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Miles Apart [Burning_Heart]

By SmileBright

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The Fox Twins had been best friends growing up, that was, until their parents split up when the twins were 10. Celeste went away to Europe with her mother, while Conrad stayed in Florida with his father. The two saw each other on holidays, getting shipped back and forth between their parents, until their parents had enough of that. They would see each other once a year, until they were old enough to buy tickets on their own. Now, it has been 5 years since the twins have seen each other, and Conrad is making his way to London to spend Christmas with his sister. They had rented a huge cottage in the woods, and each decided to bring their best friend along for the trip (Y/C's). Four adults under one roof for two weeks, what could possibly go wrong there? Secrets are spilled, hook-ups are inevitable...but could love blossom as well? What will happen when the men must return to the States? Will they follow their new found relationships or will hearts be broken?

If you are interested, please PM me with a small skeleton, one for each character (One Male and One Female)

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Name||Age (25+)||Occupation||Anthem (Song that describes their personality)


1. PLEASE BE 21+. The characters are that age and I prefer to write with someone my own age. There are mature themes and it is a comfort thing for me as an educator. There will be mature topics I do not wish to write about with minors.
2. Real Photos Please. Something that isn't too big, doesn’t have a watermark, and fits the personality of your character. I am more than happy to assist in finding a photo and I can edit it for you as well if need be.
3. I can write anywhere from 1000 Characters to 1000 Words. I ask that you stick to AT LEAST 1000-1500 Characters a post.
4. This roleplay requires you to double, one male and one female character. Celeste will be friends with our female, while Conrad is friends with your male. This roleplay is a romance, I needed some cute romance roleplay currently, and obviously will not be love at first sight. Obviously there can be lust at first sight and attraction but no instant love.
5. Please PM me a skeleton and I will accept before requesting access to the roleplay. Otherwise, I will refuse.
6. Please PM me and let me know if you have any twists or turns you want to add. I love and encourage it!
7. Please post at least one a week. I’ll let you know if it will take me longer than that, and I expect the same on your end. If I don’t hear from you and there is no post in 14 days, I will delete the thread and try again.
8. PLEASE do not steal this plot. I've been working on this for a while. The poem is not mine but the plot is, so please accept that and do not steal it.
10. Let’s have fun!

**Please PM if confused about plot or characters, and I can explain more if need be!**
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SmileBrightꜰᴏx   1y ago

Celeste zipped up her fully packed suitcase, after checking everything over at least 3 times. She had been waiting for this day since they booked the trip. She hadn’t seen her twin, Conrad, in at least 5 years now. She loved her brother, but he could be an idiot sometimes. Once out of highschool, the twins were no longer obligated to the “once a year” agreement set up by the courts. So, it had been their prerogative to see each other, and her brother seemed to forget that. Every time she’d try to plan something, he’d have plans. Christmas, New Years, Easter, anything. He seemed to have a pretty full schedule, but she had been determined to see him. They planned this trip months in advance, and she called him all the time to make sure he wouldn’t cancel. Now, he’d be arriving in London soon, and the ladies had to make it to the cabin.

Celeste and Evelyn had met when they were in university, and had been friends ever since. They even moved into a flat together, and since Evelyn had never met Conrad, she invited her on the trip as well. But she might have failed to mention she was bringing anyone with her. She was happy for that, she would have killed Conrad by the end of the trip otherwise.

[i “Evelyn! Are you ready? We have to get the cabin before the guys. I want to pick out the best rooms first. I’ll be pissed if my brother gets a better room than I do.”] Celeste teased, as she yelled through the flat. She wheeled out her suitcase, with her camera bag slung around her body. [i “Let’s get outta here.”]
she smiled at her roommate.

Saying the cabin was huge was an understatement. It had 5 bedrooms, and a bunch of amenities. They even had an area in the basement that housed a hot tub and sauna. Celeste took her things, heading upstairs. [i “Come, pick a room. Then we can come down and meet the boys. They should be here any minute.”] Celeste found a room, huge windows with plenty of light, it was great to take pictures in. She hoped she could get in a shoot or two with her friends, photography had been her life since she picked up a camera at age 4.

Heading downstairs after picking out her room, she plopped herself on the couch, checking her phone to see if she had any messages. Before she could even check, she heard the front door click. She looked over to the door, a smile on her face as she expected to see a face that looked like hers, except it wasn’t. [i “Who are you?”] were the first words out of her mouth. The boy was hot, to say the least, but still, she had no idea who this man was. Conrad must have decided on bringing a friend too, great. [i “Sorry, that was rude of me. Celeste.”] she spoke, getting off the couch and approaching him with a smile.

As if on cue, her brother waltz his way in.

[center [pic]]

[b “Man, airplane suck!”] Conrad stated, as the two males exited the plane. [b “I felt like I’ve been stuck there for years. I need a cigarette after that.”] he spoke, as the two made their way to collect their baggage.

Conrad had been dreaded this trip, as well as excited. Of course he was excited to see his sister, but after 5 years of his life going basically no where, he was a little embarrassed. He had definitely blown her off for things that weren’t as important as her, because he was scared. His sister could be intimidating when she wanted too, and he knew that. So, bringing Noah along would definitely save him from a beating from his sister, he hoped.

After getting a taxi to the cabin that sat in the woods, Conrad got out to look at the place. [b “Woah, this is awesome. I’m gonna get the bags out, you can head on in.”] he spoke to Noah, pulling their bags out of the back. Conrad had packed some American snacks he knew Celeste loved but hadn’t been able to have, so he had a couple of extra bags. The two males had also done a bit of grocery shopping to get them started, but they definitely needed to go again soon.

Noah entered the house first, before Conrad grabbed as much as he could hold, and waltz in after him. His sister was already interrogating his friend, awesome. [b “Hi Cel.”] Conrad spoke. His sister whipped her head towards him, a smile plastered on her face. Conrad dropped the bags where he was, scooping her up in a hug. [i “I missed you.”] Celeste spoke first, before he put her down on her feet. [b “Missed you too, kiddo.”]
[i “I’m older than you!”]
[b “By three minutes, calm down.”] Conrad spoke, picking up the bags he had dropped.

[b “See my sister introduced herself to you already.”] Conrad said looking up from the kitchen counter as he began to put things away toward Noah. [i “Yeah, we're getting aquainted. Oh! Evelyn! They're here!”] Celeste yelled to her friend. Conrad gave her a slight eyebrow. [i “My best friend. God thing we both brought friends.”]

When Evelyn entered, Conrad could have let his jaw drop to the floor. She was beautiful. He moved past his sister, standing a few inches from her. [b “It’s a pleasure to meet you, Evelyn. Conrad.”] Conrad spoke smoothly, holding his hand out to her.

[i “Ew, don’t hit on my friend!”] Celeste laughed, turning from them back to the man who came with her brother. [i “So, I never gotta ask you your name.”] Celeste spoke to him, tilting her head to the slide slightly.
Burning_HeartEvelyn   1y ago

[center Evelyn stared at the orange medicine bottle that rested in her hand, the little white pills resting comfortably inside. She bit the inside of her cheek before she quickly shoved the bottle into the top drawer of her dresser, moving away to finish packing. She had to tell herself over and over again that she didn't need them. Unfortunately, the more she thought about it, the more she felt that small tugging in the back of her mind.]

[center After shoving a book inside the bag, she walked back over to the dresser, pulling the bottle out and hiding it in one of the suitcase pockets. [b "You don't need them,"] she mumbled angrily to herself, but she already felt relieved knowing that they'd at least be nearby.]

[center She shut the suitcase and zipped it, running a hand through her hair before closing her eyes and letting out a sigh. Each time she looked at the stupid bottle, she thought about the accident. About the scar that was so prominent on her left side. She could still feel the cold metal of the pole-]

[center She dug the palm of her hand into her right eye, trying to push it all away. Going on this trip with Celeste would be a good thing, she was sure of it. It would be a good way to keep her mind off of the temptations. Not to mention, she [i was] excited to meet Celeste's brother. Her roommate hadn't stopped talking about how excited she was, and knowing that she hadn't seen him in five years, Evelyn couldn't blame her. She just hoped she made a good impression.]

[center Hearing Celeste's voice, she snatched up the suitcase, calling out as she left the room. [b "I'm coming!"] Double checking that her phone was in her back pocket, she made her way to the front door, returning her roommate's smile. [b "Lead the way."]

[b ~]

[center Evelyn was amazed at the cabin, letting out a low appreciative whistle as she stopped to stare at it. Nothing could've prepared her for how beautiful it was. Grabbing her bag, she followed Celeste inside, just as impressed by the interior. Nodding at her words, she made her way upstairs, making her way to the room on the end of the hall, wanting to keep her stuff as far away from the others as she could. The last thing she needed was for anyone to find the pills for any reason.]

[center It was a comfortable-looking room with a large window, which she quickly closed the curtains to. Too much sunlight and the poor girl would burn up to a crisp. Not to mention, if it was too bright she'd be uncomfortable.]

[center Hearing Celeste call for her, she set her suitcase on the bed and shut the door, making her way down the stairs. Upon seeing Conrad, Evelyn felt like her brain stopped working. For a moment, all she could do was stare at his hand.]

[center She quickly snapped out it, realizing how dumb she probably looked, before taking his hand, looking up at him. [b "The pleasure's mine,"] she said, her accented voice a bit soft. Celeste had failed to mention how handsome her brother was.]

[center [b ~~~~~~]]

[right [pic]]

[center Noah stretched his arms over his head before rubbing the back of his neck, trying not to feel so stiff. [b "I agree,"] he said, following behind Conrad. He didn't smoke, but he could understand the need for a cigarette. The plane ride had been far more uncomfortable than he had been expecting. It didn't help that he'd been stuck next to a man who snored like a freight train once he'd fallen asleep.]

[center He was for sure grateful that they were finally off of the damn thing.]

[center He adjusted his glasses as they walked, snagging his own luggage when it came around. He was still a little surprised Conrad has asked him to come along on the trip. Hell, initially, when he'd been approached about it, he'd declined, sure that he wouldn't be able to take that much time off, but not long after, he'd begun to rethink his answer, eventually calling Conrad and telling him that he'd changed his mind.]

[center He figured it would something refreshing. A nice break from his everyday life. Not that it was necessarily boring, but it [i had] been a little repetitive for a while now. It would be nice to see a new change of scenery. A remote cabin, some new faces? Yeah, it was a much-needed break.]

[center When the cabin came into view, Noah's jaw dropped. [b "Dang. Your sister got a nice place, didn't she?"] He was even more grateful now that he decided to go along. While he loved his job, hanging out in a place so nice was definitely better than being surrounded by a ton of books and some rude customers.]

[center He was hesitant to let Conrad do all of the work himself, but it wasn't like there was a ton of stuff to carry, so with a nod, he got out of the taxi and made his way to the door, gently pushing it open. He stopped when he saw the female sitting on the couch, eyes widening slightly at her question. He was very quickly aware that this probably wasn't a good first impression.]

[center Letting out a nervous laugh, he held up his hands. [b "No worries. I get it. It's nice to meet you, Celeste."] He stepped to the side as Conrad entered, allowing the two siblings to have their moment. At the sight of the other female, he noticed his friends' expression change, raising a brow. They were going to be in a cabin with two pretty girls? Nothing could go wrong here.]

[center Turning his attention back to Celeste, he frowned. [b "I guess I forgot to mention it,"] he said with a smile. [b "I'm Noah. Thanks for allowing me to stay here with you guys. To be honest, I almost didn't come along, but I'm kind of glad I did now."] He quickly closed his mouth, realizing how flirtatious that would've come off as. He just hoped she didn't take it that way.]

[center Wanting to avoid an awkward conversation, he glanced at the other two. [b "Now that we're all here, what's the plan?"] He and Conrad hadn't really discussed anything, but they really hadn't known what all the cabin was going to hold.]
SmileBrightꜰᴏx   1y ago

Celeste let a smirk rest on her lips as the man spoke. Noah, huh? [i “Oh, it’s no problem. Would have been nice if Conrad would have mentioned he was bringing a friend, but he seemed rather enthralled with mine already.”] she teased. Noah was rather attractive, tall with dark hair and glasses. His words seemed rather flirty, and she wouldn’t turn down the opportunity to flirt with a cute boy. Flirt, that was it.

If the woman wanted to be honest, she was terrified of getting really close to anyone, especially in a romantic sense. Love scared her, as someone you love could be pulled from right under you in a matter of moments. Which happened to her, almost a year ago now.

Celeste had met Luca at a party, and in their drunken state, they slept together. Celeste was no stranger to hook-ups, and she was sure nothing else would come of it. Except, she became pregnant soon after. She kept it a secret at first, wanting to wait till that three month mark. Everyone says bad things can happen before. She tried contacting Luca, who seemed to miss every call she made. Until one day, her baby was gone. Miscarriage. She had thought about adoption, early on, but as the weeks continued, she loved her little baby and was ready to drop everything for them. But, they were ripped from her only two months in. She never wanted to have to experience the physical and emotional pain that put her through, so she cut herself from any physical intimacy, it terrified her now to when before it was such a release. And she hadn’t really found anybody she was really interested in since then...until now.

Noah’s voice was sweet, kind. Someone she did want to get to know as their two weeks went on. Clearly, her brother assumed the same thing with her friend. They were definitely twins, for sure. [i “Well, I was thinking we could make dinner together, and just have a fun night together. Maybe make some drinks, get to know each other. There even is a hot tub downstairs, we could do that too. I brought plenty of alcohol so no need to worry in that department.”] Celeste teased. Letting loose a little bit would be good, letting her mind not be filled with terrifying thoughts would be better than this. She didn’t want anyone to know her secret, for anyone to think she was this weak little thing.

[center [pic]]

The woman paused for a moment, and Conrad raised an eyebrow at her before their hands connected. Conrad smiled, wrapping his hand around hers. She seemed nervous, and hoped he wasn’t the one who caused it. Celeste had forgotten to tell him she was bringing someone as well, but he wasn’t mad about it at all. Evelyn was beautiful, and he already wanted to get to know her. He used his free hand to run through his own hair. He realized he still hadn’t let go over her hand, so he pulled his hand back. [b “I look forward to spending more time with you.”] he winked, before moving away from the stairs and letting her come all the way back down.

Listening to Celeste’s words of drinking, Conrad was all in. He was a bartender after all, so he knew he could make something they’d all enjoy. But, he wanted to make sure it wasn’t too obvious. Conrad had dropped out of college, after majoring in Psychology, and had been bartending ever since. He wasn’t doing much with his life, except working and going out every so often with friends like Noah. But, Celeste knew none of that, she assumed he finished school. That was the main reason he was avoiding her, in an attempt to not disappoint her.

[b “I think that’s a great idea. I can make some great drinks...from my college days.”] Conrad spoke, trying to cover up his past as much as he could. Sure, Noah knew what his current job was, but didn’t know how much he was hiding behind in front of his sister. Celeste smiled, pulling out bottles she had packed with her. [i “Oh yeah, how’s the practice going? I know you can’t really tell me about your clients but do you enjoy it?”] Celeste asked, as she continued to get bottles set on the table. [b “Uh, yeah. I love it. Going great!”] Conrad lied coolly, looking at, using his eyes to tell Noah to follow suit if asked.

Conrad sighed, before grabbing the bags of food they had got. [b “Noah and I did a little shopping, but we will definitely need to go back to make sure we have enough. I don’t want to get snowed in bad and not have any food.”] Conrad teased, putting the last few things away. [b “I’ll make us some pasta? It’s easy and we won’t have to wait that long, I’m starving.”] the male spoke up, his eyes making their way to Evelyn. [b “Can I get you a drink? What do you like, I can make you something.”] he smiled, holding his hand out for her to take and follow him to the array Celeste had gathered.

Celeste took a moment to look to Noah, biting softly on her bottom lip. [i “You want something to drink? What do you like? I made sure to get at least a few different things.”] she looked around, at her friends. [i “Or we could shots!”] Celeste smirked, before pulling out four shot glasses filling them to the brim with vodka. [i “C’mon. At least one! We gotta make some bad decisions, right?”] she teased. Celeste grabbed one, handing another one to Noah. Conrad grabbed the other two, handing one to Evelyn. [i “To bad decisions?”] Celeste teased, before they all tapped their glasses, both of the twins shooting back their shots. The Foxes could definitely hold and tolerate their liquor.
Burning_HeartEvelyn   1y ago

[center Evelyn's cheeks flushed a bright pink as he finally pulled his hand away, his words echoing in her head. Something told her that this vacation was going to be filled with a lot of bad decisions, something that absolutely terrified her. While she definitely wasn't against the idea of getting to know him, she knew that if he got too close, she would risk him finding out the stuff she was trying so hard to hide.]

[center Hell, not even Celeste knew, and Evie told her just about everything.]

[center Yet here she was, instantly attracted to the stranger. It made it worse that it was her best friends' brother. [i How cliche,] she thought to herself. Then again, would it really be that big a deal? He lived on a whole different continent. She was sure whatever happened within the cabin walls wouldn't mean anything once the two weeks were over.]

[center Hearing him speak, her head snapped up, eyes slightly wide from being startled. She'd been so caught up in her own head that she'd barely heard what he had asked her. [b "Uhm...sure, a drink would be nice. Anything fruity if that's okay."] If they were going to be drinking, she may as well enjoy herself.]

[center She turned her attention to Celeste, raising a brow. It didn't surprise her that she was the one who suggested the shots. [b "Why not?"] she said with a shrug. She took the glass from Conrad, ignoring how her fingers grazed against his, before tapping her glasses to the others. [b "To bad decisions,"] she repeated, downing her shot. She'd never been much a drinker, and if the day continued in that direction, she was sure she was going to be hammered by nightfall.]

[center [b ~~~~~~]]

[right [pic]]

[center Noah frowned a little at Celeste's words. He hadn't been aware that she didn't know he was coming along. He hoped it wasn't a big deal, especially since she'd brought along her own. He looked at the two of them, biting back a slight smile. Conrad definitely had a way with the ladies, he had to admit.]

[center Noah? Not so much. He'd had a girlfriend a long time ago, or so it had seemed, but when he had received the news that he had CAD, he'd quickly broken it off, worried about leaving the poor girl behind if anything had happened to him. He'd been fairly lucky so far, with just a bit of chest pain here and there, but he wasn't sure what would happen in the coming years, and if he was alone when he went, then so be it. Besides, he'd never want Katie to see him in a hospital bed, or even worse, a casket. He wanted her to live a happy life without the fear that her significant other could drop dead at any moment.]

[center He tore his thoughts away from the thing that plagued him, smiling at Celeste. [b "A hot tub honestly sounds so great right now."] He wouldn't mind relaxing in the warm water and just getting to know the other two. Hopefully, it would help the next two weeks go by smoothly, despite what he thought about it all.]

[center He watched as the twins interacted again, raising a brow at Conrad's responses to his sisters' questions. Had he not told her what he had been doing? And if so, why not? He opened his mouth to say something but quickly shut it. It was obvious that he was lying to her for a reason, and it wasn't Noah's place to call him out on it. If Conrad wanted to tell her the truth, he would when he was ready. Until then, it wasn't any of Noah's business. If anything, he'd ask his friend about it later.]

[center [b "Pasta and alcohol? Can't say we're not starting the next two weeks out right,"] he said, taking the shot glass from Celeste. He also repeated her words before drinking his own shot, a shiver running down his spine. The vodka was strong, that was for sure. [b "So, about that pasta?"] he asked, looking to Conrad.]

[center His attention was taken away though when Evelyn spoke up. [b [i "If you like, I can offer my help. I know a thing or two about cooking,"]] she said with a shy smile to the twin. Noah raised another brother before glancing at Celeste. Yeah, this was definitely going to be an interesting vacation.]]
SmileBrightꜰᴏx   1y ago

Celeste raised her brow. [i “Yeah, no. Conrad, you and Noah can set the table or something. I am not letting you near food after what you did to Christmas dinner in 10th grade.”] the female twin teased. Celeste smiled at Evie, she was already wanting to talk to her about the boys. [i “Evelyn and I can cook.”] she smiled, before rushing the boys into the dining room with the dishes for now. She wanted to be alone with her roommate and best friend for now. Yeah, they had just gotten there but there were clearly already connections between them and the boys she wanted to discuss.

[i “So, Conrad huh? I mean, he looks like me so he must be cute.”] Celeste teased Evelyn, as she filled a pot with water to boil the pasta in. [i “I think Noah’s pretty cute, he just seems a little closed off right now. I don’t know, maybe the alcohol will help.”] she spoke, as the two worked on getting dinner ready.

With dinner ready and the table and drinks made, they all sat down at the table, Celeste setting down a huge serving dish of pasta for everyone to take what they wanted. It was silent for a few minutes, and it started to get to Celeste. [i “Why don’t we all introduce ourselves a little bit, for our friends who joined us.”] she spoke up, as she loaded her plate with the beautifully made pasta. She added some cheese, before speaking up again. [i “I’ll even go first. So, I’m Celeste. Some people call me Cece but I’m not a fan, so don’t.” she laughed, “Right now, I’m a freelance photographer, and I definitely want to get some pictures of us while we're here. I live in London after I moved from the States at ten, and I live with Evelyn. Oh, and I love movies and doing adventurous things.”] Celeste smiled, her eyes landing on Noah for a moment before she pulled them back to her pasta.

The woman poured herself some of the batch cocktail Conrad had concocted, and took a sip. [i “Wow, this is really good. Maybe you should bartend on the side or something.”] Celeste teased. She pulled Conrad out of the seeming daze he was in, before speaking to him. [i “Why don’t you go next. I bet Evie would love to hear more about you.”] Celeste spoke, teasing her friend a little bit. It was clear Conrad had been laying his flirting skills down on her, so she knew she wasn’t breaking any friendship/sister “code”. As much as she said this was for Evelyn, it was for her too. Her brother had been nonexistent in her life for the last five years, she was curious how he had changed.

[center [pic]]

Conrad rolled his eyes. [b “I was sixteen and I had never cooked Turkey before! How was I supposed to know you have to cook it for that long! It was fine! We just had turkey at like 8pm instead of 4.”] Conrad tried to defend his cooking skills. Although pasta was much easier, Conrad was interested in what his friend thought of the trip thus far. They had just got there, but it meant a lot if his sister and best friend got along. And, he wanted to be able to explain himself a little bit. So, when Celeste pushed them out, he was a little grateful.

[b “I know we just got here, but are you enjoying yourself? I know you were iffy about coming in the first place.”] Conrad asked as the boys put everything on the table, before Conrad started on a batch cocktail for everyone to share. [b “So, Celeste doesn’t know I dropped out and I am not really planning on telling her until a little later, so please just don’t tell her. She’s gonna kill me for avoiding her so I didn’t have to lie to her. She usually can see through my lies, so just cover for me, please?”] he asked, a pleading tone in it. He needed to keep their initial meeting good, so she wouldn’t just be mad the whole trip.

[b “That Evelyn is really pretty, I definitely want to get to know her more the longer we stay here.”] he smirked. Conrad was pretty good around women, but he was currently single. And he had his sight set on Evelyn. [b “What about you?”] he asked, before starting to mix mixers and liquor to the pitcher.

Conrad filled his plate, he hadn’t eaten since before he boarded the plane. He was only half paying attention as Celeste introduced herself, the only thing on his mind was trying to think of a way to spend some alone time with Evelyn. He knew tonight wouldn’t be the time, but maybe the next day they could explore the area around the cabin. It seemed like they were the only ones for miles, so there might be trails or something. But once Celeste bumped him, he was pulled out of his thoughts. [b “What?”] he asked. He realized what she wanted from him, and took a deep breath, time to lie.

[b “Well, I’m Conrad. Noah and I live in Florida, which is awesome. Right now, I work as a phyciatrist, I just started a little while ago. I really enjoy my job. Uh, and in true Florida fashion, I enjoy skateboarding and surfing. And I am definitely not used to the temperature here yet.”] Conrad finished, a small laugh escaping at the end of his little description. [b “Evelyn, would you like to go?”} he asked, his voice soft and sweet toward her. He wanted to know all about her.
Burning_HeartEvelyn   1y ago

[center Evie couldn't help but chuckle a little at the twins' interactions. She had to wonder just how bad the turkey had to have been for Celeste to hold it over his head for so long. Either way, she was happy to be helping with dinner. It had been a while since she'd been able to just stand in the kitchen and make something that would taste fairly good. She would say she was the best, but she definitely liked to think she was a pretty decent cook.]

[center She smiled at the two boys as they left the room, turning away so she could help her friend. She felt her face flush as Celeste mentioned her brother. She pushed some hair behind her back, clearing her throat a bit. [b "He's cute, I'll admit, but you don't have anything to worry about. A little harmless flirting, but I don't intend to break girl code or anything."] She smirked at her as she mentioned Noah. [b "He's not off-limits, though, so I say while we're here, if he's interested, you should just go for it, even if it's just for the next two weeks. A small fling won't hurt,"] she said, turning away to get to work.]

[center [b ~~~~~~]]

[center The silence at the beginning of dinner was almost suffocating. It was at this moment where Evelyn really felt awkward. She was familiar with Celeste, so making small talk with her wouldn't have been a big deal, but she'd only spoken a few words to either of the boys since they'd arrived and really wasn't sure how to approach any type of conversation.]

[center It was when her friend spoke that she felt a wave of relief. She always had a way of making situations far less awkward than they needed to be, although Evie did almost spit out her drink when she mentioned that she'd be interested in hearing about her brother. Her cheeks once again flushed, she looked away. [b "How rude,"] she mumbled under her breath in a playful tone. He did, however, grab her attention when she spoke, and she couldn't help but smile at him when he turned his gaze on her.]

[center Taking another sip of her drink, she cleared her throat. [b "Well, I'm Evelyn, though you can all call me Evie. Obviously, I'm the odd one out, as I've lived in London my entire life, though I'd love to visit the States on day. I'm a waitress at a local pub and I love to paint in my free time. I also love going to concerts and enjoying a day at the beach."] She smiled before looking to Noah. [b "And you?"] she asked, glad they were breaking the ice.]

[center [b ~~~~~~]]

[right [pic]]

[center Noah thought it was nice to how close the siblings were. He'd grown up an only child, so he really didn't know what it was like to have that kind of bond with someone, and despite asking his parents for years, never actually got have a younger brother or sister that he could be best friends with.]

[center He couldn't help but chuckle when Celeste kicked them out, following Conrad to make the drinks. He shrugged at his friends question. [b "Yeah, I was, but I'm having a good time so far. I think, deep down, I really needed this, so thank you for letting me come along."] He smiled at him, genuinely grateful for the invite.]

[center His smile faded however as he watched him, glad he hadn't said anything when Conrad had been talking to his sister. [b "Hey, you've got nothing to worry about. That's your business and I'm certainly not about to rat you out to her. You'll tell her when you're ready, I'm sure, and if you don't, then that's okay, too. I've got your back,"] he said, patting him on the shoulder. He wasn't about to throw his best friend under the bus, that was for sure.]

[center [b "Evelyn's pretty, but, without you killing me for saying it, your sister is the one who caught my attention. She's gorgeous and if she doesn't know it then I'm surprised."] He grinned at him. [b "Though I can keep my hands to myself if I need to. She's your sister and I'll respect that."] If it was only for two weeks, however, he had to wonder if Conrad would actually care.]

[center [b ~~~~~~]]

[center When Celeste began talking, Noah's eyes were glued to her, and it wasn't until her eyes met his that he realized just how much he was staring. He quickly averted his gaze, hoping she hadn't really noticed just how intense he'd been watching her. At her comment about Conrad being a bartender, he had to shove some food in his mouth, that way nothing on his face would betray the lie the two of them were hiding.]

[center He also noticed the change of tone his friend took when addressing Evelyn and he couldn't help but smirk a little. His friend had no problem making his interest known to anyone in the room, and by the color in the girls face, she had caught onto it.]

[center Noah smiled to Evie when she turned her attention to him, swallowing the next bite he'd put in his mouth before looking at the, his eyes once against lingering on Celeste just a little longer than the other two. [b "I'm Noah, and as Conrad stated, we live in Florida together, though I tend to dislike the heat. I currently work as a librarian, but I promise I'm not as boring as I sound. I do like to let loose every once in a while and go to bars or clubs. In my free time, I either read or watch horror movies. I also like to go to haunted attractions during the Halloween season."] He smiled at the others. [b "I guess that concludes our introductions?"]]
SmileBrightꜰᴏx   1y ago

Celeste had no problem if Evie wanted to have a small fling with her brother. Because they were siblings, she had a pretty good idea of how he treated women, and he was respectful. He would never purposely hurt anyone, and if he fucked anything up with Evie, she could personally kill him herself. And her brother seemed pretty interested in her, so why not? They were gonna be cooped up with each other for two weeks, why not have a fling with a cute boy, herself included. Maybe Evie was right, maybe a small fling wouldn’t hurt. But, she just hoped her fears wouldn’t hinder the good time she hoped to have. She missed dating, or at least talking to someone in a slightly interested way. Maybe this would be a good stepping stone.

Celeste listened to her brother, then Evie explained their stories. But they weren’t really what she was interested in. She wanted to learn more about Noah, and she wanted to go for it, like Evie mentioned. He seemed to be watching her when she explained herself, so maybe he was interested in her like she was. Maybe they could find sometime to chat later. When Noah started speaking, Celeste became a bit more alert than before. She was hoping her brother wouldn’t catch on to this, as she knew how protective her twin was over her. That’s why she didn’t want to tell him about what happened to her, he’d go full brother mode the whole trip.

Once they all got through their introductions, Celeste was at a loss at what to talk about now. Celeste usually could talk to anyone, hell she could talk to a brick wall if it would listen. But now, with Noah there, she felt like she was mute. She could tell both her brother and Evie were surprised, and she needed to think of something, before everyone knew she was nervous. [i “So! We should plan some stuff to do out here! I know it’s cold, but we aren’t far from town either. We could go out one night to a nightclub, and there is ice skating not far from here too. But I am totally in for a couple of days or nights, as well. Especially tonight, you boys must be jet lagged from your flights?”] Celeste spoke, her gaze drifting to Noah. [i “Maybe we can watch one of those horror movies you like, hm? What’s your favorite?”] she smiled towards Noah, hoping that could at least nudge her in the right direction.

[center [pic]]

Conrad listened as Noah explained he did think his sister was attractive, and even over Evelyn. This definitely set off some protective brother sensors. He didn’t want to discourage Noah from going after a girl, but his sister felt different. He took a breath, [b “I mean, I’m not thrilled about it...but if you want to, go for it. But if I see you guys together, I will have no problem pulling you off each other.”] Conrad teased, even if his words were 100% truth. His sister really did mean the world to him, and because they were separated so young, he only got to hear about relationships over the phone or during their once a year visit. It really sucked, he wished he could have been there for her more. He remembered how broken she had been over her last boyfriend, he had no idea why, but she had been so upset about the whole thing. He’d kill Noah if he ever hurt his sister like that. But it was only two weeks, what’s the worst that could happen.


Conrad listened as Evelyn spoke, hanging on her every word. He let his eyes linger on her, probably a bit too long before he looked away, rubbing his neck awkwardly. Conrad let Noah speak too, and had forgotten how different the two boys were. They had been friends for a few years now, and while Conrad was up late at his bar job, Noah was having a usual 9 to 5 at the library. While Conrad was out surfing or skating, tattooed up; Noah was at home reading or watching a movie. They were opposites, but they made really good friends. They always had each other’s back, through everything. Even when Conrad dropped out of college, Noah was there to help him at least get a job and not just fall into a hole of depression. Noah was a good person, and COnrad needed that in his life.

Conrad was surprised once everyone finished talking that Celeste was quiet. She was never quite. She seemed to be nervous about something, which was really unlike her. Conrad looked to Evie, to see if she knew what was wrong with Celeste, before she finally perked up. Listening to her words, Conrad nodded. [i “I’m so up for a night in.”] Conrad spoke up. Then, he watched Celeste’s words were now only directed toward Noah. She seemed to be flirty, which made him tense up, But, this was good for Noah, right? If she was gonna make a plan with Noah, he could do the same with Evelyn.

[i “Seems as though those two have plans, we might as well make some ourselves. Anything that interests you? I know there's a hot tub in the basement, or we could watch a movie as well. I’m not a huge horror fan myself, what about you, beautiful?” Conrad spoke, laying it on pretty thick. He wanted her to know he was interested in something, unlike Noah who was a bit more reserved in that regard. [i “We’d be able to get to know each other a bit more...privately.”] Conrad spoke, his voice smooth, before taking another bite of food. He felt like he was ready to know everything about her, and like he could open up and she wouldn’t judge him. Conrad was one to fall in love fast, both of the Foxes were, at least they both [i used] to be. Celeste had lost it recently, but Conrad still had it in him.
Burning_HeartEvelyn   1y ago

[center Evelyn didn't say anything, but she'd noticed rather quickly how Celeste's posture changed when Noah started speaking. She had to bite back a smile. Celeste deserved to let loose while they were here. It would probably be good for her to have a little something with the boy. He seemed sweet enough. Not to mention, her best friend was sure to know that Evie wouldn't hesitate to kick his ass if he did something to hurt her. They were protective of one another like that.]

[center Once Noah was done, the silence was almost suffocating. Of course, it would be. They were still getting used to one another, she was sure. She almost jumped with Celeste finally spoke, interrupting the lack of sound in the room. Ice skating definitely sounded fun, but would probably be something they could do closer to the end of the two weeks. Save the more exciting stuff for last.]

[center Knowing that the last of her words were directed to Noah made her heart skip a beat, especially when Conrad started talking to her. His words caused her cheeks to flush a bright pink. Where he was smooth, she was rough. She had never been particularly good at flirting with people, especially when she knew they were interested in her. She was actually really good at screwing things up or making them awkward as hell.]

[center [b "With the cold, I think I'd definitely be up for some time in the hot tub."] She smiled at him then, doing her best to play it cool. He had offered, after all, so why not take him up on it?]

[center [b ~~~~~~]]

[right [pic]]

[center Noah let Conrad's words slide off of him, though he knew he wasn't entirely joking with him. He had no doubts that his best friend would go through with what he said. Even with his permission, Noah intended to put what distance he could between them. He didn't want to grow attached while they were there, especially with the two boys having to go back to the States at some point, not to mention, with his condition, who knew what would happen.]

[center [b ~~~~~~]]

[center He tried not to focus on the silence, glancing at Conrad for just a moment, at a loss on what he could say to break it. He actually felt relieved when the other twin was able to do it instead. He wasn't good with small talk and he probably would've said something extremely nerdy that would've ruined the moment.]

[center Looking to Celeste, he couldn't help but smile. [b "You'd be alright with a horror movie? I'm cool with that, then,"] he said, holding his arm out for her to take. [b "I've seen a majority of them, so if you'd like to pick something, you can. I'll do my best not to spoil anything for you."] He grinned at her a little sheepishly, praying his best friend wasn't staring daggers into his back. Hopefully, Evelyn was enough of a distraction.]
SmileBrightꜰᴏx   1y ago

A bright smile was brought to Celeste’s face. Noah had approached her, giving her an arm to take. She smiled at Evie brightly, but shook it off a little when she looked at Conrad. She knew he was just being a protective younger brother, but she could handle herself. She had always had to handle herself, but it felt nice having people who cared about her safety and her happiness. She knew Conrad had probably made an empty threat to Noah already, and Celeste was impressed he still seemed confident enough to approach her in front of her brother.

Celeste took his arm as she stood up, and gave Evie a wink as her friend and brother began making plans as well. Celeste let her mind relax as the two headed out of the dining room, there was no need to worry. He’d be gone within two weeks, and some fun vacation fling would be good for her. It’d help her open up more once they returned to real life once more. Celeste thought for a moment, [i “I do enjoy horror movies, like the Conjuring and movies like that. I’d be okay with that one, or I wouldn’t be mad if you wanted to suggest one?”] she asked.

Celeste made her way toward the living area, before stopping. [i “Ya know, I wouldn’t mind taking our movie into my room? The TV is pretty big in there anyway, and we won’t have Conrad breathing down our necks.”] she teased. [i “But, we should get some snacks first.”] Celeste smiled. She unhooked her arm from his, going to the kitchen, grabbing some drinks and snacks, mostly popcorn and a small bottle of soda. She also grabbed a bottle of a pre-mixed cocktail, thinking they might want to drink a little too. At least she wanted to. Once they grabbed their preferred snacks and drinks, Celeste took Noah’s hand in hers, leading him to her room upstairs.

The rooms at the cabin were nice, large open rooms, all equipped with a TV, a desk and a large king sized bed for all of them. Celeste put down her snacks, as she went to her computer to find a movie to plug into the TV. [i “So, what did we decide on? Are you gonna pick something to scare the shit out of me, or are you into more of the gore type?”] she asked, looking up at him from her computer, as she sat crossed legged on the bed. [i “Come, sit.”] she spoke, patting the spot next to her.

[center [pic]]
Conrad let his eyes linger on his sister and Noah. He never realized he could be that smooth, he truly was much more of a gentleman than he was. He was more of a flirter, he was good at impressing women and knowing what they wanted to hear. But Conrad knew he was not as gentlemanly as Noah was. Well, lucky for Noah that Celeste ate that shit up. He watched her change her deminar when she looked toward him, and let his eyes follow them as they disappeared from sight.

Conrad let his eyes then drift back to Evelyn, she really was gorgeous. [b “I think you read my mind. How about we both change, I’ll grab us some towels and we’ll meet down there?”] he asked. He held out his hand, as the both headed upstairs and to their rooms to change. Conrad changed into his black swim trunks, but kept a shirt on until he got into the water. He could hide his body from her for a little while longer. He was proud of his body, and was very happy to show it off, tattoos and all. He wasn’t fully covered, but had at least one on each part of his body.

Conrad grabbed some towel, and could hear some chatter behind a closed door. Conrad knew his sister and Noah were behind that door. He couldn’t hear much of anything, except talking. He couldn’t make out words. Maybe he could meet up with Noah and see what happened later on tonight. Conrad got ready quickly, so he cleaned up the dinner mess, throwing everything in the dishwasher after rinsing off everything. He then made his way down to the hot tub, warming it up a little warmer than it was already. Once he caught sight of Evelyn, he smirked. [b “I’m glad you made your way down.”] he smiled. He pulled his shirt off over his head, before sliding his body into the warm water. It felt nice on his body after the flight. [b “Come join me, gorgeous.”] he smiled, leaning against the side before she entered the water.

[b “So, I know we introduce ourselves, but anything you left out in front of my sister? You can tell me.”] Conrad teased. But, he knew he was hiding something from Celeste as well. He was weary of telling Evelyn, afraid she might tell Celeste, so he held back his own secrets. [b “Like, hmmm, I’ve gotten pretty into tattooing since college. What about you? Any tats on you?”] he asked, sliding himself a little bit closer, not trying to scare her.
Burning_HeartEvelyn   1y ago

[center Evelyn couldn't help but smirk a little before nodding. She took his hand just as they made their way up the stairs. They were softer than she had expected, leaving her mind to wander to very inappropriate places. Slipping away from him, she entered her room, digging through the things she'd packed before finding the bathing suit she'd brought with her. It was nothing fancy or flashy, but it was adorable. A white two-piece bathing suit, with a yellow top and black bottoms with yellow daisies on them. She'd bought it the summer after her accident but had never actually been able to wear it until now.]

[center Once she had changed into it, she modeled it in front of the mirror. She froze when she caught sight of the scar. There was no way to hide it. If she was lucky, he either wouldn't notice it, though she was doubtful of that, or he wouldn't ask.]

[center She let out a small sigh before closing the bag and leaving the room, making her way down to the hot tub. The warm water would be a nice change to the cooler weather outside, that was for sure. Seeing Connor, she had to bite her cheek. He had a nice body and something told her that he knew it. Nodding, she shook away the butterflies that had caused her stomach to flutter before sliding into the water, letting out another sigh. [b "That feels heavenly,"] she mumbled, leaning her head back against the side.]

[center She glanced at him as he spoke, doing her best not to let the fact that she had a secret show on her face. She couldn't talk about this with Celeste, much less her twin. [b "I noticed. They look really cool,"] she said with a smile. [b "The only one I have as of right now is this one,"] she said, shifting so that she could lift her right leg enough to show him her ankle. It was a dreamcatcher with pinks, blues, and purples mixed into it. [b "I know it's cliche, but I'd really liked the design when I'd seen it,"] she said sheepishly. [i Can you be any more cheesy?]]

[center [b ~~~~~~]]

[right [pic]]

[center Noah frowned as he thought for a moment. He enjoyed The Conjuring movies for what they were, so he definitely couldn't complain. It would be nice to sit down and watch one or two of them again. He was also a little glad that the two of them could share an interest. It would've been awkward if his friend was getting to know one female while he was left in the dust by the other.]

[center He rubbed the back of his neck before letting out a nervous laugh. [b "You're not worried that he might bust in through the door?"] It wouldn't surprise him. With Evelyn, it was different. Noah had no relation to the girl, so it wasn't like he could say anything about whatever they did. That was between them. He understood, however, why Conrad was so concerned about his sister. She was family after all. [b "I'm alright with it,"] he finally said, knowing his friend was going to be reoccupied with the brunette.]

[center He followed her into the kitchen, offering to take anything off of her hands before she seemed content and took his hand. He cleared his throat, covering it up with a cough with his free arm. Once in the room, he set his snacks beside hers. [b "I'm down for any of The Conjuring movies, though I won't lie, the gore stuff can be interesting, too. They're not so bad once you know how they do the effects,"] he said before joining her. [b "If you get scared, just let me know. I won't mind hiding you,"] he said with a smile. It was innocent enough, or so he thought.]
SmileBrightꜰᴏx   1y ago

Celeste smiled. [i “About my brother breaking in, I wouldn’t be surprised if he did. He’s always been super protective.”] the woman smiled. Celeste remembered, even as little kids, boys usually stayed away from Celeste, due to her brother. Even if they just wanted to play a game with her, especially because she was a bit of a tomboy as a kid. Conrad had always wanted to protect her, even if she didn’t need to be protected. But the only time she really needed to be protected, they were thousands of miles away.

[i “Alright, I’ll make a deal. We’ll watch the Conjuring, and then you pick the next one. And don’t worry, I’ll definitely need someone’s hand to hold.”] Celeste smirked. She had always been a confident flirting, but recently, she had kind of lost it. But with Noah, it was easy to flirt. She didn’t know why he caused that in her, but she wouldn’t complain. [i “It’s also pretty cold. We could share a blanket.”] she smiled. She grabbed one of the blankets folded by the corner, pulling it over both sets of their legs. Celeste positioned herself, letting her body sit against his.

Celeste turned the movie on, lowering the lights with the switch by the bed. She thought the two sitting in the complete dark would be weird, so just lowering the lights felt better, less romantic. She let herself lean against him, not too hard. She started getting more invested, and would hide her face in his chest when the jump scares would happen. [i “Sorry…”] she would say each time, and readjust herself to watch again. She did like scary movies, and enjoyed being scared. But, since she had buried her face in his chest, she took hold of his shirt in her hand.

[center [pic]]
Conrad smiled once she entered the water, she looked incredibly attractive in her swimsuit, the two of them almost matching. He did notice a scar on her leg, but he didn’t want to push anything. If she wanted to talk about it, considering it wasn’t something she could easily hide, she would. He knew about not wanting to talk about the obvious, so he held off asking. [b “It does feel nice, doesn’t it?”] he smiled, propping his elbows up on the side, letting his torso slide in a bit more.

Conrad smiled as she complimented his tattoos. He had worked on most of them closely with his artist. He was decent with a pen and some paper, but nothing amazing like his artist. He’d usually sketch something and then his artist would mold his original into a beautiful piece. His newest one, a crescent moon with two identical stars next to each other, for his sister. He looked at her tattoo, smiling. [b “That’s really nice. As long as it’s special to you, who cares what other people think.”] he smiled. He turned his forearm over, showing off his moon tattoo. [b “This is my most recent. It’s for Celeste, but I don’t think I’d ever tell her. For her name, and she also used to say when we were kids, if we ever missed each other, we always saw the same moon. So, it’s like a little piece of her is with me.”] Conrad smiled, his arm returning into the water.

The silence between them was nice. It wasn’t awkward, just calm. Conrad slid in next to her, but made sure not too close to make her uncomfortable. [b “So, Evelyn, tell me more about you, aside from you being insanely gorgeous. Your family, or even about living in London. Probably crazy living with Celeste, she’s nuts.”] he teased. [b “Also, if you’d ever want to come to the states, and you come to Florida, you could always stay with me. You and Celeste should come visit us too. I can already tell we are going to have an amazing time.”] Conrad spoke, letting his hand rest on the edge of the hot tub, behind her back.
Burning_HeartEvelyn   1y ago

[center Evelyn couldn't help but smile at his words. It was nice to have someone not judge her for once when it came to the tattoo. Thinking about it, she wasn't even sure that Celeste knew about the dreamcatcher. She had gotten it done before she'd met the girl and she couldn't think of a time when she'd ever mentioned it or when she would've seen it. It felt like Conrad officially knew something about her that Celeste didn't. Looking at the moon, she reached out to touch it, stopping short of actually coming in contact with his skin. She didn't want to weird him out. [b "It's beautiful,"] she said softly. She thought it was really sweet that he had a tattoo for his sister.]

[center After that, the two of them fell silent. Evie leaned back against the wall of the tub, noticing when the male had moved a bit closer to her. She couldn't help the blush that spread across her cheeks. She couldn't understand why Conrad thought she was so pretty. She'd never thought of herself as attractive. Average, maybe, but the accident had sucked any confidence she'd had before right out of her. [b "Celeste and I will have to discuss that. She'd probably love to go back home for once,"] she said with a smile.]

[center She could feel part of his arm graze the upper part of her back but she didn't bother moving away. She had no problem with him getting closer, though she wasn't about to admit that out loud. [b "Your sister is definitely a trip, but I enjoy having her as a roommate. I definitely got lucky when it came to her. As for me...."] She stopped for a moment to think. [b "You might think I'm incredibly boring, but I love to read in my free time, along with painting when I get the chance. I currently work as a waitress at a local pub, which is great for the most part, especially on the weekend. I have a younger brother who lives with my dad, though I don't get to see them very often anymore."] Thinking about them made her want to send her dad a message. She hadn't heard from him in a while and it would probably be nice to at least know that they were alright.]

[center [b "What about you, Conrad? Anything interesting I should know?"] she said, resting her head on his arm.]

[center [b ~~~~~~]]

[right [pic]]

[center Noah nodded, letting out a small chuckle. [b "My hand is available. You don't even have to ask."] He had to admit; the girl was smooth. She had no problem letting him know she was a bit interested unless he was reading everything wrong, but he was doubtful. He rubbed the back of his neck once she rested against him, a bit uncertain on where he should put his arm, before finally just letting it rest on her shoulder. It wasn't trying to make a move necessarily. He mostly needed to be comfortable in order to make sure she was also comfortable. [b "If this isn't okay, just say so,"] he said softly.]

[center Throughout the movie, Noah found himself paying more attention to her than what was going on on-screen. Her burying her face in his chest was absolutely adorable, though he wasn't about to say that out loud. He shook his head each time she apologized to him, telling her that he didn't mind in the slightest. At one point, he placed a hand on her back, running his hand up and down to try and comfort her. [b "We can change the movie if you'd like?"] he asked at one point, smiling down at her. She was cute when she was scared, but he felt a little bad that he was enjoying her reactions.]
SmileBrightꜰᴏx   1y ago

Celeste smiled, leaning more into him as his hand rested on her shoulder. [i “Mhm, that’s totally fine.”] she spoke softly, relaxing as she watched the movie. She could almost feel like Noah’s eyes were darting to her, wanting to disregard the movie, as she mainly used it to get him alone. She wasn’t lying, she did enjoy horror movies, but it was mostly to get some alone time with Noah. He had seemed a bit on the shyer side than she was, and knew she’d have to push to get him alone with her and more comfortable.

Celeste was worried, as her timidness for intimacy was being challenged by her natural extrovert behavior. Before the worst moment of her life ever happened, she was quite a player of sorts, dating and seeing people was easy for her. Nights ended in kisses or in heaps of passion were easy for her. But now, just being alone with him was nerve wracking, but her body was easy to fall back into her old ways. Her body yearned for touch and intimacy, while her brain tried to push the man away. But, Celeste almost knew one would win, and she was almost certain she knew which one would. And it would just cause a panic attack later on, where she’d need her best friend to talk to her.

Celeste leaned into his chest, before pulling back and hearing him speak. She leaned her head up toward him, her face slightly heating up, she was very happy the lights hid the color of her face. [i “Oh, no. I’m enjoying it. I actually enjoy being scared.”] she spoke, her body moving herself up closer to him than before. [i “I told you I like adventure, things that increase my heartrate.”] she spoke softly, as she felt her heart speed up from the closeness of their bodies. [i “But if you wanted to do something else than watch the movie, I’d be okay with that.”] she spoke softly, her eyes darting to his lips and back to his eyes, hoping he wasn’t watching her eyes. She wasn’t trying to push the intimacy, as it scared the crap out of her. Just the lack of it recently and it was usually done in excess in Celeste’s case, her body tried to push it out of her. [i “I-Is this okay?”] she asked, speaking to the closeness of their bodies.

[center [pic]]
Conrad was happy that the woman he was talking to was the person that Celeste had chosen to live with. He did care about his sister's well-being, and this trip was for the two of them to see each other after years of being apart, but they seemed to have another plan, at least for the night. They had the next two weeks to be together, but it was good for them to have time for themselves. But Evelyn, she was wonderful. She was kind, and it was clear she cared about Celeste, which is all Conrad could hope for for his sister. But, the woman’s life seemed to align with his. Working at a pub, not seeing your sibling or parent most of the time. Sounded a lot like him. [b “I hope you can talk her into it. And you should have a chance to visit the states. I wouldn’t mind if you wanted to come, you’d always have a place to stay.”] Conrad smiled, letting his eyes get lost in hers for a moment.

[b “You’re not boring at all. I do quite a bit of art, most of my tattoos are sketched by me, and then my artist turns them into the tattoo. I’d love to see your art sometime, if you’d be up for showing me.”] Conrad smiled. [b “I feel like we have more in common than you think. Our jobs, not seeing our family most of the time.”] Conrad spoke, realizing he wasn’t speaking to Noah. Noah, and only Noah, was aware that Conrad wasn’t actually a psychologist like he claimed to be. That he was a bartender in a high end bar, which was nice and made good tips. But it was embarrassing for him that he dropped out of college, and told no one. He had struggled just getting into a school, and was praised immensely by his family when he was accepted. Telling them would disappoint them. Would disappoint Celeste. [b “I mean, my [i old] job. I used to be a bartender, when I was in college.”] he attempted to cover up his truth, hoping his nervous tone didn’t stick out too much.

Conrad licked his lips, thinking for a moment. Anything interesting about him? People, or women, didn’t usually care to get to know him. He was known to be smooth with women, and people didn’t usually worry about him as a person, usually just what was under the belt. So he thought for a moment. [b “About me? Hmm.”] he spoke. [i Besides the fact I am lying to almost everyone I know?] he thought, before looking toward the woman. [b “Well, I really enjoy going out and dancing. I’d like to think I’m a pretty good dancer, definitely better when I’m sober. And I play the piano as well. Celeste and I both play, we used to take lessons, our mom was really interested in us playing. I asked my dad to continue once they split, and I know Celeste continued too. I sing a little bit too.”] Conrad spoke, knowing the things he explained were things people wouldn’t guess were true about him. He looked like the type to get really drunk and have a bar fight, not sing and play piano. But, this girl was easy to tell his whole life story too. He didn’t know why, there was just something about her.

[b “You’re boyfriend isn’t gonna be mad that you’re hanging out with me, right? ‘Cause I don’t think I could even ignore you if I tried, considering how mesmerizing you are.”] Conrad smiled, running his index finger under her chin, leaning her head back a bit to look up to him. He could have kissed her right there, but he was interested in her answer. He assumed she was single, considering she hadn’t shut down his advances, but he wanted to make sure he wasn’t pushing any boundaries if she was, in fact, dating someone. [b “I was planning on not getting beat up on this trip. Besides, I’d like a dancing partner when we decide to go out to a club some night.”] he teased, leaning in a bit, but making sure to leave room between them to make sure she was comfortable.
Burning_HeartEvelyn   1y ago

[center Evelyn bit her cheek, thinking the idea over in her head. She would be more than happy to take a trip to the States, especially if it meant letting loose like they were planning to for the next two weeks. It would probably do Celeste some good to be back home after being away for so long, and it would give Evie a chance and see and do things that she had never been able to do before. [b "It shouldn't be too hard to convince her,"] she said with a grin.]

[center [b "I'd be more than happy to show you. Perhaps I can make you something before you guys leave?"] She'd never really drawn for anyone else, but she'd be more than happy to do so for him. It would give him something to take back as a token from the trip. She raised a brow at his words before letting out a laugh. [b "I bet bartending was fun. I don't think I could ever do it. Working as a waitress is bad enough at times without the patrons being drunk."] She'd been to enough in her life to see how some of the female bartenders were treated. Maybe it was different in the States?]

[center She thought his words over, a bit surprised. [b "I had no idea she could play. I guess it never got brought up in conversation."] She was gonna have to ask her about that. She'd always wanted to learn herself but had never had the time to do so. [b "If I make you a painting, promise you'll sing a song for me?"] she asked, watching him. She felt it was a fair deal. Hopefully, he would share the same thought.]

[center His next move, however, had her at a loss for words. His finger under her chin caused a chill to run down her spine and her stomach to do a flip. Her eyes darted from his down to his lips, especially when he moved in a little closer. It had been a long time since anyone had looked at her like that, even if it was temporary. It was a moment later when she realized that he was waiting on her to answer his question. Clearing her throat, she met his eyes again, shaking her head. [b "There's nothing for you to worry about. There's no boyfriend in my life right now,"] she said with a small laugh.]

[center She wasn't sure where the next few minutes were going to lead, but she was willing to let herself get lost in whatever it would be.]

[center [b ~~~~~~]]

[right [pic]]

[center Noah watched her, his own face heating up as she moved closer to him. This was one of those times where he wished he had his best friends' charm. Conrad had no problem with women, it seemed. He knew just what to do and say to reel someone in. Noah, as smooth as he tried to be, was not that good. He usually got too nervous and would back out of anything too intimate if it became too much. However, he didn't want to do that with Celeste. The whole point of this vacation was to step out of their comfort zones and have fun.]

[center Even if the dim light, he could see the way her eyes went from his to his lips. He gulped a little before nodding, moving his arm down to her waist without really thinking about it. [b "This is fine,"] he said with a smile.]

[center It was at that moment that he debated kissing her, but he was afraid of scaring her, so instead, he reached out with his other hand, brushing some stands of hair from her face before resting it on her cheek. [b "Was there something specific you had in mind?"] he asked softly, watching her.]
SmileBrightꜰᴏx   1y ago

Celeste could feel her heart speed up as his hand slipped down to her waist. Where his fingers touched her, it felt like he was burning her skin in the best way. Her body screamed for more, while her mind screamed at her to get away from him. He reached over, brushing his fingers softly across her face, pushing her hair from her face. She looked up to him, the dim light from the tv still played in the background. Asking her what she had in mind, she could have blurted out many different things. As much as she wanted to just let herself go, like she had planned, that nagging feeling in the back of her head kept calling to her. Making her rethink that terrible time in her life, and now the closeness was suffocating.

[i “Uh, oh, I don’t know. Boy, I am hungry. I’m gonna grab a snack.”] Celeste blurted out, pulling away from their closeness, rambling her words. She walked over to the snack table, aimlessly rifling through the snacks they carried up. She looked around the snacks, letting a hand lightly hit against her forehead. She looked like a total loser, and now Noah would most likely be all done hanging out with her. She turned around, placing her hands on the table behind as she looked toward him. [i “Uh, do you...want anything?”] she asked, pursing her lips together. Why was she acting like this? She was usually so confident, something about him was different than other people she had met. She barely knew him, but there was something.

Celeste returned from the table, sitting back on the bed. She sighed deeply, before looking over at him. [i “I’m, uh, sorry.”] she spoke, her eyes darting down from his eyes to her hands. [i “I just, I don’t know. Haven’t done this in a long time.”] she replied. That was true, since that awful night, she hadn’t even been attracted to anyone. Now, Noah was making her rethink everything.

While her thoughts swirled in her head, she mindlessly leaned into the pillow behind her, her body also leaning into him as well. Her arm draped over her eyes, before she spoke. [i “I understand if you want to leave.”] she spoke, a deep sigh leaving her lips. She moved her arm slightly, so she was able to see him.

[center [pic]]
Most of the things left her lips didn’t fully register, as he was too busy in his own head thinking of how he wanted to approach this. He wanted to kiss her, but was unsure if she was as interested as he was. She must be, right? Considering she was allowing his advances.

Conrad smiled when he mentioned painting something for her in turn for a song. His smile slowly turned into a smirk, looking down at her. [b “I think we could arrange that. I think I saw a piano downstairs too, so you’re in luck.”] he spoke.

As he ran his finger under her chin, he let his lips curl up into a smirk as her eyes darted to his lips. He knew that meant exactly what he was thinking too. He could tell she was flustered when she hadn’t answered him, which caused her to break out of her own thoughts to answer his question. Much to his pleasure, she was single. That was exactly what he wanted to hear, but it was a bit surprising. Such a beauty and interesting, yet no one had caught her eye. But here they were, covered only by their bathing suits and their bodies so close to each other. [b “Well, I guess I hit the jackpot then, hm.”] his eyes narrowed softly. [b “You gotta let me know if I go too far, alright?”].

Before Evelyn could even answer him, Conrad leaned down, letting his lips softly press against hers. He pressed a quick kiss to her lips, before letting them connect once more. He let his hand mindlessly move to her waist, letting his fingers brush her exposed skin on her torso under the water. He felt warm, and not just because of the hot tub they were sitting in.

Conrad let his lips pull away from hers, letting his teeth nip at her lower lip before pulling away fully. He smiled, wanting to see her reaction to his advance. If she didn’t want these kinds of things anymore, he’d respect it, but he couldn’t let this go without at least trying to kiss her. The kiss was amazing, her lips were soft and plump, and she tasted sweet. He let a hand rest on her thigh, trying to keep his hand away from the scar he saw before. [b “Was that alright, gorgeous?”] he asked, brushing some of her hair behind her ear.
Burning_HeartEvelyn   1y ago

[center Despite how close they were, Evelyn hadn't actually been expecting Conrad to kiss her. It wasn't that she didn't want him to, since she wasn't exactly subtle when she'd been glancing down at his lips. She just didn't think it would happen so fast, and it made her stomach do a flip the moment their lips connected.]

[center Her face felt warm as his fingers brushed against her skin, sending a wave of heat through her. She wasn't the kind of person who would've allowed this to happen after just meeting somebody. In fact, Evie probably would've pushed him away in any other setting, or at least told him she wasn't interested in any of that, but he had managed to draw her in almost right away, and since they were only going to be there for a few weeks, she figured it best to just enjoy it.]

[center It helped that Conrad knew exactly what he was doing, too.]

[center A small gasp escaped her lips as he nipped at her, sending another rush through her. She felt like they were already approaching dangerous territory, considering there already wasn't much keeping the two of them covered. It left very little to the imagination. She bit her lower lip before nodding, desperately wanting to feel his lips against hers again. [b "That was perfect,"] she said softly, smirking at him. She was sure that if Celeste could see her, she wouldn't believe it was actually Evie.]

[center [b ~~~~~~]]

[right [pic]]

[center Celeste's sudden retreat was enough to cause Noah to tense up, eyes widening slightly. He was trying to think if he had said or done something wrong, but none of it stuck out to him. He'd been trying to keep her from being uncomfortable and it felt like he had still managed to mess that up. Clearing his throat, he sat up, running the back of his neck. [b "No, thank you. I'm alright for the time being,"] he said, glancing at her.]

[center He watched the way she moved when making her way back to the bed, the way she looked away as she spoke. Even her tone was different than it had been just moments before. He frowned slightly. Perhaps it hadn't been him then?]

[center At her words, he let out a small chuckle, running a hand through his hair before shaking his head. [b "I'm going going to leave,"] he said, smiling at her. [b "Celeste, you don't have anything to apologize for. If you're not comfortable with anything then I understand. You don't have to force yourself around me, okay? I won't get mad at you for it."] He reached out and brushed his fingers against her cheek, hoping to bring her at least a little bit of comfort.]

[center He had already been treading lightly, but he was sure now he would have to be even more cautious. The last thing he wanted to do now was upset her in any way.]
SmileBrightꜰᴏx   1y ago

Celeste lifted her arm completely off of her eyes, looking into his eyes. She felt happy that he was okay with the way she acted, and could care less if she ‘put out’ for him in any way. All he wanted was for her to feel comfortable. This was definitely something she was not used to. Especially from her permusicious days, but he seemed to be a really good guy. She thanked her lucky stars that at least her twin had made friends with good people without her.

[i “Oh, uh. Okay.”] Celeste smiled. [i “I just have a lot of...nevermind.”] she spoke, sighing. She didn’t want to drop all her trauma on this man she never met, especially since she never told Conrad about any of it. She couldn’t drop something like that one man. [i “But please, I am okay. Just nervous.”] she spoke, and regretted saying it. She didn’t want him to know he was nervous around him, and that being around him was making her nervous. This had just been the first person she had had any attraction to since her incident.

Celeste held her hand up in defense, a nervous smile on her face. [i “Please don’t think you have to walk on eggshells or anything around me. I really enjoy hanging out with you as we were, I just get nervous easily. You did nothing, it’s me.”] the woman replied, one hand moving to rub the back of her neck. The credits seemed to roll for their movie, pulling Celeste’s attention before turning back to Noah. [i “Wanna get out of here, maybe go look at the stars? You probably can see millions from here.”] she smiled, holding her hand out to take his. Hoping the comfort the stars gave Celeste would help calm her nerves. [i “On our way, maybe we can see what Conrad and Eve are getting up to.”] she teased, sending a cheeky smile towards him.

Celeste was being careful not to mess up anything the two had already had going, she really wanted to get closer to him. Noah was different, and it was in the best way possible.

[center [pic]]
Conrad let his bottom lip slip through his teeth. She was beautiful and her voice was soft when she spoke to him. At least they agreed that the kiss was perfect. That was all he wanted to do for the rest of the night, was kiss her while they relaxed in the hot tub. This day, or this getaway, couldn’t get better if he tried. They were going to be around each other for at least a few weeks, and having a fling or whatever it was with a beautiful girl was not the worst thing in the world.

When he knew Eve had been okay with everything happening, he moved his hand from her leg to her waist. He let his fingertips roam the exposed skin under the water, making sure to keep his hands away from places that would make him seem like he was moving too fast. Her skin was just so soft and warm, and he loves feeling it glide under his fingertips. [b “I’m glad we are both on the same page. If I ever go too far or make you uncomfortable, you tell me, okay?”] Conrad spoke, taking a page from Noah’s. Noah had told Conrad he had to remember to ask the girl what they were comfortable with, and not to push them too much. Conrad was not good at asking, but with Eve, he really wanted it to go well. [i Thank you Noah.] he thought to himself.

[b “But, I would like to continue what we already started, if that’s alright with you.”] Conrad smirked, pulling her close by her waist, pressing his lips to hers, before slowly trailing down her neck. Her being in such little clothing didn’t leave much to the imagination, but Conrad knew Celeste would kill him if he did anything with her best friend on day one. He let his lips press down her jaw line, and let him find his way to her neck. He was careful to not suck and bite too hard, not wanting Celeste to come after him after seeing any marks on her. He let his lips lead back up to her lips, pulling away but keeping her close still. [b “Whoa, this is the best vacation ever!”] he cheers softly, a smirk on his lips as his eyes set on her.


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