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University MxM (Closed with LosingMySelf)

By TwistedMisfit
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Im feeling University maybe TeacherXstudent gay rp or sumthing dont feel pressured to roleplay with me. Im up for almost anything
Just follow site rules please X3
i currently hva beastars and haikyuu open if u want one of those pm me with the title of either haikyuu or beastars. otherwise pm me about this one if interested.
Im looking to rp one on one or small group with Teacher X student at university (gay) Ik it sounds odd but any way i put how i want to rp this its going to so i guess i should be blunt about it right? Heck just pm me if interested

Ive been roleplaying in general or about 8+ years. No one-liners, preferably someone who is o more often than a few times a week CX bc im impatient X3
As always If characters get intimate it will be time skipped
Vulgar language and small fluff is tolerated just keep it in site rules please
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LosingMySelfDaniel Lopez   1y ago

Daniel was late for class as he slowly snuck in, leaning into the shadows and setting the bag down next to his seat as he sat down. Being as quiet as possible.

(monuki is new teacher old one retired he starts this morning)
Monuki turned around after writing his name on the bored..
"Students, I am Monuki Raikutsu, im a new teacher here as you probably know, I studied mathmatics as my main course. You can call me by my name, or if you wish to be formal call me Mr. Raikutsu...."

-Some students chattered nearby about the new teacher one girl asked how old he was as he looks very young-
Monuki picked up the papers off the desk, "Ok since its my first day lets continue where you left off... please pass your homework forward then do the problem on the board." He turned and wrote a fairly simple algebra problem on the whiteboard. then walked around to pick up papers and individually greet the students.
LosingMySelfDaniel Lopez   1y ago

Daniel grunted, not having his paper as he leaned over and rested his head on the table, brushing his own hair back. He sighed.

Monuki made his way through the students and eventually got to Daniel. "Hello, you most likely heard me before but i wanted to meet each student individually. Im Monuki Raikutsu, You can call me by name or whatever you want.. I major in mathematics and i have a minor in philosophy. You might be surprised im doing this but as the youngest teacher in the school, im only a a few years older than most of you students so i would like to get to know each other... weird right? im a teacher and all" he chuckled at his own comment "Anyway, your...." he checked the list of students.. "Daniel, right? Do you have your homework?"
Monuki tilted his head at the student waiting for him to lift his head and reply, his hair fell infront of his eyes but he didnt bother moving it.
LosingMySelfDaniel Lopez   1y ago

He willingly lifted his head, his messy hair in the way of his face as he looked up at the teacher, not so far from his age as he sighed. "Yes.. daniel Lopez.. and no.. my dog ate it.." He laughed a bit as he kept staring at the teacher, seeing how young he was compared to his old teacher before him. He blew his hair back a bit.

"Ahh.. im not like most teachers i had a few dogs, i believe you" He smiled at the student and chuckled a bit. He straightened up the stack of papers and headed back to the front of the room. As monuki set the homework down he turned to the class, "A few of you didnt do the assignment, however im a generous guy so this homework will be labeled extra credit. Please give me the answer to the problem on the board before you leave class today. Other than that id say todays lesson is over with, you may have a break for the rest of this period, play on your technology, talk to friends, get an extra bit of sleep, whatever pleases you, just be quiet." He smiled at the class eyes closed then turned to sit down. After sitting he started to grade the extra credit work.
Monuki couldnt focus however, something-he couldn't pinpoint what- drew his eyes to Daniel, he didnt mean to seem creepy but couldn't help but stare at the younger boy, He tried looking down at the papers multiple times but eventually gave up and looked at him thoughtlessly.
LosingMySelfDaniel Lopez   1y ago

He was drawn into his phone, he was leaned back and resting his legs on the desk. From the angel, you could see his eyes, one blue, and the other green. He was smiling slightly, blushing a bit at what he was seeing. He smirked and looked around, leaning forward again.

Monuki realized that he was yet again staring at Daniel. He quickly looked away somewhat flustered and went back to grading the homework. Touching his left hand to his temple he graded the work. The bell rang calling for the end of the class.
-npc students (dont know what else to call them XD) They got up and dropped off the papers on monukis desk before walking out.

Monuki- He sighed and grabbed the papers putting them in a neat stack and giving the students a friendly smile and wave "see you tomorrow"- "Have a nice day" Monuki gave each student a remark like this one as he finished stacking the papers and waited for Daniel, the last of the students to turn his answer in.
LosingMySelfDaniel Lopez   1y ago

Daniel slowly got up and walked over to the desk, turning in a blank paper. He smiled nervously. "I.. Uhm.. didn't know the answer.." He was obviously lying due to his test scores being perfect. He fixed his hair, standing there with his arms behind his back, he looked down at him.

Monuki nodded understanigly. He gave daniel what looked to be an innocent look but came out as a knowing glance as he tilted his head. "You seem to be a very bright student.." Monuki began choosing his words carefully. "Just remember, im here for you students, even the best need help sometimes, just come to me no matter the time, im always avialble if you need help" He smiled and looked up at Daniel again, "Weather it be in mathematics or anything else, know you have a friend in my class" He gave a friendly smile. "Thats all you can go to your next class if thats where your headed, i wouldnt want you to be late"
LosingMySelfDaniel Lopez   1y ago

Daniel sighed loudly, rolling his eyes as he went over and grabbed his bag. Bending down and grabbing his water and started to walk out. Dropping his phone as he walked out of the class.

He heard something hit the ground and looked up. "Da-" He tried to warn his student but knew it was no use. Standing up he walked over and picked up the phone. *Did I annoy him somehow? hmm First day and im already making friends* The teacher sighed as he walked to the door to see if Daniel was still nearby. Not able to see him in the crowd of students he walked back and put the phone on his desk. *I remember being in College, he should be back to get it, if ot he can get it tommorow.* He sat down to grade the algebra questions and wait for the last class of the day to start.
LosingMySelfDaniel Lopez   1y ago

The phone turned on randomly, it didn't have a lock screen so it could be opened with a swipe. The flash flickered as it rang a bit, his phone was oddly busy. It flickered again, becoming tempting.

Monuki tried to ignore the phone but as it continued to flicker he glanced at it then quickly looked away *You cant just look at students phone like some pervert* In the end, it was to much and he found himself looking at the screen a bit confused *What are you hoping to find here??? Your his teacher for gods sakes*
LosingMySelfDaniel Lopez   1y ago

You instantly get blinded by the nudes he has, through images you could see hundreds of them. The phone suddenly died, leaving the internal question of why there were so many. ((I'm going to time skip after your reply, also, this is the only lewd part, I wanted to prove a point, so no more from here. And if so, it was should be taken off of the website onto like discord or email or something.))

(Okeh XD) He looked away from the phone quickly looking at the clock. He was left feeling a bit Flustered and confused. His face was involuntarily pink as he took a minute to breathe *Should not have looked. God i feel like an old pervert. Ive seen my student... too much i think.. why were there so many..? AGH stop thinking the next class is about to come in.. smile, show them your a friend." He shook his head and took a deep breath fixating his thoughts on class. As the students walked in he smiled and waved before introducing himself as he did before, then collected homework. At the end of class, he put the phone in his drawer and locked it to keep it from being stolen. *Cant let those get out further than they already are... Ill give it to him tomorrow after class...* He packed up his stuff, changed in the teachers bathroom, and went outside. After putting his stuff in the saddle, he got on his bike (Motorcycle) and rode home *Ill bring the car tomorrow, it is supposed to be chilly..*
LosingMySelfDaniel Lopez   1y ago

Due to it being the next day, he was worried a bit about his phone being gone. He checked everywhere as he sighed, he started to walk through the halls when he got to the school. He was early, he walked into Raikutsu's room and stopped at the door, staring at him. "Uh.. mister.. R.. do you possibly have a phone.. with a black case..?" He asked hoping he had it.

Monuki nodded at him "uh- yes... let me see, Here". He unlocked the drawer and pulled out the phone, "i tried to give it to you yesterday, you were gone by the time i picked it up i apologize for that.." He smiled handing the phone to him. "Uh i was wondering.. you seemed annoyed when you left yesterday, did I do something or say something wrong? I would like to know so that i can avoid doing it in the future.." He seemed genuinely embarrassed as he lightly blushed and fidgeted with the rim of his shirt sleeve
LosingMySelfDaniel Lopez   1y ago

Daniel quickly went through his phone turning it off, "The mushy welcoming and the forgiving teacher doesn't give me the thrill to get in trouble.." He said as he set his bag down next to his seat.

Monuki seemed surprised at this response "Huh. Good to know.. I guess its been a while since i was in collage . Ok, Thank you for letting me know." He smiled as a force of habit and sat back down, "Was the phone the only thing you needed?" He acted as though he had seen nothing just picked the phone up an put in the drawer to avoid further embarrassment for them both. He looked through the papers on the desk for todays lesson plans.
LosingMySelfDaniel Lopez   1y ago

"Nope.." Daniel said as he sat back down and looked into his phone, he was really early, so no students would come for a while. So he leaned back a sighed a bit, looking at his teacher for an odd amount of time, he broke his sight to not get detention cause he's never talked to a teacher respectfully, and the way the teacher looked. Struck his funny bone and made him blush a bit as he tried to distract himself with his phone.

Monuki finished looking through the work then stood up and wrote a few problems on the board. After he was finished he passed out some papers to the empty desk so that the assignment could be ready for the students. He sat back down and did the assignment himself to make an answer key. Once he was finished preparing the class for the day, Monuki leaned back on his own phone, scrolling through social media. He found himself repeatedly looking at Daniel, though he was surprised to realize that it wasn't with concern or pity, but with interest. He narrowed his eyes at him *What could possibly be different about this student that is no different from the rest, why do I find myself watching him specifically?...*

Monuki watched him thoughtfully forgetting about his phone and social media. As someone who studied philosophy he wanted desperately to figure this mystery out. Something about him made monuki want to look away and hide his face but also made him want to watch him even more. He felt his own face heating up as he watched daniels eyes move as the student watched his phone. *Do i.. like this student? More than the others.. in a different way?* He narrowed his eyes *How childish of me, him looking so focused on that phone of his, I believe its the cutest thing ive seen in a while... I shouldnt be calling my student cute, have I … Developed a crush on this kid? No.. that would be absurd, and not to mention odd im his teacher. But even I catch myself showing signs of such feelings.* He internally struggled with his own argument al while watching Daniel with narrowed blue eyes and a slightly pink face. His own hands intertwined as his head rested on them with his elbows on his desk.
LosingMySelfDaniel Lopez   1y ago

Daniel himself thought the same thing, the mushy kindness struck him as odd, but, cute in its own way. He was looking back and forth from the teacher and his phone; "I can't have a crush on my teacher.. that seems weird.." He thought in his head, he sighed a bit as he fixed his messy hair. "What if I accidentally show signs of that.. I'll get in worse trouble.." He said underneath his breath as he looked back and forth again.

Monuki got up and walked over to Daniel and crouched down his eyes were still narrowed as he studied him at a closer distance. He didn't say a word just silently looked at the boys face. His own still a bit pink. "..." He opened his mouth as to say something but quickly closed it back thinking better of it. He crossed his arms and stood there a minute longer.
LosingMySelfDaniel Lopez   1y ago

Daniel looked over and looked up, his face was slightly pink as he turned his phone off and put it to his side. "Teach..?" He said trying to keep his face from turning redder.

Monuki shook his head getting out of his thoughts. "Apologies, i dont remember what i came up here for.." He didnt technically lie, he hadn't had any real reason to get up and come over. He smiled and laughed at himself trying to play it off, "I've been rather forgetful for the last couple of days. I hope i wasnt a bother" He turned to walk away
LosingMySelfDaniel Lopez   1y ago

He looked at him a bit, "No, no, it's fine.. it was cut-.. I m-mean.. cool.." He said trying to play what he said off as he covered his red face with his hair. He sunk into his seat still blushing.

*Cute...* He smiled "Its-uh Its fine, class will be starting soon, todays lesson is important as its the beginning of a new lesson so please pay attention." He switched the conversation to amore formal one before walking to his desk. Monukis face was red as his back was turned too Daniel. *So, i have apparently developed a crush on my own student... how surprising.* He felt hot-probably due to the blushing but it was still uncomfortable. He unbuttoned his shirt and took it off revealing a casual black athletic shirt. *Need to cool down* He thought as he folded his staff uniform up and laid it behind the desk. He studied the newer more complicated algebra on the board to make sure he didn't make any typos when writing them. He crossed his arms still looking at the bored as he calmed down and quit blushing. *Thank god i have something to focus on* He thought to himself.
LosingMySelfDaniel Lopez   1y ago

Daniel kept his head down and sighed a bit, he felt hot as he rubbed his face. Trying to calm down and stop blushing. He moved his arms to lay his face head down on the desk, he closed his eyes, feeling like he was in a dream.

Monuki opened the door as the other students piled in for class and went to their desks chatting before class started. Monuki looked at all of the students silently taking attendance. "Three absent.." He nodded at himself reassuring himself that he was correct. For a moment his eyes caught Daniel in the midst of the students but he quickly looked away.
LosingMySelfDaniel Lopez   1y ago

Daniel sat back up in the same position as the last class. He pulled his hood over his face and closed his eyes, he soon fell asleep quickly. He would be asleep until woken by force.

Monuki began the lesson by doing three problems with the class. "You can use your notes and these three examples for the other problems, work them out on your own and turn them in to me before you leave today. Any ques-" He broke off as he noticed Daniel. "Questions" He asked the class who shook their heads and got to work.
After laying the marker down he made his way around the room and arrived at Daniels desk. He tapped his shoulder and crouched down to the younger boys desk. "Daniel. Put your head up please." He knew he sounded like every other teacher but he wanted Daniel to pay attention

Monuki brushed his own hair out of his eyes and attempted to wake Daniel up again. he tapped his shoulder with a bit more force but not enough to hurt him. He was careful not to put too much force behind it. He gave a small smile at the sleeping student *Part of me wants to let him keep sleeping, that part just wants to watch him sleep forever...But i cant treat him differently from the other students...*
LosingMySelfDaniel Lopez   1y ago

Daniel slowly opened his eyes, not moving his head as he groaned. "What.." He yawned a bit, closing his eyes again as he smiles cause he was causing a distraction again and he loved it.

Monuki rolled his eyes, "I need these problems done, therefore you must get up and do them. If you need help, i can do a few more with you but otherwise i would like you to sit up and get them done. They need to be turned in by the end of the class" Monuki checked his watch. "You have about an hour or so left. If you fail to finish them by the end of class, I will ask you to stay after your other classes." His voice was firm, yet kind. Monuki's blue eyes were narrowed as he turned off the watch then looked back to the student.
LosingMySelfDaniel Lopez   1y ago

Daniel looked up at him and down at the paper, staring at it, he knew the answers, but due to him hating every class, he laid his head on his arms and closed his eyes. He then instantly fell asleep, drooling on the table as he was dreaming of ungodly things.

Monuki, even as annoying as this was, found himself smiling. *Very well, let him sleep..* He turned and walked to the front of the room. He watched for raised hands and helped any students who asked. Otherwise he sat at his desk, doing as all teachers did, whatever he wanted. He scrolled though his phone as time passed. *Huh, how time flies* He thought as his phone vibrated due to the alarm he had set. "Ok, students. You have five minutes remaining until the end of class, finish up what you can and bring me your papers before you leave" He announced to the class as a whole before turning back to his phone. His hair fell into his face but he didn't mind, it didn't block his vision too much so it wasnt any bother.
LosingMySelfDaniel Lopez   1y ago

Daniel was still out cold, a student tried to wake him up and failed. He was out, out. The drool had gotten all over the paper and his sleeve as he moved a bit; "Mhmmfhmm.." He said in his sleep tiredly, he then sat still for the rest of class, breathing loudly. He was having a nice dream about his social life and getting a passing grade for this class. But then the dream was directed at the teacher, it was pointing out the things that were cute about him. Due to the crush he had developed he didn't mind and kept following along with the dream.

(Srry for inactivity, i meant to get back on but i fell asleep X3)
Monuki collected the papers as the bell rang for class. The Other students left to their other classes and/or clubs. He stacked the papers on his desk and checked his watch. *Just a bit longer and the day will be over.* He turned to walk over to Daniels seat, expecting to find him sleeping with an empty paper on the desk.
LosingMySelfDaniel Lopez   1y ago

Daniel just as you thought, an empty paper and a sleeping male. He was comfy, a large red mark from him leaning his head on his arm. He was still asleep, not paying attention to the outside world for the fact of him being exausted from the running this morning.

Monuki, through habit almost always narrowed his eyes at things, he was doing so now as he grabbed the boys shoulder and shook it attempting to wake him "Daniel. Wake up, class is over, you the only one in here..." He waited for the student to wake up before offering further instructions. *He sleeps quite a bit in class, I wonder why he's so tired... The sounds he makes in his sleep are adorable-* He broke off trying not to finish such a sentence, weather in his head or not.
LosingMySelfDaniel Lopez   1y ago

Daniel soon slowly lifted his head, he groaned as he looked tiredly up to the teacher. He rubbed his nose and eyes as he yawned. "Hmmmhm...?" He said staring at the teacher that woke him, "Monuki..? What time is it.."

Monuki looked at his watch and told Daniel the current time. "You are currently five minutes late for your next class." Monuki looked back at him, "Also, please return to my class before you leave school today. " He picked up Daniels blank assignment and handed him a yellow sticky note that stated 'Apologies, Daniel Lopez was helping me clean up the classroom after the bell rang, Please excuse his tardy attendance on my part, Monuki Raikutsu' "Give that to your next teacher." He brushed his hair out of his face and took a step back so that Daniel would have room to pack up. "Also, you may want to stop by the restrooms and clean yourself up, you seem to have... drooled in your sleep"
LosingMySelfDaniel Lopez   1y ago

"eh.." He grabbed his bag and threw it on his back, he wiped his mouth off and walked to the door, turning around before walking out without a word.

Monuki shook his head after Daniel left "Cute..." he let the word slip out now that he was alone. He put the assignment on the corner of his desk then put a blank one on each desk for the next class. *To think on my first year teaching at this University and the first thing I've gone and done was develop a crush on one of my students... The one who seems to care the least about my class to boot.* He chuckled quietly at himself. Monuki erased the work on the first three problems on the board, just to write it again when the next class arrived. He found himself picturing Daniels face after he had finally awoken. He smiled at the image while blushing slightly.
LosingMySelfDaniel Lopez   1y ago

Daniel was now in his other class, he was resting his head on his hand, and his arm on the desk, he smiled slightly as he couldn't wait for the end of the day. (Time skip to the end of the day.) He walked down the stairs and to the outside of his room, he looked in and slowly walked in, sitting in the back. Setting his bag down on the bed.

Monuki waited for Daniel in class, but after waiting for a bit longer he decided that he was probably not going to show. *oh well i should have figured as much.* He packed his stuff up, grabbed his phone and went outside to his car. After unlocking it he had a run in with a few other teachers and chatted aimlessly about how he was getting along. After saying goodbyes and waving, he turned and got into the car before heading home.
Monuki arrived at his house, he unlocked the door, put his stuff up and sat down on his couch. His cat, Nobu (I obviously had to make him have a cat X3) came over immediately to invade his personal space, he laid his hand on his head and scratched the back of the cats head. with the tv playing in the background, he soon fell asleep with Nobu sleeping peacefully between his arm and stomach, he eventually started dreaming of a normal class day and then of Daniel, however, instead of immediately shutting it down as he did with most of his thoughts he had no control over his dreams, so he let the marble roll and allowed his mind to wander.


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