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WickedLove-ѕυrvιve   1y ago

[center [pic]]

[google-font][peddana [size19 [center [b [i One Week Ago.]]]]]

[google-font][peddana [size19 [center A small sigh passed through the woman's lips as her alarm started going off. Her hand snaked out from under the bedsheets and slammed down against it shutting it off. She groaned lightly as she rolled onto her side and curled up against Xavier's side. She didn't want to get out of bed, but knew that sooner or later she would have too. She did have to get to work soon anyway. She laid there a little bit longer, before nature called her name. She kissed the male's shoulder lightly before slipping out of bed and made her way to the bathroom.]]]

[google-font][peddana [size19 [center She hurried and did her business, and then took a quick shower. That's when she realized she had a really bad feeling in the pit of her stomach. It felt like something horrible was going to happen, and she honestly didn't know how to shake the feeling. She shook her head lightly as she finished her shower. When the water started turning cold, she shut the water off and climbed out. She wrapped a towel around herself and padded her way back into the bedroom. She looked towards the bed and smirked a bit.]]]

[google-font][peddana [size19 [center She reached for one of the small stuffed animals the male had bought her, and she tossed it at him. [#DDB9B9 "It's time to get your lazy up and out of bed. We both have to go into work"] she cooed. She stood there making sure the male slowly woke up. When she saw him moving she finished getting ready for the day. The feeling was still there, and she didn't like it at all. She wondered what the feeling was trying to tell her. She ignored it for now.]]]

[google-font][peddana [size19 [center When she was fully done and dressed, she opened the bedroom door and walked out. She made her way to the kitchen, and that's when she felt like the air felt a bit different. She looked over her shoulder towards the bedroom door wondering if the male had the same feeling she did. She couldn't quite explain it either. She shook her head and made her way into the kitchen to make coffee, and to get something to eat before heading out for the day. She filled the coffee pot up, and put the grounds into the top.]]]

[google-font][peddana [size19 [center She flipped the coffee pot on and let it brew. She looked out the back window and she saw something outside by the pool. [#DDB9B9 "What the fucking hell?"] she breathed out. She leaned forward a bit more to try and see what it was. She couldn't really see from this point of view, so she walked over and opened the back door and walked out. The air felt hot and stuffy. Her heart started beating even faster in her chest as well. What was going on? She bit her lip lightly as she moved over to the pool.]]]

[google-font][peddana [size19 [center That's when she heard the growling, and the moaning. [#DDB9B9 "Hello? Are you okay?"] she asked softly walking over to the body by the pool. When she got close enough was when she spotted the blood running into the pool. Whoever this was, was badly injured and she wanted to help them so badly. As she started to reach out, the person lifted their head and she let out a blood chilling scream. The person's face was nearly gone, and blood was dripping from it's mouth. She turned and ran back into the house.]]]

[google-font][peddana [size19 [center She slammed and locked the door. [#DDB9B9 "Xavier! Something's going on! There's someone outside by the pool and half their face is missing!"] she called out. The coffee forgotten as she watched the person slowly push themselves up, and start crawling towards their home. That's when her whole world changed. That person outside was dead, and there wasn't anything she could do about it. She knew the two of them had to get out of there, and fast. Something horrible was happening, and she didn't fully understand what it was. That's the day everything changed for the young couple.]]]

[google-font][peddana [size19 [center [b [i Present Day.]]]]]

[google-font][peddana [size19 [center It's been a week since everything changed for Novalee. She had found out her whole family had been eaten alive. At least they didn't turn into the undead. Or whatever the fuck they were called. When she had found out that she would no longer have her family, was when she seemed to shut off a little bit from Xavier. She wasn't meaning too, but losing your family was a horrible thing. She shook her head lightly looking out the cabin window they were staying in. She could hear the low moans and growls outside the door.]]]

[google-font][peddana [size19 [center The sun was slowly starting to set, and all the woman wanted to do was sleep. They hadn't found Xavier's family yet, and she couldn't help but wonder if he would be in the same boat as her. She turned away from the window and walked to the back of the cabin. She walked into the room and looked at the male. [#DDB9B9 "Have you found another route to take? Or are we stuck here for a little bit?"] she asked as she moved to the bed and sat down. She felt at a total loss honestly.]]]

[google-font][peddana [size19 [center She knew they would have to go and steal some food and water in the next day or so. They were running low. Maybe they would run into other people as well. Apart of her wanted too, but another part of her wanted to stay just them. She didn't know if she could trust the living right now. She bit her lip lightly as she looked down at her hands in her lap. She needed to apologize to the male for how she'd been acting. She didn't mean to shut him out either.]]]

[google-font][peddana [size19 [center She took a breath and spoke softly. [#DDB9B9 "I'm sorry for how I've been treating you. You don't deserve that. I know it's been hard on the both of us. Not knowing about your family and everything. Not knowing what caused this bloody outbreak either. I'm just glad you have stuck by my side, and haven't left me to those things out there"] she said lightly as a shudder ran down her spine at the thought. She wouldn't last more than five minutes with one of those walkers. She would rather kill herself before they got to her.]]]

[google-font][peddana [size19 [center [#DDB9B9 "Can you forgive me...?"] she whispered. She looked up towards the male slowly, tears welling up in her eyes. She was a really lucky woman to have this man in her life. She would be so lost without him. She was glad he had stuck around, because she would be even more alone than she was now. She started picking at the skin around her fingers, as she waited for the male to say or do something. She was getting slightly nervous, and that wasn't a good thing. If he didn't say anything soon, her fingers would start bleeding.]]]

[center [pic]]

[center [pic]]

[google-font][peddana [size19 [center [b [i One Week Ago.]]]]]

[google-font][peddana [size19 [center The sound of zippers being pulled back, and people starting to climb out of their tents made Paxton realize it was time to get up. He had agreed to come out on this camping trip with his so called friends on the condition he would get laid. That hadn't happened and they were almost done with their week long trip. He sighed as he slipped out of the sleeping bag and sat there for a moment. He then reached out and grabbed his jeans and slid them on, along with his black t-shirt and grey sweatshirt.]]]

[google-font][peddana [size19 [center He slipped the boots onto his feet and unzipped the tent and climbed out. As soon as the cool air hit his face he shivered a little. That's the down side of camping. It got really cold at night, and it took forever to warm up. He streached his arms over his head and then leaned back and popped his back. [b "How did you sleep?"] came the sound of his best friend. He turned and looked towards him and smiled. [#dfb034 "I slept alright, wouldn't mind sharing body heat though"] he said with a smirk.]]]

[google-font][peddana [size19 [center [b "I know. I've been trying to talk Odette into sleeping in the same tent with you, but she's just not having it"] Marcus said with a shrug of his shoulders. Paxton shrugged a bit as well and walked over to the campfire. [#dfb034 "Honestly I'm not gonna hold my breath anymore. If it was supposed to happen, it would have happened a while ago"] he admitted. He was getting tired of waiting to find that one person. He was getting tired of waiting, but he knew he would have to wait for the right one..]]]

[google-font][peddana [size19 [center He sighed lightly as he reached for one of the pots near the fire. It smelled like it had coffee in it. Good. He would need that to help him wake up a bit more. As he was starting to pour it into one of the mugs, was when he heard the screams. It seemed to chill him to the bone at the sound. [#dfb034 "What the fuck? Everything okay?"] he called out. He turned his head and was surprised to see Odette running towards him with blood dripping from her mouth, and growling.]]]

[google-font][peddana [size19 [center [#dfb034 "What the fuck?"] he breathed out. He hurried to his feet and grabbed the coffee pot. He swung it and hit the woman right in the head. As her body fell was when he saw the huge chunk of her back and shoulder missing. What was going on here? His heart was hammering inside of his chest as he watched as she started moving once more. He had hit her pretty hard, but she was still moving. That's when he heard more screams coming from the tents. [b "Paxton! Run! We are-"] that's when his friend was attacked.]]]

[google-font][peddana [size19 [center He watched with pure terror in his eyes as his friend's throat was ripped out, and the other's climbed on top of him and started eating him. That's when he knew all of the zombie movies he'd seen, was now real life. He didn't wait long at all. He grabbed what he could food wise, and grabbed a random bag. He then ran into the woods, trying to keep himself alive knowing that everyone he had been messing around with last night, were now dead and dining on the last living human. He wasn't about to become zombie food.]]]

[google-font][peddana [size19 [center [b [i Present Day.]]]]]

[google-font][peddana [size19 [center A small sigh passed through the male's lips as he heard someone knocking on his door. [#dfb034 "Come on in"] he called out. That's when Miranda walked into the room her arms crossed. [b "So you and Desdemona are going to be paired up to go on a supply run today. I'm not going to take no for an answer"] she said matter of factly. Paxton let out another sigh and looked towards the raven haired woman. Ever since he had gotten here, he's avoided Desdemona. He didn't understand why, but something about her seemed off.]]]

[google-font][peddana [size19 [center [#dfb034 "I guess I don't have much of a choice do I? Does she know she's paired with me? Also, I'm not going to protect her out there either. If something happens she's on her own."] he said lightly. He slid his boots onto his feet and made sure his knife was in the waist band of his jeans. [b "She knows yes. The two of you seem to be on awkward terms, and I don't like it. That's why I'm putting her with you. I know you'll get what we need as well"] she said watching him.]]]

[google-font][peddana [size19 [center [#dfb034 "That's why you have me doing all of the supply runs. Because you know I'll be able to find shit other's can't. That and you trust me with your life pretty much. Where is she? I want to get a move on before the sun starts setting"] he said. He stood and grabbed his gun and bow and arrow as well. You couldn't be too careful nowadays anyway. With how fucked up the world was right now, he needed all of the weapons he could find. Miranda stood there eyeing him a moment longer.]]]

[google-font][peddana [size19 [center [b "Promise me you will protect her? She's important to me as well as you are. I don't want either of you getting killed out there. That and she's in the court yard as well"] she said. Paxton looked towards Miranda. The tone in her voice seemed off. [#dfb034 "I was kidding about not protecting her. We will come back safe and sound I promise you that"] he said. Miranda smiled sadly and stepped aside letting him out of the room. Something was off, and he could feel it. He wasn't about to question her about it either.]]]

[google-font][peddana [size19 [center For the time being he put it out of his mind, and made his way to the courtyard. That's when he spotted the blonde and he walked up towards her. [#dfb034 "Hey, so Miranda is sending you and I out on a supply run. Do you have everything you need? I just need to grab a couple of back packs on our way to the car"] he said in a matter of fact tone. He wasn't going to be fucking around with this. He was worried about Miranda, and he didn't like the feeling at all.]]]
Burning_HeartXavier   1y ago

[center The high-pitched sound of the alarm quickly cut through Xavier's dream, but he didn't bother to move to shut it off. He knew right away that it was Novalee's and was positive she was going to wake up to get it. If she didn't within the next few seconds, [i then] he would consider moving, even though he really didn't want to. He was fairly comfortable next to the woman. Quickly, the sound disappeared, and he felt her roll against him, even smiling a little when he felt her lips against his shoulder. When she left the bed, he rolled onto his stomach, placing a hand where she had been. Just because she was up didn't mean he needed to be up yet.]

[center Hearing the shower run caused his thoughts to run wild. Maybe he should try to convince her to stay in with him today. Both of them could just call in sick and enjoy a day alone. Not that didn't get enough alone time as it was, but it was nice every once in a while to have an entire day to themselves, with no work to worry about or anything else.]

[center He let out a groan as something soft hit him in the head, burying his face in the pillow before he finally shifted, rolling over to see the stuffed animal. He smirked a little before sitting up and stretching his arms over his head, watching Nova as she left the room. Yeah, that was a view he always enjoyed.]

[center Shaking his head, he slid out from under the sheets, yawning before making his way to the bathroom, where he brushed his teeth before splashing some water onto his face, taking care of some other business after. The bathroom mirror was still fogged from Nova's shower and he could still smell the shampoo that she had used. He let out a groan before turning off the light and moving to the closet. Life was unfair.]

[center The male had just finished getting dressed, throwing on his work shirt, when he heard her call out. He frowned. Had he heard her correctly? He rushed out of the room, hurrying to the kitchen to see what she was talking about. He froze when he saw the person outside, dread filling him. [b "What the fuck...?"] was all he could say. Nothing could have prepared them for this.]

[center [b ~~~~~~]]

[center A week had passed since the world had gone to shit and Xavier had far more questions than answers. He still had no idea where his own family was, though he had a feeling they had suffered the same fate as Novalee's. He'd already cried over the idea of his family just being gone, but he'd only done it once she had fallen asleep. He didn't want her to see him so upset. The last thing he needed right now was for her to think that he was completely falling apart, no matter how understandable it was.]

[center He sighed and ran a hand through his hair, leaning his head against the wall. He had been doing his best to make sure he and Nova were safe, even giving her more food than himself, but it was starting to catch up to him, and he knew that they were going to have to do something about it soon. The idea frightened him, however. Sure, he had some training thanks to his time in the service, but none of it was helping in this situation. Living enemies were one thing. This was something completely different.]

[center He thought for a moment. He still had some friends that were serving, and if he had any way to get ahold of them, he could try and get him and Nova somewhere safer. At least he would have that type of pull, or so he hoped. Unfortunately, he had nothing on him that would work, considering phone lines and internet had gone down days ago.]

[center His attention was pulled away from his thoughts when she entered the room, sitting on the bed. Her words caught him off guard, leaving him speechless for a moment. He had noticed how distant she had become over the past week, but he understood. In one morning, their entire world had been turned upside down. It didn't help that she'd found out the kind of after her family had suffered. It was unfair.]

[center He approached her, running a hand through her hair before leaning down and pressing his lips to hers. [b "There's nothing to forgive you for. You haven't done anything that isn't completely rational in this situation."] He sat down and wrapped his arms around her, planting a kiss on her forehead. [b "As for another route? I think I found one, but we're not going to attempt it until morning. We're not getting out in the dark..."]]

[center He let out a sigh. He could only hope the next day would bring [i something] good. He was beginning to fear Nova may lose it otherwise, and he was at a loss on how to help.]

[center [pic]]

[right [pic]]

[center [b "Yes, mom, I'll be over soon, okay? I still have to wrap your gift."]]

[center Desdemona sighed as her mother scolded her for going out and buying her a birthday present, especially so early. [b "I don't care. You deserve something nice and I hadn't had a chance to get anything sooner. I knew if I went and got it this morning then I could have it wrapped and bring it as soon as you went on your lunch break. Now, no more arguing. I'll see you in a bit, okay? I love you."] After a defeated "I love you, too," the line went dead. Desi set her phone down in the passenger seat before running a hand through her hair. Who knew the woman could be so stubborn? Had Desdemona forgot a gift, she would've been heartbroken and they both knew it, even if the older woman wouldn't admit it.]

[center She drove down the highway, looking away just a moment so she could turn the radio up just a bit. An emergency broadcast was beginning, but she never got to hear what the beginning of it was. Without warning, there was the screeching of tires in front of her, and it took all she had to avoid the car the had come to a sudden stop. She herself ended up on the shoulder, panting as the man on the radio spoke. She was so focused on the truck that she didn't pay attention to what he was saying. Instead, she rolled down her window, poking her head out. [b "Hey, are you out of your fucking mind?! You could've killed someone!"]]

[center She froze as she saw inside the windshield, which was covered in blood. By now, more cars had stopped, and the driver of a nearby SUV had slid out, approaching the truck. Desdemona's heart sank as she watched the woman knock on the window. Everything happened so fast, she had no time to process it. The driver of the truck had pushed his door open, holding his neck before collapsing to the ground. She could see the blood that covered him, but that wasn't what scared her. What scared her was the female passenger, who followed right behind him, taking the other woman down with her and biting into her face.]

[center Desi didn't wait to see what happened next. She set to rolling her window up, stepping on the gas. Panic was setting in as she grabbed her phone, her hands shaking as she redialed her mother. [b "Mom? Whatever you do, don't go outside, okay? I don't know what's going on, but I can tell you-"] A scream cut her off, soon followed by something squishy sounding. Desdemona dropped the phone on the floor before pulling over once she got off the highway. This was the end of the world, and Desdemona had just heard the death of the only person that mattered to her.]

[center [b ~~~~~~]]

[center The female sat on a bench in the courtyard, her thoughts drifting to a week ago. Tears filled her eyes as her mother's scream tore through her mind once more. She squeezed them tightly shut. He wasn't sure she would ever forget that sound. Unfortunately, the longer she waited, the worse the memory hurt. Wherever Paxton was, he needed to get there soon. She desperately needed the distraction.]

[center When Miranda had approached her about it earlier that morning, she'd been caught off guard by it. She and Paxton hadn't spoken a single word to each other since he'd arrived. Why she wasn't sure. It was more him than anything. She'd tried at least saying hi, but anytime he saw her, he would go in the opposite direction. She wasn't offended by it. The world had gone to hell in a handbasket. Any interactions they'd had before didn't mean a damn here. She had asked Miranda if he knew about her teaming them up, only to be informed that he hadn't been told yet. She was beginning to wonder if he was even going to show.]

[center She let out a sigh. If he didn't, she would just seek the woman and ask her for something else to do. At least that way she wouldn't be skulking around in the courtyard all day.]

[center She was just about ready to get up and leave when she heard footsteps approaching. She looked up to see him, a little relieved that he was there. She stood as soon he started speaking, nodding. A crossbow occupied the empty spot beside her and she quickly picked it up, putting it on her back. On her right hip rested a hunting knife. [b "Except for the backpacks, I have everything I need."] She prayed this went fast. She didn't like being out in the open, especially with the undead walking around.]

[center At the end of the day, though, she couldn't complain. Compare to most people in the world right now, she was one of the lucky ones. Had Miranda not found her when shit first went down, she'd probably be one of the walking dead, wandering around and with an endless craving for the flesh. The idea made Desi want to gag. Yeah, she definitely couldn't complain. She would much rather do her part around there than be stuck roaming the Earth.]

[center [b "Can I ask you something?"] She spoke up unexpectedly, something tugging at her. The question she was about to ask was enough to make her stomach turn, but she needed to get it out of the way before they headed out. She needed the guarantee. [b "If something goes wrong while we're out there and I get injured or even bit...promise me you'll put me down? I don't want to slow you down, nor do I want to become one of those things."] She was sure she wouldn't be able to take care of it herself, so as hard as something like that would be on anyone, she figured she'd at least get it out of the way.]
WickedLove-ѕυrvιve   1y ago

[google-font][peddana [size19 She knew the male was doing everything he could to help matters. At the moment though, she felt like she had failed him and she didn't know how to really accept that. Her heart skipped a beat when he kissed her. He still made her heart flutter, and the butterflies swarmed into her stomach. Even with everything happening, he was still her favorite person. When he sat down and spoke about the other route, she nodded lightly as she rested her had against his shoulder. The sun had fully set outside, and the noises seemed to get worse.]]

[google-font][peddana [size19 [#DDB9B9 "We wouldn't last well in the dark. I don't know how well those [i things] can see in the dark. I know if we keep really silent they won't know where we are. I also feel like we need to get an early start as well in the morning, just incase more them surround the cabin"] she said softly. The thought seemed to send another shiver down her spine. She wrapped her arm around his, and her fingers found his. She laced their fingers together, and she turned her head and kissed his shoulder lightly.]]

[google-font][peddana [size19 [#DDB9B9 "What will we do if we do come across other's? Will you let our guard down enough to trust them? Or would it be better to keep it just you and I?"] she asked. That's one thing that's been keeping her up at night. She didn't want to let anyone into their small gathering. She would give everyone the benefit of the doubt though, but there's something in the back of her mind telling her not to trust people. People these days would do anything to survive, and she didn't know if she could stoop that low.]]

[google-font][peddana [size19 She shifted a bit and pushed him down onto the bed. She then climbed onto his legs and looked down at him. [#DDB9B9 "Don't get me wrong, it's kind of nice being alone with you, but at the same time I wonder how many other survivor's are out there and if they are needing our help as well. Should we have a list of questions to ask them? See if they have bite marks on their skin? I don't know.."] she breathed out. She reached out and ran her fingers against his chest slowly. She wanted things to go back to normal.]]

[google-font][peddana [size19 She knew it never would, but a girl could dream. If things had been different, she knew they would already be devouring each other. Exploring each other's bodies without the clothes. It's been a week without that, because of not knowing if they would need to hurry and leave. It would be nice to feel him against her again. Her body screamed for that attention, but she knew better than that right now. Things were different, more difficult, and wouldn't ever be the same. She looked down into his eyes a small smirk on her lips.]]

[google-font][peddana [size19 [#DDB9B9 "I know it's fucked up out there, but I'm glad you and I have each other. I love you.."] she breathed out. She then leaned down and pressed her lips lightly against his. She stayed perched on her spot, as she pulled away from the male. Her heart pounded against her chest looking down at him. It was strange at how quickly things changed, and how fucked up everything became. Maybe just maybe, they would be able to figure all of this out and soon.]]

[center [pic]]

[right [pic]]

[google-font][peddana [size19 The male looked towards her and cocked his head to the side. He nodded a bit as he waited for her to ask the question. When she did, he had a feeling she'd never been out to gather supplies before. [#dfb034 "I can do that. I did tell Miranda I wouldn't protect you if anything happened"] he admitted. It was a dick move, but at least he was being honest. He didn't really care about other's either. It was either kill or be killed now. When they had gotten that out of the way he nodded towards the parking garage's.]]

[google-font][peddana [size19 He wasn't in the mood to really make small talk, but he would need to make somewhat of an effort. He would work on that in the truck. He led the way to one of the garages, and he opened the door. [b "Paxton! What's up buddy? You got someone new to go on a supply run?"] asked Tobias. He was kind of surprised at the sight of the blonde woman. Paxton shrugged his shoulders lightly and nodded. [#dfb034 "Miranda wanted it to happen. You know since she's the boss, I couldn't tell her no"] he said smirking.]]

[google-font][peddana [size19 [#dfb034 "If I had my way, it would be you in the passenger seat instead of blondie here. I don't think she's been out on a supply run since Miranda made me in charge of that. It's alright though, I'll make sure she has my back"] he said as he slapped Tobias on the shoulder. The male laughed and looked at the woman. [b "If he starts mouthing off again, you are more than welcome to smack him as hard as you can. Good luck out there"] he said handing Paxton some keys.]]

[google-font][peddana [size19 [#dfb034 "Thanks"] he said taking them. He then grabbed two back packs for himself, and grabbed two more for the woman with him. He then walked over to one of the trucks and unlocked it. He climbed into the drivers seat and waited for the woman to join him. When she was inside he started up the truck, and Tobias opened the garage doors. He put the truck in drive and nearly peeled out of the garage, speeding down the road and away from safety. The feeling in the pit of his stomach was getting worse.]]

[google-font][peddana [size19 [#dfb034 "Listen, I'm not meaning to be an asshole and I apologize. I just hate it when Miranda put's people into my area without talking to me about it. Don't get me wrong I love the woman, but sometimes I wish she wasn't around bossing everyone around"] he admitted. It was strange talking about Miranda like that. He sighed as he fell silent. He slowed the truck down a bit when they entered a small town. There were a couple stores in the heart of town that him and his crew hadn't hit up yet. He made his way that way.]]

[google-font][peddana [size19 [#dfb034 "Here's the deal. You and I will go into the same store together, but we will go different ways. Fill both of your bags up with canned goods, water bottles if possible, medicine if possible. Make sure they are both full as well. We will dump everything into the boxes in the back afterwards and hit at least three other places as well"] he said as he brought the truck to a stop. He hurried and cut the engine off. The silence washing over them suddenly. He took a breath and opened his door slowly.]]

[google-font][peddana [size19 [#dfb034 "Let's go"] he said grabbing his two bags and heading into the first store he parked in front of. He didn't know how long they would have, or what they would find inside.]]
Burning_HeartXavier   363d ago

[center Xaiver gently squeezed her hand once her fingers were resting comfortably with his, staring down at the floor for a moment. This was no how he envisioned they would be spending their future. He'd enjoyed their quiet life at home, filled with the late nights of laughter and early morning kisses. Had someone told him the zombie apocalypse would be upon them soon, he would've laughed it off. In their face, no doubt. Now he didn't know what to do. He felt entirely lost and, for once, was very terrified of what the next day could bring.]

[center Though he wouldn't say it out loud, the thought of losing Novalee felt much more real than it ever had before. He let out a sigh at her questions. He'd been thinking about the same things, but he still didn't have a solid answer. [b "I honestly don't know,"] he said, frowning. In this new world, he had learned very quickly that it was kill or be killed. He'd seen that when he'd been snagging some supplies a few days before. Someone had pushed what he assumed had been their partner into a group of the undead while they were running. It had shaken him to the core and the image of the poor girl being torn to shreds was still burned in his mind.]

[center He let out a small "oof" as she pushed him not the bed, staring up at those very beautiful eyes of hers. He was relieved that at least one thing was still the same, and even though she was talking, it was hard to focus on her words. She should've known right then and there what she was doing to him. The damn girl could set his blood on fire and she knew it. He reached up and placed his hand on her cheek, running his thumb over her skin. [b "I wouldn't be too against trying to find survivors, but we have to keep our guard up. I don't trust anyone to not dig a knife into our backs and run, okay? The last thing I want is to lose you."] She was his weakness, and if they were ever in a situation where she was being threatened, he already knew he would do anything he could to keep her from being harmed.]

[center Even if it meant he would suffer in the process.]

[center He relished the feel of her lips against his, really wishing that they could just have one night of peace. He wanted her, bad, and it was a damn shame that he couldn't have her. That didn't stop him, however, from wrapping his hand around the back of her neck, gently pulling her face back down to his, and returning her kiss with his own. [b "I love you, too,"] he said against her lips. [b "No matter what, we'll get through this."] He prayed to God he was right.]

[center [pic]]

[right [pic]]

[center Desdemona did her best to hide how much those words stung. She wasn't exactly fond of the idea of getting out on a supply run, especially with someone who had made it painfully obvious he didn't want to be anywhere near her, but she had sucked it up for Miranda's sake was at least trying to be decent. She still didn't even understand what it was about her that made him so repulsed by her. A tic started in her jaw before she let out a soft sigh. [i Whatever,] she thought to herself. She was already over this.]

[center With that, she quietly followed him to the garage, keeping her eyes on the ground for most of it. She was still trying to find her way in this new world of theirs. The least he could've done was at least try to be understanding of that. If anything, she would just ask Miranda for someone else the next time she had to do this.]

[center Her head snapped up as they started talking, crossing her arms over her chest. It was obvious she was getting irritated by the small digs Paxton was taking at her. [b "I'll keep that in mind,"] she said to Tobias, narrowing her eyes just a little on her companion. She wanted them to be able to work together in a civil manner. The bare minimum, if possible. If not, they were sure to die out there.]

[center Saying thank you to Tobias, she slid into the truck, tensing as Paxton pulled out the way he had. Her nerves were still shot from the past week and being in the vehicle with him wasn't helping to calm them at all. [b "Look, I get it. I didn't ask to be out here with you. I would appreciate it, however, if you'd at least tone it down some."] She didn't mean to sound so rude about it, but her heart was pounding so hard it felt like it was going to burst. She hadn't been out since she'd joined Miranda and her small group.]

[center [b "Get it, get the shit, and get out. I've got it,"] she said, getting out and snagging her bags. She nodded to him and followed him inside, immediately moving to the opposite side as he had said. She scanned up and down the first aisle, almost cursing at how bare it was. It had only been a week. How could this have happened so fast?]

[center Passing by one of the cooler doors, a movement in her peripheral caught her attention. She looked up just in time to see someone shuffling behind the racks, and though there looked to be a few bottles scattered on the floor, she was too terrified to even try opening the door to reach in and snag them.]

[center Taking a few deep breaths, she slowly started moving back, not wanting to catch its attention. To her right, she could see the door that led into the coolers. She glanced over to the opposite side of the store, wondering if she should say something to Paxton. She bit her lip, her mind racing, before she finally hurried over to him, careful to be quiet about it. Reaching out, she grabbed the sleeve of his shirt and tugged, quickly pointing to the coolers. [b "There are some drinks in there, but they're currently stuck with one of those things. I'm not retrieving them on my own,"] she whispered, keeping her eyes locked on his. She would gather more supplies once the small threat was eliminated.]
WickedLove-ѕυrvιve   363d ago

[google-font][peddana [size19 The female wanted nothing more than to feel his hands on her, the way they used too. It's been a while since they had. The cabin seemed to be well locked up, but she wasn't going to push the issue. She could tell he wanted her just as much as she wanted him. She smiled against his lips as she pulled back and nodded lightly. [#DDB9B9 "I understand the feeling of keeping our guard up. It would be nice to find other's, or some sort of safe haven or something"] she breathed out. Her heart was hammering in her chest.]]

[google-font][peddana [size19 Just thinking about losing the male was enough to bring her to a breakdown. They had been through everything together, and she honestly didn't know what she would do if she lost him. [#DDB9B9 "I know it's going to take a lot to trust other's out there, but I feel like there are still [i some] good people out there. We just have to find them, and see what happens. I mean we can have all of these questions to ask, and we can make them prove they haven't been bitten"] she said softly.]]

[google-font][peddana [size19 It was an invasion of space for sure, but it was for their own safety as well. [#DDB9B9 "If we make them prove they haven't been bitten, then we need to do the same thing. It's only fair, because we are also trying to gain their trust in us, as we are trying to gain their trust in them"] she said. She slid off of his legs and sat in the middle of the bed Indian style. She was getting a little bit ahead of herself and she knew it. There still had to be some people around.]]

[google-font][peddana [size19 [#DDB9B9 "Everything's fucked up, but I feel like if we can somehow find out what caused all of this, maybe then we would be able to survive it a little better. I know it's far fetched, but I think we can.."] she whispered. She wanted to have a little bit of hope for this fucked up world. Even if it meant the two of them go different ways for a little bit. Thinking about that nearly put her into a panic attack just then. She reached out and took his hand in her's once more to ground herself.]]

[google-font][peddana [size19 She let the silence wash over them as she thought about everything she had said. She sounded like a hopeful child, but at the same time she didn't know if anything good would come out of all of this. She placed his hand over her heart as she locked her eyes on his. [#DDB9B9 "I want you to promise me something. As long as my heart is beating we will survive this, but if you see something biting me, or attacking me you shoot me. Right through the head no matter what"]]]

[google-font][peddana [size19 [#DDB9B9 "I don't want to become like them. I want it to end fast and quick. Promise me if something happens to me, you won't try to save me, but you'll end it for me. I wouldn't be able to do it to myself"] she said as tears welled up into her eyes. It hurt to even ask him to promise her something like that. She tightened her fingers around his slightly as she let her words hang in the air between them. She kept her eyes on his, as the silence washed over the two.]]

[center [pic]]

[right [pic]]

[google-font][peddana [size19 The male knew he was being harsh with her, but that's how the world was now. When they went their own ways he looked up and down some aisles as he walked. They seemed to be wiped clean, but then he found one that still had cans and what not in them. He shoved the cans into the bag, and nearly jumped out of his skin when he felt the blonde grab his sleeve. [#dfb034 "Fuck, next time make a small noise. That's how you get killed"] he snapped. He then looked towards where she was talking about.]]

[google-font][peddana [size19 He was kind of getting annoyed just then. He wasn't meaning too, but what other choice did he have? He would talk to her about that in a moment. He set his bag down and went to the coolers. Sure enough there was a walker in there. He grabbed his knife out of the waist band of his jeans, and gently tapped on the glass. The walker heard the noise and slowly turned to it. The shelves was somewhat blocking it from fully attacking. The male opened the cooler door, and reached inside.]]

[google-font][peddana [size19 He plunged the knife into the walkers temple and it dropped dead. He pulled the knife out of it's head, grabbed the drinks she had found and walked back to where she was. He narrowed his eyes at her and nearly threw them at her. He was pissed. It was an easy kill, she could have done it by herself. [#dfb034 "Better princess? I'm going to make sure you don't ever go on supply runs again"] he snapped at her. It wasn't hard to kill one walker when it's in the cooler. He picked up his bag and slung it over his shoulder.]]

[google-font][peddana [size19 [#dfb034 "I honestly don't know how well you'd do in this world. I'm betting you won't last much longer with all of this. You didn't need my help to kill that thing. You just needed to get your knife, or whatever other weapon you have, get it's attention. The shelves were in the right place, and just stabbed it. You didn't need me doing it. Next time it's trapped like it was, figure it out because I have other shit to do"] he snapped at her. He wasn't meaning to be an ass towards her either.]]

[google-font][peddana [size19 [#dfb034 "Go get some of the boxed shit, and whatever you can find. We are wasting too much time here"] he said. He then walked away from the woman leaving her alone. There weren't that many other's in the store. He had come across a dead body, and he made sure it was fully dead before walking past it. He knew sooner or later he would have to apologize to her, but right now they needed the supplies more than an apology. He grabbed more cans of food, along with some other things, and made his way to the Pharmacy.]]

[google-font][peddana [size19 He grabbed a lot of the medicine he could find, and then headed back towards the front of the store. He spotted the woman a short distance away. [#dfb034 "Let's go"] he snapped and opened the door heading back to the truck. He pulled a box over and emptied his bag into it, and then waited for the woman to do the same before they headed to their next stop.]]
Burning_HeartXavier   363d ago

[center Xavier had to stop himself from pulling her back down to him. [i Fucking hell,] he thought thought himself. This was absolutely torture, that was for sure. He didn't blame her, though. He knew just as well how quick they may have to jump up and leave. It would be really difficult if they were half naked when a zombie busted through the door. [b "I know it would, baby. I want to believe that there are people out there that we can trust, but I don't know what other people are willing to do to survive."]]

[center When she slid off of him, she sat up, shifting so that he was sitting next to her. [b "That seems fair. If they're willing to prove it and we can do the same, then I [i might] be okay with joining up with a few people, but I don't want to be apart of a large group. I don't think that would be smart."] A big group was just too much of a distraction, which would lead to a lot of problems if not managed right.]

[center He laced his fingers with hers, squeezing her hand. The reality of the situation washed over him once more and he took a deep breath. It still felt like a bad dream at times. That they would just magically wake up in their bed, preparing for work once more, or even planning a date night. Her words caused him to tense. The thought of shooting her was enough to make his heart skip a beat. He couldn't even think about it.]

[center Seeing her tear up cause him to ground his teeth together. [b "I...fuck, Nova."] It was too much to ask, but he knew he couldn't back out on that. He didn't want to ever have to put her down and yet he didn't want to see her become one of them. [b "I promise,"] he finally said after a moment.]

[center Leaning over, he kissed the top of her head. [b "Let's get some rest, okay? We have an early start tomorrow. If needed, we'll stop by a store and see what we can find, then keep going North. We're bound to find something that way..."] It wasn't much of a plan, but it was better than nothing.]

[center [pic]]

[right [pic]]

[center Desdmona jumped when he snapped at her, taking a step back. [b "I-I...I'm sorry. I didn't want to get it's attention..."] She averted her eyes then, standing silently as he moved away to go take care of it. When he came back and threw the drinks at her, she wanted to cry. She had to force the tears back and swallow the lump in her throat. She didn't have the gut to tell him that she had yet to kill one. She just couldn't bring herself to do it. She'd seen what they could do and she was terrified.]

[center Putting the drinks in the bag, she nodded. [b "Understood,"] she said as she moved away. She went back to checking the aisles, finding a few more cans of food and a box of crackers. It wasn't much, but it was better than nothing.]

[center Hearing him snap again, she didn't one last sweep before following him out, the silence nearly crushing to her. She didn't necessarily want him to like her, but he at least wanted him to have some faith in her. At the truck, she emptied her bags into the box and slid into the passenger seat. She stared at her hands in her lap, unsure of what she could say to break the tension. [b "I'm sorry,"] she finally said, the lump forming in her throat again. [b "I've never been on a supply run before, as you've already figured out, but I want to be able to help. I'm trying, okay? I really am..."] She sounded like a cry baby and she knew it, but she didn't know what else she could do. [b "I'll do better at the next stop. You have my word."] It was the best she could offer at this point and time.]
WickedLove-ѕυrvιve   362d ago

[google-font][peddana [size19 Novalee watched as he had that inner fight with himself about what she asked him to do. It wasn't everyday she would ask the love of her life to kill her. Hell it would have been the opposite way. She wanted nothing more than to forget about any of this. She nodded lightly as she kept her hand in his. [#DDB9B9 "I think that'll be perfect. Finding a couple of people, maybe finding some sort of building to try and figure everything out"] she said lightly. It wasn't much, but at least it was a start and that's all that mattered.]]

[google-font][peddana [size19 When he mentioned getting some rest she nodded once more. [#DDB9B9 "I'm going to make sure there's no walkers or anything out there before we do. I don't want some surprise happening, because if it does we would be sleeping in shifts.."] she said lightly. That's one thing she didn't want happening. They had been lucky enough not to have to sleep in shifts yet. She knew it wouldn't last long though. She slipped her hand out of his, and slowly climbed off the bed. She made her way back out into the living room area.]]

[google-font][peddana [size19 She slowly peeked out of the curtain's and peeked out. There were no walkers, and she couldn't even hear them moaning and groaning like she had a while ago. So maybe they were in the clear for the night. She hoped they were at least. She bit her lip lightly as she let it fall back into place. She then made her way back to the dimly lit bedroom. She walked over and blew the candle they had found out. She then felt her way back to the bed, and slowly climbed back in beside him.]]

[google-font][peddana [size19 [#DDB9B9 "Everything is still packed up and ready to go. There might be a couple more things to gather in the morning, but we can do that before we leave"] she said lightly. She leaned over and pressed her lips against his cheek lightly. She then snuggled down against his side. She laid there listening to his breathing. It felt normal, it felt right. She knew it wasn't, but at least for now she had something normal for her. Having his body next to her's is what she needed. She let her eyes drift closed, and pretty soon she was asleep.]]

[center [pic]]

[right [pic]]

[google-font][peddana [size19 When the blonde came back out and told him about her lame excuse he shook his head lightly. He took her bag and poured it into the box as well. It wasn't much, but that was to be expected. He then slid into the drivers seat and fired up the truck, and pulled away from the curb in a hurry. Just in case they had some stragglers around. He then looked at the woman his eyes narrowed. [#dfb034 "Have you never killed one? Because you can't fucking hunt someone down to do it for you?"] he said.]]

[google-font][peddana [size19 [#dfb034 "What if I hadn't been nearby? What then? Would you have killed it, or forgotten the drinks? Because honestly if you left it alive would have been a horrible move on your part. Put them out of their misery, because they were people at one time and point. They had families, so you fucking kill them and take them out of their misery"] he hissed. He knew this was a bad idea for Miranda to put the blonde with him. He couldn't help but wonder if Miranda knew she hadn't killed one of those things.]]

[google-font][peddana [size19 He let out a small sigh debating on just leaving her in the truck and he got all of the supplies. As she made a pointless promise to do better, he couldn't help but feel a different way about her. Maybe he was being too hard on her, and sometimes people needed that kind of push. When they came to their next stop, the store was bigger and he hoped there was more here for them to gather. He killed the engine and turned to look at her once more. [#dfb034 "You go hunting for me again, those things will attack you"]]]

[google-font][peddana [size19 [#dfb034 "You won't have time to call out for help. You will be their food if you don't act quickly. So make sure you fucking kill it, instead of being a child and having someone do it for you"] he hissed. He grabbed his bags, climbed out and headed inside. He went right to the water aisle first and grabbed as many water bottles as he could. This store was better stocked, and didn't seem to be missing much. The silence was really eerie, and it made his skin crawl. He shook his head and went about gathering what he could find.]]
Burning_HeartXavier   355d ago

[center Xavier couldn't tell her no. He didn't necessarily like the idea of finding others, mostly because, unlike the dead that were wandering around outside, people were unpredictable. He'd seen apocalypse movies. The majority of people left couldn't be trusted. They'd have no qualms about throwing someone to the monsters.. He was not ready to see that happen to her. He didn't want to tell her any of that, though. He understood her need to be optimistic and he wasn't going to fault her for it. [b "We'll see what happens tomorrow then, okay?"] he said, placing another kiss on her forehead.]

[center When she mentioned going to check, he only nodded, squeezing her hand before watching her walk away. Once she had left the room, he ran a hand through his hair. He wanted to believe that this would all blow over, he really did, but he knew, deep down, that it probably wasn't possible. Things would most likely get worse before they got better.]

[center He looked up when she walked back in, laying down with her when she crawled back into the bed. [b "Sounds like a plan,"] he said, wrapping his arms around her. He was grateful that she was still there with him. He didn't know what he would do if something happened to her.]

[center It wasn't long before her even breathing told him she was asleep. He began running his fingers through her hair, letting out another sigh. [b "Tomorrow will be better,"] he mumbled before he drifted off himself.]

[center [pic]]

[right [pic]]

[center Desdemona refused to meet Paxton's eyes as he spoke. He was just digging the knife further and further into her. [b "This is all still knew,"] she said, finally looking out the window. [b "Not all of us can be so heartless about it..."] He was right, though. They [i had] been people, but they weren't anymore. It wasn't like they wouldn't hesitate to kill her. She knew that as good as anybody. She opened her mouth to say something else but decided against it. She'd already made her impression with him and knew that nothing she did would change it.]

[center She did finally look at him when they arrived at their next stop, nodding. [b "I understand,"] she said, her voice a little more steady. Letting out a sigh, she slipped out of the truck, grabbing her bags and following him inside. Just as before, she split away from him, a little surprised to see that the place wasn't as barren as the first store had been.]

[center She did her best to keep her steps light and her breathing even, despite the fact that every little sound made her nearly jump out of her skin. At one point, a rat scurried across the ground, and she had to cover her mouth to keep from screaming. [i I fucking hate this,] she thought, hesitating before she finished making her way up the aisle. She threw everything she could into the first bag, focusing on any canned items she found before snagging a box of fruit snacks. It wasn't much, but any kids they had would probably be grateful.]

[center Turning the corner for the next aisle, she froze. Blood covered the floor, with an arm lying in the middle of it. She felt her stomach turn. She did not want to know where the rest of the body was. She prayed it wasn't moving around. She carefully stepped around it as she walked, watching it to make sure it didn't twitch or anything. She was sure she would've just broken down and cried if that happened.]

[center She wasn't sure how Paxton was doing, but outside of the anxiety that was racking her body, Desi was thinking she was doing a lot better than she had the first go around, even if he wouldn't think so by the time they got back to the truck.]
WickedLove-ѕυrvιve   357d ago

[google-font][peddana [size19 That night the woman didn't dream. It was pure blackness, and it was welcomed. When her body woke her up, she slowly tilted her head back and watched Xavier sleeping beside her. She didn't understand why they were still here. Maybe it was sure luck, but she didn't care. She was glad to still be alive. She slowly slipped out of the bed, being careful not to wake him. They didn't have anywhere to be right then so she let him sleep a while longer. She went back into the living room and found one of her bags.]]

[google-font][peddana [size19 She needed a shower, but the only thing she could do was a sponge bath. It was better than nothing. She just hoped that sooner or later they would find somewhere to really shower. Somewhere safe. The word [i safe] didn't really hold much meaning to her anymore. Not since this whole thing happened. She felt tears sting her eyes, and she shook her head lightly as she found some towels and carried them into the bathroom, with some water bottles that were almost empty. It wasn't much, but it was something. At least for now.]]

[google-font][peddana [size19 She undressed fully and looked at herself in the mirror. She looked sickly in a way. They hadn't had much food the last week, her cheeks were really skinny and her eyes looked sunken in. Was this really her life now? She bit down on her cheek as she dampened one of the towels, and started to wash herself. If things were different, she would be crawling into bed with Xavier right now and waking him up with some amazing morning sex. A small smile passed over her lips at the thought. She couldn't wait to have that again.]]

[google-font][peddana [size19 She understood they had to keep their guard up, but what harm would it cause them? She shook the thoughts out of her head as she finished her shitty bath. She then dried herself off the best she could, and slipped into the new clothes she had brought with her. She then tied her hair back into a ponytail, and opened the door. She went into the kitchen and found a couple cans of beans, and found something to open them with. She then carried both cans back to the bedroom and sat on the edge of the bed.]]

[google-font][peddana [size19 [#DDB9B9 "Good morning love. I know it's not much, but it's better than nothing. If you want a sponge bath there's a dampened towel in the bathroom waiting for you"] she said lightly as she handed him the can when he was slightly more awake. She then dug into her own and winced at the taste. She had to keep telling herself it was better than nothing. At least they were alive, and they would hopefully find something soon. She wasn't going to hold her breath though. At least for the time being they were here, and they were somewhat safe.]]

[center [pic]]

[right [pic]]

[google-font][peddana [size19 As the male was gathering the supplies he thought they would need, he stopped and thought about what he was doing. The woman was doing her best. She was still new, and yet he felt like he was picking up the slack. Something he shouldn't have to do. If you were going to be out in this world, then you need to kill, or be killed. He made a mental note to talk to her about it, and see if she would be open to him teaching her how to kill, and not to feel pity for those things.]]

[google-font][peddana [size19 When both of his bags were filled he made his way back the way he had come. He had a really bad feeling about something, and he didn't like it. He felt like they had to get back to the compound and now. When he rounded the corner he spotted the blonde. She looked green, and looked like she was about to puke. That wasn't a good sign. That's when he saw the blood on the floor, and the arm. He understood why she looked so sick. He would have been too if he was still so new.]]

[google-font][peddana [size19 He quietly made his way over to her, and then set the bags onto the ground. [#dfb034 "I think we need to leave. I have this bad feeling in the pit of my stomach, and it's not going away. Finish packing up your bags and then meet me outside. I'll make sure there's no walkers. Don't take your time"] he said lightly. He then lifted the heavy bags onto his shoulders and made his way back to the front of the shop. The supplies they had right now should be just enough to last.]]

[google-font][peddana [size19 When he was out by the tuck, he poured the items into the boxes, and then waited for the woman to join him. He looked around to make sure no walkers were around. He didn't hear the groaning sound they made. So for the time being they were in the clear. [#dfb034 "Hurry up.."] he said under his breath. He didn't like being out in the open like this. He should have stayed inside, but he knew better than that as well. When he spotted the woman coming out, he went to help with her bags.]]

[google-font][peddana [size19 He didn't bother dumping them out. He threw them into the back and then climbed into the truck. When she was inside he started it up, and managed to turn around and head back the way they had come. The silence was getting to him. He took a breath and spoke. [#dfb034 "Listen, I'm sorry okay? I'm not always a cold hearted asshole, and you didn't deserve the way I've been treating you. I know it's still something to get used too, and I will try my best to not let that get in the way"] he said.]]

[google-font][peddana [size19
[#dfb034 "If you'd like I can teach you how to kill those things, and how to really hunt when there are no stores around"] he offered her. It wasn't much, but at least he was somewhat trying. He was still a total asshole, but he was trying to change the habit the best he could. When he got closer to the compound was when his heart sank into his stomach. It was lit ablaze, and people were on fire as well. The smell hit his nose, and he about puked just then. That's when he spotted Miranda.]]

[google-font][peddana [size19 Half of her face was missing, and she was waving her arms telling them to leave, and now. The male slammed on the brakes and turned around as fast as he could. He then slammed on the gas and sped off. His heart was racing, and he felt like he was going to be sick. There was nothing they could do, they had to survive and leave the other's behind. Something he didn't want to do, but didn't have much of a choice in the matter. He sped off into the heart of the city, not daring to stop for anything until he had no other choice.]]
Burning_HeartXavier   355d ago

[center Xavier was barely awake when he rolled over to put his hand on Nova, only to be met with a cold spot of where she once was. For a moment, he wasn't concerned about it, figuring that maybe she'd gotten up to go make coffee or cook them some breakfast. It wasn't until the reality of the situation came crashing down on him that his eyes shot open and he sat up, ready to run out of the room to go find her. It's why he was relieved when she walked into the room just a moment later. Relief washed over him and he did his best to hide how panicked he'd been just a moment before.]

[center Taking the can from her, he instead forced a smile. Not the best breakfast in the world, but at least they weren't eating bugs or anything like that. He prayed it never came to that. He was actually hopeful that, if the military or government didn't come up with a way to fight this apocalypse, or even if they didn't find a safe haven, that they'd at least be able to make their own and grow their own food. Maybe even set up a water system somehow. Yeah, it was a bit far-fetched, but even his pessimistic self could have some bit of hope.]

[center Leaning over, he planted a kiss on her head. [b "Thank you, love. I'll be sure to do that."] He desperately wanted a real bath, but beggars couldn't be choosers. Better to be able to bathe with a sponge than not bathe at all. Once he finished with his can, he slipped out of bed, stretching his arms over his head before making his way to the bathroom, making sure not to take too long. He didn't want to stay in the house any longer. He really wanted them to get a move on so they wouldn't get stuck there.]

[center After washing and getting dressed, he made his way back to the room, ruffling out his hair with his fingers. [b "Are you ready to get away from this hell hole?"] he asked, looking at her.]

[center [pic]]

[right [pic]]

[center Desdemona jumped slightly when she heard Paxton speak, doing her best to keep from swinging her bag at him. And he had chewed her ass out for sneaking up on [i him.] Looking at him, she nodded, dread washing over her. It worried her that he was concerned. Had he seen something or was it just like a sixth sense? Once he'd walked away, she didn't hesitate to pick up the pace, knowing he'd probably leave her behind if she took too long.]

[center She'd managed to grab a few more cans, relieved that they'd grabbed so much the second time. Slipping the bags onto her shoulders, she made her way out, a bit surprised that he stopped to help her with them. Whatever was knawing it at him, it had to be pretty serious. Hopping inside the truck, she glanced at him, holding her breath as he spoke. What switch had been hit to make him apologize to her? [b "I...yeah, I'd really appreciate that,"] she said softly. [b "And don't apologize. I know I'm weak, trust me, but I don't want to be. This is still just so much to take in."] It wasn't like this was the world they'd grown up in. This had happened fast and there had been no time to prepare.]

[center The smell of something burning hit her out of nowhere, tearing her eyes away from him and to the view ahead of them. She gasped, placing her hands over her mouth as her eyes widened. [b "Oh, God..."] Seeing Miranda made her feel dizzy and it took all she had not to pass out right there. Paxton had every right to be worried.]

[center When he spun the truck around, she turned in her seat to look out the window, watching the compound disappear behind them. Slowly turning back, she sunk down into the seat, tears welling up in her eyes. [b "We weren't gone that could that have happened?"] she asked aloud, though it wasn't necessarily to him. Everything had seemed fine when she'd woken up that morning. Had there been a breach, and if so, how did it happen so fast?]

[center She buried her face in her hands then, unsure of what to say. Just like that, their home was gone.]
WickedLove-ѕυrvιve   341d ago

[google-font][peddana [size19 Novalee had seen the panic on his face when she first walked in. She felt her heart drop to her stomach realizing what she had done. When he took the can from her and started eating, she looked away from the male. She felt bad for just leaving him alone like that. He just looked so peaceful sleeping, that she didn't want to wake him. When he agreed to the sponge bath she nodded lightly. Her mind then wandered to better times. Where they would both shower together, or take a nice long bubble bath with each other.]]

[google-font][peddana [size19 Those had been the perfect times together. She had felt like a weight wasn't on her shoulders, and they didn't know anything about what was going on now. Those had been the times she would hold onto forever. The love making, the waking up early to make him breakfast, coming home late at night to a romantic dinner he had made for her. She sighed lightly as tears stung her eyes. The memories were somewhat painful, but wonderful at the same time. She sighed as she laid back on the bed while he went to do his sponge bath.]]

[google-font][peddana [size19 When he came back and asked if she was ready to leave, she wanted to say no. She just wanted to stay here, but knew they couldn't make that happen. [#DDB9B9 "I suppose so. There's really no packing to do. Just make sure we have our weapons, and the small supplies we have at the moment. I know sooner or later we will have to find some more"] she said lightly. They were getting lighter on the food and water bottles. Hopefully they would come upon a small town or something soon.]]

[google-font][peddana [size19 She hurried and changed into a pair of shorts, and a tank top. It was going to be a long, hot day. Might as well try and stay somewhat cool. She then slid her feet into her boots and gathered up her things. She slipped the back pack onto her back, and pulled her hair into a ponytail. She was finally done and ready to go. [#DDB9B9 "You have the map, so you lead the way"] she said lightly. She didn't want to leave the safety of this cabin, but she didn't have much of a choice right now.]]

[google-font][peddana [size19 Maybe they would run into someone else along the way, and hopefully they would be able to find some sort of building, or something to ride this whole thing out. She couldn't help but wonder if this whole nightmare would die out, or if it was their lives now. She sighed lightly as she made her way to the door and opened it slowly peeking out. She then stepped outside and didn't see any walkers around. They had a little bit of time to start hiking to their next destination before nightfall.]]

[center [pic]]

[right [pic]]

[google-font][peddana [size19 Paxton's fingers were white on the steering wheel with how tightly he was gripping it. He had gotten them both out of there and fast. That's when he heard the woman voice her questions, and he had a small feeling what happened. He just didn't say anything right away. He wanted to make sure they were far enough away from the compound. He took a side street and ended up in a really nice looking neighborhood. He couldn't help but wonder if it had been for the rich folks only. He smirked lightly at the thought.]]

[google-font][peddana [size19 A few minutes later he parked in a driveway of a really nice looking home, and he shut the truck off. The silence washed over them and quickly. He then turned in his seat and looked towards the woman. [#dfb034 "I think I know what happened, but I could be fully wrong. Chance wasn't feeling the best after one of our supply runs. He had some sort of cut or bite on his forearm, and he had been feeling like total shit since it happened"] he said lightly, and then he slowly realized what did fully happen.]]

[google-font][peddana [size19 [#dfb034 "How could I have been so fucking stupid? I had heard him fighting with something, and then he had screamed out in pain. At first I didn't bother to ask what was wrong, because I figured he had cut himself.. Now that I'm thinking about it, there had been a walker, and it was one of those that didn't have their legs, so it dragged itself with it's arms... It's my fault that the compound is up in flames, I didn't think about shooting Chance... Or leaving him behind.."] he breathed out. His heart breaking in his chest.]]

[google-font][peddana [size19 It was his fault that this happened. If he had thought about it better, instead of the supply run's, he would have been able to catch it sooner. He slammed his hand against the wheel. [#dfb034 "If it hadn't been for me believing him that he was okay, then we wouldn't be in this fucking mess right now"] he breathed out. He was kicking himself, and he knew that this was Karma for how he had treated the blonde next to him. This was going to eat at him for the rest of his life now, and he didn't know what to do.]]
Burning_HeartXavier   318d ago

[center Xavier could tell that she really wasn’t okay with the idea of them leaving, and to a degree, he understood. They were inside some pretty sturdy walls. It would be crazy to leave the safety of the little home they had nestled in to go somewhere else. However, they both understood that they couldn’t just go to the store and buy more food once they started running low. No, unfortunately, they would have to scavenge whatever they could find and ration it out the best they could, which meant they had to leave sooner or later. He just preferred sooner. It would only be a matter of time before some of the undead managed to make their way inside, and he didn’t want to be present when that happened.]

[center Nodding, he ran a hand through her hair, watching her for a moment before moving away so she could change. He didn’t feel the need to do so just yet, since there really wasn’t a way to wash their clothes until they found a creek or something, so all he really had to do was throw on his shoes and grab his pack before he was ready to go.]

[center Unzipping it, he pulled out the map she had mentioned, finding where they were on it before closing the backpack over his shoulder. He studied the map for a moment, pointing to a portion of the road that seemed fairly far from some of the busier ones. [b “Well stick with the back roads for now. The last thing I want to do is draw too much attention to us if we can avoid it.”] Using the backroads would lead to a smaller town that they could search through. Hopefully, they’d be able to find something useful during their travels.]

[center He followed her outside, relieved that none of the undead seemed to be present. It was a far more welcome sight to see than some of the previous mornings they had experienced. Reaching out, he took her hand in his, giving it a reassuring squeeze before they began to walk, the map now folded up and in his back pocket.]

[center [pic]]

[right [pic]]

[center Desdemona had glanced at Paxton when he hadn’t said anything but didn’t bother trying to make any small talk or anything. She was still in complete disbelief at what they had seen. Had it been a coincidence then that they had been sent out, or had Miranda known something was up and sent them away on purpose? The thought made her want to throw up again. Tears threatened to spill over onto her cheeks and she quickly wiped them away. Now wasn’t the time to get emotional about it all. She’d have a chance later, she was sure of it.]

[center She’d barely noticed when he finally pulled into a vacant driveway. It was only when he finally did speak that she broke out of the daze she had been in. Her eyes widened as he spoke, his words washing over her. Part of her wanted to criticize him for the decision he had made. Maybe he was right and this [i was] his fault. At that moment, she could’ve taken the pain she was feeling out on him and it probably would’ve felt good.]

[center She didn’t, however. Instead, she reached out, placing a hand on his shoulder to try and give him what little comfort she could offer. [b “You don’t know that,”] she said, watching him. [b “Maybe there’s more to it than you think there is?”] She wasn’t sure if that were really the case, but she was willing to say anything she could to try and ease his pain as well. [b “For all we know, it could’ve been someone else. It’s it possible that one of them could’ve breached the walls?”] She didn’t know if that was possible, either, but even a slight chance was still a chance.]

[center She let out a small sigh, her heart breaking for him. She was doubtful that he would listen to her, but it was worth a shot. She knew how easily guilt could eat away at a person. She’d been there many a time before. [b “Are we staying here for the rest of the day?”] she asked a moment later. She didn’t like just sitting in the truck out in the open like they were. Too many opportunities for one of the undead or someone else to sneak up on them.]


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