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Searchin for rp feel free to take a look no pressure (read desc)

By TwistedMisfit
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Im new to this specific site and still learning the ropes, also I'm not on all the time, but i have been rping for a long time now on other sites like amino and silverpelt, in game rps on platforms like AJ, Wildcraft, and other mobile games, etc. Ill roleplay just about anything thats thrown at me and i have tons of characters (haven't put them up on this site yet) Anime's- Naruto, Log horizon, Haikyuu, MHA, fruit basket, charlotte, Beastars, and a few others that slip my mind Books- Mostly animal fiction or mythology like warrior cats, survivors, seekers, WOF, guardians of gahoole, wolves of the beyond, etc. Bonus content ig- I will do one liners if need be but i prefer to avoid them (some situations may ask for one liners only idk) *I prefer a Beastars RP but ill do anything really* i prefer playing male characters but might play a female from time to time i dont mind vulgar language, mature attitudes etc., but pls follow the sites rules, if two characters were to get intimate it will be time skipped. When joining the rp pls give a detailed desc. of your character (as detailed as possible) if you do not have a picture at hand, If you do have a pic, it is preferred. multiple characters are aloud per person but one is fine. I can play one or multiple characters at a time if need be, Help coming up with plot ideas is always valued and appreciated, if you have gotten all the way down here and wish to rp please pm me or reply and ill attempt to get back to you, im not on as often as other role-players so please do not get angry at me for this, also please don't just ditch the rp if your in and lose interest let me or the other role-players (if any) know so that we may take your characters out appropriately. Thank you, Twisted misfit don't feel pressured to join i just wanted to give details.
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