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Looking for people to rp with

By Aoki-chan

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I have not been on in the past year. Looking for people to rp with and I am open to ideas. Send me a pm. Don't expect a shit ton of posting since I am rusty.
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Kaden_KyoAlvaro Garay   1y ago

Hello! i was wondering if you would be interested in rping? I haven't been on here in years so i'm rusty as well lol
TwistedMisfit     1y ago

Im new to this specific site and still learning the ropes, also I'm not on all the time, but i have been rping for a long time now on other sites like amino and silverpelt, in game rps on platforms like AJ, Wildcraft, and other mobile games, etc. I was wondering if you'd be interested in rping, been lookin for a good beastars rp, but im good with just about anything you throw at me X3- i dont prefer one liners but will do them if needed and can rp more than one character if need be. just let me know CX
LenaDuchanness123     1y ago

Love too !!! :)
Aoki-chanLinda Reichert   1y ago
Pitter-patter. Pitter-patter. Pause. Hop.

I sent you a pm lena. :v
LenaDuchanness123     1y ago

ok thank you
LenaDuchanness123     1y ago

who wants to RP right now ?


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