Pen Pal Gone Wrong (For CherryBooxx)

By Burning_Heart

We know what we're doing :) The idea goes to CherryBoox!
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Burning_HeartHarper   307d ago

[center Sitting at her computer, Harper was hesitant to click on the button of her mouse. Outside of stuff like Facebook or Twitter, which she hardly used to begin with, she really didn't make profiles online. She had been warned time and time again that the internet was a dangerous place and that people were prone to lying about themselves just to do horrible things.]

[center Those were the things that were running through her mind as she stared at the site open on her screen, a username and password typed out, just not confirmed. What if making this profile turned into something dangerous? [i No, no, surely not. So long as you don't meet any strangers in person, it should be fine...] Before she could change her mind, she hit the "make profile" button, quickly uploading her favorite photo of herself as the profile picture.]

[center The website instructed her to add a little bit about herself, and she took some time before finally writing something out, feeling fairly good about it. Short, sweet, and simple.]

[center [i Harper here! Long story short, I like to read, take walks on beaches (cliche, I know, but it's true), and watch horror movies in my free time! Hope to hear from you amazing people soon!]]

[center Once everything was set, she let out a sigh. If her parents found out that she'd made a dating profile, they would lose their minds. Even more so if they found out it wasn't so that she could get close to guys.]
BeautyFromPain-     304d ago

[left [pic]] It was just a typical day. A typical day when the female was bored. And she wanted to do something. She didn't have much friends, so hanging out with friends was out of the question. The dark haired female looked over at her computer. She eyed it for a minute and shook her head. She knew better. The last time she decided to get on a site it ended badly for her. She sighed as she laid on her bed.

It didn't take much longer for her being bored for her to get up and go over to her computer and pulled up a dating site. She would create a profile. But she knew exactly what she was going to do. She was going to set up a guy profile. And praying to god it wouldn't bite her. Brynn wasn't a predator, but there was a secret about her... A secret that she hasn't even told her mother, and she tells her mother everything. She knew that if she told her that there would be no problem. She already knew her mom would accept her for her. She loved her daughter no matter what her sexual orientation was. But Brynn wasn't ready to pull off that bandage.

She created the name under Bryan. It was semi-close to her name. she found a random photo online and used it as the profile picture. She had to man up the about yourself part. But it still was mainly about her. She was just scrolling through when she saw a profile. It was a beautiful woman. Brynn found herself staring at the woman's photo for 5 minutes, until her mom knocked on the door, and broke her attention away. "Hey honey, I'm going out tonight. So you will be home alone." Brynn nodded and hugged her mom, [b "Have fun!"] She smiled at her, and then watched as her mom walked out and then she walked back to the computer. She decided to go for it.

She clicked on the 'New Message' and started to message her. Or she thought she was going too. Her fingers were frozen on the keyboard, because she didn't even know how to start a conversation. Brynn wasn't very good at stuff like this. Brynn gulped and just did a simple message to the female.

[b Hello there. How are you today?]

Brynn sent the message and just stayed on those messages. She didn't even attempt to go and look at other profiles. This female was beautiful and wanted to see what would happen.
Burning_HeartHarper   301d ago

[center Harper's heart skipped a beat as her laptop beeped at her, indicating that she'd already received a message. Clicking on it, she frowned a little. Not the type of person she was actually looking for, but maybe it wouldn't hurt to message the guy back? He looked nice enough, and even if she wasn't going to date him, she was willing to at least be friends with him.]

[center [b Hello. I'm doing fairly well today. How about yourself?]]

[center She quickly sent the message, leaning back in her chair. Perhaps, if the conversation led somewhere, she'd tell him that she wasn't interested in men. If she did get the nerve to tell him, though, she just hoped he wouldn't get angry with her and sling a bunch of hurtful words her way. She'd dealt with that in the past and she wasn't prepared to deal with it again.]

[center She let out a sigh and ran a hand through her hair. No, she was overreacting. She was sure everything would work out just fine.]
BeautyFromPain-     299d ago

[left [pic]] Brynn gulped as she was really thinking about this. Yes, she was definitely bored. But was she really going to do this? Brynn leaned back in her chair and sighed intently. She wasn't entirely sure what she was doing. But it was better than nothing, she supposed. She ran her fingers through her hair, and took in a deep breath. The most she could do is see what would happen in this scenario. for

[b I'm doing well. Thank you for asking.]

Brynn shook her head lightly. Why was she even talking like that? It definitely didn't sound like her. But at the same time this female didn't even know who the real person she was. So it didn't matter how she talked. Brynn was just over thinking everything right now. She just had to continue to see where this would go.


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