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By Anime_freak
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I am looking for 5 others, your OC's have been chosen to come to the first ever "Oly's school of warriors." there are pairs of two for each 'house' (Not harry potter related lol). There is 'Mages' house, 'Knights' house, And 'Kings' house. This is based off from mid-evil times. It will be a character limit of 500. Please fill out a character sheet. CLOSED!

Sexuality: (Optional.)
House: MAGE's are TAKEN
(Image) or appearance:
Powers: (only If Mage if not, just put 'none')
Fears: (put at least 2!)


My character,

Name: Adam Dredge
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Bisexual
Race: Human and elf mix.
House: Knights
Weapon: Sword
(Image) or appearance: *on character*
Powers: none
Family: Elf worrier /father/, normal house wife human,/ mom./
History: His father was wounded in battle and was forced to retire afterwards, mother is a maid for one of the kings.
Fears: Lakes, and almost all dragons.
Strengths: Swords and riding horses.
Likes: Horses and training
Dislikes: Most mothers that are laid back or just females that are lazy.
Other: Nothing much really.

Kitiki_Anemara's character

Name: Kiki
NickName: KitKat, Twinkie,
Gender: non-binary
Sexuality: Asexual (is mah innocent child :3)
Race: unknown (was created by unknown entity)
House: Mages
Weapon: none
(Image) or appearance: *in character*
Powers: Manipulate Light and Darkness (or shadows), fire and ice magic, can talk to and understand animals
Family: none
History: Was created by an unknown entity and found unconscious in a crater by scientist who took and experimented on Kiki for many years and accidentally unlocked its powers (more to be revealed in RP)
Fears: Chemical smells that remind her of a hospital or lab and People in lab coats (when Kiki gets scared it goes into "fight mode" and will get all paranoid and hurt anyone who tries to get close to it even if it doesn't mean to until it calms down)
Strengths: Medium- to long-range combat, its agility and physical strength
Likes: Animals, Training, Drawing, Climbing trees, Track(running), Swimming, Flying,
Dislikes: Labs, people in lab coats, chemical smells, (basically anything related to its past before escaping the government labs)
Other: Has a pair of wings it usually keeps hidden and looks like a child despite being many, many years old. Also likes to act childish at times.

FROSTBITE4933's character

Name: Qrow Reaper
Gender: Male
Sexuality: unknown
Race: unknown
House: mage
Weapon: anything
(Image) or appearance: to be found out (it's a supprise
Powers: unknown... I guess
Family: unknown
History: to be revealed
Fears: his past, and hights
Strengths: meh this will be revealed
Likes: nothing specific
Dislikes: nothing specific (other than people)
Other: Qrow is able to go far beyond his bodies limits, sometimes he goes so far while training he breaks a bone, because of this his body is unable to feel pain, he has a healing factor, and yadda yadda tons more to be revealed (not that much actually)

Denki22JM's character-

Name: Alec Saint
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Pansexual
Race: Human and Fairy mix.
House: Knights
Weapon: (in character pic)
Powers: none
Family: none
History: Family was killed in battle and he somehow survived.
Fears: Atychiphobia and monophobia
Strengths: Sword fighting, protecting people, combating.
Likes: Socializing, music, and others.
Dislikes: unknown

Junkyard_Dog's character-

Name: Dominique LaFloren
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Lesbian
Race: Human
House: Kings
Weapon: Longsword, Knuckle Dusters
Powers: None
Family: Dominic and Nicor LaFloren; King and Queen of the kingdom of Hundarik, as well as two younger sisters, Vesa and Lenei
History: Dominique never asked for any of this. She never wanted to be a royal and she certainly never wanted to be a queen. When she was enrolled in Oly's by her parents, she was under the impression it would be for the Knight House.
Fears: Becoming fat and content on the labor of others like her parents, dying in obscurity, not living up to the heroes she's looked up to since she was a child.
Strengths: Physical prowess, having spent plenty of time with the local knights.
Likes: Fighting, tests of bravery, horseback riding, small animals.
Dislikes: Court meetings, magic, injustice

Aoki-chan's character-

Name: Jörð inn hárfagri (Jo)
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bisexual
Race: Dwarf and God
House: King
Weapon: Two one handed axes and one two handed axe
(Image) or appearance:
Powers: None
Family: Found on the battlefield. Her family name is of Harald Fairhair (Haraldr inn hárfagri) descent.
History: Jo was found in the middle of a bloody skirmish. She was found covered by large dying wolf. Her cries wailed across the battlefield and everyone dropped the axes. Each warrior looked at their bloody enemies and a single tear fell from their eyes. Then the two hundred troops surrounded the wolf and knelt with their helmets on the ground. Her father to be walked towards the black wolf and before it could charge him he slayed it in one blow. The wolf slayer picked up the crying baby and marked her with the blood of the wolf. She cooed, wolf slayer made the declaration "She will be the one to lead us!"

The cloudy skies parted and this began Jo's life as the one who will unite them all. Joro was born in battle and raised to do so. This is her fate and she will live up to it.

Fears: the gods and bad luck
Strengths: Agile/flexible, strong, close combat, unpredictable, adaptable
Likes: boats, combat, nature, mead/beer, people, and smithing
Dislikes: losing, knights, training combat
Other: Has 3 pet wolves from the slain wolf and a black wolf mantle.
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Anime_freakAdam dredge   1y ago
We'll make memories, friend.

It was the first day at the new school, Oly's School. It was strange how there where only half of the kids would be there this week, and the other half would be there next week.

There was a voice coming from down the hall in the auditorium. It was the Principle. "Down the hall to auditorium." He had a stern voice, very clear. Adam looked around at the others.

One of them looked scary. Kinda like a reaper. The others looked sort of normal. There was one that had ears. Fluffy. He walked into the auditorium and sat down next to to the others.

Dominique's knuckles turned white with exertion, her grip unyielding at her side. She didn't want to be there; at the school. Well, that wasn't entirely true. She had always dreamed of the chance to hone her skills at the academy, but those dreams were dashed by one simple word on her acceptance letter. One word that she knew, then and there, would damn her to a life that she dreaded more than death. As she filed into the auditorium to take a seat, that word rang loud in her ears.

Anime_freakRed   1y ago
We'll make memories, friend.

"Good day students." He said standing in front of them all. He had waited for them all to sit. "Your applications had houses.." He said trailing of a second, then coming back to the train of thought.

"I will announce your partners now." A book floated to his hands.
"Kiki and Qrow.." He said flipping pages. He pointed to the hall for the two to leave. "Remy and Dominique.." He pointed for them to leave as well. "Alec and Adam." He closed the book. "There will be new houses next week. in tell then, find your dorms and wait for classes.'
Kitiki_AnemaraKiki   1y ago

Kiki was late, nothing new considering the circumstances. As a non-binary on top of a human pet- or rather- prisoner Kiki was used to the constant abuse and being treated like a monster to the point it couldn't feel pain anymore. its mouth bled as it chewed on the padlock that trapped it within the cage. Kiki hadn't slept at all as it had been doing this for restless hours and once the lock finally broke, Kiki burst the cage open and ran, sprinting all the way to Oly's School that it had applied to in secret just for a means of escape, the family having argued about the acceptance letter that arrived which earned Kiki a punishment and the last week spent locked in that cage. But it was finally free now. Kiki knew it couldn't go back. Only issue was that it didn't know where to go, though Kiki kept a large, childlike grin on its face while it explored, stopping only to listen to the Principal's voice when he mentioned and called out partners. [i It] tilted [i its] head confused and ran toward the sound in an attempt to find who [i it] had been partnered with and casually follow them to the dorm since [i it] was completely lost here.
Denki22JMAlec saint   1y ago

Alec arrived there early and looked around at all the people that were around him, he felt extremely exited to finally be around other people but he kept himself calm. When he heard the voice of the principal he listened quietly as he walked down to the auditorium. “Partners...?,” he whispered to himself waiting for his name to be called, Adam..? New houses..? He asked himself as he stood up and left to find his dorm, he was curious about the guy that was gonna be his partner, he at least hoped he would be nice. When he found his dorm he opened the door and looked around.
Anime_freakRed   1y ago
We'll make memories, friend.

Once everyone else left he had finally left. He didn't want to look rude going out before most. Even if his partner left before him. Once he had gotten there, he threw his duffel bag on the floor.

He thought it was weird that they would share a dorm with random people. Then again one of his faults was curiosity. He looked at Alec for a second. Then held out his hand. "I'm obviously Adam, and your Alec right?" He knew the answer. Just wanted to check if this man had patients, or if he was a snob like his uncle.
Denki22JMAlec saint   1y ago

He looked around curiously before he heard a voice behind him, he turned around and looked at him. He smiled softly and shook his gently, “Yeah that’s me,” he said softly. He smiled at the fact that his partner had introduced himself, almost no one had been nice to him in his life. He put his hand down and took a look at his partner he had to be honest with himself he was kind of cute, his face turned a very light pink. He looked around before turning back to his partner, “ you need help with anything?,” he asked politely.
Anime_freakRed   1y ago
We'll make memories, friend.

Adam smiled. He would have to write down that the one he bunked with, was nice. "Not really, My dumb dad helped build the place, and knows Oly. So I know a thing or two." He said rubbing the back of his neck with a small smile.

He felt rude bringing up his father. Although he thought he should mention it for some odd reason. "Which bed is yours?" He said looking at the two beds that were across from each other.

The dorm was indeed big. It's own mini kitchen, two bathrooms, a bedroom and a living space with a desk. His father and his goons might have actually did something nice.
Denki22JMAlec saint   1y ago

He smiled softly at Adam, “Oh sounds cool,” he said interested. He was overall glad his partner had a family to live with unlike him, that made him feel calm inside. The dorm was huge well... that what he thought he he saw it.

He looked over at the beds when he mentioned them, “ You can pick first, I don’t really know just make sure to pick the nicest,” he said softly. He was used to a uncomfortable bed since he couldn’t afford much.

He looked around waiting for Adam to pick his bed so he could put his stuff on his bed.
Aoki-chanJörð inn hárfagri (Jo)   1y ago
Pitter-patter. Pitter-patter. Pause. Hop.

Jo was reluctant to go to a school for warriors. She believed that the best place to learn was on the battlefield where she had everything to gain and lose. However, her mother made the decision that she needed to learn more about the rest of the world. When her mother declared it be so, Jo had no reason to argue. She packed her bags and prepared for the long trek. They were quite far from the academy, but Jo needed the bare minimum of items as the rest would follow suit. On the journey there she was shown a whole world outside of her own. Though her people traveled often for raiding and pillaging she was used to the cold frigid lands. Instead, these places were warm with more sun than clouds.

[i “One day my people will bask in this sunlight and reap these fields as well.”]

By the time she arrived, Joro was obviously late. Opening ceremony was over and after she checked in Joro was quickly shuttled to her room. A piece of parchment listed Dominique LaFloren and House king. She thanked the person for checking her in and handed them a coin. Afterwards Joro quickly scanned her new environment, and she noticed the type of people she did not like.

“Blek Knights!”

She did not have the best opinion of these armor buffoons. Walking around all high and mighty while spouting their codes. Especially wear heavy armor and hiding behind big walls. Joro has raided a few cities with knights. They always spouted being noble and cursed them for their barbaric ways. No matter the size of the wall and how much armor they were wearing, her encounters with knights usually end with an axe to the head.
“I’ll play nice as long as long as they don’t try stepping on my toes.”
When she arrived at the room, she did not see anyone there yet and the door was still locked. After entering, Joro made the decision that the bed on the left side was hers. She dropped the sack and box she was carrying beside her bed.

“Maybe a quick nap.”

Joro dove onto her bed headfirst and began to doze off.
Anime_freakAdam dredge   1y ago
We'll make memories, friend.

Adam got up and opened the window, there was a small phoenix that flew in. "This is Burn!" He said waving his hand at the phoenix and it flew to his arm.

"She was the runt of the pack and my father wanted to sell her.." He said trailing off. "But I kept her without my rotten father knowing!" He said smiling. "Want food?" He said walking to the mini kitchen.

"Class doesn't start till tomorrow.." He said starting the stove and pulling out a pot, as he filled it with water the phoenix climbed to his shouled. "We should be able to stay up till 11:00.." He said looking at the time.

The opening ceremonies were exactly the sort of affair that Dominique did her best to avoid back home. People who thought they were important giving speeches they thought others wanted to hear. Like tiny pinpricks under her skin, she was filled with the urge to get up and do something. Swing her sword, move her legs, take a punch, anything but sit and listen to someone drone on.

The speeches, however, were mercifully short. Dominique sent up a silent prayer of thanks as she rose. She hadn't considered the idea of having a roommate. She wasn't sure the extent to which they intended the word partner, but she wasn't exactly eager to find out given that her partner would be coming from the same house as herself. Likely the same sort of dead weight she'd been surrounded by from birth and told to get along and make friends with, all the while needing to coddle the little princelings so their fragile feelings wouldn't get hurt. She wouldn't let that sort of weight pull her down; not here.

With her steamer trunk behind her, she set forth toward her room. It took her a fair amount of time, as she barely had time to memorize her own castle let alone figure out a new one. As she approached the door she remembered once again that she'd be staying with someone. Given the size of the place, she was unclear why they felt the need to stick students together, but it wasn't like she could go and complain to the headmaster. She spent her life trying to prove she wasn't some soft-handed noble. She wasn't about to act like it here.

The creak of the door was followed by the footfalls of her heavy boots, heedless of the girl already sleeping in the room. Dominique gave her a once-over before putting her boot into the trunk she had brought to push it toward the foot of the bed that was left for her.
Denki22JMAlec saint   1y ago

“Oooo they’re so pretty,” he said as he got closer and touched the Phoenix with one finger. He didn’t know why or how but he was good with animals, but at least he could get along with them.

“Oh he sounds rather- never mind...I shouldn’t judge, “ he said rather quietly to himself. He smiled and nodded at the question. He kept a few feet of distance between himself and Adam because he knew he was excited and didn’t want to mess it up.

“Sounds good,” he said softly as he grabbed his little bag and placed it beside the slightly small bed.
Aoki-chanJörð inn hárfagri (Jo)   1y ago
Pitter-patter. Pitter-patter. Pause. Hop.

Jo was in mid daze with her head in the pillow when the scratching sound of the door caught her attention. There was the sound of dull boots hitting the ground.

[I "Whoever it is has some heavy steps."]

Jo learnt how to distinguish the sounds of footsteps from hunting down prey and ambushing enemies. This person was someone that wore armor and most likely practiced with it. Not one of her clansman. They were trained to walk through the forest like foxes.

[I "Well mother did want me to meet the people outside."]

Jo was not looking forward to introducing herself to this armored beast, but since they'll be roommates for a while.....

Turning onto her side she looked the roommate while they were digging in their trunk.

"Hello there. I would like to introduce myself."
Transitioning to sitting up with her bare feet touching the floor. Jo likes to stay grounded in a way, so no shoes was preferred.

"My name is Jörð inn hárfagri. Jo is fine. I come a from a region much colder than here and do not know of the customs. However, I look forward to getting to know you."

Jo reached out her scuffed hand riddle with harden blisters and scars. She looked up and down the girl observing how she would go about this interaction. Jo was a raider for the most part and may or may not have touched most lands at some point. The question was what was her roommate and what type of king is she.

Armor gave an impression. Most viewed it as powerful. Only warriors wore armor and Dominique's armor was that of a warrior. Finely crafted and inlaid with intricate designs, her armor also showed all the signs of use. From the deep gouges under her right breast to the two spots where her blacksmith hadn't quite been able to hammer out some rather nasty dents, her armor was well-worn. She took pride in maintaining it. It was the only reason she'd lugged such a cumbersome trunk with her to the school, even if doing so made her look like a princess with too many clothes to fit in a simple pack.

Dominique undid the latches on her trunk and began to remove the pieces of her armor stand, situated atop her clothes when she heard her new roommate speak. It sounded formal, which put her on edge immediately. Still, she turned to face the girl and extended her own hand. She was, admittedly, surprised when the callouses of her sword hand were met by a similar roughness.

"Dominique. Just call me Dom. Never was one for full names and titles." Her eyes drifted down to Jo's feet as she let go of her hand. Her roommate certainly wasn't from the area. Most wouldn't forgo footwear for fear of stepping somewhere they shouldn't.

The time for impressions with the rest of the school was done, as far as Dom was concerned. There certainly didn't seem like there was going to be any combat on their first day, another in a string of disappointments. So, seeing no more need for her armor, Dom began to disrobe, a process that would take a little while.

"I'm afraid that if you're hoping to learn the customs from me, you're in for a letdown," Dom said, tossing her vambraces onto her bed. "I never was one for customs or formalities. I find things are a lot easier to parse through on a battlefield. Simpler. Ain't gotta worry about offending anyone." A soft smile turned up her thin lips as she was lost on thought. The flow of combat made more sense to her than the flow of conversation. And although it seemed like she was going to say more, she simply continued to undo the straps on her breastplate.
Anime_freakAdam dredge   1y ago
We'll make memories, friend.

Adam grew up in a house were his guardians were never home. So he was used to cooking for himself, and occasionally another. The dorm had its own kitchen so it would be easy to cook.

Adam opened the cupboard. To his opposing tone, it had changed to a nice and calm tone. “Thank you.” He said looking at his roommate. He had grown a liking to him already. A bigger one then he liked, considering he had been taught not to get to attached.



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