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Tiger Stripes and Tiramisu

By Embrea

Replies: 75 / 67 days ago

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Sanji chuckled. “Alright, sounds like a deal. Your nana must have been an amazing cook.” He leaned against the counter noticing Luffy’s hand stretching towards the fridge. Without his smile faltering he dug his heel into Luffy’s hand. “ Dont even think about it Luffy.”

Luffy whined before finishing off the Sushi then running out of the room.
Sanji / PotatoPirate / 5d ago
"I have noticed that." Ana stopped doing the dishes for a moment and looked over her shoulder at Sanji. She watched him carefully for a moment before giving a small smile and continuing with the dishes. "Alright but I'm going to finish up here. We can play a game after. You win and I give you another of my Nana's recipes, I win and you go to bed. Sound fair?"
Ana / Embrea / 5d ago
Sanji shook his head. "Sorry I draw the line at giving Luffy extra food. He will never not be hungry. He's a bottomless pit and we would run out of food stores before we appeased his appetite. He's lucky I allow him to have snacks." He sighed softly. When Ana told him he could call it a night he shook his head. "I'd rather not call it a night if its the same to you. Not yet anyways... I don't feel tired yet."
Sanji / PotatoPirate / 5d ago
"Don't push your luck?" Ana raised a brow at Sanji then started pouting. "What if I wanted something else? Like a dessert or something and I decided to share it?" She winked at him with a chuckle before taking a bit of the sushi.

"You'd do that," Luffy asked wide eyed.

"Actually I'd make it myself if I could reach what I needed." She ate another piece, eyeing Sanji, "But this isn't my kitchen and it's really up to the chef on what happens to the food." She finished up her portion of the sushi and went to the sink to finish cleaning up. "Sanji, why don't you call it a night? I'll finish up here."
Ana / Embrea / 6d ago
Sanji chuckled softly. "I'll make him something." He headed over to the tank and grabbed one of the fish before cutting it up to make sushi. After a few minutes he had a plate ready for Luffy and he also made some for Ana as well. "This is all you're getting Luffy don't push your luck."

Luffy grinned. "Awesome! Thanks Sanji!"
Sanji / PotatoPirate / 6d ago
Ana kicked her legs as she listened to what he said. That realization that you're free. That what was weighing you down. The weight on your heart going away. She felt that for just a moment when they told her Theo was gone. She'd thought he was dead, but when they told her he fled that weight returned. "I wish I knew that freedom. But I'm glad you got it." She looked at him with a smile, [I You've experienced freedom twice.]

Luffy had started to feel hungry again and hoped to sneak into the kitchen without being seen. However when he got there, he noticed Ana and Sanji over the sink. What got him to straighten up, was seeing Ana sitting on the counter. The same one that Sanji always yelled at them about sitting on. "Hey! How come she can sit on the counter but we can't?! No fair!"

"Says the one trying to sneak more food."

"Noooooo," Luffy lied.

Ana hopped off the counter and nudged Sanji. "You want to make him something or shall I?"
Ana / Embrea / 6d ago
Sanji sighed softly. "I know... Part of me can't help but think I didn't do enough though, you know?" He was quiet for a moment as he reached for a towel to dry off the dishes. "Ana, can I admit something?"

After she nodded he sighed softly.

"After I caught her cheating... I was angry sure... but once I called everything off and had a moment to myself... I almost had this... sense of relief I guess? Like almost like freedom of some sort."
Sanji / PotatoPirate / 6d ago
"Robin said the same thing when I talked to her this morning. And based on what I know of Nami by observing, she doesn't seem the type to every be satisfied. It doesn't matter what you or anyone else does, she won't be satisfied." Ana moved from the table to the counter where she sat and watched Sanji. "What she didn't isn't on you, it's on her. If you cheat when you're in a relationship then you're doing something wrong, not the other person. No one deserves to think they aren't enough for someone else."
Ana / Embrea / 7d ago
When Ana said she'd leave after she gets Aenan back Sanji's chest tightened. "Ah... right. Well not like her seeing you as a threat matters anymore anyways. I tried to make it work... I really did... I tried to involve her in what meals I made but she never had any interest. I tried to get her a gift every time we stopped at an island... I tried to do what I could to please her... It was never enough... Maybe Mosshead was right... The relationship was doomed before it even began. Our personalities clashed too much... I just never thought she'd end up doing [i that]." He shook his head as he washed the dishes.
Sanji / PotatoPirate / 7d ago
"Doesn't change that I'm still married to him." Ana released her grip on the table and sighed. "I appreciate it though. Maybe after I get Aenan back I won't be perceived as a threat anymore. Mostly because I won't be here." She didn't know why, but the thought of leaving made her sad.
Ana / Embrea / 7d ago
Sanji listened to Ana's story and frowned. He didn't say a word. He finished eating and stood up putting his hand on her shoulder. "You deserved so much better. Ana you're a magnificent and beautiful woman I'm so sorry you had to go through that. We will get Aenan back. I promise." He gave her a soft smile before heading over to the sink to get started on dishes.
Sanji / PotatoPirate / 7d ago
"I'm glad you like it." While he ate, Ana continued to clean up, making sure to leave the dishes. She wanted to say something, anything, to try and make the situation better but nothing came to mind. Nothing other than telling him her own experience. "When I was pregnant with Aenan, Theo got so aggravated that I wouldn't let him touch me that he sought comfort from more than one woman. The worst part was, I didn't care because in the end he was with me. It wasn't until he tried killing Aenan in his crib that I realized how wrong I was." Thinking back to the day she came home and saw Theo trying to smother Aenan, it caused an involuntary reflex of her nails digging into the counter. "But I still stayed and it cost me everything."

Once she realized what she was doing she stopped and forced a smile. "But you got out. That's what matters. Because now you can move on and find someone better. Someone that appreciates you and what you can offer them. Someone who works with you not against you."
Ana / Embrea / 7d ago
Sanji could tell she was trying to avoid looking at his face. He wasn't going to push the issue though. He sighed softly before sitting down and doing as he was told. He started eating the dish Ana had made and his eyes lit up as soon as he tasted it. "Wow... this is delicious Ana..." He savored the flavor and tried to mentally make a note of everything that she had added to it so he could jot down the recipe later.
Sanji / PotatoPirate / 7d ago
"I know and I wish I didn't. No one deserves that." Ana looked at the dishes and sighed, "I know what it's like. Not exactly the best feeling in the world." She pulled the stack of dishes from him and set them off to the side. Then she placed the plate of food she had set aside, in front of him. "Eat, please. We'll do the dishes after, okay?" She was still avoiding looking at him because she didn't want to see the pain or anger that could still be written in his face.
Ana / Embrea / 7d ago