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Special Event: Arial's One Year!

By ArialWasTaken

Replies: 24 / 203 days ago

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Along with the reappearance of Arial, many of his characters have somehow appeared in the same place, ranging from a simple vampire high-school girl to a tea-sharing chimera to a literal dragon that's big enough that most regular people would be sent running.
Strangely enough, a few of them and other characters from other users are slowly going missing as well. It is up to everyone else to find who is up to this, and recover the lost.
“Lucia. In case you couldn’t tell, I’m an overlord, although I supposed that doesn’t mean much to the living. Point is, I’m one of the rulers, in a matter of speaking, of the underworld, to put it simply. And, as I can see from your calmness, you know more then the rest of them combined. This thing couldn’t kill an imp”. She sipped her tea again.
Lucia / Sklee / 187d ago
“STOP FIGHTING! THAT WILL GET US NOWHERE!” Ramza would have yelled. He was starting to get tired of all the fighting.
Ramza / Catlover33 / 189d ago
"My name is.. Octavian, yours?" he said calmly, as if there wasn't a ball of ice right in front of him that could freeze and kill him at any given moment.

"See, common goals. Common Goals!" Erin repeated, trying to make the mood somewhat cheery.

The argument had devolved into a fight at this point.
Octavian / ArialWasTaken / 189d ago
She accepted the tea. “Nice to find someone with taste. I mean, frankly, the others are just......... annoying. Honestly. Why would you seek out someone missing without knowing what took them, although I’m one to talk. Or at least, I would be. So, what’s your name”? (To Octavian, just in case I wasn’t clear)
Lucia / Sklee / 190d ago
Ace had started clinging onto Ramza. He was being really clingy for some reason and had a look of loneliness in his eyes. He didn’t move all that much anymore.
Ace / Catlover33 / 192d ago
Erin sighed. "The point stands, there's people from everyone else going missing, and we have to find them."

Octavian also offered the new 'person' tea as well, while Zix and Miles started arguing again.
ArialWasTaken / 193d ago
She cocked her head, before making the icy ball somewhat larger. “A god? Or an overlord? I mean, anyone with teleportation magic could easily kidnap anything. Most are just smart or strong enough to not. So what then”?
Lucia / Sklee / 194d ago
“Could it be possible that we’re dealing with a god? That’s the only thing that I can think of that would be powerful enough to cause a lot of people and a dragon to just suddenly disappear. But, another question then comes to mind. What god would kidnap people and dragons.” Marth said softly.
"What he said," he replied, getting away from them, "People are going missing and we don't know why. Well, people and a literal dragon." Erin sighed, dusting himself off while looking for any scuff marks on his jacket.

"We never discussed anything about a dragon, where did [i that] come from?!" another person from the group chimed in.
Erin / ArialWasTaken / 195d ago
“Well, a lot of our friends did go missing. I don’t know what caused it but it isn’t good.” Ramza said.
Ramza / Catlover33 / 195d ago
She smiled. “Well, that depends. What are you here to do. Where I come from, you can’t just trust people. People aren’t trustable. Period”.
Lucia / Sklee / 195d ago
He looked even more surprised, trying his best to keep his jacket on. "Just what do you intend to do with that?" he asked them before anything else.

Zixien and Octavian on the other hand, simply waved at the new person.
Erin / ArialWasTaken / 195d ago
The humanoid took a bit, but she spoke again. My name is Lucia. At least, up here it is. I’m looking for my........ friend. Although I’d hardly call her that”. As she was speaking, her second pair of hands moved forwards, and created a small glowing ball of ice.
Lucia / Sklee / 195d ago
“I fear that this isn’t normal. It’s odd for a large amount of people to go missing at once. It’s as if we have some sort of mass kidnapping on our hands.” Marth said softly. He seemed to be deep in thought however he was also troubled by something.
Erin jumped back in surprise at the new person in the place scrambling to gather himself as he took a look back at the others. "Who the heck are you?" he immediately asked, holding his chest like he almost had a heart attack.
Erin / ArialWasTaken / 196d ago