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War Between The Worlds

By Catlover33

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Vampires were the dominant supernatural being for a long time in the world. They often took humans to their castle and kept those humans only for their blood. These days were peaceful for these vampires until a certain species of alien arrived. These aliens looked exactly like humans except for their unnatural hair or eye colors. The vampires saw these aliens as a threat and kidnapped a few of members of the royal family of the aliens. Now, the other aliens mount a rescue attempt to save their captured allies.


The aliens are extraterrestrial beings that appear to be human. They are ruled by a kind king and queen who make sure that the entire race of aliens are able to survive. These aliens are also technologically advanced and some of them seem to be curious about humans.


Vampires have been around for centuries. Contrary to popular belief, they can survive in the sunlight. There is always a vampire king and a vampire queen that are the rulers of vampires. Vampires can turn humans into vampires by making them drink some of their blood. These vampires are referred to as newly turned vampires. Vampires that were born as vampires are considered to be pureblood vampires.


The middle ground in this war, humans are highly coveted by vampires for the fact that they can serve as a food source or be turned into new vampires. Some humans are always kept within the vampire’s castle as a way for the vampires to get food. Ever since the aliens arrived, humans have been caught up in the middle of a war between the aliens and the vampires.


1. This roleplay is 14+. This means no mature themes are allowed (Dr*gs, Alcohol, NSFW themes). Blood and limited gore is allowed and so are some dark themes.
2. Don’t spell you as u. It gets annoying to other people after a while
3. No godmodding. We want to keep things fair for everyone here.
4. One lining is not allowed. To prevent this, there is a 100+ character requirement that must be met.
5. Use proper grammar. Always start your sentences with a capital letter and end them with a period. This makes it easier for people to read.
6. Be nice to your fellow roleplayers. Mutual respect is a part of a good community.
7. Follow the ES rules for the sake of everyone here.
8. Take the Roleplay seriously. This means don’t do anything that breaks the world.
9. Crossover characters are allowed but they aren’t allowed to be ridiculously overpowered.


(Optional, not required. Each filled out skellie will be listed in the accepted characters section)

Species: (Alien, human or vampire)
Powers: (If applicable. Most humans don’t have powers)
Role: (Only aliens and vampires can be kings, queens, princes and princes. Maximum of three roles. Only humans and aliens can be prisoners of vampires.)


Catlover33’s character

Name: Marth
Age: 16
Species: Alien
Gender: Male
Personality: Even though he’s a prince, he’s a really down to earth person who will WILLINGLY fall into a trap in order to save an ally
Likes: unknown
Dislikes: unknown
Powers: He can’t age past 16 and has the ability to use ice magic. On top of that, he can recover rather quickly from a serious injury.
Role: Prince, Prisoner of vampires

Name: Ramza
Age: 16
Species: Alien
Gender: Male
Personality: He has a strong sense of justice and also won’t stand for anyone harming his family. He’s also rather friendly although he wouldn’t show it to strangers.
Powers: He’s unable to age and can use light magic. He’s also able to recover from an injury rather quickly.
Role: prince, prisoner of vampires, skilled swordsman

Denki22JM’s character

Name: Ben Nishimoto
Age: 18
Species: vampire
Gender: male
Personality: He would do anything for his people, and does not approve of war.
Powers: tele-transportation, and mind control.
Role: Prince

Kitiki_Anemara’s character

Name: Raven Dumir
Age: unknown, assumed to be somewhere between 16 and 20
Species: Dhampir (one human parent and one vamp parent)
Gender: Female
Personality: Can't handle emotions very well, Protective, Hardened, Confident, Wary, Prefers to keep busy, Evasive, Self-Sabotaging, Open-Minded, Forgiving, Not Easily Fazed,
Likes: nothing in particular
Dislikes: nothing in particular
Powers: Super healing/regeneration and Developed telekinesis and heightened senses
Role: Prisoner of Vampire (because of human mother, vamp father is unknown), possible princess
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Marth had just recently been separated from the rest of his family by the vampires. He was being forcibly taken to the vampires’ castle. Of course, he wouldn’t go there without a fight and tried to use ice magic to get away from the vampire brutes that were dragging him away. He and the rest of his kind had arrived on Earth rather recently. Of course, he had no idea why the vampires were forcibly trying to take him away. On top of that, he didn’t even know what vampires are. Eventually, he was knocked unconscious by one of the vampires that was dragging him away and was brought into the castle. He was tossed into the throne room where he eventually woke up at. “I don’t really appreciate being grabbed so suddenly like that... Don’t they even know that I’m a prince or does it not matter to them.” He said softly. He remained completely still and motionless.
Kitiki_AnemaraRaven   1y ago

Raven could hear the commotion happening from where she was held imprisoned, though she would ignore it and draw calmly instead, still thinking she was fully human. She knew her mother was keeping something secret and it was obvious with each passing day that her mother struggled to keep it
Denki22JM     1y ago

Ben was on the top of his castle, he hates been inside the castle there were so many rules he had to follow and many things he had to do so he often escaped his duties as prince and just sat on top of the castle, no one could really see him there anyways. His parents the king and the queen were the ones who agreed with the war but he opposed to it he couldn’t think of one good reason to begin a war. He barely knew a thing about aliens, and he couldn’t really ask anyone because they just would not tell him, but he did know that there wasn't a good reason to fight them. As he looked around on top of the castle he saw the vampires dragging the prince of the aliens into the castle, he didn’t wanna get involved but he was definitely curious since the looks of the prince were different than his, “Maybe I should follow them...the person that they were dragging could be an alien,” he told himself. He decided to teleport into the castle and look for them, when he saw that they had tossed the person into the throne room he decided to take a look for himself. He hid behind an object waiting till the subject woke up, Ben watched carefully as the subject woke up, listening to everything they said, “A prince....,” he said to himself kinda loudly. He covered his mouth in hopes that the ‘Prince’ didn’t hear him.

“I wonder just what they’ll do to me. They seem like strange creatures.” Marth said softly. He appeared to be no older than 16 years old and also seemed to be scared. He hoped that his siblings and parents were alright. He didn’t notice Ben just yet. He looked down at the floor. “This place seems vastly different from the mothership.” He said softly.
Denki22JMBen Nishimoto   1y ago

Ben stayed there, he thought that if he stayed there he would be able to learn more about the subject. As long as he didn’t do any noice he would be alright, and anyways if he was noticed he could easily use his mind controlling powers, or even teleportation to exit.
Kitiki_AnemaraRaven   1y ago

Raven finished her last drawing and looked around her prison, she'd drawn over every inch intricately and sighed, sitting down in a corner silently as she listened to what was happening in the throne room since she had nothing better to do

Marth stopped saying anything for a brief moment. He was lost in thought about what to do next. He didn’t know if he could even manage to get out of the castle at all. It was then that he decided to curl up on the floor. He was scared. “Just what is this place... What do they want with me...” He said softly.
Denki22JMBen Nishimoto   1y ago

“Strange creatures.......mothership-...? Maybe he’s an alien...,” he whispered to himself. He smiled a bit from curiosity, maybe he could ask the ‘Prince’ about him and his type. He could see why aliens and vampires didn’t get along...He looked at him, not knowing if he could just get close to him without been in danger, maybe the creature had powers... He’s scared.... At the end Ben decided to say something, “Uhm...hey,” he said still hidden of course.

Marth ended up slightly jumping and created a few ice shards around him. He could use ice magic and was able to use it rather well. He now had his guard up and was alert. “Who are you?” He said. He did a relatively good job with masking his fear.
Kitiki_AnemaraRaven   1y ago

Raven curled up in her corner, silently listening. [i 'sure it's the war starting thats important but why do i gotta be imprisoned for being born? Its obvious i wont get any answers stuck in here and mom is hell-bent on keeping some big secret from me, I'm almost eighteen damnit, why cant i see the light of day!?'] her thoughts would drift as she stopped paying attention, not caring about vampires or aliens and only wanting freedom as she sat entirely still, grumpy, and silent.
Denki22JMBen Nishimoto   1y ago

Ben jumped back a bit from the place he was hiding from since he didn’t really expect his theory to be right, “Interesting......,” he whispered to himself before answering the question, “O-oh yeah I’m Ben..... Ben Nishimoto....Prince of the vampires..,” he said softly. He took a few steps forward so the ‘Prince’ could see him. “I- I apologize...for scaring you that is....,” he said sincerely.

“M-my name is Marth and I’m one of the princes of the aliens. We recently came here to Earth and some of us are rather interested in humans.” Marth said softly. He didn’t seem to be so scared anymore.
Denki22JMBen Nishimoto   1y ago

“Aliens.....that’s wonderful,” he said to himself quite loudly. He took a few more step towards Marth, he looked at him quite closely. He could see Marth’s features better now, Ben kept smiling a bit. He could finally find out more about these creatures he was supposed to hate. “Oh- well...I have no idea of why you are here...My parents never tell me anything about aliens....,” he informed the stranger.

“It’s probably because they don’t like my kind all that much. It’s been nothing but a hardship since we arrived here on Earth. I don’t even know where Ramza and that silver haired kid with the red eyes went.” Marth said softly. He stayed relatively still and silent.
Denki22JMBen Nishimoto   1y ago

Ben nodded a bit understanding know why he didn’t know about aliens, he looked down at the floor thinking of what to say he definitely didn’t wanna scare Marth away he was supposed to be his enemy but he rather looked like a posible friend. Ramza.....silver haired kid....? He didn’t know who he was referring to but he didn’t question him. “Well.....I don't hate you...and I hope we can become friends soon, but maybe you wish to get out of here first...?” He said looking at Marth up and down before looking directly into his eyes.
Kitiki_AnemaraRaven   1y ago

Raven wondered when they would notice that her mother is dying, she wondered if once her mother died if they would kill her, after all it was her mother's non-stop begging that stopped them she thinks. She didn't care much, her mother hardly cared about her now and Raven didnt want to sit around and wait to find herself being executed, she could already hear some of the guards mumbling. And what is a Dhampir? She had no clue, and she knew even less why they were calling her one. She could care less. What did it matter what she was when they were planning on killing her? She needed to escape, see what was outside the walls at least once in her life. Raven sighed and merely curled up, wishful thinking for sixteen years but what's the point when there's no hope to cling to to back it up.

“I don’t think that those other creatures would allow for me to leave. They seem very intent on keeping me here.” Marth said softly. He did want to go into the outside world once again.
Denki22JMBen Nishimoto   1y ago

“They don’t have to know......just take my hand..I’ll teleport us out of here...,” he said sweetly. Knowing how he would feel if he was somehow separated from his family, he wanted Marth to trust him. “Come me...I’ll take you where ever you want..,” he said smiling softly.

“They’ll just recapture me again. If it keeps my people safe then I will stay here.” Marth said softly. He felt very strongly about keeping the rest of the alien race safe.
Denki22JMBen Nishimoto   1y ago

Ben looked a bit surprised and he totally admired what he’s doing...he felt embarrassed for not thinking about that before himself. He looked at the floor not knowing what to say...he was speechless. Ben felt like he couldn’t even look at Marth’s face himself....

“It’s important to put your own people before yourself. It’s what my family was taught to do at a young age.” Marth said softly. He followed the teachings of his parents.
Kitiki_AnemaraRaven   1y ago

Raven looked at her mother now who was still laying in the corner where she'd fallen asleep yesterday.,Starting to look confused, Raven crawled over to her. She wasnt moving so Raven thought she'd been sleeping, but now she didnt look to be breathing either. "M- Mama?!" she tried to wake her up but her skin was ice cold. She froze, looking at her mother's lifeless body for several heartbeats before letting out a shrill scream of grief
Denki22JMBen Nishimoto   1y ago

“Yeah....I know I-...I apologize....,” he blowed down a bit. He didn’t know what came over him, his smiles had fell down he didn’t want to disrespect anyone.... Maybe he was just exited to be able to talk with someone.... He looked around as he heard a shrill....his heart fell. He looked around.

Marth didn’t say anything. He did miss his friends however his duty as a prince and as a protector of his people came first.
Denki22JMBen Nishimoto   1y ago

Ben backed away a few feet, he didn’t think the stranger would like to be allies or friends...after all he had already made the impression that he didn’t care for his people. His parents never cared and never taught him to, he looked away. He felt disappointed of himself....he thought about his actions for a bit and actually realized that maybe him and Marth wouldn’t be able to be friends because of the war.

“I just want to see them again... I wonder if they’re going to end up here...” Marth said softly. He desperately wanted to see the two that he mentioned again.
Kitiki_AnemaraRaven   1y ago

Raven breathed harshly as she screamed for someone to take the body already, she didn't want to have to watch her mother's corpse decay.
Denki22JMBen Nishimoto   1y ago

Ben sighed softly, “they probably are....knowing my dad won’t stop until he finds each one of you...he doesn’t care about anyone....he cares about the power...,” he looked up at Marth with a sad look, “...but if you allow me I will do my best to protect them....” he said softly, hoping that Marth would trust him.

“I have a feeling that those two would find me first. They’re both really clever when it comes to this kind of stuff.” Marth said softly.
Denki22JMBen Nishimoto   1y ago

Ben stayed silent for a bit, but nodded softly as a understanding action. He looked around and moved a bit towards Marth, “I have to go now...promise to not tell the guards I was here if they ask-,” he softly begged.

“I promise not to tell them anything. I’m really good at keeping promises.” Marth said softly. He wondered when the king and queen of the vampires would show up.
Kitiki_AnemaraRaven   1y ago

Raven was shaking as she sat on the other side of the room just staring at her mother's corpse. she didn't expect anyone to have payed any attention to her, much less for anyone to come. She would be forced to watch her mother decay or something and blame herself. She might've hated being constantly reminded every day that if she hadn't been born her mother would've lived decently as a food source for a certain Vampire but [i she] had to be born [i she] had to ruin her mothers life [i she] had to be the mistake that ruined it... Raven curled up as the thoughts continued and she would start to care less and less as she stared at her mother's lifeless body.
Denki22JM     1y ago

Ben softly nodded and stood still for a moment, he hugged Marth and backed up after a bit. “It was nice meeting you, I’ll be back later...,” he smiled and using teleportation he went to the place the scream had came from, he stopped smiling and looked around silently. He needed to know who screamed..and why..
Kitiki_AnemaraRaven   1y ago

Raven was still staring at the body but now her eyes were distant and cold as her mind continued to wander and she was lost in thought. She seemed to stop caring as she looked at her mother's corpse. She had cared all her life because of her mother's manipulation but now as she'd sat in silence her thoughts would drift and her mind cleared for her to realize enough about her mother to not to give a damn anymore. [i 'its funny how much can change in just a few minutes'] she thought.
Denki22JMBen Nishimoto   1y ago

“Hello.......are you anyone there?,” he asked. Maybe it was just his imagination...maybe it was someone but who...and was he in the right place. He walked around the cells looking for the person who had screamed, he wanted to help them...if he could.
Kitiki_AnemaraRaven   1y ago

Raven slightly jumped at the sound of someone's voice, she hadn't expected anyone to care enough to come check on the cells, much less the voice she only recognized as the Prince of Vampires because of her hearing ability. She peeked around the corner from her cell. "since when does the royal family care about their prisoners?" she grumbled, looking at him with indifference and not looking back at the corpse.
Denki22JMBen Nishimoto   1y ago

Ben teleported closer to the voice as soon as he heard it, he kept his head low. “I care...but I’m not even supposed to be here,” he didn’t look up he didn’t want to disrespect the person in the cell. Of course he was curious of how they might look like but respect came first, “Uhm I’m Ben...the prince....,” he said softly.
Catlover33Ramza   1y ago

Ramza was outside searching for his brother. He was with another person. The one that he was with appeared to be no older than 14 years of age with short white hair and red eyes. Of course, things weren’t going to go their way that smoothly. Suddenly, Ramza was grabbed by a vampire and found himself unable to move. He tried to get away only to be knocked out. The teenage boy that he was with tried to get the vampires to let him go but to no avail. He was knocked out as well. Both of them were taken to the throne room and tossed in there.
Kitiki_AnemaraRaven   1y ago

Raven looked at him suspiciously "i know who you are..." she mumbled and sat back against the wall, her gaze shifting to the ground in front of her mother's body. She could care less if she was being disrespectful since she was raised in a cell. "but why'd you come down here...? Don't you have like, princely things to do or something?" she grumbled quietly

He sighed softly, “Yeah but- they’re stupid things like choosing a wife, and....stuff like that,” he looked up to see her, his eyes widened a bit when he saw the other body. Wait- is that-..... “Why....who did this....” he asked looking at the body, his eyes slowly filled with tears. He teleported inside the cell and looked at the body, kneeling beside it.
Catlover33Ramza   1y ago

Ramza had regained consciousness shortly after being tossed into the throne room. He didn’t say a word however he was really irritated with being grabbed so abruptly. He didn’t like it nor would he ever like it.
Kitiki_AnemaraRaven   1y ago

Raven tensed and looked at him "it's my mom... she was mean anyway..... and no one's fault she died i think" she mumbled "her heart had been failing for a long time anyway... at least it was in her sleep" she said quietly [i 'even though i hardly care at this point'] she thought, curled up in her corner as she saw a small spot she could add to the drawings that filled the cell as she reached over with a small piece of chalk and made a tiny drawing there quietly. "just surprised me a bit when i realized she was dead" she grumbled

Ben looked at her, a tear falling off his own eye. ‘Her mom?!’ He thought. He didn’t know he had any siblings clearly the woman in front of him was his mother, and yeah he was mean,she didn’t care about him but he cared about her. He stayed silent for a bit, after a bit he looked at the girl. “Your mom... she is your mom-...but- she is my mom-,” he said softly.
Kitiki_AnemaraRaven   1y ago

Raven tensed more, setting the chalk down as she shifted her gaze and looked up at him [i 'so that's the big secret... I'm half-Vampire...and i guess so is the prince...'] she thought as she stared at him "If she's your mother... why is she in here... ?" She doubted that the Prince of Vampires was her brother, she hugged her knees as she stared at him and wouldn't bother asking why she was also locked in here. [i 'and if we're related then why were we kept locked up here? Why is it that i had to be locked away while he got to live... well... like royalty...?'] she wondered, though not bitterly, having gone silent after asking the initial question

“I have no idea....I don’t talk to her or dad... they have different ideas for our kingdom...,” he answered looking at her, the longer he looked at her the more it made sense. But he still had questions why was she here, why didn’t he know about her.... He stood up and offered her a hand to teleport her out of the cell, “Want to get out of this cell?-,” he asked gently.
Kitiki_AnemaraRaven   1y ago

Raven looked up at him skeptically, thinking it was a trick or something "they'll just bring me back..." she said quietly and looked down "now that she's dead, they're already planning about killing me" she mumbled, still hearing guards mumbling in front of the entrance to the cells with her enhanced hearing. "Don't know why she wanted me alive so long anyway...."

“....Yeah true deserve to be alive..I have no idea of why you are here...I didn’t even know you existed..but now that I do..I’ll keep you safe,” he said softly. He looked at her hoping she would let him keep her safe, after all she is his sister.
Catlover33Ramza   1y ago

“If anyone is there then know that our race is not to be messed with. If you harm any one of us then we won’t hesitate to put you in your place.” Ramza said.
Kitiki_AnemaraRaven   1y ago

She looked at him, still skeptical as she didn't think she could trust anyone, even if it is her brother that she never knew she was related to. "How do I know that's true...?" she asked quietly "And how does it not bother you that I exist.... i mean... how can you immediately just accept having a sister. No question!?" She still had doubts.

“I- well...since I remember I felt there was something off with our family....our dad dosen’t really care about me or anyone..all he care about is about the money,” he explained as he looked at her. He hoped she understood that he didn’t really go out or have fun as a royalty member. “I understand if you have your doubts tho..,”


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