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Just Next Door...Nanami Kento x Oc (jujutsu kaisen)

By Lunaxlynn
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LosingMySelfLexi   1y ago

Lexi soon arrived at where she lived, she was out in town buying things along the way to her destination, the coffee shop she always had to go to before going home for work. She slowly walked up the stairs and walked to the two doors to the right, unlocking the furthest one and stepping in.
LunaxlynnNanami Kento   1y ago

Nanami loosen his tie slightly as he made his way into his apartment building. The sun setting was something he found peaceful after and long day of work and exorcising cruses. He couldn't wait to take a nice shower, relax....and maybe see... [i Her.] or at least a glimpse of [i Her] before she entered her apartment. He didn't know why or how...but she caught his attention ever since she moved into his apartment building. Which was a rare thing because no one ever caught his attention. [b Ever]. There was just something about her that he just couldn't put his finger on....
LosingMySelfLexi   1y ago

Lexi was setting large bags and other items she had bought just a few hours ago. Once she had put most of them up, she slipped on some slippers and walked out again. She went between their doors and opened the slot to look in her mail, she flipped through some bills and nonsense newspapers, reaching a large white envelope, It had [His] name on it. She sighed softly and walked over to the door she had never been to, a longing silence happened before she knocked. She stepped back a fumbled with her hands, the sun glaring on her.


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