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The Monsters’ Prisoners

By Catlover33

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GENRE: Dark Fantasy, Romance

Tidus (Has been replaced by Marth in order to make sure that no characters get annoyed) and Vaan were two teenage boys who had the ability to use powerful magic. This magic made them both highly coveted by monsters for how powerful the two were. However, _______ and _______ hatched a plan to capture the two young males. They enacted the plan and soon enough, Marth and Vaan found themselves in two golden birdcages. Confused on how they got there, they started to try and figure out where they were. When they saw ______ and ______, they finally realized that they had been kidnapped by monsters.

There are two story twists.


Vaan and Marth fall in love with their monsterous captors and eventually decide to stay with them for eternity. (Only applicable to a MxM pairing.)


The two young males are tortured a lot by their monstrous captors and are almost always shackled in their cages. They are covered in blood in almost a daily basis. (Has a chance of turning into the romantic twist)


1. If romance is to happen then there has to be a MxM pairing. I will refuse to write romance with a MxF pairing.
2. Please for the love of god keep this roleplay SFW. There will be no NSFW themes allowed in this roleplay.
3. One lining is allowed but the total characters in it should equate to 50 to give the other person some details on how to reply.
4. Please try to use proper grammar and punctuation. I’m not too strict about it but it can be hard to tell when a sentence begins or ends without the proper punctuation.
5. No godmodding. Seriously, it ruins the roleplay.
6. Stay with the plot. Don’t just go off and change the plot just because you’re bored. It’s rude.
7. You have to be okay with some dark themes. There will be blood and torture (the kind that stays SFW) involved.

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Cat22Vaan   291d ago

On a summer evening, Vaan had brought Marth into the nearby forest in order to search for some fireflies. He wanted to search for them in order to catch some so that he could show to his friends that there are fireflies deep in the forest. Of course, this decision to go into the forest was met with concern from Marth.

“Vaan, should we even be in the forest at night? You do know that there are rumors that there are monsters out here that like to capture unknowing travels and take them to god-knows-where. I don’t want that to happen to us.” Marth said. He was rather concerned about the rumors that he heard and felt the need to tell Vaan about how he thought why it wasn’t a good idea to venture into the forest at night.

“Marth, it’ll be fine! We won’t spend too long in here. We’re just going to catch some fireflies and then leave. It’s as simple as that.” Vaan said before he started to search for some fireflies. The response that he gave was almost met with another statement of why it wasn’t good to go out in the middle of night from Marth but the slightly shorter blue haired teen refrained from making a statement about it.
Jack-SimonsShroud Simmons   291d ago

There were some lights up ahead, maybe a tavern? Who knows.. But, the most noticable thing was the sense of dread that crept closer each second, another thing.... Was that all forest sounds had just.. Stopped. No crickets, no wind, now coyote howls, nothing but silence. [b [i snap!]] A twig cracked, followed by light footsteps nearby, circling Vaan and Marth
Cat22Marth   291d ago

“V, what was that noise?” Marth asked Vaan. He noticed the noise of the twig snapping and the sound of light footsteps nearby that were now encircling him and Vaan. He was rather unnerved by the sound which was why he asked Vaan if he knew what the sound was or not.

“I’m afraid that I do not know what that sound was but there are some lights in the distance. We need to try to reach those before whatever is making that noise ends up finding us.” Vaan said before he started to walk towards the light that he saw. He was followed by Marth who was still rather unnerved about the unnatural silence.
Jack-SimonsShroud Simmons   291d ago

The trees seemed to enclose around the two as the forest got thicker than before. The pathways curving as spider webs grew. Cats were sometimes spotted in the trees, always the same type too, Calico. Spiders became present too, big, small, webs of many sizes. [i "He's coming, run. They're here. They see you."] The wind had been trying to warn the two young boys, but why-?
Cat22Vaan   291d ago

Vaan grabbed Marth by the arm and quickly led him to a large rock that they could hide behind. The two of them were rather unnerved by the sight of all the calico cats and spider webs and felt like they had to hide from whatever could have caused all of the animals and webs to appear.

“This isn’t good… I told you that we shouldn’t have been out here at night! Going out just goes to show how many bad things might come out when it becomes nighttime.” Marth said. He was dragged behind the rock by Vaan who asked him to be quiet for the time being.
Jack-SimonsCrumb Cuptoast   291d ago

The footsteps paused, then a meow and a scuttering sound bellowed from the trees.

A deep purr rumbled from behind the two boys. "What brings you out here?~" It spoke, it's tail flicking across the ground quickly. It's voice was soft and deep, yet scratchy..
Cat22Vaan   291d ago

“W-we’re just looking for fireflies… We don’t want to cause any trouble…” Vaan said softly. He was slowly backing away from the rock that he and Marth were hiding behind and looked like he was about ready to run off somewhere.

“We’d better get going… V and I have spent way too long in this forest. I hope that you respect the fact that we have to leave.” Marth said. Like Vaan, he was also backing away for the time being since he didn’t want to be anywhere in or near the forest. He was also about ready to run off as well.
Jack-SimonsCrumb Cuptoast   291d ago

It's skin started to melt as webs started to form around the trees, locking them in with a white barrier. "Aww ... we only just met!" 
The massive feline's skull begun to grow antlers as it's face disintegrated, it's body following, boney wings clacking together as it took a step forward. "I got me some new toys..~"
Cat22Marth   291d ago

“V! Stay behind me!” Marth said before he grabbed a twig and created a fireball on the end of it by using magic. “I’ll warn you one time to leave us alone! Failure to heed that warning will end with you receiving a fireball to the face!” He growled softly. He was determined to protect himself and Vaan whenever necessary.

Vaan hid behind Marth before creating a fireball of his own. He kept this fireball in the palm of his hand until he needed to use it and stared directly at the entity that had trapped him and Marth in a white barrier.
Jack-SimonsCrumb Cuptoast   291d ago

A spider bit Vaan's neck, leaving a mark. "Foolish boy." It begun to cough, green goo splattered on the ground, causing it to sizzle. "Do you want death?~" It replied, the tail length wrapping around Marth's stick, the wood crackling before snapping in two.
Cat22Vaan   291d ago

“Damn it! Something bit me…” Vaan growled softly before he ended up backing away from Marth. He ended up hissing softly in pain from being bitten which was quickly noticed by Marth.

“I want for you to let us go. Vaan got bitten by something and I need to take him back to a civilized area so that he can get it looked at.” Marth said softly before he tossed away the broken stick and tried to find another one. He was currently afraid of Crumb but he didn’t let that fear show as he started to search for what he needed to find in order to defend himself.

“Marth… I get that you’re worried about me but I’ll probably be fine. I don’t know what bit me but if it was anything poisonous, I might be screwed unless we get out of this situation somehow.” Vaan said softly. He was covering the bite mark on his neck as if trying to obscure it from view.
Jack-SimonsCrumb Cuptoast   291d ago

Quickly the creature grabbed marth's head, lifting him off the ground. Followed by his tail wrapping around Vaan's legs, dragging him along as the creature turned and cut the webs with ease, the trees clearing a path.
Cat22Vaan   291d ago

“Put him down right now! I will not let you take him or me!” Vaan growled softly before he prepared to use another fire element spell to smack Crumb with. Of course, he was also being mindful when he was casting it since he also didn’t want to hit Marth who was currently panicking due to what was going on.
Jack-SimonsCrumb Cuptoast   291d ago

His tail lashed, smacking Vaan's head against a tree. "Watch you tongue." He hissed, poking at Marth with his free hand.
Cat22Vaan   291d ago

Vaan only returned the hiss with a soft growl of his own. He created another fireball and held it in front of him which marked another attempt at trying to get away. He would not allow himself to be dragged off to god-knows-where without a fight.
Jack-SimonsCrumb Cuptoast   291d ago

He swung his tail again, Vaan's abdomen getting hit against a sharp Rock, causing a massive, but not deep, slash on his stomach. "Just give up, both of you."
Cat22Vaan   290d ago

“Not until you let us go! We will never give up unless you release us!” Vaan growled softly. He now had a bloody slash on his abdomen which was the result of being slammed against a sharp rock. Of course, the sight of this only caused Marth to panic further.
Jack-SimonsCrumb Cuptoast   290d ago

Crumb sighed as the tavern came into sight, it's lights dimming quickly as it revealed to be an old barn, simply a hallucination one must assume. Walking inside cats of all types and greeted the monster informal nons and happy mews.. just from glancing, they're at least had to be more than 50 cats.. Walking to a corner the beast stood in front of two cages, tossing Vaan in one and Marth in the other. Locking both of them in, his cat appearance returned. "Just gotta wait for Shroud and you'll be having fun!~"
Cat22Vaan   290d ago

Vaan had curled up in the cage he was in as some of the blood from the slash across his stomach slowly seeped out onto the bottom of the cage. “You had better let us go this instant… I will not stand for this…” He growled softly. He had decided to hiss after he spoke since he was still rather scared which led to him being more hostile than usual.

Marth just simply walked over to the edge of the cage that he had been thrown in and just sat there before also curling up. He wanted to be let out of the cage and didn’t move whatsoever.
Jack-SimonsCrumb Cuptoast   290d ago

"You truly think, there's room for discussion.. Adorable, I must admit." Crumb sighed, opening Vaan's cage, dragging him out by an arm. "Come here." He huffed.
Cat22Vaan   290d ago

Vaan attempted to smack Crumb with a fireball in order to get away from him. He didn’t wish to be anywhere near him nor did he want to be locked up in a cage. The slash across his stomach was also still bleeding slightly.
Jack-SimonsCrumb Cuptoast   290d ago

Vaan did manage to hit Crumb, but the feline only chuckled in response. "Stop squirming. I'm not going to kill you." They reached a table with many jars of herbs and surgical tools. "Stand still while I do this."
Cat22Vaan   290d ago

“What are you planning on doing?” Vaan asked Crumb. He still had a slight tone of fear in his voice which had contributed to how hostile he was before. He slowly started to back away from Crumb and ended up hissing again to show that he would rather not be approached.
Mr-SmilesefPinelegs   287d ago
🎶Life could be a dream, (Sh-Boom Sh-Boom) If I could take you up in paradise up up above, (Sh-Boom Sh-Boom) Ooh life could be a dream sweetheart 🎶

Calico cats and spiders of all sorts started to hiss and surround Vaan. "I said stand still! I don't control these creatures, so if they feel threatened, they'll attack. I don't want a corpse in my house." Crumb growled, his tail turned into a line of puffy fur that twitched in annoyance.
Cat22Vaan   287d ago

Vaan only ended up hissing in response to what was said to him although he didn’t move. He was still rather fearful which was still contributing to the reason why he was hissing although he no longer attempted to back away from where he was.
-w--Crumb Cuptoast   287d ago
🎶Life could be a dream, (Sh-Boom Sh-Boom) If I could take you up in paradise up up above, (Sh-Boom Sh-Boom) Ooh life could be a dream sweetheart 🎶

Each cat glared at Vaan.. Spiders skittering around.

But, they all parted way for Crumb, who was holding a gauze dipped in a disgustingly green liquid. "It'll hurt for a moment-"

The green liquid seeped into Vaan's wound as Crumb rubbed the gauze lightly into the gash, it burned like hell, but that turned into a relaxing feeling. "It should be fine now..."
Cat22Vaan   287d ago

Vaan quickly backed away once the gash on his stomach had been treated. He currently didn’t want to be around anyone else at the moment hence the reason why he decided to hiss in order to keep anyone away from him.
-w--Crumb Cuptoast   287d ago
🎶Life could be a dream, (Sh-Boom Sh-Boom) If I could take you up in paradise up up above, (Sh-Boom Sh-Boom) Ooh life could be a dream sweetheart 🎶

Crumb took his hand and set his back in the cage. "Don't mess with the wound ...I don't want it opening up again." Crumb sighed, locking the cage. "I don't know why you came out here. I never thought anyone was stupid enough.."
Cat22Marth   287d ago

“Vaan was the one who dragged us out here… He was trying to search for fireflies to prove to our friends that fireflies actually dwell within this forest at night. I tried to prevent him from going but he ultimately dragged me along with him.”
Marth said. He was currently on the side of the cage that he was trapped in and wouldn’t move while he explained just why he and Vaan were in the forest at night. He had also taken note of Vaan’s growling and had been slightly intimidated by it although he didn’t let that intimidated towards it show.
-w--Shroud Simmons   286d ago
🎶Life could be a dream, (Sh-Boom Sh-Boom) If I could take you up in paradise up up above, (Sh-Boom Sh-Boom) Ooh life could be a dream sweetheart 🎶

The barn door swung open as a figure entered, crumb sighed. "Hey shroud-.... Be careful with these ones, please?"

The arachnid snickered, "Why should I? They're stupid enough to enter the forest."
Cat22Marth   286d ago

“For the record, it was Vaan’s idea to enter the forest at night. I was only dragged here by him because he wanted to go hunting for fireflies with someone. It’s not my fault for ending up in this mess.” Marth said softly. He looked over at Vaan as he spoke and ended up giving him a look that said “Now look at the mess that you’ve gotten us into”.

“MarMar, why are you giving me that look again?” Vaan asked Marth. He was rather confused about why he was getting a look that said a certain phrase to him which had turned into a look of disbelief once the blue haired teen found out that he didn’t know what was being spoken about through nonverbal cues.


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