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MourningGloryCian Blake   1y ago
Lady of the Night

How long did these mortals expect to live? To have their perfect lives with their loved ones? Listening to the laughter and the sweet nothings uttered made the man smile almost bitterly. They didn't have a clue as to what true love entailed or the pain of losing it. None of them even seemed to understand the true meaning of a soulmate. Or those were the notions that he was getting from the conversations around the bar. What was sad about it was, the man knew the tones, the words, and could even sense the lies.

[#0000ff "They think that they have it all figured out. But they don't. I have been alive far longer than I care to be... And I have been waiting for her to come back. Year after year I search and I search and yet I have yet to come across my love."] To any that would sound insane. Perhaps completely ludicrous and the need for a padded cell. But to Cian, it simply meant that he believed that when the body died that the soul lived on. She had promised on the day she had died that she would come back to him, and after three hundred and something odd years, the vampire believed her. He missed her and had loved her after all that time. He would love her always.

Blue eyes came up from the now empty drink that he had been nursing and he offered the young woman behind the counter a faint smile. And it was when he looked at her, REALLY looked at her did his unbeating heart jump into his throat. How could he have been so stupid and not noticed before? Night after night he had come in here. He had listened to the conversations and he had drinks...but on none of the nights had he realised that she was here. That his long lost love had returned. [#0000ff "I am sorry to bother you, but can I have another drink? Perhaps buy you one as well? It does not appear very busy for the moment and I could assume things may get dull?"] Cian found himself saying, though all the while he could not keep his eyes from her. Her outer appearance had changed, but that soul...those bright eyes...he would know anywhere. It was her.
SSerendipty-мιℓα   1y ago

It was another dull evening. A bunch of drunk people coming into the bar and drinking most of her alcohol that she had stocked. But she loved her job. But for some reason tonight was a little slower. She was pretty sure that night would pick up. It usually does.

Mila was eating on some moz sticks when she looked over and her usual walks in. He was in here every night. Mila hated how he always looked so sad. He was always here, drinking, and just doesn't talk very much. Mila kind of wanted to know what was going on with him. The female blinked as she watched him sit down at the bar. She just continue to munch on her food. Got him his usual. [b " There you go."] She smiled sweetly at him, and saw she had a few other drinks to make for some other people. She walked away, and let him be for the time being. Mila hated to see people so sad.

Within an hour, things picked up, but didn't stay busy very long. She went back over to the bar, and then she looked at him, while she was speaking to her. [b "Of course! And sure, I'd love to have a drink as well. It's pretty dead in her anyways. Not like the boss is going to care. For some reason he likes when we drink with the customers."] Mila chuckled, and then she poor his drink and then she poor herself a cup of straight tequila and sipped on it.

[b "May I ask... why do you like so sad all the time?"]
MourningGloryCian Blake   1y ago
Lady of the Night

In the past, those bright eyes and sweet smile could coax him into telling her anything and everything. But to her, Cian was a perfect stranger and the words he so wanted to tell her were not something one told to someone they just met. So he had to contemplate her question as she asked why he always looked so sad when he came in. And for a few moments, the vampire sipped at the new drink that she had poured him, trying to come up with an excuse for it.

When he had, a sad smile graced his lips as he set his glass down and let his blue gaze fall upon her again fully. [#0000ff "I know that it appears that way, and I do not mean to. But you see..."] He trailed off a moment to think through his words carefully before he spoke them and before he continued on. [#0000ff "A few years ago I lost my wife and she had meant a great deal to me. And since her death, life just has never been the same and I have never been able to forget her."] His words were as honest as he could be without actually telling her the whole truth of the matter.

Again, the man took up his glass and swirled it, letting the ice click softly across the bottom and offered a sad smile. [#0000ff "I am sorry, miss... I should not have told you all of that. Perhaps the drinks are getting to my head and I do not quite have the filter that I should."] Now that was a lie. It took A LOT of drinks to get a vampire drunk and he was nowhere near it. But Cian figured that was as good an excuse of any as to why he would tell a perfect stranger such a tragedy.
SSerendipityмιℓα   1y ago

Mila listened to the male explain his story. She gasped when he told her that her wife died. Mila couldn't even imagine going through something like that. Mila pursed her lips and then took in a deep breath. She didn't know how people go through what they go through. Mila was drinking along side with this male. And with him stating that, that made her put down her drink, so she could really listen to him, her eyes locked onto his.

[b "That is so sad! I'm so dearly sorry for your loss!"] At this point she didn't know what else to say. She watched as new customers came into the bar. She smiled as they walked over and then they asked for what they wanted. She made them really quick for them, took their payment, and then focused her attention back on him once more.

Mila frowned when he told her that he shouldn't of told her that. [b "Actually, I feel like you should. Because I do understand where your coming from."] Something about this man she was somewhat recognizing, but she couldn't put her finger on it. Mila smiled at him, and then sat next to him once more. [b "I want to know more about your wife!"]

Mila wanted to make the man smile. And she wasn't going to stop until she did get him to smile. [b "What was she like? What was her favorite thing about her? Tell me it all! Maybe that will help."] She smiled at him once more staring at him in awe.
MourningGloryCian Blake   1y ago
Lady of the Night

Did the vampire want her to feel sorry for him? Not in the slightest. But he has only been doing what she has asked. She had wanted to know why he seemed so sad and so he told her. Of course there had been some omissions and lies, but what could he have done?

[#0000ff "There is no need to be sorry. Such things are a part of life. We are die. I suppose we just have to be greatful for those we knew and loved."] Those words were harder than hell for him to say and he very damn near choked on them too. ALL of them were not the case for him. He was an immortal and damned to this life for all time. Or rather he was until someone was able to figure him oit and shove a stake through his heart. And quite honestly, that was a death he longed for...or rather had longed for before coming across the young woman with whom he now spoke.

For just a moment or two she left him to help other patrons, but soon she rerurned to him and their conversation. Which both amused and hurt him as she asked about herself...well the her that he had known and so very loved. [#0000ff "We met when I was a young man. Our parents had put us togerher and from there we knew that we were meant to be togerher. She had been my better half...the light in my darkness. She made remember that I was human and not always a bad person. My favourite things about her...her smile, her warmth and compassion, the way she made me feel... To be perfectly honest my dear.. I loved and still do very much love everything about her."] The vampire said as once more he picked up his glass and took a small sip from it.

[#0000ff "As I have told you all of this.. might you tell me a little about you? I do believe it is only fair.. And one sided conversations are never a good way to keep them."] The man said as he offered a faint smile.
SSerendipityмιℓα   1y ago

Mila always thought she was such a good listener. Listening to him made her heart for him. But she felt like went through the same thing as well. Last time she knew, she had a husband, but he died. She wasn't sure though. She was in a bad accident, and lost a lot of her memory. So she didn't remember much.

Mila turned to look at him once more. She saw her replacement come in, and she smiled. That made her smile, because that meant she can give all her attention to this male. She did the shift change, and then she sat where he was at.

[b "About me.."] She didn't like the idea to talk about herself, because she only remembers what doctors told her. But I mean, that was a start for her. [b "Well. I don't remember much about myself. Me and my husband were in a terrible accident, and I ended up loosing him. So I'm widowed now. So like I said, I definitely understand your pain."] Mila smiled at him weakly. She played with the ring on her finger, and then back at him.

[b "After the accident, I started working here. Hoping someone would know me and tell me more about myself. But that hasn't happened yet. But that's okay!"] Mila smiled at him. One thing she was good at was turning something bad into something good. She took a sip of her drink and then smiled at him once more.
MourningGloryCian Blake   1y ago
Lady of the Night

For an instance, Cian was not sure that she would tell him more about her. He had caught the look in her eyes, no matter how brief that had said he had hit a nerve. The man was about to tell her that she didn't have to indulge him if she did not wish to do so. But before he could even speak, the young woman was switching out with her replacement and sitting beside him. She was also telling him how she had been in an accident, lost her husband, and also now did not remember much of who she was. Tragic in it's own way...and it killed him to hear that she had been so through so much. But then it looked like they both had. He had suffered the centuries of loneliness and missing her, and she had lost who she was in this lifetime. Ironic and yet poetic in a way.

[#0000ff "I am sure that you will learn more about who you were and are. I am only sorry that it has not happened yet and that you had been through so much. No one deserves that, my dear."] Came the quiet words before he could stop them. But then he had always had a softness for her. That was one thing that had not died with her when she had left him.

Again, the vampire was thoughtful and then lifted his glass. [#0000ff "It does appear you are off for the night. So, would it hurt if I asked you to take a walk with me? I have always loved the night and it would be lovely to have someone as sweet and beautiful as you to accompany me."] His real intentions were he didn't want to spend all night in the bar but he did not yet want to leave the young woman either.
SSerendipityмιℓα   219d ago

There was something about this male that she couldn't put her finger on. She was trying to figure it out. It was like she knew him, but she didn't know him. Even when she thought about it, it sounded pretty crazy. She bit on her lip, as there was some silence after she told him what happened to him. She gulped lightly, and then she smiled slightly trying to stay positive about the whole situation. She took another sip of her drink, and then she shuddered lightly. For a person that works at a bar, she sure hated drinking. But a little sip here and there wouldn't hurt her. 

It was hard for Mila to talk about her husband. That man was everything to her. They met when her life was so horrible. He saved her in more than one way. But her husband was so kindhearted. Thinking about her made her quite sad. If she wasn't next to this male she probably would start crying. But she knew that she needed to be strong. 

Mila then realized that she was yanked out of her reality for a minute when she heard the male talking again. She could tell that he was super sweet as well. Almost as sweet as her husband. She pursed her lips lightly and was trying so hard not to think about that. She did agree with what he said. She will learn more about herself eventually. [b "You are right about that. Just takes time and patience."] She smiled at him sweetly. 

Mila realized that she was barely drinking her drink when the male asked if she wanted to go on a walk. Mila definitely would love that because she didn't want to spend her whole time in the bar. [b "Yes I'd love to go for a walk!"] That made her super excited. She looked at her replacement. [b "You can take this and dump it or whatever."] The bartender nodded and then she looked at the male. [b "Ready?']
MourningGloryCian Blake   195d ago
Lady of the Night

Sweet, she was just as sweet in this lifetime as she had been in theirs together. And it truly did pain the vampire male to see the sadness dance so clearly in those beautiful eyes of hers when she had spoken of the love she had lost and how she had lost herself. Everything in the male wanted to let the young woman beside him know that she didn't need to be strong. He wanted to let her know that being vulnerable around him was perfectly alright as he had no intentions to hurt her. But none of those words were spoken aloud as yet again he took up his drink and took another sip.

The glass was soon lowered and placed upon the bar's counter as Mila had seemed to perk up and even agree to his offer for a walk. When her coworker had been told to do as they wished with her hardly tpuched drink, Cian was not at all surprised. For even in her previous life, Mila had never much cared for alcohol. Perhaps sweet wines, but never the bitterness of ales or what became the current rubbish known as beer. So that was something nice to see.

With a light nod to her partner, Cian paid for the last of his drinks and stood, offering a hand to Mila as she had asked him if he was ready. [#0000ff "Now tell me, my dear, is there anywhere you wish to go while on our walk? Or is this a take it as we may sort of deal?"] Came the soft words of the vampire male as he did begin to guide her from the bar. From here on out, Cian would be following her lead. He truly did want the night to be of her choosing.
SSerendipityмιℓα   159d ago

Mila was waiting for this male to answer her question. She figured it wasn't going go the way it was going. Mila wasn't sure how she felt about it though. This man made her feel something that only her true love made her feel. It was all super confusing to her. She felt like eventually she would find out the truth. But she felt like that any type of attention was like her past lover. She had a feeling though. And usually, she was never wrong about her feelings. 

Mila put her jacket on, as she saw him reach his hand out. She took in with no hesitation. She didn't understand why she did that, but she was just going to go with it. She had to learn to make sure she doesn't overthink a situation sometimes. 

Mila thought about his question. There was only one spot that came to mind. The beach. Where her and her past lover did a lot of things out. She loved swimming, and this was her favorite spot with him. She wasn't sure why she wanted to take this male there.. But the beach made her happy. Made her think of all the happy memories she had. She smiled as she walked out of the bar and walked to the beach. When they arrived, she looked at him studying his face. Praying that he was going to be okay with this. 

[b "I know it's not an ideal spot... But it makes me super happy to be here."] She didn't really want to explain more after that. She wasn't sure what was going to happen, but it seemed like this was the only person she could remember her past lover.
MourningGloryCian Blake   129d ago
Lady of the Night

So much different than when he had known her, but so very the same at the same time. A confusing thought process to say the least and yet it wasn't confusing. The vampyre was used to complex thoughts. Used to complex emotions that he was not able to quite explain. And the more he studied Mila and took is, the more he was sure that she was trying her best not to overthink. That in his mind was something that could be hard. Especially as she has said she did not have very many memories of her past.

For a second, the male had almost regretted that he had held his hand out to the young woman whom he had once known so well. Whom he har once been so very in love with and still very much was. If only, the regrets stemmed from the fact that to her they were perfect strangers and so he had not been sure if she would even take the offered hand. But she had and it had made him happy. Happier than it probably should have, but Cian had missed her so and any kind of contact with her, the big or small was something the man so very craved.

He didn't even ask where they were going. The truth was that the man would have followed her anywhere. Hell included. It was very much her show and he was just along for the ride.

It was when they stopped at the beach did the male's gaze fall on Mila as she began to speak. A light shake of the head was given and a faint smile came to his lips. [#0000ff "No need for an explanation, my dear. I did say that we could go anywhere you wanted. And the beach was where you chose for the simple fact that it makes you happy. Sometimes, it is the small things that make us happy. And to be honest, I have always so loved the beach myself. Just there is something about it that is both so relaxing and freeing."] There was truth to his words. Yet, there was so much he could not say. She had to remember on her own which was making this all the harder. But the male could not and would not give up on the woman he loved.

[#0000ff "Would you tell me what it is that you love most about the beach? Is it the waves? The way the wind sounds, that silent song? Or all of the above?"] Cian was curious, but more than that, the male just was trying to get her to speak. He loved the sound of her voice as he had not heard it for MANY, MANY years.


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