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After the unfortunate death of the X-Men, Xavier changed, he was doing things that would not normally define him, he started to force the children to train, he wouldn’t give them any breaks until someone stopped him, it got so bad that he eventually forced four children to kill each other while training, he had to be stopped, and so he was, three of the students came together and gave him to the MRD, where he was later wiped out and closely examined, because of this mistake the MRD has the technology to freeze mutants, read their thoughts, and torture them, this did nothing but cause riots

Three years have come and gone since the Professor was taken away and the wars and riots between the two sides had raged until many had lost loved ones on both sides of the field. It had taken a lot of push and shove over those years, but now the original dream for the gifted school was becoming a reality. The Mutant children were getting their much-needed educations as well as learning how to live in a more peaceful way with humans, such causing the humans to start looking for more peaceful ways to live with the mutants, but it was agreed that they would be raised in separate schools. Not because of any racial disputes, but to keep things fair as Mutant schools have to account for powers and abilities that Human teachers couldn't handle or account for. Thus making all things fair and under the same schooling boards of education that held a mix of Human and Mutant alike. With things running smoothly in the schools and peace coming more and more into view, it was decided that it was time for the X-Men to rise again, keeping this peace and stopping those that fought to try and raise the wars once more. The X-Men were to be a kind of "Law Enforcement" for the Mutants, and the Humans would police their own kind. This again was to keep things fair and to keep damages to a minimum. Obviously, this came with complications on both sides, but over the years of fixing the messes, it began to coast evenly, or as much as it could while trying to heal the wounds of the wars before. If a Mutant wanted to be an X-Men member, they had to attend Professor Xavier's school for the gifted and undergo serious tests of mind, body, and spirit to show that they were in this for all the right reasons, as well as to prove they wouldn't get themselves killed. To keep people from unnecessary death, only the best of the best were passed through to become a member. Tested for their skills, ability to work under pressure, as a team, quick thinking, and the ability to get through things with the least amount of casualties possible, the X-Men were slowly reborn, trying to uphold what the Original group had stood for and been created to do. This, is where our journey begins....

Professor skelly (1) (they are basically the principal):

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Class Mutant:
Old X-Men Connections:
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Accepted characters:


Name: Lyla Ciscera
Nickname(s): Ly, Lala
X-Men Name: Night Terror
Age: 25
Personality: Calm, quiet, keeps to herself, hard to anger, easy to annoy
Power: Illusions and Nightmares
Class Mutant: Lyla is a class put down as a class four but is actually a class five, she does not use her full potential in fear of becoming like Jean Gray and the Professor
Weapons: Crystal Daggers
Parents: Trent and Rachel Ciscera (Humans)
Family: Only child
Occupation in RP: owns a house of horror, and is a teacher at the institute
Backstory: Lyla was your normal everyday child growing up with her parents, but she was always having nightmares. Nothing could stop the nightmares and they went on for years. She was thirteen when she discovered that she was no longer human. Being the "Goth Witch" in school got her bullied, and she'd panicked and wished horrible nightmares on the other kids. That was when she had seen what they were afraid of and soon, the children were faced with their worst fears. Her parents tried to ignore her powers and treated her as though she was human. She'd gotten expelled from four schools until she was seventeen and her parents had given up all hope. That was when someone from a boarding school for mutants came to get her, showing she had nothing to be ashamed of and that there she could be safe and understood and could learn to control her powers. Her parents all but gave her up to the school, tired of dealing with her and her "problems" and so she went, emancipated from her parents. She finished the rest of her schooling and then found work in a haunted house in town. The scariest one for four states.
Other: Her powers stem from her mind, she doesn't need to touch anyone to cause her illusions. Her Nightmares come from her mental ability to see what someone fears the most and uses it against them, but as a repercussion, this means that all her dreams are nightmares as well.

Name: Luna Ari Amarkeeri
X-men Name / Alias: Khaalida
Nickname(s): L.A, Lu, Lulu, Ari, Amar, Ark, Kee(Key), Twinkie, Cocoa, Chippy, redBull, Monster, Starbucks (basically anything food or caffeinated drink related)
Age: unknown, assumed to be somewhere between 16 and 20
personality: Can't handle emotions very well, Protective, Hardened, Confident, Wary, Prefers to keep busy, Evasive, Self-Sabotaging, Open-Minded, Forgiving, Not Easily Fazed,
Power: Can hold any object and know instantly its inner workings, how to use it as a weapon, how to build/create it, etc. (natural power), Super healing/regeneration and Developed telekinesis and heightened senses (are the result of involuntary experimentation)
Class Mutant: Seeing as she was a test subject she generally acts as a class three but is actually class five
Weapons: learned to create telekinetic weapons though mostly creates/uses an automatic sniper rifle or assault rifle
Parents: orphaned; parents unknown (was found abandoned in an alleyway and taken for experimental purposes)
family: family unknown (undetermined possible sibling)
Backstory: Born in and abandoned in an Alleyway, Ari had been left to die by her parents who'd also mysteriously disappeared. Her cries had been heard by someone passing by who participated in illegal experimentation concerning the Phoenix Force- using orphaned children specifically to conduct their experiments in secret and without risk of repercussion. However, no test subject had ever survived the experiments before and all died rather quickly and in immense pain- making Ari the first and only survivor of the torturous tests that created the Dragon Force. more to be revealed in rp.
Habit: fidgets when uncomfortable, stays very quiet,
Other: has a pair of wings on her back, blue eyes turned silver and brunette hair turned white from the experiments,

Name: Qrow Reaper
Nicknames: Q, Boss, indifference, etc...
Alias/X-Men name: FROSTBITE
Age: true age is unknown but he looks like a 16 to 18-year-old despite his hight
personality: Qrow is a fierce and fiercely loyal person. He is brawny, cranky, and has a temper. In fact, when Qrow is fighting, he sometimes has berserker rages. But he also has a good heart, he will never purposely hurt anybody that he was either not assigned to hurt or drove him to the point of hurting them. he is normally indifferent, showing kindness to everybody he enjoys being around
Power: his only known power is his healing factor
Class Mutant: unknown
Weapons: he uses a weapon that he calls a Bestia fang (will be seen in the image)
Parents: unknown
family: unknown
Backstory: to be revealed in RP
Other: Qrow is 6'8", his healing factor allows him to go past his bodies limits both physical and mental, he knows many different forms of martial arts, he knows different languages (both the martial arts and the languages weird him out seeing as he has no memory of learning them), he is sometimes psychopathic because he acts a bit like an anti-hero, and he can't remember anything but certain skits from his past
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RavanyaLyla Ciscera   364d ago

[font "Times New Roman" [i [b "No way, you crazy bitch! It wasn't even that scary!"] ]the teenage boy exclaimed in embarrassed anger as he refused to cough up the extra money that Lyla was demanding for his "Ruining" the floor.

[b "First of all, I KNOW it was that scary, and second of all you pissed all over the coffin you fell on! Do you KNOW what piss does to my props?? And you can't say it wasn't you, your pants are soaked - I can see it from here - and you reek of ammonia...."] She snapped at him, uncrossing her arms from in front of her corset laced bodice and held her hand out to him.

[i [b "And HOW do you know it was that scary?"]] he demanded. She gave a wicked grin and her eyes began to glow. Her eyes were naturally a crimson color, and when she invoked her magic, they would glow. Almost giving her a Vampiric or Demonic look with her pale skin, Raven hair, and painted lips.

[b "Because I'm EXCELLENT at my job...."] she purred and made a gesture in his direction to demand the money he owed her. He growled, still blushing from his embarrassment he reached into his pocket and pulled out his wallet. A slight flick of her illusion powers, she switched his view of his twenties and hundreds. He had "given" her a twenty but she'd received a hundred and once it was in her hand, she let the illusion drop. Normally, she wouldn't condone such things, but the guy had all but smashed and soaked the coffin prop, and to get the smell out of the felt let alone any stains was not cheap. Thankfully he and his perky, preppy girlfriend were the last customers for the night and she closed up and went home.

The next morning was bright and sunny, though Lyla hadn't woken until almost noon as she was usually a habitual "creature of the night" with her job. She walked from her bedroom to the bathroom to shower and dress before heading to her fridge. She frowned seeing that her fridge was all but empty and the usual go to's were either gone or expired. She groaned at the thought of having to head into town to go grocery shopping, though the Haunted House was closed that night, so she figured it was better than trying to get it done before having to work.

She grabbed her keys, her coffin purse, and locked up her apartment. In the all was one of her apartment neighbors, an elderly woman that was usually vert sweet. She always spoke up about Lyla's choice in clothing and makeup - like today was black jeans, a purple steampunk corset and spike heel boots. The elderly woman would always tell her that she'd never find a man dressing that way. Lyla always smiled and told her that was the point, which made them both laugh.

The elevator never worked, and so she made her way down the stairs, always using her illusion magic to keep her from being seen by the creep on the second floor, she lived on the fourth. Outside she climbed into her compact hearse and drove into town. Once she was out and driving, she let the one saddening thought that had been beating at her all week. It was the anniversary of that day, three years ago....
FROSTBITE4395Qrow X-Men   355d ago

[b “Hey, kid, what do you think you’re doing,”] a man asked, his voice had a raspy tone as if it was trying to sound angry and tough but couldn’t, the man had a mohawk, grey hair with a buzz cut on the sides, he was wearing a T-shirt with some sort of rock band logo on it, he had a black leather jacket with spiked shoulder pads, blue jeans, torn in the knee area, he black shoes were covered in dry mud, kind of crusty but new, and blood, it was splattered all over his clothes
[b “what do you want old man,”] the boy asked, he was wearing a collard shirt that was a little big for him despite his height, he had on a coat and baggy pants, all black, and a cap to cover his head, some sort of metal bone fist grew over his hands from the sleeves of his coat
[b “I want you to get off of my bike,”] the man said as he grabbed a knife from his back pocket, [b “and I’m warning you boy if you don’t get off of it in the next five seconds im go-,”] the man was cut off from the revving of his motorcycle’s engine
[b “Finally, I’ve been working on this thing for thirty-five minutes,”] he said in a cheerful tone, [b “Nos vemos amigo,”] he said as he drove onto the old country road, “this is gonna be one wild ride,” he thought

[center -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Three months later

Qrow stepped off of the motorcycle, wearing the same clothing he was when he had stolen it, the time was about noon, people happily walking by and talking with each other, he was parked in a ‘no parking zone’ on the side of the street, next to a curb that was basically destroyed by the roots of the tree by it, he had noticed a store nearby and wanted to check it out, the first store type thing he had seen in months, once Qrow entered the store he noticed many people walking around, and once again many of them were talking with each other, but it looked as if they weren’t necessarily friends, they were just talking with each other, he pulled a piece of paper out of the right pocket of his coat, it had a name, a sketch of a woman, and what looked like a mission or assignment in writing saying ‘convince this woman to return to the school or Xavier Institute, please, do anything you can,’ he was still a bit confused by it but he was going to keep it in his mind, and continue looking for the woman to see if she knew anything about him
[b “How may I help you today, sir,”] a woman asked
[b “Huh, umm, er, no thank you, i-i’m alright,”] Qrow answered
[b “Okay,”] the woman said in a tone that said she thought he was acting suspiciously

Another needle stabbed into her arm. More drugs being injected into her system and blood being drawn out with new blood being put into her... and their mocking laughter and cruel words filling the air was making her head pound. She felt numb... until a new face entered the lab room she was sectioned in. The things sticking to her head continued to send frequency waves that messed with her head. They made her feel helpless. Too weak to fight. The frequencies increased the moment the woman in the lab coat walked in.

The woman who entered the room spoke softly to a few of the scientists, waving them off and scolding quietly until they left and it was just her and Luna in the room. Luna felt something wrong with this and backed against the wall. Scolding wasn't right. The woman had threatened them and Luna could feel power coming off her in waves. They locked eyes, the strange woman with emerald green eyes and chestnut colored hair came towards Luna holding an inch-long needle. "Hold still" the woman told her, her voice a catlike purr as she clearly enjoyed this psychological and physical torment.

"N-no" she backed against the wall weakly, staring at the red liquid of raw energy in the needle. She was tired of being stabbed with needles and hated the torturous pain that followed whatever they injected her with. The sickening smile on the woman's face as the needle was stabbed into her neck and liquid injected. "Stop" Luna begged, tears streaming down her face as her skin immediately started turning red and reacting to the injection as the woman emptied it into her bloodstream. It was when Luna saw the flash of a knife that she screamed, and the snarky look of a deranged scientists 'success' was wiped from the woman's face and turned into a look of pure terror. Then she blacked out.

[center ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Three Weeks Later

Luna bolted down the sidewalk, clutching a bag of stolen fruits tightly as police chased her. She glanced back. They were closing the distance. [i 'just leave me alone! I'm hungry...'] Luna took a sharp turn right and slid into the crowded mall, running until she came out the other end and found an alleyway to sprint through and jumped into one of the dumpsters to hide in.

Breathing hard but forcing herself to be quiet as tears stung her eyes and her chest burned. [i 'I-I'll stay here th-the rest of the day'] the thought and curled up in the garbage, several shards of glass digging into her side and back as she felt numb to the pain and pulled out a browning apple and bit into the aging fruit happily eating the stolen foods. [i 'first meal in days... I might survive a little longer...'] she thought as she fell asleep minutes later.
RavanyaLyla Ciscera   342d ago

[font "Times New Roman" She couldn't believe it had been three years already. Taking up the shopping cart she made her way in, starting at the right side of the store and into the deli and butcher section to work her way around to the registers on the left side. She gave her usual order to the butcher as she picked up some precut lunchmeats from the deli's cooler as well. Her mind was heavy with the memories from so many years ago.

[i [b "You can't do this! This is wrong and you know it! Make it stop!"] She screamed at the professor while two students under his control held her back. Tears streamed her face as she watched the Professor she had grown to love since her time in the school force mutant children to battle each other. He kept claiming that he needed only the strongest, only the best. The fine line they held with the humans was being shredded and it was now costing lives. She had already watched two of her friends die because of this overexerted training, she refused to watch it again.

She fought against the ones that held her back. She screamed for the two kids to stop fighting, but she knew they couldn't stop. And that was when it happened. They each had delivered a blow that killed the other. The Professor screamed in his outrage, unaware that Lyla had reached her triggered point. Her eyes began to glow a bright red and everyone all around the campus began to scream and cower. She was tapping deep into her powers to break off the mental hold that the Professor was holding for these "training" sessions. She was a Class Five mutant, but she had seen what that meant to Jean-Grey and so she had tried to keep her powers down to a C4. Now she was seeing another great C5 mutant losing his mind to his own powers.

Two other students had to help her as they battled the Professor for control and after nearly losing themselves, they managed to subdue him, but just barely. They turned him over the MRD that night and spent the next week in recovery. That night the Professor's abilities were wiped out and the three were told to never speak of this again. Lyla had sworn that night that she would never let her powers rise above a C4 ever again. She refused to become like the others.]

Lyla was jolted from her memories by the butcher calling for her that her order was up, by the annoyance on his face, he'd been trying to get her attention for a bit now. She muttered a thank you and took her order before pushing on to the bread and produce section beyond the deli. She mentally shook herself as she tried not to dwell on the events that happened so few years ago. She wasn't sure what it was, but something just felt off today, and she was sure that she wasn't going to like it.
FROSTBITE4395Qrow {eternity}   264d ago

Qrow quickly scanned the faces of all the people in the store, noticing one a girl, with black hair and pale skin, almost like a vampire, her eye color was some sort of crimson red, she was the girl from the sketch he had in his pocket

Once Qrow had approached her he tapped on her shoulder and gave a smile, "hi there, my name is Qrow, I assume you are the one I'm looking for," he said while showing her the sketch that looked like her, "I'm supposed to take you back to 'Xaviers School For Gifted Children' or something like that, anyways, I can bring you back willingly, or not, your choice," he said, "I'll give you some time to think about it when you're ready to talk meet me at the Londonburgs hotel" he said while exiting the store and getting on the motorcycle

Qrow arrived at a Starbucks and ordered the only thing he could afford, a dark roast coffee, he sat down at a round table, fairly small, he took a sip of the coffee and almost spat it out, it was terrible, in his opinion at least, he wasn't used to this kind of thing, he usually had some sort of strong alcohol, he threw the coffee away and checked in at a hotel

She had waken up some time later. Though as she lay in the dumpster she was hiding in she looked almost like a corpse. Her white hair was long and turned dark gray with filth along with her skin. The bandages on her leg were caked in dried blood and colored black as well and her clothes were tattered. She noticed a rat had come and taken a share of her stolen fruit and she smiled a bit feeling less alone.

Slowly, she managed to push herself into a sitting position and felt a sudden weightlessness before being knocked unconscious by the large dumpsters aligning the alleyway all crashing down at once. The one she had hidden in tipped and her unconscious body tumbled out onto the open sidewalk. The rat scurried away and she was covered by trash, maggots, and mysterious liquids and foods.
RavanyaLyla Ciscera   233d ago

[font "Times New Roman" Lyla went through the motions, getting most things on her list, some that were more of an impulse buy. Ignoring the gawking looks she always got for being the "Nightmare Queen" of the local haunted house. Her style alone - being a goth - always got people staring at her and giving such leering looks. She was used to it. The looks had started since she was a girl, being born with crimson eyes and wasn't even an albino child. She glared down some old woman that was giving such hateful and judgmental looks when someone tapped her on her shoulder.

She whirled around and blinked to see the guy behind her. He was looking to a paper and then looking to her. She frowned and crossed her arms. [b "What do you want? Not selling cookies here...."] He offered her a smile, and said that she must be the one he was searching for, and handed her the paper he was glancing to. She took it and looked to the image scrawled over it and her frown deepend. It was her, no doubt about it. Along with her address, and even her job. [b "What is this all about?"] She demanded shoving the page back at him.

He spoke up saying that he was to take her back to the academy that she left three years ago. She felt her blood ice over in her veins, and her eyes widened and if she could have hissed, she would have. Her crimson eyes flared purple in her power, a warning of sorts. Before she could tell him to shove it and the school, he told her where to find him if she needed. He left and she stood there staring after him in anger. She quickly made her way to the check out and took her things to her car.

Once in the driver seat she started the car, but didn't take off yet. Gripping the steering wheel tightly she then began to tremble in the flood of emotions she'd buried for years. She began to ask [b "Why?"] over and over and over. Progressively getting louder, as well as eventually leading to ganging her fist on her steering wheel until she felt the pain up into her fingertips before sitting back in her seat in a huff. She didn't know how long she sat there in her car, letting memories and emotions swarm her mind.

Once her mind settled she gave a hard sigh and rubbed her temples. [b "Even after all these years....I can't seem to get away from that place....."] She said to herself. She pulled out her cellphone and put in the address for the hotel he'd given her. The very least, she would hear him out about why he came here. But she made no promises to go back and there was no way he would force her to. Once she arrived she went to the man behind the desk asking for the one named Qrow that was staying there.
FROSTBITE4395Qrow (kritanta)   224d ago

The desk attendant answered with a kind yes and gave Lyla a keycard to his room, the desk attendant was noticeably afraid of Lyla, when she was in her senior year she checked out the haunted house that Lyla owned and was so creeped out by it that she had nightmares for weeks.

Once Qrow reached his room he started to tidy up, at least the most he knew how he sloppily made his bed, he seemed to have no eye for what would be called 'neat', he then changed his clothes to a black T-Shirt, Blue Jeans, slightly baggy, and he kept his black shoes, [b "Alright, now I wait, which really shouldn't be too hard] he thought, he had spent the past three and a half months of his conscious state searching for her, who could blame him for being a little jittery on meeting her.

A room and luggage attendant came up to Lyla with a kind smile on his face, "would you like for me to help you on the way to your room ma'am," he asked, he didn't seem the least bit nervous around her, but that's mainly because he was never much of a haunted house person, it didn't help that all his friends kept saying that he should check out Lyla's haunted house.

(sorry for it being so bad, and the sudden change of image)
RavanyaLyla Ciscera   218d ago

[font "Times New Roman" Lyla gave a slight polite smile to the woman when she offered her a key to the room and the number she needed. The woman had a look on her face like most people did. She was sure the woman had been to the haunted house she worked. Not many know that its her mutant powers that allow her to be so scary, but then again, she didn't care. She was openly mutant and dared any chuckle-head of a prick to come at her. She gave a simple thanks to the woman and turned away from her and headed to the elevators.

Of course this place only had one elevator. She could have took the stairs, but she'd seen an elderly couple taking the stairs as a part of some new exercise for one of them and their new onset diabetes - if one was to believe the conversation they had discussed in the lobby a few minutes before. She was in no rush to see this guy anyway. She didn't know who this guy was, or what he wanted with her, but she was not going back to that school. It was far too painful and there was nothing left for her there.

Several other patrons piled into the elevator when it finally came back to the lobby floor, and she was left on her own to wait for it again. She groaned and cursed under her breath as she hit the call button again once it was so far gone. That was when someone approached her and offered her help to her room. She let her crimson eyes glance his way in a questioning look. He wasn't looking at her in fear, so he must not be familiar with her. Or he was and didn't care. Either way, she wasn't interested. She turned back to the elevator ad watched the numbers change as it went all the way up before started to descend once again.

[b "Thanks, but no thanks..... I'm not staying, I have no luggage. Having a very short meeting, and then I'm leaving....."] She stated simply. [b "If you want or need to help someone, you should make sure the elderly couple on the stairs make it to their floor and their room without causing some kind heart attack or aneurism."] She shifted her weight to one hip and crossed her arms just under her chest as she all but glared at the elevator numbers.
FROSTBITE4395Qrow (kritanta)   148d ago

Qrow lied down on the couch in his room and quickly fell asleep, the couch was so comfortable like sleeping on clouds, or what clouds would feel like if they were solid, and it molded itself to fit Qrows body so well.

In Qrows dream

Qrow awoke in some sort of test tube full of a goopy liquid with tubes connected to his arms and legs along with one connected to the back of his head. "Sir... waking up... should we... again?" a muffled voice said, it seemed to be a male in his late forties maybe. "No let him wake up." another voice said, it sounded like a man in his sixties maybe seventies, it was a voice that made Qrow want to kill. Suddenly everything went dark again.

When Qrow woke up he was running down a hallway with blood on his hands. "W-what." Qrow thought, "Wh-who am I?" he thought as a bullet went through his shoulder, though it didn't seem to affect him, it healed itself in a split second, "your gonna pay." Qrow said with violence in every word, suddenly a set of three claws made of bone shot out of in between his knuckles on his left hand, same with his right, "I'm gonna kill you." he said, suddenly he 'dissapeared' though he was running faster than their eyes could see him, when he stopped he was facing the direction he came from, holding the head of one of the men in his right hand and a 1976 revolver in his left. "Daddy?" a little girl said behind Qrow, he quickly turned around and pointed the gun at her. "A-a kid?" he thought as he dropped the head, "I'm not your dad kid." Qrow said while stealing one of the guard's keycards, just then everything went black again.

Back in the real world

Qrow woke up startled sweating, he was holding a pillow that had been torn in half, "Wh-what happened?" he asked himself.

(sorry it took so long to respond)


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