| Second Chances |

By CherryBooxx

Kate was always known as the girl that could never stick with a guy. She would always date guys left and right. She would break their hearts when the guys would fall in love with her, but after a while, everything changes when ___ comes around. Kate always thought that he looked pretty familiar, but she got to know him, and they ended up dating.

Well, Kate had one problem. She didn't want to fall in love with the _______. That was her little secret. She was in love with him, and she couldn't get over the fact that she was in love with him. She didn't want him to know that. So the day of her birthday, she dumps her. It just ruins everything that happened. So she ends up for a few months, having nothing to live for until she bumps into him one day. It was her ex-boyfriend, but she didn't know if she could do it. Kate loved him, but the thing was could she ever admit that she did love him?

Kate eventually tries it with him again. Kate is still hiding the true feelings that she is having. Well one day, the two of them sit down, and _______ was talking about how he knew she was hiding something. Well when it came to telling him, she was rather shy about it. Nobody would ever think that Kate Johnson could fall in love again. She wanted to tell him, but she didn't know how. Now the question is will she ever tell him how she truly feels? Or will she just continue hiding her true feelings?
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Katelynn couldn't believe that this was happening. She was having people fall in love with left and right. She didn't get why? She was nothing that special. Or she didn't think she was, but maybe she was, and she could never see it. Katelynn was always the type of girl that would date and dump, and then like an hour later have another girlfriend. You could call Katelynn a whore, but she didn't put herself under the category. That was the one thing she would never do to a woman. Take them granted for sex. She didn't like the idea of that. Why would she do that when wants her first time to be special with someone that she could truly love. But at this point, she really didn't know if that was going to happen. It seems like none of these women are really any of her type. She wanted someone that she could fall madly in love with, and she knew one day it would happen. She would have a wife, kids, everything would be perfect. That is her dream come true. That was the one thing that she always looked forward too. Kate;ynn saw her soon to be ex-girlfriend, and then she called her over. She walked over to her, and then she took in a deep breath. No explanation. No nothing. It was over like that. She shook his head, and then walked away rather upset.

That was the suckish part. These women would always get upset. She would date them for a few months, and once she found out that they were in love with her, she dropped them like flies. Katelynn knew eventually they would get over it, so that's why she didn't dwell on it too much. It didn't bug her as much as it should. Katelynn was done with that, but she had a feeling that she wouldn't be having a girlfriend in an hour. It would take longer than that.

And that was the day when she spotted her. She didn't know her that well, because she looked like one of those quiet types. Kate trailed her eyes over her body, and then back to her eyes. She had to admit. She was rather gorgeous. Kate continued to keep her eyes on her. That was something that she could have a long relationship with. Or that's what she thought. Then she shook her head, and realized that she was wrong about that. She bit on her lip, and from that day she went on with her life.

Now it was the day when she asked her out. She thought everything would be perfect. Their relationship was going so well, and she thought maybe that this woman could actually be the one for her. Well, she knew one thing was happening. Her birthday. It was coming up rather soon, but also it has been a year since Anastasia and her have been together. She really liked the fact that she wasn't able to date anyone. It felt.. Quite nice. She would just smile at the thought. The two of them were always texting each other. Never had one fight, until this happened. Katelynn was falling in love. Like madly in love. And this is when she knew that she couldn't be together with her. She has never fallen in love with someone before, and she isn't going to start now. But also that's what happens when you marry someone. You fall in love.

Katelynn was starting to think about this in the wrong way. She doesn't want her to think that they will stay together forever. Kate shook her head, and this was the day when everything perfect would be ruined. Her birthday would be ruined, and her heart would be broken. She would actually be rather heartbroken that she would break up with her. They had plans tonight, and that was the night that she would end everything with her. Contact, relationship, school. Everything. Katelynn was not kidding in any way. Katelynn was excited, because now it was time for dinner with her. Yeah, she was going to end it, but then she realized what she was doing was wrong. She couldn't play her like this.. She had to tell her. So instead she wrote her a letter.

Dear Anastasia,

I know you're going to be reading this, and I'm going to go already.. But I don't want to hurt you, but when I say that, that means I'm hurting myself in the process. I just can't do this anymore. The relationship we had was an awesome run, but it's time for us to move on.. Time to find someone that's worthy of our time. I'm really sorry. I know that you had dinner plans for me, but I just couldn't play you like that.. And I know this note thing isn't any better, but I really don't feel like crying in front of you.. Anastasia, you treated me so well, but like I said it's time to move on. I know you will find that one girl that loves you.. But, I'm not that girl. You saw how I was when it came to dating.. I know you have watched me in the past, but I don't want to do that to you. You are a very good person, and you deserve someone that will love you right.. And, I can't do that. I'm so sorry.. I hope one day you will be able to forgive, and we can put this behind us.. And then maybe we can become friends once more. I'm sorry.. Goodbye Anastasia.

Love Kateynn.

Katelynn was thinking about how she hurt everyone so horribly. This was the last thing she wanted.. She missed Anastasia so much. But she hated to admit that. From that day, she has not been dating. She will not date anyone, because she is still in love with Anastasia. She had no idea how she took it, because after that day, they stopped talking. There will be a couple of times she would see her, but she would just continue on with her day. Katelynn has never felt this pain before. It was like she doesn't even have a heart anymore. She felt like she gave it to her. She wanted her to keep it. For it not to get destroyed, but she did that all on her own. No one else did it for her. She is the one that ended it, and now to this day, she regrets it all. She just wishes there was a way that she could tell her, the real reason why she broke up with her, but she was pretty sure that she would never see her again.
Burning_HeartAnastasia   1y ago

[center The day Anastasia had received the letter from Katelynn, she'd been completely dumbfounded. She'd read the words four or five times before the tears finally blurred them enough that she couldn't comprehend them. By then, it hadn't mattered. They were burned into her brain. Kate was leaving her and there was nothing she would be able to do about it.]

[center The pain had been unreal, especially because she hadn't been aware that anything had been wrong between them. She'd really thought that the relationship was going well, even more so when their one-year anniversary had passed. Ana had spent a long time after that wondering where she had gone wrong, constantly blaming herself for the sudden end to what they had.]

[center She wasn't sure what it was about her that seemed to push people away. She'd never had good luck when it came to relationships, even more so before she figured out that she liked women far more than she liked men. She'd actually just left a bad relationship with an extremely toxic woman right before she'd met Katelynn.]

[center She'd thought the whole world of her.]

[center Now, she stood inside the grocery store, holding a thing of Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream in her hand, a lump forming in her throat. She could easily remember the first night they'd actually stayed together, ice cream in hand and a horror movie playing on the television. She'd been absolutely terrified but had also had one of the best nights of her life.]

[center She blinked away the tears before putting the pint away. She wasn't sure why she was thinking of the woman now, but she didn't appreciate it. She had done her best to move on, even though she hadn't been involved with anyone since. Her mother had tried to set her up with a few people she'd met, but none of them had worked out past the first few conversations. None had made it to a first date. Ana was just too hung up on Katelynn.]

[center Moving away, she put her headphones back in, skipping over the breakup song that had popped up on her playlist, before going back to the rest of her shopping. She was ready to go home and prepare a very lonely dinner.]

Katelynn was sitting at home thinking about if she needed to do anything in town. Katelynn always tried to keep herself preoccupied, because she always stuck in her thoughts. She took in a deep breath as she looked around at the home. Katelynn still lived in the same town, just no one knew it. This home she was in, her parent's bought. She explained everything to her parents, and she just wanted to stay low. They helped her in anyway possible. Katelynn's parents have been trying to talk her to go out and try Anastasia. Katelynn couldn't talk herself into do that. She knew eventually that she would have to go out because she is going to need stuff for the house. She was so afraid that she was going to go out, and she was going to run into her.

Ever since they broke up, Katelynn always had her parents go to the store for her and get whatever things she needed for herself and her home. Her mother was constantly telling her that staying in this house all the time is going to make her go into a deep depression. Katelynn was always telling her she knew that. But nothing ever changes. Katelynn continues to stay in her home. But she knew she needed to change that. And she made the choice that she needed to go get groceries for her house.

Katelynn grabbed her head phones and drove to the store. Katelynn had to think of other things, or she would start to cry once more. Katelynn knew this was all her fault. Katelynn sometimes hoped that she would run into her, but what would she do? Run away? Try to explain? Explain that Katelynn is terrified of actually being in love. Katelynn sighed. She sometimes wished she wasn't so fucked up. Katelynn bit on her lip lightly, and then pulled up to the grocery store. She plugged in her head phones, and put the headphones in her ears. She had her grocery list. She wanted to get this over with. As soon as possible, so she can go back to hiding.

Katelynn already got the 'I'm proud of you, sweetheart.' Her mother was the only that really understood what she was going through, because her mother used to be the same way. But then that was when she met Katelynn's father, and she had to learn to talk about what she was feeling and how she was feeling. Katelynn couldn't ever imagine revealing how she truly felt. Katelynn walked inside, and grabbed a cart, and started to grab her groceries.

So far so good. Katelynn was looking at the different type of food items she needed for her house. She was looking at her list, and wasn't paying attention when she ran into someone. Katelynn felt herself jolt forward. She dropped her list. While she was picking up her list, she began to talk, [b "I'm so sorry! I really need to wa-"] Katelynn wasn't able to finish because when she looked up she realized who she ran into.

Katelynn's heart was racing and pounding hard against her chest. It was Anastasia. Katelynn couldn't even remove her eyes from her. Then every little emotion she was feeling came rushing back. She never wanted Anastasia know that she regretted it and was having the hardest time with herself right now. Katelynn looked down and grabbed her list. [b "Um. Sorry for running into you."] With that being said, she tore her gaze away from her, and started to walk away. She couldn't do this right now. She texted her mother.

[i I just ran into Anastasia.]
Burning_HeartAnastasia   363d ago

[center Anastasia was so focused on the seasonings in front of her that she didn't notice the figure that was rapidly approaching her. It wasn't until the force almost knocked her over that she snapped out of the daze she was in, pulling one of the headphones out and turning to face whoever it was. [b "What on Earth-"] She froze, the words getting caught in the back of her throat as her eyes met those same green ones that haunted her dreams.]

[center Ana felt like she couldn't breathe. Anger, sadness, fear...it all came crashing forward, almost causing her to tear up right then and there. To her credit, though, she managed to keep the tears at bay, only snapping out of it when Katelynn bent down to get her paper, breaking eye contact first. [i [b "Um. Sorry for running into you."]] Her words felt like a slap to the face, especially as she began walking away.]

[center No "Hello, how are you doing?" or "Hey, you look great." She seemed so unfazed by Ana, and yet here the brunette was, ready to break down right in the middle of the aisle.]

[center Shaking her head, she spun, quickly following her. [b "Katelynn, wait-"] She reached out, grabbing the girl's wrist without thinking about it. She couldn't bring herself to look at her again, but quickly let go when she realized how hard she was holding onto her. [b "I thought you skipped town...?"] she asked softly. That's what she had heard, at least. It was such a shock to see her in person again.]

Katelynn could feel the lump in the back of her throat when she was walking away. Katelynn needed to hurry up and get everything and get out of here. The last person she ever wanted to bump into was Ana. Katelynn bit her lip as she tried walk faster, but she knew she didn't succeed when she felt the softness of Ana's fingers around Kate's wrist. Katelynn knew this was going to be hard. Since she felt tears running down her face. There was no hiding the fact that she super upset.

Katelynn looked down at the ground, knowing that Ana was going to see the tears that were spilling down her face. She looked up at her, and then wiped her tears away. Katelynn didn't know if she should be honest here. Or if she should lie and go along with what everyone else said. Katelynn then realized Ana was still holding her wrist, and pretty tightly at that. Katelynn watched as she removed her hand real fast, slightly hoping that she wouldn't. Katelynn could not let Ana know the real reason why they broke up. But then again, Katelynn needed to be honest.

[b "Actuallly..."] She bit on her lip as those beautiful eyes were staring back into her green eyes. [b "I didn't skip town. I've been here the entire time. This is my first time coming out of my house since my birthday.. Or the breakup."] Katelynn was surprised she even was admitting to that. Especially to Ana.
Burning_HeartAnastasia   359d ago

[center Anastasia was surprised to see tears in Kate's eyes when she turned around. Anger tore through her for a moment. What right did she have to cry? She had been the one to break things off. If anything, Ana should have been the one in tears. At least she'd managed to hold hers back. She bit her tongue for a moment, doing her best not to snap at her for it. Deep down, she still cared about her, and she didn't want to be angry with her. She just wanted to understand.]

[center She had to continue biting back that anger at Kate's next words. [b "You never left?"] she asked, her voice barely above a whisper. She'd believed this entire time that she had left town, never coming back again. Even her mother, who she'd run into a few months back, had said that Katelynn had moved away and that she was doing well. Ana had been crushed.]

[center [b "Well then,"] she said after clearing her throat. [b "Glad to see you're still around. You look great..."] [i Just as amazing as ever.] she thought to herself. [b "I'm sorry for stopping you. I hope you have a good day."] She turned to walk away, trying to determine how she should be feeling.]

Katelynn couldn't believe everything that was happening right now. Katelynn gulped as she felt extremely sad. Words were just piling out of her mouth. She never wanted Ana to know that she was still here. [I Stupid Kate.] Katelynn sighed, and was getting ready to walk away, but then something stopped her from doing that. She was actually going to stop Ana. She knew this was going to be a bad idea. But part of her wanted to know more about Ana again. Explain why she did what she did.

Katelynn immediately grabbed Ana's hand. [b "Don't go..."] She whispered softly, looking back at the female. What in the world was she doing? She needed to let Ana heal. Because she didn't know if she could ever be with someone. Not with the one thing she struggles with the most. Katelynn forgot how soft Ana's skin was. She immediately let go of her wrist. Katelynn felt like she owed Ana an explanation.

[size12 [b I want to explain..."]] [size12 Katelynn stood there just staring at her. Not ever looking away. Her gaze locked on Ana. Katelynn sighed softly. She looked down for a second.] [size12 [b "I'm going to the coffee shop next. If you would like me to explain meet me there.. If you don't I understand. Hope to see you there."]] [size12 With that said, she walked away and headed to the coffee shop.]

[size12 Once she got into the coffee shop she ordered her drink, and went and sat down. Part of her was hoping that she was coming but the other part of her was hoping that she wouldn't show up. She didn't want to relive the hurt she was about to explain.]
Burning_HeartAnastasia   318d ago

[center It was Ana's turn to stop, glancing at the woman over her shoulder. She wanted to tell her that she didn't have a choice. That she had things to take care of. Maybe tell her she had a date, just to see if she could dig back at her, but she knew she could never actually do that to Kate. She wasn't that much of a bitch. She didn't try to be, at least.]

[center She turned back to face her again when she told her that she wanted to explain. The coffee shop? Was that the best she could do? Why couldn't she just explain right then and there? No, that was a dumb question. They were in a store. If they were to try and talk about it there, Ana would just end up a sobbing mess and she wouldn't be so surprised if Kate ended up the same way.]

[center Once the other woman had walked away, she found herself tearing up again. She quickly went back to shopping, finishing what little bit she had left, before checking out. On her way out of the store, she actually debated just going home and forgetting that she'd even run into Kate, but the desperate side of her won over, so once she was done, she put everything into her car and made her way to the coffee shop.]

[center She could see Katelynn sitting down, but took her time ordering her own drink before finally joining her. She needed to mentally prepare herself for whatever it was that she was about to hear. Sitting down, she set the drink to the side, watching the woman across from her. [b "Alright then. Please, explain,"] she said, a bit too harsh. She hadn't meant for the words to sound so rude, but she was worried that this was going to be a waste of time.]

[center She could only pray that it wasn't.]

Katelynn was already at the coffee shop. She did order herself a drink, but that was about it. She went and sat down, and just stared out the window. She had to relieve something again. The one thing that did turn her homosexual. but then Katelynn knew she was wrong for thinking that Ana would be anything like that. All the sudden, Katelynn got super nervous.

She hasn't even touched her drink, when she saw Ana walk in. She bit on her lip lightly. Thinking about this was probably a very bad idea. Why would she even tell her that she would tell her. Gosh, she hasn't ever talked about the scene she saw with her ex and her mother. Katelynn gulped as she looked away, not wanting to seem like she was desperately waiting for Ana. She finally decided that she would take a drink. She gulped lightly, and then took in a deep breath.

[b "Okay. This is what made me turn homosexual."] She gulped lightly, having a hard time keeping eye contact. [b "Remember, how I've talked about my baby sister?"] she pursed her lips, feeling her heart beat hard against her chest. [b "Well, it's my ex fiance and my mom's baby. Yeah, you heard me correctly. My mom ended up sleeping my ex fiance, had a baby with him, and now she's engaged to him. Why I have no contact with my mother."]

Katelynn instantly looked away, as tears swelled up in her eyes. She didn't ever think something like that would happen to her. Katelynn couldn't even look at her, because to some people it was the stupidest thing in the world. But for her it was everything. That was her mother.
Burning_HeartAnastasia   302d ago

[center When Anastasia had sat down, she hadn't been expecting the words that had fallen from Katelynn's lips. It wasn't often that the young woman was speechless, but this was one of those exceptions. [b "I'm sorry, what?"] She frowned. Had she really heard her correctly? No, no, she definitely had. She began tapping her foot on the leg of the table, crossing her arms over her chest and leaning back in her seat. [b "Kate, while that's absolutely awful, and trust me, it is, that doesn't explain at all why you left me the way you did."]]

[center Ana didn't want to drag up all the pain that came with those words, but that was part of why she was there. She thought she at least deserved [i something.] She let out a sigh before running her fingers through her hair. [b "On second thought, I don't need an explanation for that. As much as I feel like I'm owed that much, I can't force you to explain all of it to me."] Reaching out, she grabbed her cup and took a long sip of the drink, watching the girl before her.]

[center Very quickly, she could remember the nights they had spent together, the kisses they had shared, the inside jokes that had made up half of their relationship. She could very vividly remember how the girl's skin had felt beneath her fingers. How soft her hair was when she'd run her fingers through them. She tensed as her cheeks flushed, looking away for a moment.]

[center She would admit it out loud, but Ana still loved Katelynn, and she didn't think she was doing a very good job at hiding it.]


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