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Prodigies (CLOSED... For Now) [[skele And Accepted Characters]]

By Kitiki_Anemara
Backup thread
[center ><><><><] [font "Kristen ITC" In current day Solaris, new emerging prodigies and prodigies coming of age are gathered to test their powers and see which of the main five Seraphim hero teams will accept to take them into their group and train them. The five teams and their ranks are as follows, Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta, and Epsilon. Up to fifteen of the Prodigies could be chosen each semi-annual and usually a lot less are chosen since most of these teams think they're too good for new members or that the new arrivals simply don't make the cut. This semi-annual event is always a big deal as prodigies from all over the city, and sometimes from beyond, gather to attend and try their luck at joining one of the five major teams while the rest are taken into the organization for training and building smaller teams of heroes.] [center ><><><><] This is part of the description. This thread is for the sole purpose of finding and listing Accepted Characters. For full rules and description, check out my [ Prodigies Roleplay] which is where the rp will take place. Also I ask that you read at least to Accepted Characters as there are a few of the rules just past the Powers and Alias Ideas chart [center ><><><><] [b [font "Copperplate Gothic Bold" Prodigies:]] [font "Footlight MT Light" humans with extraordinary abilities [i (few are born with the powers; typically it's 'unlocked' as a result of a traumatic event)]] [b [font "Copperplate Gothic Bold" Seraphim:]] [font "Footlight MT Light" the self-proclaimed hero organization led by a council of "heroes"] [b [font "Copperplate Gothic Bold" Reversionist:]] [font "Footlight MT Light" the 'villains', fighting for what they believe through questionable methods] [center ><><><><] I am requiring that you double as one Seraphim (hero) and one Reversionist (villain) I will only be taking 4 to 5 other people for the [ Prodigies roleplay] [center ><><><><] skele [font "Algerian" NAMES] [tab ]1: (first and last) [tab ]2: (first and last) [font "Algerian" NICKNAMES] [tab ]1: [tab ]2: [font "Algerian" AGES] [tab ]1: (13-25) [tab ]2: (13-25) [font "Algerian" HEIGHTS] [tab ]1: (reasonable height unless related to ability) [tab ]2: (reasonable height unless related to ability) [font "Algerian" GENDERS] [tab ]1: [tab ]2: [font "Algerian" MAIN TRAITS / PERSONALITY] [tab ][tab ][center [font "Magneto" NOTE::][font "Bodoni MT" Villains can can be good at heart but be using the wrong methods or born into villainy! And heroes can be assholes! There is no limitation or restriction to this!!]] [tab ]1: (personality) [tab ]2: (personality) [font "Algerian" WORST FEARS / PHOBIA] [tab ][tab ][center [font "Magneto" NOTE::][font "Bodoni MT" have to have one, if not i will put a random [i [,8599,103754,00.html PHOBIA]] and cannot promise it won't be a stupid one as i do mean [i [b RANDOM!!]]]] [tab ]1: (must have at least one) [tab ]2: (must have at least one) [font "Algerian" ALIAS (1) (based on their powers)] [tab ]Hero: [tab ]Villain: [font "Algerian" ALIAS (2) (based on their powers)] [tab ]Hero: [tab ]Villain: [font "Algerian" ABILITIES / POWERS] [tab ]1: [tab ][tab ]Acquired?: born with or through traumatic event? (if through trauma please state here) [tab ]2: [tab ][tab ]Acquired?: born with or through traumatic event? (if through trauma please state here) [font "Algerian" ABILITIES / POWERS MAJOR WEAKNESS] [tab ]1: (must have at least one) [i [b [this does not mean how to kill your character]]] [tab ]2: (must have at least one) [i [b [this does not mean how to kill your character]]] [font "Algerian" SKILL / TALENTS] [tab ]1: (at least two) [tab ]2: (at least two) [center ><><><><] [center if you have no ideas on what [i [b [,8599,103754,00.html PHOBIA]]] to give your characters then please click on the link provided, again, I will choose a random [i [b [,8599,103754,00.html PHOBIA]]] for your character if you do not!!] [center ><><><><] [font "Castellar" if you cannot think of an ability or super power [b [i (ONLY ONE)]] and an alias related to that power here is a list of IDEAS [b [i (meaning you do not have to use them!!)]]] [tbl || POWER || ALIAS (Idea) || ALIAS (Idea) || ALIAS (Idea) [font "Berlin Sans FB Demi" ><>Turn into/control swarm of monarch butterflies] | -Monarch | -Nectar | -Swarm ==[font "Berlin Sans FB Demi" =Blood crystalizes/can make blood weapons when wounded] | =Crystal Blood | =Red Assassin | =Blood Assassin [font "Berlin Sans FB Demi" ><>Summon smoke/vapor at will] | -Vapor Trail | -Mist | -Smokescreen ==[font "Berlin Sans FB Demi" =Create weapons of ice from water vapor in the air] | =Frostbite | =Freezerburn | =Arctic Shock [font "Berlin Sans FB Demi" ><>Cause ground to move with force of an earthquake] | -Quake | -Aftershock | -Tremor ==[font "Berlin Sans FB Demi" =Turn body and limbs into stone] | =Steel | =Obsidian | =Gargoyle [font "Berlin Sans FB Demi" ><>Delivers venom via a barbed tail] | -Stingray | -Stun | -ShockTail ==[font "Berlin Sans FB Demi" =Generate/create explosives and detonate them at will] | =Fuse | =The Detonator | =Nuke [font "Berlin Sans FB Demi" ><>Never sleeps; put others to sleep by touch] | -Insomnia | -Sleepwalker | -Nightmare ==[font "Berlin Sans FB Demi" =Turn people into mindless puppets] | =Puppet Master | =The Marionette | =The Puppeteer [font "Berlin Sans FB Demi" ><>Control all bees, hornets, wasps, etc..] | -Hive | -King/Queen Wasp | -Venom ==[font "Berlin Sans FB Demi" =Generates acidic poison through skin pores] | =The Chemist | =Cyanide | =Hydrofluoric ==[font "Berlin Sans FB Demi" =Superstrangth, Generate Chromium weaponry, near invincibility] | =Captain Chromium | =Chromium Knight | =Chromight [font "Berlin Sans FB Demi" ><>Invisibility] | -The Dread Warren | -New Moon | -Sun's Shadow ==[font "Berlin Sans FB Demi" =Generate/manipulate water] | =Tsunami | =Stormburst | =Hurricane ==[font "Berlin Sans FB Demi" =Create/manipulate light and darkness] | =Blacklight | =Eclipse | =Moonphase [font "Berlin Sans FB Demi" ><>Absorption] | -The Bandit | -Zero Infinite | -Power Drain ==[font "Berlin Sans FB Demi" =Generate, transmit, and manipulate disease] | =Transmitter | =Epidemic (or Epidem) | =Plague [font "Berlin Sans FB Demi" ><>Generate and manipulate plant life] | -Evergreen | -Overgrowth | -Flytrap ==[font "Berlin Sans FB Demi" =Retain all information read (word for word); can read instantly] | =Historian | =The Librarian | =Encyclo [font "Berlin Sans FB Demi" ><>Travel through reflective surfaces] | -Mirage | -Phase | -Reflector ==[font "Berlin Sans FB Demi" =Super speed and some super strength, rapid strategic mind] | =The Strategist | =Siege | =War Criminal [font "Berlin Sans FB Demi" ><>Open portals into the unknown and travel through them] | -Eliatrope | -Wormhole | -Void ==[font "Berlin Sans FB Demi" =Control all arachnids (spiders, scorpions, ticks, mites, etc)] | =Scorpion | =Arachno/Arachnia | =The Solifugae [font "Berlin Sans FB Demi" ><>Shapeshift; can mimic powers on an extremely weaker level] | -Camelion | -FaceChanger | -Leviathan ==[font "Berlin Sans FB Demi" =Telekinesis, Telepathy, Teleportation] | =The Teller | =Masked Mind | =Psychopath [font "Berlin Sans FB Demi" ><>Generate and Control electricity, lightning, thunder, etc...] | -Electric Shock | -Circuit Breaker | -Powersurge ==[font "Berlin Sans FB Demi" =Complete technological genius (sees something and immediately knows its inner workings)] | =StaticPulse | =Haywire | =Blitz [font "Berlin Sans FB Demi" ><>Generate and manipulate fire] | -Blaze | -Starfire | -Torch ==[font "Berlin Sans FB Demi" =Scream at inhuman volumes (like super sonic screams)] | =Screech | =The Banshee | =Sonic Blare ] [center ><><><><] Some RULES **Please follow ES rules** *No goddmoding (no insta kill, no pure immortality [i [b Do Not] try to be like another Salem(from RWBY) or like Deadpool or Jean Gray(aka Phoenix)]] etc.)* **Crossover characters are allowed but they aren’t allowed to be ridiculously overpowered** OTHER **anime/digital artwork images only no real** *doubling is required one hero and one villain (there will be "villains" infiltrating the heroes and vise versa though more on that throughout the rp)* [center ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------] *****I cannot stress enough, if you do not PM me the provided character sheet filled out [i [b properly]] and you don't see your character listed within 24hours or I have not already added nor told you that you are accepted, don't request access into the [ Prodigies roleplay] because I do not like to decline people [i but I will.] and [i [b DO NOT]] blow up my PM's with request to join the [ Prodigies roleplay] without a properly filled out and accepted skele or you will be the first person I've ever blocked on any site in my life!!***** (thank you for understanding and sorry if I sound like a bitch but I think it's a fairly simple thing to ask isn't it? ^w^) [center ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------] [center [pic]] [center ><><] [center [pic]] [center ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------] [i [font "Showcard Gothic" [center . . ACCEPTED CHARACTERS . .]]] [center ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------] [center [font "Wide Latin" Kitiki_Anemara / Me] (the reason my second character doesn't follow all guidelines as required is because of a twist I have planned that will be explained within the rp if it gets far enough; if you intend to do something similar, please PM me with the reasoning behind it)] [font "Algerian" NAMES] [tab ]1: Scarlet Noir (selphim) [tab ]2: Ori (reversionist) [font "Algerian" NICKNAMES] [tab ]1: Scar, SN, Sketchy, [tab ]2: (Ori none) [font "Algerian" AGES] [tab ]1: 17 [tab ]2: (unknown Ori is normally disguised as it's Alias and is never seen in civilian form that its identity is a complete mystery to everyone as it also has no family) [font "Algerian" HEIGHTS] [tab ]1: 5'8 [tab ]2: (around 5'9 to 7'0) [font "Algerian" GENDERS] [tab ]1: Female (she/her) [tab ]2: non-binary [font "Algerian" MAIN TRAITS / PERSONALITY] [tab ]1: Creative, Sensitive, Active imagination, Impulsive, Disorganized, Prone to procrastinate, Like to socialize, Empathetic, Caring, Trusting, [tab ]2: Creative, Active imagination, Dependable, Come off as hostile, Caring, Calm, even-tempered, small-talk, reserved, [font "Algerian" WORST FEARS / PHOBIA] [tab ]1: athazagoraphobia: fear of being forgotten or ignored, and atychiphobia: fear of failure, [tab ]2: (has no fears; is the embodiment of fear itself) [font "Algerian" ALIAS (1)] [tab ]Hero: Sketch [tab ]Villain: Nyx (Greek Goddess of Night since Ori's ability is "dark") [font "Algerian" ALIAS (2)] [tab ]Hero: AfterThought [tab ]Villain: Phobia [font "Algerian" ABILITIES / POWERS] [tab ]1: Can bring artwork to life [tab ][tab ]Acquired?: born with ability [tab ]2: Can turn body and scythe into various fears; Can make people hallucinate their worst fears; control shadows (fright / shadow control) [tab ][tab ]Acquired?: (find out in rp= unknown) [font "Algerian" MAJOR WEAKNESSES] [tab ]1: limited to imagination [tab ]2: (unknown) [font "Algerian" SKILL / TALENTS] [tab ]1: Drawing/painting, fast learner, speed, agility, [tab ]2: (unknown / find out in rp) [center ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------] [center [font "Wide Latin" FROSTBITE4395]] [font "Algerian" NAMES] [tab ]1: Yuki Yokai (Selphim) [tab ]2: Qrow Reaper (Reversionist, I will normally be doing him) [font "Algerian" NICKNAMES] [tab ]1: YuYu, Rhianoid, Indifference [tab ]2: Heartless, Q, Boss (because he is normally either a leader or he doesn't follow orders), killer, savage, brutal, etc... [font "Algerian" AGES] [tab ]1: 16 [tab ]2: looks seventeen due to his only known power but is actually about seventy [font "Algerian" HEIGHTS] [tab ]1: 6'5" [tab ]2: 7'1" (because of something that will be revealed in the RP) [font "Algerian" GENDERS] [tab ]1: male (he/them) [tab ]2: male (he/them) [font "Algerian" MAIN TRAITS / PERSONALITY] [tab ]1: Yuki is kind, gentle, leader, indifferent (secretly holding back anger), loyal, etc... [tab ]2: Qrow is a fierce and fiercely loyal Villain. He is brawny, cranky, and has a temper. In fact, when Qrow is fighting, he sometimes has berserker rages. But he also has a good heart, where he is kind and only harms people he needs to, he will never purposely hurt anybody that he was either not assigned to hurt or drove him to the point of hurting them. [font "Algerian" WORST FEARS / PHOBIA] [tab ]1: Yuki is most afraid of his anger, if it ever broke loose he would lose indifference and destroy any villain in his path without mercy, in other words, he doesn't want to go against the teachings of his sensei and he doesn't want to be a villain [tab ]2: Qrow is very afraid of unlocking the memories of his past, he is afraid that they may change his view on life and turn him into a hero, he is afraid of himself and the fact that because of his only known Power he is practically immortal [font "Algerian" ALIAS (1)] [tab ]Hero: Blaze (this has two different meanings fire and snowstorm, both apply to Yuki) [tab ]Villain: FROSTBITE (this is more of a villain name, and it was given to him because when he found his only known power he was in a snowstorm that was over 200 degrees below zero) [font "Algerian" ALIAS (2)] [tab ]Hero: BurningHot [tab ]Villain: Grim Reaper (because the grim reaper is cursed to an eternity of killing) [font "Algerian" ABILITIES / POWERS] [tab ]1: Yuki can generate and manipulate Ice and Fire at will [tab ][tab ]Acquired?: is one of the very few people in his family who had his powers transferred to him through all of his family members (because of this his ICE-FIRE technique is so powerful he has to hold himself back when using it) [tab ]2: Qrow's only known power is his healing factor [tab ][tab ]Acquired?: dying in a snow storm that was 200 degrees below zero [font "Algerian" MAJOR WEAKNESS] [tab ]1: for Yuki's Fire side it is water, for his Ice side it is fire although his ice cannot be melted by his own fire [tab ]2:Qrow is very sensitive to anything that can trigger memories of his past, and if this happens he could let out more anger than he normally does (which is dangerous) and if Qrow is decapitated he WILL die [font "Algerian" SKILL / TALENTS] [tab ]1: because Yuki was born without his powers specifically there he is very skilled in martial arts and weaponry he learned these so that he could protect himself (you will find out more of his past and come to understand him more throughout the RP) [tab ]2: Qrow is able to go past his bodies physical limits, and mental, meaning if you tried to kill him by making his mind snap it would not work, he is also trained in many martial arts and he can use many weapons (you will find out Qrows past in the RP) [center ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------] [center [font "Wide Latin" Ravanya]] [font "Algerian" NAMES] [tab ]1: Taliya (Seraphim) [tab ]2: Anahita (Reversionist) [font "Algerian" NICKNAMES] [tab ]1: Tal [tab ]2: Ana, Ta [font "Algerian" AGES] [tab ]1: 21 [tab ]2: 23 [font "Algerian" HEIGHTS] [tab ]1: 5'3 [tab ]2: 5'7 [font "Algerian" GENDERS] [tab ]1: Female [tab ]2: Female [font "Algerian" MAIN TRAITS / PERSONALITY] [tab ]1: Calm and quiet, keeps mostly to herself, can usually be overlooked due to her shyer demeanor, but packs a punch when provoked, sensitive, despises bullies. [tab ]2: Headstrong, stubborn, quiet but calculating, sometimes a bit hot headed, stands up for what she feels is right in her heart, uncaring of what it takes to make it right. [font "Algerian" WORST FEARS / PHOBIA] [tab ]1: Suffocation [tab ]2: Being buried alive [font "Algerian" ALIAS (1)] [tab ]Hero: Emerald Fae [tab ]Villain: Hurricane [font "Algerian" ALIAS (2)] [tab ]Hero: Gemstone [tab ]Villain: Stormsong [font "Algerian" ABILITIES / POWERS] [tab ]1: Manipulation of Earth - plants, dirt, stones, etc. [tab ][tab ]Acquired?: Born [tab ]2: Weather manipulation [tab ][tab ]Acquired?: Born [font "Algerian" ABILITIES / POWERS MAJOR WEAKNESS] [tab ]1: Her powers are linked to her emotions, if one can get her to panic or lose control of her calm ways, her emotions can short circuit her abilities. [tab ]2: Her powers require freedom of her hands and the ability to see. Bind and blindfold her and one could panic her enough into losing the ability to summon her powers. [font "Algerian" SKILL / TALENTS] [tab ]1: Nimble flexibility, agility, weaponry skills with her long wooden staff [tab ]2: Quick thinking, and a sharp-shooter sensibility, weaponry skills of hidden daggers [center ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------] [center [font "Wide Latin" Anime_Freak] [font "Algerian" NAMES] [tab ]1: Adam Dredge [tab ]2: Devin Mark [font "Algerian" NICKNAMES] [tab ]1: Ads / adam/ damer [tab ]2: Dd/ mark/ devin [font "Algerian" AGES] [tab ]1: 17 [tab ]2: 14 [font "Algerian" HEIGHTS] [tab ]1: 6-4 [tab ]2: 5-2 [font "Algerian" GENDERS] [tab ]1: Male [tab ]2: Non-Binary [font "Algerian" MAIN TRAITS / PERSONALITY] [tab ]Adam: He is a stuck up hero. He isn't really a brat as in money, but as in his pride. He thinks he's better then everyone else. [tab ]Devin: devin is the opposite of Adam. They are siblings but chose different paths. He is a villian, but feels bad doing it although while enjoying it. He feels bad killing half the time, but loves to steal things. [tab ]1: Stuck up, Hates learning, Back talker and loves training. [tab ]2: Caring, traumatized, loves learning new things and is a reader. [font "Algerian" WORST FEARS / PHOBIA] [tab ]1: meeting his brother/ family, flying. [tab ]2: running into his sibling/family, most people, rusty nails/ knives, and a lot of things that live. So their basically a scaredy cat.. [font "Algerian" ALIAS (1) (based on their powers)] [tab ]Hero: XXXX [tab ]Villain: [font "Algerian" ALIAS (2) (based on their powers)] [tab ]Hero: Snatch [tab ]Villain: XXXX [font "Algerian" ABILITIES / POWERS] [tab ]1:touching someone and having their ability. (can only have one at a time.) [tab ][tab ]Acquired?: born with [tab ]2:Can create things out of nothing.( cannot create living things) [tab ][tab ]Acquired?: born with [font "Algerian" ABILITIES / POWERS MAJOR WEAKNESS] [tab ]1: Not being able to hold the power after gaining a new one, and has no idea how to get rid of it if it's useless to him, he's stuck with it till touching a new person. [tab ]2. He can't create living things, or if he doesn't have the space, he can't make it, also limited to his imagination [font "Algerian" SKILL / TALENTS] [tab ]1: Fire-related powers and building things. [tab ]2: Memorizing blueprints, drawing. [center ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------] [center [font "Wide Latin" Cowboybeepbops]] [font "Algerian" NAMES] [tab ]1: Mista (Guido) ( [tab ]2: Narancia (Ghirga) ( [font "Algerian" NICKNAMES] [tab ]1: Mista [tab ]2: Narancia [font "Algerian" AGES] [tab ]1: 18 [tab ]2: 17 [font "Algerian" HEIGHTS] [tab ]1: 5'9'' [tab ]2: 5'8'' [font "Algerian" GENDERS] [tab ]1: Male [tab ]2: Male [font "Algerian" MAIN TRAITS / PERSONALITY] [tab ]1: Daring. Relies on luck, Truth full. Caring, [tab ]2: Smart , cute, Trustworthy, Truthful,wholesome(half the time) [font "Algerian" WORST FEARS / PHOBIA] [tab ]1: Fear of number 4 [tab ]2: Arachnophobia(fear of spiders only if they are bigger then him; Nanosophobia(fear of being short or small) [font "Algerian" ALIAS (1) (based on their powers)] [tab ]Hero: [tab ]Villain: [font "Algerian" ALIAS (2) (based on their powers)] [tab ]Hero: [tab ]Villain: [font "Algerian" ABILITIES / POWERS] [tab ]1: mista super strength [tab]Weapon?: name Six Pistoles= a Revolver with 6 Little Creatures/people in it they kick and hit the bullet fired out the gun [tab ][tab ]Acquired?: gained Six pistols when he Saved a woman who was being rough handled by a man; mista gained his ability to save the women [tab ]2: narancia super speed [tab ]Weapon?: Areosmith= A long range to mid range weapon In the form of a attack airplane (The idea is it looks like a toy airplane but it can be serious) [tab ][tab ]Acquired?: once his mother passed away he took a life to the street his ability grew then once, he was taken in his Areosmith was formed [font "Algerian" ABILITIES / POWERS MAJOR WEAKNESS] [tab ]1: The number 4 and luck isn't on his side [tab ]2: Range aerosmith isn't much of a close range ability [font "Algerian" SKILL / TALENTS] [tab ]1: Cooking [tab ]2: pickpocketing [center ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------] [center [font "Wide Latin" Lovely_sins]] [font "Algerian" NAMES] [tab ]1: Forest Davis (Reversionist) [tab ]2: Blade Monroe (Seraphim) [font "Algerian" NICKNAMES] [tab ]1: Reaper [tab ]2: Psycho [font "Algerian" AGES] [tab ]1: 17 [tab ]2: 19 [font "Algerian" HEIGHTS] [tab ]1: 5'8 [tab ]2: 6'1 [font "Algerian" GENDERS] [tab ]1: Male [tab ]2: Male [font "Algerian" MAIN TRAITS / PERSONALITY] [tab ]1: Cold, rude, but can be nice [tab ]2: Annoying, happy all the time, but can be an asshole [font "Algerian" WORST FEARS / PHOBIA] [tab ]1: Being alone, the dark, small spaces [tab ]2: spiders, metal, sleeping [font "Algerian" ALIAS (1) (based on their powers)] [tab ]Hero: XXXXX [tab ]Villain: Electrify [font "Algerian" ALIAS (2) (based on their powers)] [tab ]Hero: Thorne [tab ]Villain: XXXXX [font "Algerian" ABILITIES / POWERS] [tab ]1: Generate thunder/lightning; can fly [tab ][tab ]Acquired?: his father force him to stay outside during storms and would lock him in the closet [tab ]2: Wield deadly thorn-covered limbs (similar to slender man's tendrils but thorny) [tab ][tab ]Acquired?: his mother would stab him with thorns if he did not obey and lock him the closet [font "Algerian" ABILITIES / POWERS MAJOR WEAKNESS] [tab ]1:Water [tab ]2: Darkness [font "Algerian" SKILL / TALENTS] [tab ]1: he only has 1 skill and its a part of his power controlling the weather [tab ]2: he can make anyone smile and make anyone do what he wants (he doesn't abuse his skill tho/talent idk) ((basically skilled in manipulating people)) [center ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------] [center [font "Wide Latin" nekomala1024]] [font "Algerian" NAMES] [tab ]1: Heady Winston [tab ]2: Scarlet Alastor [font "Algerian" NICKNAMES] [tab ]1: Heady [tab ]2: Red [font "Algerian" AGES] [tab ]1: 25 [tab ]2: 17 [font "Algerian" HEIGHTS] [tab ]1: 6'5'' [tab ]2: 5'6'' [font "Algerian" GENDERS] [tab ]1: Male [tab ]2: Female [font "Algerian" MAIN TRAITS / PERSONALITY] [tab ]1: [tab ]2: very hard to trust, very unhinged. [font "Algerian" WORST FEARS / PHOBIA] [tab ]1: zeusophobia: fear of God or gods [tab ]2: ecclesiophobia: fear of Church [font "Algerian" ALIAS (1) (based on their powers)] [tab ]Hero: The Puppeteer [tab ]Villain: XXXXX [font "Algerian" ALIAS (2) (based on their powers)] [tab ]Hero: XXXXX [tab ]Villain: Succubus [font "Algerian" ABILITIES / POWERS] [tab ]1: can control one person at a time to do his bidding like a puppet [tab ][tab ]Acquired?: [tab ]2: Shapeshifting [tab ][tab ]Acquired?: [font "Algerian" ABILITIES / POWERS MAJOR WEAKNESS] [tab ]1: can't control more than one person at a time [tab ]2: sun, very hot areas [font "Algerian" SKILL / TALENTS] [tab ]1: martial arts, master of stealth [tab ]2: hand to hand combat, extremely good marksman
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