who wanted anything to do with her. Through the time of their breakup, he had gotten angry about it, never truly understanding what had happened or why, but he had pushed it into the back of his mind and became her to protect himself.

A couple of weeks later and a few girls down, the roommates decided to head out for a day away from everyone. Charlie just needed some guy time and he figured it would be best to go out to the fair that was in. Get some games in, eat some food and go on some quick rides, plus it was the perfect day to scout out some potential hookups for later dates. They had gotten there, grabbed a few drinks and a bit of food before making their way to the games that had been lined up down the paths. It was far better than staying in and playing video games and drinking for the thousandth time that week.

Katelynn remembered everything like it happened yesterday. Katelynn was curled up on the bed that her parents rented for her. Once the breakup happened, she did fall off the earth. Because she knew that even if she answered one phone or text from Charlie, she would go running back because she regretted everything she did. She didn't understand herself sometimes. But what did she expect? She was the only person to blame. But she did what she did for a reason.

Katelynn had no fears except one. That was falling in love. She fell in love with Charlie real fast and real hard. Katelynn couldn't even explain everything she felt the moment she would see him. But Charlie never knew the real reason of why she did this or that she was in a committed 5-year relationship before him, and the dude cheated and left her. And she vowed to never let herself get close again. Katelynn looked at the clock, and sighed. This was how she spent most of her days. In her bed, crying, and ignoring everyone else. At this point, she didn't care. She didn't see the point anymore. Katelynn gulped lightly, as she saw one of her friends texted her. Even though Katelynn never answered, they never gave up. Katelynn thought she could heal from this but she was wrong. She never healed. And she needed to figure out how she was going to heal, because this was eating her alive, and she hated it so much. She caused her own pain.

Katelynn read the text and was told that the fair was in town. That was her and Charlie favorite thing to do. They would go around the state and find multiple states because they loved it so much. Katelynn didn't even know if she could find herself going to the fair. It was their thing, but she was pretty sure her luck of running into Charlie would happen. She hasn't spoke to him since the letter. Nor did she want too. But she knew that if she went that this would get her friends off her back.

[b I'll go.]

That was all she typed back. But she would drive herself. She knew that she wouldn't get on any rides. She might take a couple of bites of food, and that's it. Katelynn decided that she needed to look decent and not like a homeless person. She took a quick shower, making her red hair curly, and then she wore a sundress. She looked at herself. This was the first time in a long time that she has dressed up. She smoothed out her dress, and then decided to leave for the fair.

Once Katelynn got to the fair, she kind of looked around. She sure her friends weren't there yet, because they were always late. She saw lots of people. She even saw multiple guys look at her, and she didn't even give them the time of the day. Ever since her breakup it was like her whole style changed. She didn't want to let go of the fact that the last person she slept with was with Charlie, and she never wanted to let that go. Katelynn sighed, and then went to one of the food carts. She saw that there was some benches that were set out that she could sit at. She was thinking about ordering food, but she didn't. She sat down, and just looked down at her dress. She didn't want to have any type of eye contact with anyone.

Katelynn pulled out her phone, and went to Charlie's text messages. This is why she could never get over Charlie or even move on. She was rereading over some of the messages, and then she got to the part where he said he loved her. Her eyes scanned over it a million times. Three simple words and that was the last time she was going to read them. She felt the tears start to swell up in her eyes. [b "God Katelynn. Your so stupid."]

It was a sunny, beautiful day and it felt like there was nothing that could bring Charlie's mood down. He had always liked the fair and remembered that he and Kate would always go. He loved it then and even though it was a bit of a sour feeling being back and not having here there, he still loved it. He wondered if she would be around, but quickly shook that thought from his mind. What would he even say to her if he saw her. Would he even talk to her? Why should he care right now. She tore his heart completely out why would he even want to think about any of that. He rubbed his forehead slightly, letting out a light sigh before finding himself sitting down on a bench, his friends right behind him. He hated thinking about anything that had to do with her. She walked away like a year meant nothing to her.
Charlie snapped out of his head when his friends spoke up.
[+green "Get out of your head, Charlie."] one of the males muttered, tapping him on the top of the head. Charlie looked over at him through his sunglasses, shaking his head at him. "I know." he replied, looking around and rubbed at his shoulder.
His friends always knew when he'd go back to that and thankfully they always snapped him out of it. They had been there when it happened and they knew he wouldn't go back to feeling like that.

The three sat there for a moment before Charlie could hear the guys conversing. He looked over at them, wondering why they were being so quiet. He leaned forward and looked at them, raising his eyebrows. "What?" he asked, looking around, wondering if there was a potential they were scouting out. Instead, he saw her standing there. He stayed frozen for a moment, staring at her through hidden eyes. His face dropped slightly and he could feel everything quiet quickly.
[+green "We were hoping you wouldn't see her..."]
Charlie brought his hand to the bridge of his nose, rubbing it with his index finger and thumb. "Fuck me.." he muttered. He knew she'd be here somewhere but he was hoping he wouldn't see her through all the people.

Everything flooded back, hitting him hard. He felt every emotion in one moment, sadness, anger and even a bit of happiness. He lowered his head, staring at the ground for a second before exhaling deeply. He leaned back against the bench, pulling out a pack of smokes and grabbed one, placing it between his lips and lighting it up. He felt like the nicotine would calm his nerves. He could feel his hand shake a little bit as he lifted the stick to his mouth but he had to remind himself not to let her see that she was getting to him. He hyped himself up a bit before standing up. His friends watched him with concerned faces but kept quiet. "I'm fine.." he muttered, moving away from them and towards her. He had no plan of what he was going to say or what he was going to do, but he knew he would confront her.

Stepping up to her, he watched her body language and her face. She was used to the quiet and loving Charlie but since she had left, he was a completely different person. He grabbed his sunglasses off his face, leaning his head to the side. "I think I'm seeing a ghost?" he said loud enough for her to hear. "Back from wherever the fuck you ran off to?" he asked, his voice a bit venomous. He knew how he sounded but he felt like he couldn't stop. His mind was running all over the place and he had no idea what he was doing in the moment, but he was going to run with it.

Katelynn was in her own little world, just continuously staring at the words, 'I love you' from Charlie. Katelynn wiped her tears away. Then she heard the voice. She thought it was just all in her mind. She took in a deep breath, and shook her head. Until she heard the voice again. She looked up and jumped back when she saw Charlie. Instantly, her phone was on the ground, facing up, revealing that she was in their messages.

Katelynn eyes stayed glued on him, not even able to form words. She felt like her friends did this on purpose. They knew that he would be here. Afterall, it was their favorite thing to do together. Katelynn gulped lightly. She could just tell by his posture that he was a complete different person. Which she figured would happen, because she did break his heart. And her own heart in the process. But, he didn't know that. Nor did she want him to know.

But Katelynn was different too. She wasn't the outgoing person that he knew. She closed down completely. She barely talked to anyone anymore. Still to this day, her parents think that she should explain why she broke up with him. But from how he was looking, he probably didn't want to hear it at all. But to be fair, Katelynn told him in the beginning what her biggest fear was. Falling in love. That was a risk he knew he was taking.

Katelynn looked away, and looked around for her friends. There was no one to save her. Which meant - she would have to talk to Charlie. And for some reason, she felt like this wasn't going to be good at all.

[b "Not a ghost, obviously. But. I've been here the whole time. I never leave my house. My friends convinced me to come out. Which was an awful idea."] Katelynn was trying to hide her pain with anger. She could be angry too. But of course, she wasn't angry at him. She was angry at herself. But could she ever admit to him that she was actually wrong and that she messed up? Probably not.

Charlie watched her body language again, seeing it in a completely different way. She was skiddish and nervous as he approached. To be fair he had come into the conversation with fire behind him. He never let up his anger, however and hearing her speak made him more mad as he tone was trying to match his. "You were here the entire time and you couldn't be bothered to message me.. or call me... or even get one of your damn friends to explain to me what happened?" he asked, still keeping up the alpha tone he had hoped would go across well. He hated the fact that he was dealing with this in this moment but knew if he backed out of talking to her, he'd never get the explanation of what happened that night.

He was pissed off, rightfully so, and he knew he would get an answer from her one way or another. He wanted to reach out and shake her for hurting him, but he knew he would never do anything to her. He wouldn't lay a hand on her but he could still make sure she knew how he felt about the situation. "What the hell did I do to deserve a goddamn letter? Not even a break up in person? That's pretty shitty." Charlie growled, crossing his arms over his chest as he stared down at her.

He knew if he hadn't been so pissed off and hurt, he'd probably grab her and wrap his arms around her and hold onto her for as long as possible. He had loved her before but knew that the feeling of love had been altered to a different emotion as he simmered in his own thoughts for months. "So now that you're here, you can explain EXACTLY why I couldn't warrant a fucking break up in person." he snapped again.

Katelynn was listening everything he was saying. Katelynn knew he had every right to be mad. Katelynn gulped. She wasn't for sure if she should keep up with the anger, or just give in to him. Why would it matter? Katelynn sighed as she could feel so much anger in his tone. She did this to him. Katelynn felt the lump in her throat forming once more. She had no idea how she was going to answer to him. But she knew that if she didn't answer him he would even get angrier. But, she was angry at the same time. Because she was seeing his friends laugh at the fact that Charlie was yelling at her. She was so vulnerable. He was angry. It was never a good mix.

[b "First off. This was between ME AND YOU. Not between me, you, my friends, and your friends. My friends have no idea why I left you. You really want to know. You can ask my mother. That's the ONLY person I know that wouldn't blab their mouth to you."] She hissed at him. She raised a brow. Charlie knew she could be just as angry. But for once, she was kind of scared of Charlie. She hurt him, but all that anger. She never knew what he would say to her.

[b "Second off, Charlie. You deserve an answer of why I did what I did. But you actually should of saw this coming. I didn't answer your texts because you knew all my favorite places to be. Why didn't you come find me and talk to me that way? But you didn't. No. I don't blame you, because this was all me. With how angry you are right now. I feel like you are just going say it's an excuse. It's the hardest thing I had to deal with. So you can rub it in. I do regret it."] She was yelling back at him.

She looked over at his friends, and she was getting angrier. She shook her head. [b "I can't do this."] She stormed off from him, and walked away from the fair. She wouldn't even be able to enjoy the evening at the fair. Because she ran into him, and his friends thinking it was funny, and then her friends were nowhere to be found. She shook her head, as she wrapped her arms around herself, walking away from the fair. She didn't know where she was going to walk too. But anywhere was better than here.

"Ask your MOTHER?" Charlie asked, raising his voice. "Why can't YOU just tell me for fuck sakes!" The male spoke forcefully, just wanting an answer from the female. He could hear his friends behind him laughing and knew they were getting a kick out of the fight. They knew how much the girl hurt Charlie so they liked seeing Charlie go after her and Charlie felt like he was getting a lot of pent up anger out of his system. The fact it was public wasn't ideal but he knew the burst of confidence he felt walking up to her was worth it at this point and he knew he'd never be able to do this at any other time. He figured having his friends behind him kind of pushed his behavior.

"Wait wait... saw that coming?!" He asked, putting both hands onto his head and closed his eyes. "I should have saw that coming?!" He asked. "You don't get to play victim with me! You fucked up! Own up to it!" Charlie snapped at her.

Charlie watched her begin to walk away and shook his head, moving towards his friends again. There was no way she was getting off that easy and she was not walking away so quick. Now that he had her in person, he'd make sure he got her to tell him why everything happened. Stepping up to his friends, he rolled his eyes and put his sunglasses back on. "Sorry guys. You're probably going to say I'm stupid but I'm going after her. Just for the fact that she has explaining to do." He commented, walking from the group and followed after the girl. "Hey!" He called after her. He wasn't going to let her go to wherever she was hiding yet. "I'm not done talking to you!"

Katelynn wanted nothing more to get away from this but she knew how Charlie could be. He doesn't give up until he gets her to talk or get her to do something. And she knew that was going to happen. No matter what, he wasn't going to give this up. Katelynn started to pace a little bit and started to freak out. Her biggest thing, she wanted to tell him. But would he even believe her? Probably not. She has done enough damage.

Katelynn heard his words, and then sighed. She never knew what was going to happen unless she just told him. Katelynn didn't want to fight or argue with him. The last thing she wanted was to see him as is. But here she was. Face to face with him. She spun around and gave him a disgusted look. [b "Oh? This is what we call talking now? Okay."] She rolled her eyes. She had to show little to no emotion. Katelynn like she was going to say a lot of things out of anger. Katelynn wanted to be calm but he kept pushing and pushing. And was going to break.

Once again, she started to pace once more. Feeling herself becoming shaky because she was getting mad. She spun around once more before he could even say a word to her or even yell at her. [b "Fine Charlie. You want to know so bad. I'll freaking tell you. But I'm sure your just going to say I'm making up excuses or you think it's dumb."] People could tell she was speaking out of anger. Especially when her friends FINALLY showed up. "Oh no.." Was one of her friends said. They knew this wasn't going to be good.

Katelynn sighed, and was able to calm herself down to the point to explain it to him. [b "I was scared Charlie. Everything was amazing with us. Our relationship was amazing. But I told you in the beginning... I have a commitment issue. Once I catch myself falling in love, I leave. I fell in love with you. A long time ago. I didn't want to keep doing the same thing. But I did. I left you because I'm not good enough to be loved. So yes, I did do the damage to you. But don't think I was happy about this decision. Remember when I said this my first time in a while coming out of the house? That's cause after everything happened with me and you, I never socialized. Never ate. Just slept and cried."] Katelynn looked at him, and only can imagine what his response was going to be.

Charlie crossed his arms as he finally broke her. She'd finally talk to him and tell him what he needed to hear and why she ran out on him. He stared down at her as she spoke and shook his head. "You fell in love with me so you left me." He repeated. He wouldn't be able to understand how she felt. He was confused on why she was so scared to fall in love with someone. "But you never thought about how that made me feel, did you?" He asked, his tone was completely different. He was no longer yelling but he still had a tough voice. "You made me fall in love with you and then you left me. With just a letter because you were too scared to be in love with me too?" He shook his head and let out a deep sigh. "Why are you so scared of loving someone?"

Charlie still had a lot of questions and he wanted some answers for them. He was mad she left him with nothing else and he was mad she never explained it to him earlier. "I just wanted some explanation from you when it happened." He commented. He was heartless towards women now. He never got close to another girl again for the exact reason she didn't get close to another guy. "Who broke your heart?" He asked, looking down at her.

Charlie uncrossed his arms, letting then hang at his sides. He got his explanation and now his adrenaline was depleted. "You can't just leave someone like that. You just tortured both of us.."

Katelynn could tell that this wasn't going over well. She looked down as he was asking her a 1000 questions. She didn't even know how to answer them all. she wanted too, but that would mean she would have to get into her feelings about it. She sighed as she looked at him. She could see that he was hurt by what she explained. She was about to explain more, until he asked the dreaded question. Katelynn found herself not being able to talk or even found the strength to talk.

Katelynn looked back down, not knowing how to explain it. It was a typical thing. Well, she thought it was a typical thing you hear. But not once has Katelynn ever explained what happened. Katelynn shook her head. Could she even trust Charlie right now. He was right though. Why would she even torture them like that? She could see that Charlie was tortured about this. But so was she.

Katelynn sighed, and then looked back up with tears in her eyes. She didn't want his pity. [b "I.."] Katelynn still was having a hard time even talking. [b "Who hurt me was a guy a few years ago. Proposed. Then slept with my mother."] Katelynn kept it pretty short. She didn't even want to get into it. It took Katelynn forever to forgive her mother for what she did. But she told herself she would never love a guy. But then there came Charlie.. And her plan was failing miserably. Katelynn couldn't even look him in the face right now. Katelynn revealed her darkest secret.

Finally, she looked back up at him. [b "I didn't want to hurt you, and I know I did.. I hurt myself too, because I am scared Charlie. Beyond scared. but it doesn't matter anymore. I did the damage. You need to heal."] she looked back down, and wrapped her arms around herself. She gulped not knowing how he was going to respond.

Charlie watched her as she spoke about what had happened to her. He crossed his arms again and let out a deep sigh. Her own mother? He shivered at the thought of that. He figured it was someone who had fucked her over that made her the way she was now and made her do what she did to him. He wasn't happy about it one bit, but he could understand a bit why she did what she did. "Not everyone is like that. That guy is a scumbag and probably got what he deserved. I hope anyway." he muttered. In the past, he would have probably hunted the guy down just to knock some teeth out for doing something like that to Kate, hell he still wanted to.. but in this moment he was extremely pissed off about what she had done. Less so than before because he got his explanation but he still wasn't happy.

Charlie uncrossed his arms, placing one hand on the back of his neck, rolling his head back with a loud, exaggerated sigh and tossed his hands up. "I'm done healing." he muttered. "After months of wallowing in self pity and drinking myself into a coma, I'm finally able to say I'm fine." he commented. "It fucking sucked when it happened... I was depressed and crushed but I'm over all that shit now." he muttered. He wasn't sure he could forgive her for what she did to him, but he knew he couldn't hold a grudge against her forever. He still was in love with her but he knew he had to get over it. And he knew it would be hard to do that. While he was in a state where he was comfortable saying he wasn't torn apart by it, he still felt a bit of pain thinking about everything that happened and seeing her now only proved he was not over her. Yet he could still say he was fine.

Charlie shook his head and looked over at her friends, watching their faces before looking back at her. "Well... at least I got something out of you." he commented, his eyes rolling slightly behind his sunglasses. He did feel a lot better and a lot lighter knowing she did it for a reason, not just to ghost him, but because she was scared he was going to do the same thing her ex did to her. "I would never have done that to you, by the way. That's messed up." he commented. "I barely noticed other girls when I was with you. I couldn't imagine cheating on you...especially with your own mother." he groaned, rubbing the bridge of his nose a little bit.

Katelynn didn't know how much more of this she could take. All of this was eating her alive. Yes, he has changed. And she knew that. But she was in love with the old guy. Not the new person that he is right now. Katelynn rubbed her temples and looked back at Charlie.

[b "Yeah, I get it. I fucked up. You keep reminding me. You got your reason. Now you know. Go back with your friends."] Her words harsh and cold, because she was getting tired of explaining it. She didn't want to think about it anymore. She know how to deal with what she just told him. She didn't ever want to speak of it again. Katelynn was actually pretty mad.

[b "You know, Charlie. I get you want your reason. But do you have any idea what he did to me as a person? I didn't used to be like this. And because you wanted your reason so damn bad, I have to relive it all OVER again. Because of you."] She glared at him, as her friends were still staring and his friends were staring. It was like a whole damn show going on.

She turned around on her heels and ran off. She then looked at her friends. [b "I know what you were trying to do. You KNEW he would be here! You think what I did to him is fixable? No. Now I have to relive something I never wanted to relive through!"] She screamed at her friends, and then stormed off. She didn't want to talk to anyone right now. Not Charlie, not her mother, not her friends. No one.

Charlie crossed his arms over his chest, his head tilted down towards the shorter girl. "I'm glad you finally told me." he muttered, his voice completely monotone. He was annoyed that they even had to have this conversation but he was happy he finally got his explanation from her. "That's all I wanted, Kate." he sighed. As she tried turning it onto him, he rolled his eyes a little, leaning his head back in defeat. "This all could have been avoided if you just broke up with me in person. Then I wouldn't have spent months wondering what the fuck I did to you to deserve that. I didn't mean to make you relive that, but I needed that bit of closure from you so I can officially move on from you." he snapped back, letting his arms fall to his sides again.

Charlie watched her turn on her heels and walk quickly the other way. He groaned loudly, putting his hands to his head and moved them across his face. He was frustrated that they were in this position. He watched her walk off. "If you want to fill me in with anything else, my number is still the same, unless you forgot that too! If not, maybe I'll see you in the next 6 months!" he called after her, rolling his eyes again and turning himself around, walking in the opposite direction. He figured he'd try and piss her off at least one more time, for good measure. He stuffed his hands in his pockets, making his way back to his friends with a shake of his head. "Women think we are difficult.." he grumbled, earning a few snickers from his friends. "What a fucking mess." he sighed.
[+red "well at least you got something out of her.."] his one friend chimed in, putting a hand to the boy's shoulder. [+red "It sucks it all had to happen this way.."]

Katelynn sat on a bench as she thought about everything that just happened. Everything was a setup, but she felt really bad for yelling at her friends, because she knew that they were only trying to help. Katelynn gulped as she shook her head, and put her head in her hands. She heard someone walking up and she prayed to god it wasn't Charlie. When she saw it was her best friend, she let out a sigh of relief.

[b "I'm sorry for yelling at you like that..."] Katelynn didn't even look at her with eye contact, and she felt a hand on her back. As she listened to her talk. "I'm not mad Kat. I get it. But we didn't set you up. We had no idea he was going to be here. But don't be too mad at him. He is just hurting." Katelynn nodded her head slowly. [b "I just didn't want to relive it.. But he was right. I should've done everything differently."] 

Katelynn sighed softly, and then hugged her best friend, and then decided to walk back to her house. She didn't want to be around really anyone right now. She needed to think about everything that happened. She knew she was the bad guy, but she didn't even know that she would ever feel like this. She sat on her couch, and just sighed, wondering if she wanted to even fix this or just stay in her house forever.


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