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I posted another thread a while ago but this one is specifically for a beastars rp.
-You do not have to be done with the manga or anime just make sure you know how the beastars world works.
-one liners are annoying so please refrain from doing them
- no character limit, you can have one or more characters just keep it manageable to your taste
-vulgar language, mature attitudes, etc are allowed just follow site rules if characters get intimate it will be time skipped.
- Ik the characters of Beastars are lovable but they are not yours, please use your own oc's in this rp, to keep from complicated story changes
- if you do not have a pic of your oc at hand please give a detailed desc of it (as detailed as possible) However, pics are preferred.
-Im not on as often as i used to be so do not get super mad at me for being late, slow, or absent some days. *i have a life outside of my laptop where i may decide to play video games, read, watch tv, or draw__ that is my choice)
-Lastly (i think) please don't ditch the rp, if you lose interest feel free to let me know and we can appropriately remove your character from the story.
*Plot ideas are valued and appreciated X3*
*At the moment im just doing day-to day life, but plot can be changed. please pm me about big plot changes.*
*The manga calls it back alley market and the anime calls it black market both are allowed, whichever a person prefers*
*hybrids are aloud*
*herbivoreXcarnivore is aloud*
*Some ppl may be further through the series than you, there may be spoilers*
PM me if you are interested in joining X3
ill attempt to get back to you, please be patient with me, this site is still pretty new to me but im getting there XD
-Btw im just going to use cherryton high school from the series, elementary schools and junior high or middle are allowed just please pm me and give the school a name rn its just cherryton high, (mainly bc im too lazy to make other schools and thats where my characters go) feel free to ask for other schools to be added)
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can u see yanza? XD
Kaden_KyoAlvaro Garay   1y ago

no i can see him :(
Kaden_KyoKalani Arita   1y ago

Can you see my character?

heck welp ill figure it lets just start huh? you wanna start or should i?
Kaden_KyoKalani Arita   1y ago

can you start please?

(ok also when i rp heres my signs...
(non rp chat)
thats all i can think of rn ill let u know if i run into anymore
Yanza walked into class his long tail drooped behind him *i do not want to do this... maybe ill make some friends? probably not...* He opened the door startled at he glances from the other students (imma make him nw student ig?) he nodded at the other students and quickly walked to an empty seat in the back as the teacher continued the lesson (heck)
Kaden_KyoKalani Arita   1y ago

Kalani sighed lightly as she was currently looking out of the window of her classroom. [i 'Another boring day...'] she thought as she closed her eyes, still listening in on the teachers lesson. That was... until she heard sudden chit chat amongst her fellow classmates.[i 'I wonder what's going on...'] Her ears twitched slightly as she listened in on the conversations.

[+red 'Oh I didn't know we where having a new student? He's pretty cute for a Carnivore'] one female student said as her friends just rolled their eyes slightly.

[i 'New kid?'] She thought as she opened one her her light green eyes to take a peak at him, her tail swaying softly side to side. She caught a glance just in time to him pass by her and take a seat in the back.

[i ' Hmm...he seem like a loner...'] She thought closing her eyes again as she yawned, before doing her best to pay attention to the lesson her teacher was giving.

Yanza flicked his ear trying to ignore the other students chat and took out his already half full notebook, turning to an empty space he started to copy the board and listened to the teacher as best he could.
After copying the notes he looked up trying to focus on the teacher but ended up staring off into space anyway.

Yanza fidgeted with his pencil. Staring off into space. He jumped as though he had a heartattack when the bell rang. He quickly put up his stuff and walked out to the hall.


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