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Vampires are very dangerous to most creatures. They tent too dominated over all the species. Nora new that first hand. Nora and his older sister had been orphaned at young ages thanks to those heartless bastards. Nora had burning hatred for them. That hatred only continue to grow as Nora age. When Nora was 19 his older sister was slaughter by those monsters. Nora was heartbroken. The only family he had left was taken away from him in a blink of an eye. Nora was determined to find his sister killer. Even if meant killing any vampire that stepped foot in his way.

Nora is only 5'6' and on top of that his race is looked down upon. He is a neko to most creatures including vampires they are low ranking species. Normally neko are weak and timid creatures. Nora wasn't, he was brave any rather aggressive...

This is the rough story line. Nora on the hunt for you character.

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Ame|| Nora ||   1y ago

[font "century gothic" [center Nora Nekomura has had rough start to life. At a young age he and his sister were orphaned. Their loving parents were slaughtered mercilessly. At the time Nora was only 8 years old there wasn't much he could do other than morn the loss of his parents. What was even more heartbreaking they never caught the killer who slaughter their parents. Somewhere out there still lurked a monster.

Nora's sister who was only 16 at the time did her best to take care of Nora. She and her brother still lived in that little house on the outskirts of town. His sister Naomi went to school and to a full time job.

Naomi would do her best to take care of Nora. Nora was the only family she had left. She was happy to have some kind neighbors what would watch Nora while she was at work. When Naomi got home she would cook dinner and help Nora with his home work. These things were normal. Their tragic was now simple and quiet. When Nora turn 18 he decided it was time to repay his sister.

He got a job, It was an over night job, but it paid well. Well enough anyway. Tonight Nora would surprise his sister with her favorite kind of fish and flowers. 10 years ago today was the day he and his sister lost their parents. He knew it was hard on sister, he was grateful for her. Without her, who knows where he might of ended up.

Nora was happy when he got home. He smiled softly as he dug in his pocket and pulled out the brass key. He unlocked the door, step inside. [#8cc8e8 "Sis I am home"] he said in low voice. His pale blue eyes danced around the room. Nora came in put his grocery bags down on the counter along with the flowers he had purchased. Normally his sister was up by now, she would be siting at the table drinking her coffee. She wasn't there the scent of coffee was faint.

[#8cc8e8 "Sis"] Nora said a little bit louder. He then walked towards her bedroom. His sister normally didn't sleep in unless she wasn't feeling well. [#8cc8e8 "Sister are you alright? Do you not feel well?"] he said as step into her bedroom. The scent of blood tickled his nose. Nora pale blue eyes widen when he seen his sister.

She was covered in blood. Bite marks could be seen on her arms, neck and her even legs. Nora scream, as he hit his fists into the wall. He called the police his pale blue eyes still filled with tears. The officers that arrived apologized to him as they took his sister body way. Nora was told to stay else where for a while.

Days turn into week and weeks turn into months. Nothing not a single clue. His sister death was just as mysterious as his parents. The officer that worked the case said it was probably another vampire attack. Their attacks had become for frequent lately. It wasn't just humans they were after. Any species was a target.

Nora was finally able to got back home. His sister's room was empty. Everything just seemed dull and colorless. Nora was all lone. His only family member he had left was gone. Nora sighed softly as he walked around the house. The flowers he had bought where now dried and lifeless. The stench of rotting fish filled the house as well. Nora

Nora groan as he enter the kitchen. Everything in the fridge need thrown out. Nora sighed softly as he clean the kitchen. He then moved to the rest of the house. Cleaning and straightening things here and there. After a few hours of cleaning. Nora finally decided it was time to sleep. Tomorrow was going to be a busy day. Nora was going to hunt down this killer and personally tear him apart.


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