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A Crimson Calamity

By KyoyaPleasant

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A man lost in time and a seductive creature from the sea.

A serial murderer and his goons.

How hard can it be?

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[google-font] [size15 [Alice If there was one lesson he’d learned in all his years it was that death was only the beginning. In fact, he could hardly remember the time before it... but he could recall with vivid clarity exactly how he died. A hand. A bloody red hand lifted before his eyes and then... nothing.

That had been so many decades ago, he rarely thought about it anymore. The rage had been reduced to a simmer and now he was using those talents for more rewarding work, at least that’s what he told himself. While his murderer had been long dead, there were still many others willing to tamper with the peace of society. It wasn’t a necessarily rewarding occupation but it was a living- figuratively speaking.

Mr. Pleasant stood in his office within the Sanctuary of Dublin, rereading the notice that was left in a generic envelope on his desk. One of those [i ‘Oh, you know, you’re getting too ahead of yourself, Detective. We think you need a babysitter because damn it, you’re too talented for your own good that you’re not using the resources at your disposal or calling the proper authorities when you apprehend a criminal. That’s a no, no and now you need to partner up with an official from across the country because we’re the bosses, blah blah. Boo hoo.’] kind of letters. For this lass to be assigned to him, she must have been a nuisance in her precinct as well.

Miss Theva should be arriving close to noon. If he left now, he should be able to make it to his interrogation early, without crossing paths with her. Enough time for the agent to realize he wasn’t at the office after all and figure out that the dead man left without her as a sign of sovereignty. No better way to get a message across than by avoiding her in the first place.

The skeleton man was wearing a face that had cropped, blonde hair and blue eyes today. Sorcery had all sorts of practical uses especially for the undead who couldn’t very well walk around in the non-magic world as they were. Mr. Pleasant relied on illusions, a fake skin that looked very real to the common man but almost felt like silicone when touched.

He left an obvious clue regarding his whereabouts for Miss Theva to find and proceeded to the basement where an man found at the scene of a murder was corwering in a cell waiting for his interrogation. It was difficult nowadays to pin down the location of a serial killer when the supernatural community was so divided on it’s politics. Some would say the people they murdered deserved it since they would primarily target non-magic folk. Cultists have spread across the country feigning ignorance as part of their twisted religion and protecting the true criminals. So far there were five dangerous individuals protected by these [i Purists].

Pleasant took the steps quickly to the basement holding cells, passing through the metal gate opened by a skinny, dull eyed man. He flipped through the manilla folder that was handed to him, noting the date of incident, name and body count. May 24th, Ryan McColf age 37, three bodies found in his suburban home. He was the father of the household. Wife, thirteen year old and nine year old were found with their throats slashed. The father had no blood on his person or any history of violence. Murder weapon was also missing.

He closed the folder, already coming up with his usual conclusions which would have to be dutifully explained to his new charge. Sounded like more trouble than it was worth. [i Speaking of...]

Mr. Pleasant in his tailored gray suit, turned towards the staircase behind the iron bars. With a smile, he waved at the woman casually. [#007af5 “I don’t usually tolerate tardiness but since it’s our first meeting, I don’t hold it against you.”]]]
TverdostNemenphia Theva   1y ago

[size14[Merienda The life of a homicide detective wasn't something Nemenphia pictured herself as in the beginning if someone had approached her and explained 10 years ago that she would end up joining the police force and eventually becoming a rule-bending homicide detective she would have laughed them out of the room. Of course helping people was the reason for her leaving her home, but in the beginning, she was thinking of either a nurse or doctor. Not someone who wouldn't think twice about beating a criminal to make him talk.]]

[size14[Merienda But that was where fate had landed her if you believe in that sort of thing. Nemenphia was someone who didn't, there was a perfectly sane explanation as to why she ended up becoming who she was today, there was only one word for it Evil. There was so much evil in the world it made the seven deadly sins look tame. Nemenphia had to learn quickly to trust no one but yourself, not even your own colleagues could be trusted, she'd seen many of them being paid off by high society members so they could carry on doing their disgusting crimes.]]

[size14[Merienda And because she didn't bend to their rules she was transferred from precinct to precinct branded a trouble maker. This would be her third transfer and hopefully her last which came at a catch. She would be partnered up with someone, the thought made her stomach turn but if she wanted to continue on the path of justice she would simply need to bite her tongue and deal with whoever her new partner was. She just hoped he was easy to get along with, she wasn't looking for a friend just someone who saw things the same way she did and wasn't afraid to get their hands dirty.]]

[center [pic]]

[size14[Merienda Sitting at her new local diner Nemenphia stared into her cup of black coffee, taking one last drag of her cigarette before stubbing it out into the ashtray. Being one of the few diners around here which allowed you to smoke inside. Taking a large sip of her coffee she looked through the case file in front of her, as she studied the statements and the murder she rolled her eyes.]]

[size14[#006400[Merienda "Great it looks like it's going to be of those cases..."]]]

[size14[Merienda Glancing up at the clock on the wall it read 11:45 am which gave Nemenphia 5-10 minutes to get to her precinct and meet with her new partner. As she finished up the last of her coffee she pulled notes out of her pocket and placed them on the bar, raising her hand in thanks to the waitress. Keeping the case file close to her chest she sparked up another cigarette and began making her walk to the police station.]]

[size14[Merienda Sometime later she entered the building and made her way to the front desk, showing the secretary her badge and name she was given directions to her new office and the name of her partner.]]

[size14[Merienda Mr. Pleasant...]]

[size14[Merienda Nemenphia gave a brief tap on the office door and when she heard no answer opened it and stepped in. It looked like Mr.Pleasant was nowhere to be found. She was not impressed, looking down at her watch it was now 11:57 am. This was a big police station, he'd obviously made it clear he didn't want her as his partner just as much as she didn't want him as her partner.]] [size14[#006400[Merienda "Great start to the day, I don't have time for pettiness".]]

[size14[Merienda Out of the corner of her eye she noticed a scrap of paper on his desk. Immediately opening it up it instantly brought a smile to her face.]] [size14[#006400[Merienda "He must already think so little of me to leave a clue as obvious as this one, we're going to get along swimmingly".]]] [size14[Merienda The sarcasm was practically leaking out of her as she made her way to the basement.]]

[size14[Merienda Upon arriving she noticed someone waving almost stupidly at her, however the first thing he mentioned to her almost made her want him to choke on those words. But instead, she decided to give some back.]]

[size14[#006400[Merienda "Well I was on time, I was told to meet in our office at noon. I was there for noon, your little game is what made me late. Blame yourself for my tardiness Mr. Pleasant. This the perp?"]]]

[google-font] [size15 [Alice The imitation of a man smiled at her comment, greatly amused of what their unorthodox partnership might bring for future witty banter. [#007af5 “Noon, quarter past noon. It’s all the same to me really.”]

He gestured for her to follow as the metal bars slid aside for the detective, leading her down a narrow hall, lined with iron doors and quivering suspects. [#007af5 “Ryan McColf, I’m sure you’ve read about him.”] He paused at door 14, pulling the edge of his gloves tighter. [#007af5 “Gentleman has been accused of murdering three members of his family. He’s had no history of violence, no untethered vendettas, no weapon was recovered and most importantly, he’s non-magic. All victims were expertly terminated and he has no idea why he’s here.”] Mr. Pleasant met her gaze. [#007af5 “That means you need to have a certain level of... sensitivity.”]

He tucked the manilla folder under his arm, starting to think that maybe they should trade introductions instead of waltzing in on a frightened man. Ah, well. They always said he was never one for subtly.

The dead man unlatched the door revealing a small room with a bed and toilet. The middle aged man looked up at the pair of them as they entered. [#007af5 “Alright Ryan,”] Mr. Pleasant started, [#007af5 “Why did you murder your family?’]

Ryan seemed taken aback, his face scrunching in instant anger. [b “I did not bloody kill them,”] he sputtered. [b “I was at work then I was home and there... there they were...”] He took in a ragged breath. [b “I don’t remember how I got home but... I was standing in the hallway staring at them.. Like I had been there all along. I swear to you- [i I did not kill my family.”]]

Pleasant knew there were many ways to enchant a mortal and frankly it was so easy to see that he was sure Miss Theva could figure even that out. The only reason why they were even here was strictly paperwork. Fuckin’ paperwork. But he supposed, it also doubled as a test.

His blue eyes fell on his companion. [#007af5 “Any wisdom to bestow or can we call him a liar?”] Oh, he probably shouldn’t be joking about murder. That’s poor taste. Ryan whimpered in the corner, frustrated. ]]
TverdostNemenphia Theva   1y ago

[google-font] [size14[Merienda Not even bothering to reply to the comment he tried to dig himself out of, Nemenphia followed behind him in silence.]]

[size14[Merienda As they began the walk down the hallway to the suspect Mr. Pleasant began over the details of the crime scene. When asked if she had gone over the case file Nemenphia simply nodded. Already there were things that didn’t add up. The man had no history of violence, had a good relationship with the family and there were no signs of an affair from either side. They were quite violent deaths and for there to be no murder weapon, well it simply made no sense, the only logical thing for a human would be that he hid the weapon to cover his tracks.]]

[size14[Merienda As the two entered the cell, sat on a pathetic excuse for a bed was a man who looked as though he hadn’t slept in about two weeks, his cheekbones were sunken in and the circles under his eyes were as dark as the night sky. This certainly didn’t look like someone capable of murder but then again, some murderers Nemenphia had come across in her time would shock your average person.]]

[size14[Merienda As she listened quietly to the suspect giving his version of events, a firm frown appeared on her brow, some things weren’t adding up, how could he not possibly remember the crime, a lot of murderers especially serial killers remember every victim, some even take an item from the victim as a trophy, some even return to the crime scene to relive the moment, this man seems to want to forget the entire thing or simply can’t remember. Or maybe someone else is stopping him from remembering the crime.]]

[size14[Merienda As Nemenphia was deep in thought it was soon interrupted by the sound of her colleague. She turned her attention to him.]] [size14[#006400[Merienda “I could make him talk… But that won’t be necessary he’s far too easy to read”.]]]

[size14[Merienda She gestured for Mr. Pleasant to step outside with her and away from the ears from the suspect. When they were out of listening ears Nemenphia finally spoke.]]

[size14[#006400[Merienda “There’s three options, either the man is incredibly stupid and simply can’t remember the crime, maybe even blacked out in a fit of rage over something. The second is he’s incredibly smart and believes he is trying to fool us, if that was the case I would have made him talk by now and gotten the truth from him. And lastly someone has enchanted him to commit this crime, but from the evidence gathered from witnesses they were a good family that stayed out of trouble. I personally think the guy has been enchanted and set up in this crime. I’m just curious as to why someone would want an entire family killed in such a violent way”.]]]

[size14[Merienda Nemenphia knew the suspect was keeping information from the two of them, something dark he didn’t want anyone to know, but was it surely worth letting his family be murdered over. Was it worth going to prison for a very long time worth it either? Prison wasn’t a great place to be in this day and age.]]

[google-font] [size15 [Alice [i Far too easy indeed.] Mr. Pleasant nodded to the quivering gentlemen on the stained bed and followed the lady out into the hall. Once out of earshot of their only suspect, Ms. Theva turned to him, her eyes filled with such seriousness it almost disgusted him. Why did everyone have to be so solemn about murder? 

With his humorous mood down to a simmer, the dead man answered plainly. [#007af5 “I agree, enchantment is the most obvious conclusion and kind of answer we didn’t want. It means there is no proof of the killer besides those who study dark magic. As for your other point Ms. Theva, there is absolutely no shortage of sorcerers who hate mortals.”] Especially in this city.

[#007af5 “However...”] He paused, giving her a look over as he studied his mysterious new companion. [#007af5 “If you did have a way of making him talk to put us on the right path, I am very much open to suggestions. Otherwise, I do have a mean right hook I’m willing to exercise in a bar somewhere if we need to go old school.”]

Old school? What a terribly old man thing to say. He needed to study his lingo again before this generation makes up yet another pointless slang.]]
TverdostNemenphia Theva   239d ago

[google-font] [size14[Merienda Nemenphia laughed at his comment, old school really? She didn’t know his age but it was sure as hell making him sound a lot older than she thought. But there may not be any need for that just yet, Nemenphia had a few tricks up her sleeve that didn’t resort to violence.]]

 [size14[#006400[Merienda “There may not be any need for that just yet Mr. Pleasant, I have a harmless little game I can play of my own, just keep a look out as it doesn’t exactly go by police rules. And remember… Block out any sounds coming from this room unless you want to be enraptured by me…”]]

[size14[Merienda Nemenphia opened the cell door and stepped inside once more to the quaking human at her feet, with a stern look on her face she looked at him and opened her mouth in a calm and quiet manner.]]

[size14[#006400[Merienda “Mr. McColf you know it’s imperative that you provide with everything that you know so that if what you’re telling us is the truth we can find out who truly did this to your family. Now call this police instinct but I can tell there is something that you’re keeping from us. We can only help you if you help us”.]]]

[size14[Merienda His eye contact was the first dead giveaway, whilst she believed he was somewhat telling the truth, he was also concealing vital information, and the silence confirmed her suspicions, perhaps he knew someone that had the ability to kill and was scared to open his mouth in fear they would come for him and finish the job so much so that he would rather face prison than this person. Nemenphia was tired of waiting around, she wanted answers now, and she didn’t have time to play the sympathy card.]]

[size14[#006400[Merienda “You’re not leaving me much choice her Mr. McColf, it looks like things are heading down a different path”.]]]

[size14[center[i[#006400[Merienda “Hear my voice beneath the sea"]]]]

[size14[center[i[#006400[Merienda "Sleeping now so peacefully"]]]]

[size14[center[i[#006400[Merienda "At the bottom of the sea"]]]]

[size14[center[i[#006400[Merienda "Sleep for all eternity"]]]]

[size14[center[i[#006400[Merienda "Let my voice lead you this way"]]]]

[size14[center[i[#006400[Merienda "I will not lead you astray"]]]]

[size14[center[i[#006400[Merienda "Trust me as we reach the side"]]]]

[size14[center[i[#006400[Merienda "Jumping out where men have died"]]]]

[size14[center[i[#006400[Merienda "Let the ocean fill your lungs"]]]]

[size14[center[i[#006400[Merienda "Struggle not, soon peace will come"]]]]

[size14[center[i[#006400[Merienda "Taking in your final breath"]]]]

[size14[center[i[#006400[Merienda "Sink down to the ocean’s depths"]]]]

[size14[center[i[#006400[Merienda "Hear my voice beneath the sea"]]]]

[size14[center[i[#006400[Merienda "Sleeping now so peacefully"]]]]

[size14[center[i[#006400[Merienda "At the bottom of the sea"]]]]

[size14[center[i[#006400[Merienda "Sleep for all eternity”]]]]


 [size14[Merienda Nemenphia watched as the human's eyes rolled white, she turned and gestured for the skeletal man to re-join her. Caressing the humans face she softened her expression and tone of her voice and began speaking.]]

[size14[#006400[Merienda “My dear Ryan. I long for us to be together, but how can this be so when you will leave me? Please tell me what has happened? Is there someone trying to hurt you? Are you in trouble or too scared to tell the police? My love I promise you, you can tell me, it will be our little secret”.]]]

[size14[Merienda The human soon began to pour out everything he knew, now infatuated with Nemenphia. Humans were so easy to manipulate and so cocky thinking they could fool anyone if they tried hard enough. There was some good and bad news, the bad news was he was somewhat telling the truth and had no idea what happened to his family. However the good news was that he was keeping valuable information a secret, he was in trouble with someone who frequently drank at the local bar. Seeing as Nemenphia was new to the area she didn’t have any idea who were the trouble makers in the area, but perhaps Mr. Pleasant knew who the human was referring to.]]

[size14[Merienda Once they had gotten all they had out of the human Nemenphia bent down caressing the human's face once more and placed a light passionate kiss on his lips. The human's eyes returned to their original color and the cold expression Nemenphia had before had returned.]]

[size14[#006400[Merienda “We’ll be in touch. Please alert one of the officers if you recall anything about the incident”.]]

[size14[Merienda Nemenphia turned her back to him and left the jail cell. Once she was out of sight she turned to Mr. Pleasant and sighed.]]

 [size14[#006400[Merienda “Looks like we didn’t get everything we needed so you may need to go ‘old school’ after all”.]]]


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