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By BooBear96

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Cameron Elizabeth was a seventeen year old living it up in Miami. She had everything she could ever want. She didn't want for anything, except for a Mother's love. Her Mother had gotten pregnant, but had never really gotten out of her partying stage. She let Cameron do as she pleased, which was fine and dandy, she could totally handle herself. Until she ended up pregnant. The boyfriend at the time wanted nothing to do with her or the baby, and Her Mother was less than pleased when she found out. She sent her to live with her Uncle Charlie in Forks. She wasn't sure what all her Mother had told him, but something told her that she left out the part about her being four months pregnant.

She stepped off the plane in Port Angeles and sighed as the cold wind hit her face. While she was excited for this fresh start, she knew it would take awhile for her to adjust to everything. She definitely wasn't in Miami anymore. [b "Uncle Charlie!"] she squealed as she finally saw a familiar face. She grabbed her bags from the Baggage Claim and ran over, holding onto her baby bump. She seen Charlie's face wonder as she sighed. [b "Mom didn't tell you I was pregnant did she? I'm really sorry.. I.. I can find somewhere else to stay.. I'm only four months so I can still work and save up."] she said softly. She couldn't believe her Mother had handed her off to Charlie without telling him the full story.

"No no no sweetheart its fine, it'll be nice having you around the house and a baby, I'm sure you'll love Forks." he assured her. His only child, Bella, had gotten married two years ago at the age of eighteen and had moved away from Forks, visiting Charlie often though.

"Been too lonely in that house, thats why when your mother asked me to keep an eye on you, I agreed but no she didn't tell me you were having a baby... mind if I ask you some questions? I mean is there a raging boyfriend who is going to come to Forks and try to steal you away? I need to know what to be prepared for as a police officer." he muttered wanting to make her laugh as he picked up her bags.

"I thought we could get takeout on the way back and relax tonight, you'll be in Bella's old room, its purple... I hope thats alright?"

[b "Are you sure? I really don't want to impose on you and Sue.. I guess a grandchild cramped Mom's partying more than I did."] she said softly. [b "I really appreciate you letting me move in with you and Sue.."] she said as she wrapped her arms around him for a semi-awkward hug.

[b "I promise. It'll be like you won't even know I'm here.. The rest of my things are getting delivered in a few weeks. My SUV should be here soon too."] she explained. [b "My one demand was that I get to bring my car. Dad set up a checking account so I won't have to ask you for money or anything..."] she said. Her parents took car of her in a money sense, just not in the loving and guiding way.

[b "I promise you don't have to worry about Zach showing up. He made it perfectly clear that he wanted nothing to do with the baby or me.."] she said softly. [b "I'm not even sure I'm cut out to be a mom but I really don't have a choice, do I?"] she said. [b "Purple is fine. Charlie, really. You're giving us a home. That's more than I could ever ask for. How is sue?"]

"Sue is good, she does have Seth and Leah, they do stop by sometimes so you'll meet them again if you didn't at Bella's wedding, she was going down to La Push today to pick up a few things for you and your room, shes going to be thrilled there will be a baby in the house." He said with a smile, "And Zach doesn't know what hes missing, you'll be a great mom, I was your age when Bella was born, its hard but its worth it."

He sighed as he loaded her luggage, "Don't worry about needing anything, if you need it and I can get it, you'll have it, speaking of your car, Jacob Black is coming by on Saturday to tune up the cruiser so I can have him take a look at your car too, hes Billy's boy, just a little older than you. Own's his own business in La Push."

Cameron nodded when Charlie told her about Seth and Leah. [b "I think I met Seth, but I don't remember Leah. It'll be nice to have a girl coming around though."] she said.

They stopped and got burgers before heading back to Forks, the time change along with the bumpy plane ride had messed her up. She was so tired and sick. She was asleep before they'd even gotten out of the city limits. Charlie woke her up after he'd already carried her luggage into Bella's old room. Sue had turned down the bed for her so she could go right back to sleep. This was what a real family felt like, she guessed. [b "I can't thank you both enough for taking us in.."] she said softly as she hugged Sue and Charlie both before heading upstairs to go back to sleep.

The next day Charlie had to work, but since her furniture got there a lot sooner than expected, Sue spent the day with her helping her move everything around and unpack all of her things. [b "We'll have to do this again in a few months when I start getting everything ready for the baby.. I figured I would go shopping in the next few weeks. I don't want to be pressed for time or anything."] she said softly. [b "I haven't told anyone this... But I found out the gender right before I left. I wanted a gender reveal, but it just wasn't in the cards for this pregnancy, Sue.. I'm having a baby girl. I'm going to have a mini-me... And I don't know how to be a mom. Hell, I didn't even have a Mom myself."]

She couldn’t help but hug her, “A girl is just what this family needs. You will be a great mother Cameron, I know your stressed and worried but the tribe is having a bonfire on the beach on Saturday night, you should go and relax.”

Saturday rolled around and Jacob rode up to Charlie’s house on his motorcycle. He had been told he had company
And that his neice was staying with him but Jacob didn’t know her.

Without letting Charlie know he was there he popped the hood of the cruiser and got to work. He noticed the other suv in the drive and remembered that Charlie had asked him to check that too and change the oil. He would ask for the keys when he was done with the cruiser.

Seth was on patrols today with Leah so he knew they weren’t there and he didn’t want to disturb anyone. He had a business but this was Charlie so he wouldn’t dream of charging him.

Cameron looked at Sue and smiled softly. She had a feeling that both she and her baby were going to be just fine here, everything was just a tad overwhelming. She hadn't seen Charlie in four years and now she was living with him and his Fiancé and adding a newborn baby to the mix here soon. [b "I really can't thank you enough for all this."] She was hesitant when she mentioned the bonfire. [b "But I really don't know anyone.. It would be kind of awkward."]

Saturday rolled around; Sue and Charlie had gone out of the day, so she was planning on going out and exploring some of the little shops Sue had told her about. After arriving in Forks, the girl had quickly realized that she needed an actual winter wardrobe. She looked outside as she heard some noise and realized that someone was here to look at Charlie's cruiser; she had completely forgotten about it.

[b "You must be Jacob.. Your dad is Billy? I'm Cameron Elizabeth. Charlie told me that you would be coming by... but I swear with my pregnancy brain, I forget everything. I was going to go shopping.. But do I need to wait around a bit? Charlie said you would look at my Jeep... If you have the --- Are you ok?"] Cameron asked as she realized that she had just rambled and the man seemed to be stunned.

[ outfit]

Jacob didn’t look up when he heard someone come out of the house. He assumed it was Charlie as he was working on the Cruiser but he had forgotten about Sue’s car. “Oh I...” Jacob muttered as the girl started to talk, his eyes locked on her.

He couldn’t speak, he couldn’t move, it was like everything shifted. He had imprinted, he had thought it would never happen and here she was in front of him. Pregnant, and babbling but still his imprint.

“’s no trouble...yeah I’m Jake...Billy
Is my dad...let
Me finish Charlie’s cruiser and I can tune up your jeep? Maybe go with you if your alright with that. I know your new here and if you want to shop you’ll want to go to Port Angeles. I can show you the way.” He said with a smile. God he wanted to tell her but he also didn’t want to scare her and he knew he would be good at that if he just blurted it out that he was a wolf and she was his soul mate.

Cameron looked at Jacob as he started back at her. She couldn't help but giggle. Most people were pretty taken aback by the sight of a pregnant teenager, so she was pretty used to these kind of encounters. [b "I'm guessing Charlie didn't tell anyone about my surprise, did he?"] she asked as she cradled her baby bump. [b "He was pretty shocked too."]

She nodded when he said he would finished the Cruiser and then take a look at her jeep. [b "Oh.. I.. Well. i was just going to go to some of the stores on Main Street... I don't exactly know how to get to Port Angeles, but I need to go shopping for winter clothes... Are you sure you want to tag along? Guys don't really usually want too... But it would be nice to have someone to hangout with. Charlie and Sue seem very fond of you."] she said. [b "How about I go inside and make lunch? We can go after you're finished."]

It was kind of strange that a stranger asked to tag along with her, but Sue had told her that the people around here were very friendly for the most part, and she needed to make friends, what could it hurt?

“I can show you the way there...and it’s no trouble...thank you...lunch sounds amazing...and no Charlie didn’t tell me but yeah Sue is actually my aunt, she was my mother’s twin sister.” He said softly. He never got to talk about his mom, she had died when he was four and now at 19 he still missed her everyday of his life.

Soon he was done with the cruiser and working on her jeep. “When is the last time you had a decent oil change? This thing is caked, see now you have me and I’m not gonna let you drive anything that’s not up to standards. See my bike, I built that, I have a truck too and I have a business in La Push but Charlie is family and always has been so I come over once a month and tune up the cruiser and he got me a job for the force and they pay me to tune up the other squad cars.”

[b "Oh I didn't know Sue had a sister!"] she said. [b "Charlie just warned me about Seth and Leah.. I think I briefly met them at Bella's wedding, but I don't remember honestly."] she explained.

After she disappeared inside for a little bit, she had made sandwiches for lunch. It seemed like Jacob was really nice, and knowing that he was Sue's nephew helped soothe her mind about going shopping with a basic stranger.

She walked back outside after lunch was set up on the table to check on him. [b "Um. Well. My boyfriend usually took care of it... But it's been awhile honestly."] she said. [b "I really appreciate you looking at it, and taking care of it. I kind of have more than myself to worry about now... Lunch is on the table."] she said with a soft smile. [b "So do you live in Forks?"] she asked.

"Yeah they were twins." Jacob said smiling to her, "Oh you have a boyfriend?" he asked hoping that she would say no even though she was pregnant, he didn't care... his wolf didn't care... he wanted her, he would be whatever she needed him to be.

"Thank you."He muttered as he finished up with her Jeep, "For lunch, I appreciate it, and uh no I live on the reservation about 2 miles that way... I'm the chief." he muttered knowing she would have no idea that he actually was the cheif. He had gotten the last year to get used to it and now he knew what to do in council meetings and what decisions had to be made. It didn't help that the tribe was pressuring him to marry. As soon as the elders found out he imprinted, they wouldn't let up. He couldn't drag her into that... they just met and he didn't want to lose her so quickly.

Cameron laughed slightly when he questioned her about the possiblity of a boyfriend. [b "No. Well, I did."] she said. [b "Kind of how I got into this situation."] She pointed to her baby bump. [b "No. Zach is out of the picture for good."]

She ushered him inside to eat before the sandwiches got soggy. [b "Lunch was the least I could do after you look at both cars and with you offering to go to Port Angeles with me.. I need to go shopping but I didn't want to bother Charlie and Sue, so I really appreciate you offering... But are you sure you have the time? What exactly does a Chief have to do?"]

[b "Charlie told me there was a reservation, but I didn't realize that meant they had a Chief or anything... Of course I'm from Miami, so I really didn't have a clue about anything."] she explained.

"Quileute Reservation, I am fourth generation chief and full blooded Quileute, Jacob Ephriam Black .... its more of a title than anything and there is a council meeting once a month, I have time." He said as he ate. "By the way I think it'll be fun its rare I get out of here or La Push so Port Angeles will be different, plus your ex boyfriend, Zach, is an idiot, your gorgeous and any guy would be lucky to even get to hang out with you... myself included." He said not realizing he was flirting.

Was that the imprint working? Jacob never really was a flirt but now he just.. he wanted to be with her. His mind flashed to her having that baby and giving it his last name... did he want that? Now he did, with her he wanted everything. Jacob Black was in love and he couldn't do anything about it.

[b "That's pretty interesting though."] Cameron said as she listened to Jacob explain about the reservation. [b "Well. Maybe if you have some free time tomorrow... I've never been on a reservation, but Charlie said it had some killer views... If I'm allowed to visit?"] she questioned. She was rambling again. For whatever reason, Jacob made her nervous. [b "Well.. Thank you for that.. Zach made it very clear that he didn't want to be a Father, and another child cramped my Mother's partying phase... So...Charlie took me in."] she explained.

She looked up as the front door swung open and Charlie and Sue walked in. Sue smiled as her eyes rested on her Nephew. [b "Jacob. I didn't realize you would still be here."] she said. Charlie nodded as his eyes went back and fourth from his Niece to Jacob. [b "Everything ok with the cars?"]

Jacob nodded and gave Sue a small nod, signaling to her that she would know he imprinted. "Yeah everything is good, I checked out her Jeep as well and she wanted to go shopping in Port Angeles and I didn't think it was safe for her to go alone so I'm going with her, we will be back, maybe we can pickup pizza for dinner?" he suggested knowing his dad would be over here watching the Mariner's game.

Charlie nodded, "Was about to go pickup Billy so that will be alright." Jake nodded and turned to Cameron, "Billy is my dad and Charlie's best friend, the two old man can talk for hours." He muttered smiling to her. Charlie shrugged, "He puts up with me after being friends for 25 years."

Jacob smiled, "Thanks for going to pick him up, let him know I'll be back here and can take my bike home before we head to Port Angeles and I can take him back in the truck later tonight."

Cameron blushed slightly as she sensed Charlie giving her a look. [b "I was going shopping when I went outside and Jacob was working on the cruiser... He offered to go with me since I really don't know how to get around here just yet."] she explained. Her mouth watered when Jacob mentioned pizza. [b "We will for sure be bringing home pizza for the game. Lots of Pizza."] she said as she grinned after realizing she had just had her first pregnancy craving. [b "Munchkin wants pizza."]

After Charlie and Jacob talked for a bit, they were heading out. [b "Um.. You can drive.. I really don't know where we are going, so... If you don't mind?"] she asked as she handed Jacob her key. Gosh, why was she being so weird. She was a pregnant teenager, he was probably way older than her, he wouldn't be interested.. She shouldn't even be thinking like that, she needed to focus on being a mom. [b "Bye Charlie!"] she said. [b "You can always take Billy back in my car if you wanted to hangout more.. I really don't mind. You did a lot for us today."]

He took her keys and nodded, “I appreciate it Cami.” He said giving her a nickname already. She was beautiful and even pregnant somehow made her more adorable. “Is everything alright?” He asked as he opened the passenger’s side door of the jeep for her. “By the way if that munchkin wants pizza that munchkin gets pizza, I’ll make sure of it.”

God he wanted to tell her what he was and that he loved her and would always love her and coudlnt lie to her but how in the hell could you tell that to someone you just met? Tomorrow...he would have Sam and Emily there to help him, soften the blow, make sure she knew everything and hope that she liked him too. But tonight he was going to shop with her and then come back and watch the game.

His dad would know the moment he saw him that he imprinted, Sue had known.

Cameron grinned slightly as she realized that Jacob had just given her a nickname. [b "Cami.. I like it."] she said as she climbed into the passenger side of the Jeep. [b "Oh I'm fine. I just get so tired easily.. Please don't be offended if I fall asleep on the way back. Pregnancy and the time difference is kicking my butt."] she explained. [b "I got a text from Bella earlier. I think everyone is going to come visit. I haven't met Renesmee and Bella seemed excited about adding another baby to the family. Charlie mentioned that you guys were close.."]

The drive to Port Angeles was pretty easy from what she observed, she made sure to pay close attention as Jacob drove, as she didn't want to be dependent on everyone, every time she wanted to go somewhere. [b "So.. your girlfriend or wife won't get upset that you're going shopping with the pregnant teen?"] she questioned. [b "I just don't want to cause any drama for you."]

Jacob chuckled, “I’m not
Married, and no old do you think I am?” He asked seriously, “I turned 19 last month.” He eyed her bump, “that kid is lucky your it’s momma, you love it already and I’m
Sure everyone here will too, Sue is probably already knitting things and Charlie will
Love a baby around. Bella and Edward’s adopted daughter isn’t exactly small, she’s 12
I think?” He said knowing renesmee grew faster than she actually was. She was just one and already that big and smart.

“Your boyfriend is out of the picture, and your going shopping with a single Indian, anyone gonna be jealous of you?” He asked hoping she was single for
Sure. God be coudlnt help but notice the little things like the colors in her eyes and how she smiled, she was his everything already. He couldn’t stop

Cameron nodded as she blushed when Jacob told her that he wasn't married and he didn't have a girlfriend. [b "I was going to go with mid-twenties honestly."] she said with a grin. [b "I figured you were only being nice to me because I'm Charlie Niece."] She cradled her bump in her arms and nodded as Jacob said it was lucky to have her. [b "It's a baby girl."] she said. [b "Sue is just about the only one that knows... I found out before I left Miami."]

She nodded when he said Renesmee was older. [b "Yeah. Charlie said she had some really good genes or something and had a big growth spurt practically overnight or something. I met up with them in New York one winter, but that was years ago."] she said.

She couldn't help but laugh as he asked if being with him would make anyone jealous. [b "I'm the teenager that got knocked up by her deadbeat boyfriend. No one is going to be jealous for awhile."] she said. [b "I literally left my entire life in Miami."]

She had quite literally shopped until she dropped. They had found a bunch of little boutiques and she couldn't stop herself. Baby Swan basically had an entire new closet, and she wasn't even born yet. [b "I cannot thank you enough for coming with me tonight."] she said as they walked back to her Jeep.
polkadotrocker     1y ago

"Shes gonna be beautiful like her momma.. lucky girl." He said blushing. The rest of the day he shopped with her basically carrying her bags and things as long as she needed. At the end of the day he smiled, "it was no trouble, I had fun... and no arguing, pizza is on me." He said knowing they were going to stop and pick it up. He had pre ordered it on his phone.

Once they had the pizza he turned on the radio in her car as he drove back and started to sing along... badly but he was trying to have fun with her and make her smile. "I hope you had fun today too." He muttered driving down the long curvy highway back to Forks, his dad would know he imprinted by now... the whole tribe would.. he just didn't know how Cameron would take it or how he would tell her so for now... he would hide it.

Cameron grinned as Jacob mentioned how lucky and beautiful her baby girl would be. [b “She isn’t even here yet... and I don’t think I could possibly love her any more than I do right now.”] she said. [b “Thank you for going with me today.. I had a lot of fun.”]

It was nice, getting out of the house, making a friend. Before she had moved to Forks, her friends from Miami basically dropped her after she told them she was pregnant, so she spent a lot of time alone. But this, getting out, it was great. Just what she needed.

Soon they were back in her car and Jacob had ordered the pizza. [b “Okay. But you’re gonna have to let me make you lunch one day to replay you. I could’ve gotten the pizza.”] she said softly. [b “So Sue mentioned there was bonfire next Friday.. She told me I should go, but I don’t know. I think her and Charlie are gonna make me go though.. Will you be there?”] she asked. [b “I don’t really know why.. But Sue is very adamant that I go and meet everyone.”]

She and Jacob spent a lot of that night talking, even after they had gotten back to Charlie’s house, while everyone else was watching they game, they just talked. It was so easy to open up to him, she had basically given him her life story, the good, the bad and the damn ugly.

Days past, she and Jacob had texted, but he seemed to be busy in the shop and being chief, and morning sickness had been kicking her butt, so they hadn’t gotten a chance to hangout again, but it was Friday and she was feeling a lot better, so she decided to go to the bonfire with Sue and Charlie.

Jake had texted her but he had gotten busy at the shop and with patrols but she didn't know about that yet. He knew she was going to be at the bonfire so when he saw her he went to her and picked her up, spinning her around, "Where you been loca? You know you can come down to the shop... anytime you want." He was starting to blush now, even on his russet colored skin it was obvious, the pack was staring, hearing his thoughts, this was the girl... even without him thinking it, they were aware. The wolves could sense it, she was a mate and no matter what, even if the baby wasn't Jacob's, she was his mate and they would protect her and that baby to the ends of the Earth. Their most absolute rule was that imprints could not be harmed.

"Come take a walk with me?" He asked shyly. His wolf was itching for her to accept the imprint but he couldn't let her know, couldn't scare her... She would meet the other imprints... maybe they could help.

Cameron grinned as she seen Jacob running up to after seconds after she had climbed out of Charlie's truck. [b "Well, You've been busy and morning sickness has been kicking my butt. I've been super lazy the past few days."] she told as her feet landed back on the ground after Jake put her down. [b "I'm feeling a lot better, so I'll come and hangout next week, promise."] she told him.

She blushed slightly as Jacob asked her to take a walk with him. She looked back at Sue and Charlie, and then nodded. [b "As long as you're not planning to take me out to the woods and murder me."] she told him, jokingly of course.

[b "I know you and Sue both told me I was more than welcome here... I just feel like such an outsider, I'm the party girl from Miami, Jake.. Everyone here.. I don't know. I'm just afraid I won't fit in with your friends... Not to mention, I'm a knocked up teenager."]

"Come hang out next week, I am just rebuilding a bike to sell and working on whatever jobs come in, it looks like a slow week." He admitted smiling as they walked. He listened to her and sighed, "For one, your so much more than that, and for two... what would you say about going on a date with me?" he asked quickly, hoping she would hear it and just agree. God he loved her so much already and he just... he wanted her safe and happy.

"Before you say no... I just want you to know I really like you and I really want to get to know you more....ask my friends, I told them about you." He said admitting he had had a crush on her in her eyes but in his he knew she was his soul mate and that would never change.

Billy knew now and watched the two and Sue spoke as Charlie got beers for them. "Wait until she has that baby and they will be married," Billy nodded, "She fits him perfectly."

Cameron looked at Jacob and nodded as they walked. [b "I'll come hangout next week for sure."] she said softly. [b "I'll bring you lunch."]

She held her bump as they walked down the beach. She knew that she and Jacob had some weird connection the first night they met, she was attracted to him.. But she was a pregnant teenager. [b "Jacob.. I..."] she sighed softly. [b "I'm a pregnant teenager, I'm coming here with a lot of baggage.."] She wanted to go out on a date more than anything, as it would make her life feel a little bit more normal, but she couldn't ask Jacob to get involved in everything that she was in. [b "I don't think you want to get involved with me."] she said softly. [b "I'm almost five months pregnant now..."]

Charlie walked up with beers in his hand with a soft chuckle. [b "Let's not start marrying my niece off within two weeks of her moving to Forks, okay? She's got a lot to figure out."] He knew everything about the wolves, and he had sensed that Jacob had felt some type of way about her.. He just wanted to make sure what happened was what Cameron wanted.

"I know your pregnant Cammie... if it bothered me I wouldn't have asked you out... just... promise me you'll think about it?" He asked her with a smile. "You forget I am a teenager too.. I just turned 19 a month ago but I really like you, more than I've ever liked anyone or anything and I...I just.. I had to tell you." He said stuttering.

Billy looked to Charlie, "We will be family after all Charlie, mark my words, shes going to marry my son." Rachel, Jacob's sister and Paul's wife stood pregnant as well with the other imprints.

When they walked back Jake introduced her to the girls of the group, Emily, Rachel, Angela, and Leah. Leah was technically related to her by Marriage and she was Jacob's cousin by blood, Seth was as well. Rachel was pregnant and Emily had a scar that was over half of her face.

Cameron looked at Jacob and smiled softly. [b "I know you're a teenager too, but you've got your shit a lot more together than I do. I'm only seventeen Jacob, I'm going to be a mom... You're the Chief of a Reservation, you've got your own business.. I..."] she said softly and nodded. [b "A date sounds great, I just... I didn't want you to get involved with me anymore than you already have... without thinking it through."] she said softly.

Cameron smiled softly as Jacob introduced her to the girls of his friend group. [b "I'm Cameron, it's really nice to meet you all."] she said softly. Emily and Angela seemed very nice, Leah seemed to be a little snarky and she didn't know what to think about Jacob's sister, Rachel yet.

As the night went on, it got a little chilly. The guys were working on building the bonfire, while all the elders as Jacob called them, sat on the side and spoke.

She walked over to Jacob and smiled softly as she leaned into him. [b "It's chilly."] she said softly.

Jacob nodded, “How does Friday Night sound?” He knew what he was getting into and he didn’t care that she thought he had his shit more together than she did. She had no idea half of what he delt with.

At the bonfire he sat down and when she sat down beside him he smiled. “I can fix the cold.” He got a blanket that Sue had brought and sat on the log and draped it around both of them. He was naturally warm but it was also a way for him to keep her warm at the same time, the blanket was thin and really wouldn’t do anything, his body heat would be what would keep her warm.

Soon everyone was sitting the Billy, Jacob’s dad, started the tribal stories. “Your the first outsider since Angela and Embry got together so it’s your first time hearing these right?” Jacob asked her with a smile, he wanted her comfortable with everyone.
BooBear96     1y ago

That night had been a lot of fun. It was rally nice being able to get out of the house after being sick all week. She had made friends with Emily and Angela, so that excited her, and of course she had made plans for a date with Jacob.

Charlie had been nagging her and Sue about getting enrolled in Forks High School, so they finally did that, even though she would've been happy home schooling. Charlie told her she still needed to get out of the house and live the teenage life, even though she definitely wasn't a normal teenager anymore.

[b "I know he want's me to have a normal life, but I really don't see the point of me going to school for four more months, doing homeschool for who knows how long, and then going back? Will I even be able to go back to in person class after having the baby?"] she asked Sue after they left Forks High. [b "I'm going over to the Reservation tonight. I wanna see everyone as much as I can before I'm in school for eight hours a day again."] she told her.

While she told Sue she wanted to see everyone, the real person she cared about seeing was Jacob. She hadn't seen him since the bonfire.
polkadotrocker     1y ago

"Why don't you do what Jacob did two years ago, take the graduation test and be done with it and then you are graduated and can focus on your baby." Sue suggested making sure she ate. "Jacob has been looking forward to seeing you." She said knowing that Billy had told her and Charlie that Jacob was hard to be around as he didn't shut up about her.

Sue knew it was the imprint at work but Charlie just thought his best friend's son had a thing for his neice... he had no idea in reality. Sue smiled to her, 'Have you thought of a name for the baby girl?" She was hoping the girl would come to her senses and Jacob could claim to be father of the child and then the child would be accepted into the tribe and not be fatherless all of her life. She would have Jacob to grow up with. A daughter needed her daddy.
BooBear96     1y ago

[b "The GED? I don't know. The one thing I promised myself when I found out I was pregnant was that I was going to completely graduate. I don't want to set the example of it's okay to not finish high school.. It's kind of just something I need to do."] she explained.

[b "I haven't really found anything that I'm in love with. I have ideas and all that, but I don't know yet."] she explained.

After they got back too Charlie's, Cameron headed back up to her room as she was getting tired super easily lately. She had to nap during the day just to make it. And she didn't want to be sleepy when she went to the reservation tonight.

Her hour nap ended up to be two and a half hours, so she scurried about the house getting ready before heading to Jacob's Shop. [b "I'll be back later! Don't wait up."]
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Charlie was just getting home and put some money on the counter. "Theres money on the counter in case you need it and I am ordering pizza tonight so there will be pizza when you get back, have fun and if it starts raining let Jacob drive you home." He knew she was going to hang out with Jacob.

At the reservation, in Jacob's shop, Black's Repair, Jacob was finishing up installing some new breaks in a van that someone in town had brought in. His shop made decent money, enough where he could help his dad and didn't have to worry, he could take on more if he wanted, it was turning people away when he had more than four projects at a time.

He smiled seeing Cameron's Jeep pull up, "Hey Cammie." He said smiling, "Missed you." He wanted to tell her more and kiss her but he had to hold back, she didn't want him and she didn't know what he was yet.

[b "I don't need your money, Charlie. Dad just put money in my account and I'm going to start looking for a part time job soon. I don't want to depend on anyone. You and Sue gave me a home... that's enough."] she told him.

She grinned as she pulled up to Jacob's shop, he must've heard her pull in because it was only seconds after she had gotten out of the car and he was standing in front of her. [b "I missed you!"] she said. [b "I'm sorry I haven't been able to come around... I've just been so sick this week. But I'm feeling a lot better so I shouldn't go MIA again."]

She followed Jacob back inside so he could finish working. [b "I was thinking Friday night we could go to the football game, I heard Forks is playing La Push and then we could go out to eat or something. Just get out of the house really."]
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He nodded and looked to her, "Yes but if you wanted to go on a date you should have just said so." he said joking but smiled. "I did miss you here Cammie." He muttered and picked up a wrench for the car he was working on, "Where were you anyway?" He asked seriously.

What was wrong with him? His imprint, his soul mate, his other half was sitting right in front of him but he was too chicken to act on it and scare her away. He knew she was feeling the pull of the imprint too... why else would a girl like her be sitting in a garage, she wasn't the garage type, too gorgeous for that.

She was way too damn pretty for him but he was hoping and praying to whatever God there was, even for shifters, that she liked him back and they could be together. He knew what he wanted but how to make it work was eluding him.

Cameron laughed as she shook her head. [b "It's not a date, Jacob. You're friends are playing for La Push, and my friend is on the cheerleading team at Forks. I told her I would be there anyway, so I'm inviting you to tag along... And to drive us there."] she explained. [b "I just thought it would be a fun time and it would get me out of the house. I'm tired of hiding."]

[b "I've literally been in my bed or the bathroom all week.. The morning sickness has been kicking my ass. Poor Charlie tried taking me to the hospital five times. He was worried sick. Sue and I kept telling him that this was just apart of being pregnant."] she explained as she sat down on a stool that he kept in the garage. [b "But anyway. Will you go with me to the football game? I really wanna go but I don't wanna go alone."]
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Jacob nodded, "Yes I'll go with you.... can introduce you to some of my friends too and I do know a few people in Forks even if I don't go there often." His pack knew she was his imprint and would protect her. The whole pack wouldn't be there but a few would, Embry and Seth were still in school and playing on the team and Quil always went to cheer them on. Quil was less than coordinated when it came to sports and the pack always gave him shit for it. If it wasn't for the wolf thing Jacob probably would have played professionally.

He looked to her small bump, "You know if people ask questions, what are you going to tell them? I mean this is a small town and people talk and I care about you Cammie... I don't want them talking about you, your too good for that." He said worried. He cared... hell he more than cared.

[b "Yay!"] she said as she grabbed her phone and texted her friend that he agreed to come. [b "Quinn is really excited to meet you."]

She sighed softly as she looked down to her baby bump when Jacob questioned it. [b "I am going to tell people to mind their own damn business."] she told him [b "It concerns no one except people in my circle. Therefore, I do not give a damn about what other people think."]

Friday came pretty quickly after she was able to go back to school since she was feeling a lot better. Everyone was pumped for the football game. Even the teachers, which was surprising to her, but then again, it was a small town.

Jacob was picking her up and Quinn was going to meet them there. Apparently the entire town was coming so it was going to be interesting. She was wearing skinny jeans with a forks football hoodie and her converse. The hoodie helped hide her bump but it was still noticable.
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Jacob drove up in his truck, 'Hop in." He said opening the door from the inside, "We have a pit stop to make before we go to the game." He said flashing her a smile, "Since the game is between La Push and Forks, we will pass the ice cream place in La Push, you need some fried ice cream." He said hoping it would put a smile on her face. He knew she struggled with being pregnant and not knowing many people. Jacob also knew that there were rumors that her baby was his but he didn't say anything.

At the ice cream place he drove thru, "Anything you want on the menu, its on me, tonight its all on me, I want you to have fun." He said and ordered a grape slushie shake for himself. It was basically a grape slush with a scoop of vanilla ice cream in it but it was damn good and he had gotten the same thing his entire life.

[b "Oh I need Fried Ice Cream?"] she asked with a grin. [b "Fried Ice Cream does sound pretty good right now actually."]

After the went through the ice cream place they headed to Forks so they could get seats with Jacob's friends. [b "Everyone is going to be wondering who you are."] she told him as he parked the truck. [b "Quinn said she was just going to meet us by the ticket booth so she didn't have to find us in the stands and Charlie and Sue are already here, I think."]

She got out of the truck and pulled her jacket around her stomach more. People were starting to notice that she had a baby bump. She was sure a new rumor would start now about Jacob being the Father. [b "Do you think tonight after the game.. could we go to the beach?"] she asked. The beach was the one place that reminded her of home. [b "I think we should talk... It's nothing bad so don't start stressing out on me, ok?"]
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"alright... we can go to the beach... just promise your not leaving Forks and forgetting I exist?" He asked with a smile. He noticed her pulling the jacket around her. "You know you don't have to hide but if your cold... my jacket is thicker and would keep you warm." He muttered knowing he didn't need it but she didn't know that... not yet at least.

They met her friend at the ticket booth and Jake paid for his ticket and hers without even thinking about it or letting her argue him. "Nice to meet you Quinn." Jake said nodding to the girl, he was staying near Cammie, he didn't want anything to happen to her, the wolf wanting to protect her even if it was from jocks and other teenagers. She was his... well she would be someday, she had to be.


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