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Pleasant Nightmares (1x1 CLOSED for MourningGlory)

By Ravanya

For as long as I can remember, I've had the same dream for an entire week leading up to my birthday. I can feel my heart racing in my chest, and I feel as though my lungs ache and I can't catch my breath. Its night and the sky is clear and cluttered in glittering stars. The moon is large and full, almost like the Sun in the night. And all around me are crimson colored flowers with petals softer than any I've ever felt in my life. Its such a beautiful thing to see, but I'm still consumed with the mounting emotions of fear and desperation. Almost panic inducing.

As if it wasn't bad enough that I'm the weird child, having been born with white hair and blue eyes in a family dominated by black haired, brown eyed genetics, I also have to be the crazy one with weird dreams. My Mother and Father had always brushed it off until the dream caused me to stop breathing in my sleep one night and they had to rush me to the hospital. My older brother thinks I'm insane and wants to hear nothing about it, ever, and is always claiming that I'm adopted, though Mom has the birthing video to prove otherwise - not that we EVER wanted to see it....

After high school and a few lost jobs over the years, I decided that the city just wasn't where I wanted to live, as it was too crowded with people and overrun by lights and smog. So much to my brother's delight and my parents dismay, I packed up at the age of Twenty-four and moved to a small town in the countryside named Turralia. Someplace fresh where people didn't know how freaky I was, or that I'd almost died due to "nightmares". Little did I know that Turralia was going to be just as "exciting" to live in.

People stare as I walk by, some places claiming that my hair color is too distracting for me to work there - even after providing proof that its natural. I finally get a job in an old Pawn Shop in town called "Ed's Treasures" and I try to settle my life into my new home. But as I'm settling, the dreams are starting up and its not even a week before my birthday, yet. My birthday is a month away, right at the Summer Solstice of the year. And no matter where I go in town, I feel like I'm being watched, even when no one is around. Why can't my life be normal?


Neolaura is an Omega Werewolf born to a human family as the bloodline had been diluted and became dormant for many generations, collecting all into this one person. The white hair and blue eyes is where she and wolf have mixed in souls and become one entity instead of two souls sharing a body as most Were's do. She is completely unaware that the Supernatural world is real, or that moving to this small town has caught the eye of its Protective Alpha Wolf (Your character). The entire town is a town of Wolves, a large pack that lives away from humans in a way that doesn't seem suspicious. Most humans feel pack magic and are compulsed away from the town, only letting Wolves inside. Neolaura being an exception that the town cannot figure out.

2000 character limit will be given so that there is plenty to work with in each post.
No Godmodding just because they are Weres.
Illustrated pics only, no real or anime pics, please.
PM me for details with the title Alpha to show you read everything.
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RavanyaNeolaura   1y ago

[font "Times New Roman" The day was warm and humid, the pitter patter of rain on the roof of the pawn shop was like a hushed lullaby that threatened to take her off into sleep, if it wasn't for her boss in the back office cheering at his computer screen where he was watching some sports tournament while doing "invoices". She groaned and stood from where she'd been leaning on the counter and felt her back pop in a few places. She wasn't sure why there would be a pawn shop for this town when it seemed that no one wanted the junk. Some of it looked as though "Ed" hadn't dusted in years and it made the air taste stale as she yawned.

She had only been in town a week and she would have rather spent this rainy day going through the last of the boxes that she had been procrastinating to finish. She also needed to stop at the store for some proper groceries since she'd found the envelope her brother had stashed from her and her parents in one of her clothes boxes with a note. It simply said that he knew this was something she needed to do, and that Mom and Dad wouldn't help because they wanted her to stay in town. He was right, but the fact that he had managed to help her with money to get things started had made her emotional and she'd put off the rest of the boxes the last few days.

Another cheer from the office and then a crack of thunder rumbled the building and caused a few things to rattle here and there on the shelves. The town was surrounded by miles of forest and was nestled into the base of the nearby mountain range that hunters apparently liked to frequent according to the flyers she had seen in town. No sounds of yelling and arguing people on the streets, racing traffic nearly causing an accident every ten minutes, and the air here felt fresher, cleaner. She felt more relaxed here.

Except around the people.

It was a small town compared to the larger city she had been born in, but it was still decently sized with homes scattered through the woods even. And no matter where she went, she was whispered about, stared at, or ignored completely. She'd gotten so many weird looks from people that she couldn't even discern the emotions causing the looks anymore. She decided to just keep quiet and let it go, this was still a better place to live than back with her family.

The rest of the day was lazily dragged on until Ed claimed he would close up early so that he could go visit his Mother on the other side of town for dinner. She wouldn't complain, she needed to get groceries anyway. She waved to him as he locked up and she climbed into her little silver Impala and headed into town.
MourningGloryAlpha   1y ago
Lady of the Night

Humid and rainy days were the ones that the young man most preferred. It was easiest to keep track of everyone in town and to keep watch. After all, it was his home and they were his people. And he was very protective of them. All of them. Or rather it had been everyone until a newcomer had moved in about a week ago. She had white hair and bright blue eyes. And her smell, it was nothing like he or any of the others had smelled before. Not quite human, but it was not that of a wolf's either. To him, it was something in between and it kept him on edge. Her scent actually kept most everyone in the town on edge.

"You know that you should just kick her out of town. Kaden, it is only for wolves and that girl is clearly something outside of what we are. What happened to for the pack?" Nat muttered quietly as she stood at the alpha's side watching out the large glass window, keeping her eyes on the nearly deserted streets as most others loved to stay indoors on days like this one.

At the words that had been uttered, a sharp growl slipped from the man and his eyes tinted the faintest bit. For a moment, Kaden did debate shifting but it took everything in him to stop it as it was a pain (both figuratively and literally speaking) and he just didn't want to deal with it. Well that and they were quite literally in the coffee shop and it was their "rule" to stay human while in town or close to it. [b "That is not for you to decide, Natasha. And you would do well to remember who the alpha is."] His words were both quiet and sharp as he spoke them.

"You know I wasn't trying to get under your fur. I was just stating a fact. But as you wish, master." The girl said with a roll of her eyes. Natasha was perhaps the ONLY one that Kaden let get away with talking to him like that. The fact that she was his younger sister actually helped her there. [b "You are lucky you are my sister."] The man of twenty-eight, almost twenty-nine muttered as he too went back to watching the streets from the coffee shop that was close to the pawn shop. It was a place he rather enjoyed because he loved the smell of the coffee and their baked good AND it was a good way to watch the newcomer without her knowing that she was being watched.

Hours passed and FINALLY it looked like the day at the pawn shop had ended and the young woman with the white hair that had everyone curious was leaving in her little silver Impala. And that was his and Natasha's cue to leave as well. The pair got into his black Sudan and took a different road into town, soon pulling into the lot of the grocery store. He kind of had to do shopping as it was, but it was also the fact that the new girl was there too. In his mind, Kaden was killing two birds with one stone. Shopping and continuing to watch the stranger.
RavanyaNeolaura   1y ago

[font "Times New Roman" Driving to the store had been easy since everything in town was basically on the main road and square, minus some shops that were kept a little farther out to give a sense of space, and then farther out through the trees would be the homes of the townsfolk. Not including the few that actually lived above or behind their shops. She gave a stretch of her back in her car once she was parked in a parking spot, and then took her phone out of its holder and switched the Bluetooth connection to her headphones as she shut the car off and got out. Thunder rumbling from above the green landscapes and a soft drizzle had started up in place of the actual rain she'd heard a few hours ago, though it didn't look like it was over yet. She pulled the hood of her black jacket up over her head then made sure she had her phone, keys, money, and her shopping list.

She was thankful she had decided to wear a simple black top and some jeans today, unsure where the weather would have been with the rain out here. She paused and glanced around a moment or two when she felt that someone was watching her again. She'd felt it all week as she traveled the town getting things for the house and moving in her stuff. Pulling her hood up a little more and tightening her headphones, she cranked up the music and tried to ignore it as she jogged up to the door to the grocery store. She was used to such a busier life, so seeing only a handful of people in the store was surprising.

She made sure to wipe her feet on the mat to keep from tracking in too much water, and took up one of the carts next to the door. She smiled to the older woman at the checkout lane as she passed, then mentally sighed when she got that same look she always got. She was sure she could closely pin it to irritated confusion at this point. She didn't know the layout very well, so she decided to just start at one end and make her way through. She went off to the right and started in the produce section, picking some fruits and vegetables, salad mixes, and so on. She would check her list occasionally as she wanted to make sure she got what she truly needed before grabbing things she wanted. Though she definitely indulged in one of the party platters filled with apples and cheese with a caramel sauce in the center. She looked for the one with the greenest apples and the most pieces of pepper jack before selecting that one and then moved on.

She still couldn't shake the feeling that she was being watched and it gave her the chills, though she lied to herself and said the chills came from the crispers and coolers against the rain along her clothes. She picked up some things for sandwiches, some milk and cottage cheese, then moved on to the meat section. The store had the Butcher set up in the back deli area and she was shocked at the large stock of meats the store held for such a small town. They were some really good cuts, too! She came up to the deli counter wide eyed and almost excited. She asked the butcher if he'd cut this all himself and he merely grunted in answer, confirming it. She praised his cuts, telling him how much cleaner and more professional they looked from the shops she'd seen back in her old city, then proceeded to make selections of the ones she wanted before thanking him with a wide smile and moved on.

She had always been told she had some kind of iron deficiency as a child, and more red meat in her diet would help that. She never knew if it was true, but it meant she got to eat a lot more beef than most which she wouldn't argue with. After awhile of shopping around, she pulled her hood down, and then eventually took the jacket off. Her black blouse hung off her shoulders softly, giving a peek of a crescent moon tattoo on the back of her left shoulder that she'd gotten when she had turned eighteen.

Turning a corner to an aisle, she noted the man and woman down the aisle from her. Neither looked her way, that wasn't what made her pause to stare a little. It was the man. Besides the fact that the guy was a total hottie, she could feel his tension from down the aisle. His jaw was clenched, his shoulders were tight as if he was staving off some kind of outburst. His eyes were sharp, almost piercing. She wondered if it was the woman next to him that was causing his bad mood, and could only guess by the way they moved around one another that they had to be related somehow, though it did help that they held similar features. Something about this guy had the hair on her neck standing on end. She reached to scratch at her head and fluff her hair a bit as a way to hide that she was trying to brush away the goosebumps. She wasn't going to just skip the aisle just because they were there, so onward she went, getting what she needed and trying not to shiver in the chill of the freezers.

She tried to focus on her music and make her way through the aisle without looking at the two, though something told her that they were watching her when she looked away. But any time she would glance up, they weren't even facing her. Caught up in some little tiff or spat that gave way to thoughts of sibling rivalry and family disputes. She was starting to feel uncomfortable the closer she got, but maintained her pace of casual and unphased as she moved by, though her heart was pounding in her chest. She took deep breaths through her nose and soon she was by the two and onto the next aisle. When she passed them, something inside of her stirred, unfamiliar and almost uncomfortable. She didn't understand and chalked it up to being paranoid in a new town.
MourningGloryAlpha   1y ago
Lady of the Night

The drive wasn't a long one, but was definitely an annoying one. He had his younger sister one complaining and two asking him all sorts of questions. The topic of her interest happened to be the young woman with the white hair that they happened to be watching. Natasha's favourite thing to ask was being the alpha of the pack why he let her stay and make everyone as uncomfortable as she did. It was there that Kaden FINALLY tuned back in and gave his sister the quickest of sharp glares. [b "Because it is part of our laws. If there is even the slightest chance that she could be one of us then she is allowed to be here. The pack magic that keeps humans at bay has not acted on her and so there is nothing I can do until we are sure of what she is really. I would have expected you of all people to get it, Nat."] Came sharp words as he repeated the words that they had been told over and over again since they had been children. Words and laws that had all but been drilled into his head growing up because he would be the one to take over.

One minute, two minutes, and then a couple more Kaden made Nat wait with him before they entered the store. It would have looked highly suspicious and even stalkerish had they gone in just as the young woman they were following did. And once she had entered, the man and his sister did as well, offering the elder woman behind the counter a nod and receiving one in turn. She knew them and they did her and so it was easy for her to be at least semi-warm with them. She was actually a friend of their mother's and father's.

"Kade I don't want to be here. I want to be home listening to my music and getting ready to go to the rave with some of the others." Natasha was muttering to him as they walked through the aisles and kept watch on the their "friend" that they had been watching. And as he only have listened to his sister's whining and complaining, Kaden was putting snacks of chips, poptarts, and apple sauce. Those weren't things that were really needed and he would be getting an earful for it later, but they were snacks that he had come to like. He would be going for cuts of meat from the butcher and even vegetables though he was not fond on them after they finished watching the girl.

"Kade! Are you even listening to me?" Natasha hissed as she elbowed him when they moved down another aisle with freezers and the white haired girl was at the other end of. Hazel eyes went to his sister and he gave a soft and almost warning growl to her. [b "I have no choice but to listen when you start acting like an entitled little brat. I heard you and I will think about it. Remember you can't go unless I okay it. And right now I am tempted to keep you home."] He hissed as the two of them were getting into one of their normal tiffs. It in a way would keep things to look normal and to throw anything suspicious off, or so he hoped. Well that and his younger sister was getting under his skin as she often did.

A smirk crossed Natasha's lips when the girl was halfway down the aisle. [b "Don't you even dare."] Kaden muttered to her. But it was too late and his sister of twenty-three took his hand and dragged him after the young woman and gave a smile. "Hi there. You're new here right? Well how about you come to a party with us tonight?" Kaden was going to throttle his sister later for this one. But..it had also been smart thinking as it would give him a chance to see what she was like in a more public and social setting. A tight lipped smile was offered and he nodded. [b "It would be nice.."] Those was his words, but he was interanlly fuming. His sister would be getting it for this one.
RavanyaNeolaura   1y ago

[font "Times New Roman" She thought she had made it to the next aisle over without incident. She'd had to squeeze a little with her cart past the two but she was sure she'd given them enough room. Their timing was uncanny, though. No sooner did one of her songs on her music stop to switch to the next one, the woman called to her. She paused unsure she'd heard right and she slowly looked back to see the woman was now looking at her, dragging the guy beside her. She noted the look in his eye that he was still angry about something. Her eyes held mischief and trouble and she didn't like it much.

Pulling her headphones from her head to settle them along her neck she spoke up.[b "Uh.... yeah... I just moved here about a week-ish ago.... I guess a small town like this, new people are noticed pretty easily..... I-I'm Neolaura.... or... can just call me Neo if that's easier to remember...."] She said softly and tried to offer a smile to them both. The woman invited her to a party and she blinked surprised. [b "I.... um.... maybe? What kind of party? I'd have to make sure I have the right look, don't want to offend....."] She said trying to be nice as she offered them a slightly shy smile. That was when he spoke up saying it would be nice if she were to join them.

Something with this guy set off her warning bells, but not in a sense to cause her to panic, just enough to tell her to watch herself with him. His eyes shown someone she didn't want to mess with, and his demeanor was less than pleased. She was sure he didn't really want her to go, but she wasn't sure if she should go after all, but then he wouldn't have said it if he didn't want her to go.....right? She waited for the answer as she resettled her headphones around her neck as she waited for the answer to the party.

[b "I mean.... if its supposed to be a private party, then I can always wait another time.... I don't want to intrude on anything. I know I'm new around here, and I'm still trying to get a feel of the people and how things around here work. I don't want to step on any toes or anything..."] She offered softly.
MourningGloryAlpha   1y ago
Lady of the Night

The young woman couldn't help her snicker at how uncomfortable her brother was. In part, she was doing this to punish him for dragging her out on his stupid chore. But her curiosity of Neolaura as the white haired young woman had told them had been burning since she had arrived. And to Tash, the party and this inviting her thing was killing two birds with one stone as the old saying went.

"Oh! If it helps, ignore my brother. Kaden is just a grouch almost all the time. The party is a common thing that happens here in town with the 'younger' members and is a way for us to interact and cut loose. I guess you could say I'm asking you as a way to help you meet people and to help us get to know you better." Maybe she should not have said all of that, but Natasha was not like Kaden. She happened to be a little more outgoing and outspoken. So it was a good thing that she was "second in line" for being an alpha of the pack and not the first. If she was first, the pack would be in a MUCH tighter spot and probably in MUCH more trouble because the young woman acted first and thought later.

All the while his sister spoke, Kaden was silently cursing under his breath. He REALLY should have left her home and done this on his own. But their mother and father had said he was supposed to bring her with him and keep her out of trouble for the day. What a funny idea because trouble seemed to follow her like a moth seemed to follow a flame. With that thought, Kade shook his head lightly and again tried to tune into what was happening before him.

It was with Natasha's answer to Neolaura's own words that had him again let out a low hiss. She was really making more of a mess of things than she was helping. [b "Look...it is a small town like you said and so people talk. Everyone knowns everyone and we don't have a lot of new comers here.."] The male was starting to explain some as he thought it was needed. Well that and he was getting put more and more on edge the longer they were around the young woman with the white hair. The problem with his being on edge was he had NO idea why he was.

For a moment, Kaden did fall to silence and let himself glance the girl with the headphones over before giving a slow nod. Something had clicked in his mind. Maybe for ONCE, Tash's idea wasn't so stupid. [b "My sister is right though. We have these parties at least once a month as a way to get together...And maybe this could help you meet others and also help them get to know you too. So yes..Like my sister, I would also like you to come as a guest."] The last words were more forced than anything, but she would at least be okay if she was a "guest" of the alpha's. Plus, this would be a good way for him to watch her for a night and to get a feel of what she was like when not out in the town or at her job.

[b "So...will you be joining us?"] The man asked as his sister offered a light smile, almost begging with her eyes.
RavanyaNeolaura   1y ago

[font "Times New Roman" Neolaura watched the two a bit more as they explained about the party. They were obviously in some kind of tiff at the moment and she didn't know if now was the best time to be talking to them. The man seemed to be irritated at the thought of her coming to the party, or even hearing about it. She was listening to the woman, but trying not to show that she was watching the man. Not with her eyes, but her other senses wouldn't steer away from him. Why?

The woman explained that the party would help her get to know people, as well as them get to know her, and it made sense to a point. It was a fairly small town, especially compared to the cities she had left behind to move out here, but she wasn't so sure as to why everyone was so miffed with her. Maybe this would help them see that she didn't mean any trouble?

The man, Kaden, spoke up then clarifying what his sister had said, though it felt a little redundant as it was just a repeat of what his sister already covered, but he was slowly seeming to calm down. Not so much to the point of relaxing, not by a long shot, but he didn't seem as though he was going to bite her head off either. At least until he asked her to be at the party as a guest. His words said one thing, but his eyes were saying something else. They screamed to go away, and yet beckoned her closer at the same time, and she didn't understand why. His sister was pleading with her looks, she obviously really wanted her to attend.

[b "I.... w-well I guess it couldn't hurt..... and it would be nice to get to know some people around here and not feel so outnumbered..... S-sure, I'll go."] She offered them a smile before she pulled out her cellphone from her pocket and offered it out to them. [b "....if you'd like.... you can add your number in here, so you can send me the details of the party. Like where to go and what the dress code is. I'd rather not make a fuss and show up in the wrong clothes....."] She didn't know how these small towns did their parties, but in the bigger cities, if you showed up in jeans to a party that required more of a mini skirt, you'd be had.
MourningGloryAlpha   1y ago
Lady of the Night

So he was being redundant about what his sister had said to the new girl. The thing was he had not been listening to much of what Tash had said past the invite and his own invitstion once he had checked back in. The male was not at all sure what it was about the white haired girl that had him so on his guard. She didn't seem like a danger when talking to her and being as close as they were now. But yet there was just something unnatural that he couldn't place. Maybe that was the reason that Kade had been as reluctant as he was to even agree to Tash's scheme.

Hazel gaze continued to take in Neolaura as she seemed to be studying him and Natasha as well. The silence in those minutes seemed to stretch for hours before he was about to break it himself. But it appeared that he didn't have to as Neolaura did herself instead. And how she did was the last thing that the alpha was expecting. The young woman held out her phone to both him and Tash and was telling them they could add their numbers and then message her to let her know the details a out the party. The where it would be and what the dress code was. It was when a dress code was mentioned could Kade not hide tbe faint smirk that graced his lips. There were none and everyone was free to be themselves.

It took him a second to take the phone and put his number in. Of course Tash was more than willing and quickly snatched it away from him when he had done. [b "Thing about these parties...you don't have to worry much. Everyone knows everyone here and well there is no point in being anyone but you. Keeps things simple."] Kade said slowly, making sure that it was at least understood that no dress codes were needed.

His sister was still bouncing as she handed the phone back. "Since he's still being Mr.Grumpy I'll be the one to text you and let you know more. But it's not really all that far. And thank you!"

[b "She's the one that pays more attention. I used to but...things happened and so I am lucky if I ever remember to attend."] It was half a joke and half true. This party that Tash was so hellbent on Neolaura attending was actually the first he would be going to in a while.

[b "Anyway, guess we'll be seeing you later."] And with that, Kaden did grip Natasha's arm and drag her off. The man DEFINITELY had some words for his sister about the shit she had pulled.


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