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.The Isle.

By TasteMyRainbow

Replies: 39 / 37 days ago

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Adrenaline was pumping through his body at a rapid pace. The entire scene before him was straight out of a videogame. He couldn’t feel where he was bitten, only knew from the tear in his sweater. This had to be a dream, [i of course] he would wake up at any minute. Denis thought that it was the only possible and logical cause for suddenly being attacked by rabies infested hounds. He watched Maisie as she was fumbling for the first aid products. At least she was moving, because he felt he couldn’t. Denis leaned back on the door, panting heavily as he tried to calm his heart from dropping straight out of his chest. They weren’t even safe on the plane anymore. They weren’t safe anywhere if this was just a taste of what was in store for then he was probably not going to make it.

Denis reluctantly moved to sit next to Maisie, drawing up his sleeve for her. The first aid kit was rather pathetic, containing only the essential bandages. In the event of an actual plane crash the contents would be rendered completely useless and he wondered why the crew even bothered to pack such a measly supply. Though at this point they were on their second night and none of the questions had been answered. Instead, a thousand more were spawning out of control. He bit his lip causing it to turn white as the pain hit him. He wanted to pull his arm back and smack her with it, but the fear of disease was present. [#ff3399 “Alright, alright! Just wrap it up! Fucking sadist.”]

Denis let Maisie finish and then pulled back down his tattered sleeve. The initial sting had worn off and he focused his attention onto Maisie. He took out a little cloth and dabbed some water on it from the jug next to them and began wiping off the blood so he could see the initial bite. He had never been a fan of animals and seeing the deep flesh wound on her arm only justified his dislike. Quickly he repeated the process Maisie had done and tied the bandage, sealing out the contaminants. [#ff3399 “I don’t suppose you have a plan, do you? While you’re over there feeling sorry for yourself.”]

The hounds barked loudly and scratched at the planes outer metal walls viciously. He wished they were back in the cave. It seemed that whatever decision they made was [i wrong.] When they sought shelter, they were met with more rain. When they tried to get to get to a more open spot, wild hounds smelt them out for dinner. [#ff3399 “I haven’t heard a plane…a search party…nothing…Maisie what is this shit?” ]
Maisie managed to get her arm free as Denis kicked the dog and it backed off. She stared at her arm and then looked to Denis who was valiantly battling to keep the door closed but these hounds were huge, monstrous in size and relentless. A fire extinguisher? She figured there had to be, she held her injured arm close to her body and moved to the kitchen area, sure enough there was a bright red fire extinguisher, propped up on the wall and she figured if they could get the door closed then maybe they could figure this out. Maisie was struggling with one arm, trying to unpin the latch and she grit her teeth.
[+blue "Denis, don't breathe in."] She said as she tried to aim the nozzle to the gap. She let rip and the foam and blasting air hit on of the hounds directly in the face.

Maisie moved forwards and when the cannister was spent, she threw it out and helped to wrench the door shut, locking it over. She was unsure of how to go about making it any more secure but she figured the hounds couldn't open doors. She stumbled back, breathing heavily. Her top was shredded and covered in blood and she didn't want to look at what was going on underneath. She looked out one of the windows, the hounds circling below, snarling and slavering, a couple of their noses caked in her and Denis' blood. First aid kit... They needed to find a first-aid kit.
[+blue "We have to- I think..."] She was in shock, as she got up numbly. This wasn't happening, this wasn't happening, this wasn't happening...

There was a first-aid kit, although it was hardly anything fancy but it had bandages and disinfectant in it and Maisie eyed her arm. It didn't hurt but she supposed that was down to adrenaline right then.
[+blue "Let me see, I'll do you, then you can do me."] Maisie whispered quietly. Her fingers were all working, so she hadn't broken anything. It was all muscular and flesh damage. Maisie found a shoddy towel from a suitcase and set it down to try and protect the surface from becoming slick with blood as she gestured awkwardly for Denis to sit.

She was pale, confused looking and completely dumbstruck. Those weren't regular dogs, she had thought they were search dogs sent to find them. Now her arm was in tatters and riddled with puncture holes. She mumbled something inaudible and soaked a cloth in some disinfectant.
[+blue "I'm sorry."] She said to Denis as she placed the soaked cloth over his injury, it was bound to sting like all Hell too but it needed cleaned.
Maisie 'Mazelle' / Resident Fey / Nullification / 4d ago
Denis mocked her as he grabbed two more apples from the fridge. He wasn’t at all concerned about rationing food because his stomach was literally dying. His anxiety was easing because they were back in a safe territory and away from the weather conditions. He felt that he could finally let his guard down, even if the cameras were watching. Denis made his way back down the aisle and to the little bed Maisie had set up. He plopped down, making himself comfortable and stretched out his arms on the makeshift arrangement. [#ff00ff “Anything is better than that floor…My back will ache for weeks. I’m way too young for this shit.” ]

The feeling of not being on his feet was wondrous. He was afraid to change his socks because of the sores that he was bound to be littered in. Now that his stomach was no longer distracting him, the aches in his feet were more apparent. Denis crossed his arms behind his head making a pillow and closed his eyes, relaxing. He wasn’t sure if he would sleep since a little day light was still available, and rescue could be within an hour’s reach now that they were in the open. If he had to spend another night on the island he would, it just wasn’t ideal to him.

He heard his name being called in excitement followed by panic. Denis rolled over hearing barking and howling and took in the sight with widened eyes. He was by Maisie’s side in seconds, trying to free her arm. He could see the blood spewing out of his teeth as the hound shredded her arm like minced meat. Denis began to turn pale at the sight and kicked the dog on the nose hard breaking the grip it had. The hound let out a yelp and backed down momentarily.

Denis was not a big guy by any means. He stood at a height of 74 inches with just enough muscle tone to land a modeling contract. It wasn’t nearly enough strength needed to fight off a pack of wild mutts. [#ff00ff “What the fuck! I thought you said they were guard dogs! These are fucking Satan’s blood hounds.”] Denis tried not to panic but it was evident in his voice that the realization of their situation was getting worse. First, they dealt with flooding and heavy rains and now psychopathic hounds. He held the door with all his might, gritting his teeth in pain as one of the hounds’ teeth grazed his arm, ripping a nicely sized hole in his designer sweater. They had to come up with a plan quick or they would be eaten alive for dinner.
“Maisie! I got have the door for a minute. Grab something and hit them! Anything! Is there a fire extinguisher on board?”] Denis started yelling, his hands going numb from the excess strain. [#ff00ff
“Hurry…I’m fucking going to slip.”]
Maisie happened to glance over as Denis was stripping, ready with a sharp retort but it died on her lips as she averted her gaze almost immediately. She cleared her throat and went rummaging for socks, finding a pair as she stuffed her feet into the socks. She left the boots for now, she sank into a chair and looked through her things. She hadn't exactly packed for this sort of thing and she looked to Denis, narrowing her eyes slightly. What if the cameras were rolling still? She eyed her makeup bag, some lipstick couldn't hurt... maybe some concealer. She knew Denis was going to jab at her regardless and she found her brush and pulled her hair back into a ponytail, using a wipe to clean her face and give herself as much as a freshen up as she could. They would need to wash soon no doubt, in case they weren't getting off here anytime soon.
Maisie slicked on a little makeup, enough to look better than some bedraggled mess and as a matter of fact, she did have a toothbrush, finding some water and brushing her teeth before rinsing and spitting the water outside as she opened the door and eyed the jungle. The skies were clear, at least for now and she sank down on the awkward step in the doorway of the jet. They ought to try and secure this place, make it water tight in case another storm came and she glanced over her shoulder to see Denis with an apple. Food sounded good. She got to her feet and for a split second she thought she heard a howl. She paused and waited but heard nothing further. Maisie watched Debis, for a moment she actually watched him. Not his Instagram or his social media, him. He was a regular guy, perhaps a little spoiled but he wasn't terrible. He was in danger just the same as her, they were both clueless as to how to go on.

[+blue "We ought to try to ration it. Eat the fruit and stuff first because it'll spoil."] She mumbled, God she wanted to sleep. She figured they ought to make it comfortable. She smoothed her clothes down and looked to the sets of chairs. They reclined and she pushed them down, rummaging around and finding some crummy airline blankets. It would do for now, they couldn't be picky. She folded away the tables and made up the makeshift bed. No pillows, none that would be bed worthy but it was better than a cave floor.

[+blue "You should sleep. I'm going to organise the water and stuff."] She explained quietly to him as she started tk go through the bottle water. The kitchen area had some different drinks, sodas and wines and some bottles water. She stowed it altogether and then eyed the food. It wouldn't last long. Her head shot up at rhe sound of barking and she thought she was going mad. Dogs? Search dogs!
[+blue "Denis! They brought search dogs!"] She beamed to him, he was right and she pushed the door open, only to be greeted by a pack of slavering dogs with glowing eyes and definitely not search dogs. One lunged and Maisie managed to grab the door and start to pull it shut but another but down on her arm and she shrieked blue murder.
[+blue "Help! Denis, we need to close the door."] Her hands hung tightly to the door and the dogs massive head lodged as Maisie tried to shake the mutt off.
Maisie 'Mazelle' / Resident Fey / Nullification / 4d ago
“You ever charge for those dances? I’m sure people pay exceptionally well for exotic positions.”] Denis laughed, drowning out the sound of his angry stomach. [#ff00ff
“I like to surf, go out on the yacht, sometimes even mingle at a high-end club. It all depends on how I’m feeling really.”] His life was almost [i too] privileged. From the moment he was born he was fed from a silver spoon and treated as royalty. He would never have to work a single day in his life if he didn’t want to. But he did want to; he wanted to be an actor. Denis wanted to make his own fortune and outshine the family who made it all possible.

Denis heard his stomach again and felt it twist inside of his body. It was aching for something, anything. He had never even missed a meal, much less an entire twenty-four hours’ worth of food. Luckily, they found the plane just in time. He quickly followed behind Maisie and climbed on board leaving the cabin door open behind him. He eyed his designer luggage and ran towards it, overwhelmed with joy. Denis had no other thought than to rip his clothes off and put something suitable on, so he did. He stripped naked without a care for anyone else and sighed contently as he felt the fresh linens drape his body. He decided on a light blue sweater and a pair of dark slacks.

“Not a bad idea, dragon. I can smell your breath from here. You packed a toothbrush, right?”] He brought his sweater up over his nose to add to the dramatic effect. [#ff00ff
“We can do whatever you want as long as it involves not leaving this plane. I don’t know what kind of cursed island were on, but this is the only place with a door that locks.”] Denis gave her a thumbs up and made his way down the aisle to the curtain where the little kitchen was located. He peered open the fridge and pulled out an apple, already drooling. With just one single bite he wanted to marry the delicious fruit. It was the best thing he had ever tasted, and he quickly gobbled the entire thing down.

[center …]

[center [pic https://i.postimg.cc/C1MjQQYG/Hellhound.jpg]]

The old man took a bite out of his submarine sandwich, juices seeping down his fingers and onto the wrapping. He was watching the two players with money in his eyes. His idea was genius, and it was executing better than he could have imagined. His phone buzzed beside him, and a message appeared reading, [#336600
‘They voted for Wild Hounds, boss.’]

Wanting to give the viewers what they wanted, he leaned forward and pushed a red button to the left followed by a green button to the right. The hounds were out and they smelt blood.
Maisie listened to Denis with a half a thought, sighing out at his comment about the look and she shook her head. She was so sure this was the way they came. Yesterday had been disorienting though, she wasn't sure where exactly they needed to go.
[+blue "Interesting?"] Well, that was a trap because Denis didn't find her interesting and she eyed the footpath. This was the right way, she was sure of it. She tried to think of something, anything that might make her seem interesting to Denis that he wouldn't sneer at and mock.

[+blue "I used to be a gymnastics champion."] She murmured, [+blue "Gymnastics and dance."] She commented as they walked and she figured he would have some snide remark ready to make her feel awful about that too, or some way to douse cold water on all her achievements and she eyed him suspiciously. She wondered if he had any interesting traits. She knew why he was famous, he was drop dead gorgeous and had the attitude most girls loved, but surely he must have a hobby?
[+blue "What about you? Besides chasing your career, have you got hobbies or anything?"] She asked and trudged on. With any luck, he'd be distracted and quit with the shitty remarks. Somehow, Maisie doubted it.

Denis was not a man you let your guard down around, she realised. He was no different than a shark, the faintest sniff of blood in the water and he would set upon you and tear you apart over your weakness. Maisie wondered why, likely he had some sort insecurities, just like everyone else. Maisie was running out if energy when they finally broached the edge of the jungle and saw.... the plane? It looked fine, just completely deserted and she wondered if the pilot was still around. She crept forwards, she couldn't fly a plane and she climbed inside, it was empty. Their luggage was there though, along with some random luggage bags and she sighed out. This was weird but at least they had the plane, it was better protection than anything else, it was comfortable for the most part too. Maisie eyed her luggage case and threw it open, she needed out of the dress and into something actually movable. She grabbed ahold of some tracksuit pants and a vest, gesturing for Denis to turn around as she slipped off the dress and quickly pulled on the clothes. She slung the dress carelessly to the side.
[+blue "We could make this a base, if anyone comes looking for us then the first thing they'll do is check the plane and its well sheltered and there's places to sleep."] Maisie muttered.

[center[pic https://i.pinimg.com/originals/ab/4d/21/ab4d214e4535a2f705b9788d6585a344.gif]]

[b "Well there you have it ladies and gentleman, last night we asked you to vote for what happens to our two wonderful survivors. We are live wjth the results now."] A bubbly woman appeared in a small pop up box, holding a card and looking excited.
[b "The worldwide public has voted for...."] She smiled and held the moment for dramatic effect.

[b "The Public has voted for the release of Wild dogs onto the Isle! Thank you so much for watching, for all of our live coverage please go online, so you don't miss a moment. And remember, for a small fee you can send our two survivors something anonymously to make them comfortable or uncomfortable."] The woman laughed before music rose and she faded out.
Maisie 'Mazelle' / Resident Fey / Nullification / 6d ago
Denis followed behind closely trying to take in his new surroundings. The first time he had walked the path he didn’t care about anything except relaxation, this time, however, anything and everything was important. He was on high alert, trying to remember even the slightest clue to help them if they needed to get back. As he walked on, he noticed that the dirt wasn’t muddy in the least. His shoes were even clean for the most part. The situation puzzled him and made him wish that he paid more attention in his ‘earth science’ class.

His attention turned to the backside of Maisie, watching her walk-in boots was comical. Perhaps she would give up heels after the ordeal. [#ff00ff
“I think the look rather suits you. It helps you fit in more with your economical class.”] Denis snickered, somehow finding humor in their grim situation. [#ff00ff
“Now you just need a gun and a wife-beater.”] He caught up to her and began walking at her pace, needing an immediate distraction. He was concluding that every rock looked the same and trying to track it was an impossible task. He wasn’t even sure if they were going in the right direction.

“I really could care less about your life, but why don’t you tell me something interesting so I can pretend I’m not walking into the unknown.”] Part of his sentence was a lie; he was a little interested. He was alone with a stranger and was forced to put blind trust into her. He needed to know if she was the child of a serial killer or had previous criminal history. For all he knew she could have murdered her parents with an ice pick before the arrival. Denis tried to shrug off the paranoia, blaming it partly on his lack of edible food. The disgusting airline food he had previously scoffed at was beginning to sound like caviar, causing his mouth to salivate.

The soles of his feet began to ache as he waited in silence for Maisie to snap out of her funk. He liked her more when she was talking his head off.
Maisie watched Denis and honestly she wanted to be delirious because of lack of sleep. She swallowed a little and watched as he realised she wasn't insane. She shook her head slightly, it wasn't right. Water didn't just vanish like that overnight. Even in deserts it hung around for a few days and it was like nothing had ever happened. She stared at Denis and just nodded. They should get back to the drop off point and then everything would be fine, right? Everything would work out just great if they could get back there and they'd be back in a hotel room, just like Denis said. Maisie watched him and started packing things into the bag, hauling one over her shoulder. The water and everything weighed her down but she would manage the trek back up the hill to the plane.

[+blue "Thanks for last night, and I promise you, you don't have to look after me alright? I'll be fine I just- I got a fright."] She mumbled to him, begrudgingly. She doubted the cameras were rolling, she doubted that they even cared at this pointed. She fixed the hiking shoes and figured they'd be uncomfortable for a while at least, until they broke in properly. It was better than the flimsy heels and she couldn't shake the feeling that something had planted them there. It seemed too good for coincidence. She glanced to Denis again, he seemed quieter and less spiteful but she knew that wouldn't last long.

Maisie trudged up the hill quietly, even the soil seemed dry and she eyed the area. It would have been beautiful in any other situation, her eyes shifting as colourful birds moved and insects crawled and little creatures skittered around. Coconuts... she had read somewhere that coconuts were great for water in emergencies thanks to the milk inside. She wasn't sure if it was true or not. She kept walking, legs aching and muscles screaming for rest. She looked a damn mess and she wanted so badly to find makeup but instead she left her hair down to try and cover as much as she could. She felt one dge without lashes or contour or concealer.
Maisie 'Mazelle' / Resident Fey / Nullification / 7d ago
[i “And the academy award for best male lead goes to…Denis Ivan!” The crowd roared in excitement as the announcer read aloud his name. He could see the maniacal fans pressed up against the bars just trying to touch him as he walked through to collect. Denis smiled brightly for the cameras and fixed his tie as he posed for a picture. The audience looked like a million lights to him and all he could see was his name flashing as he was getting the recognition for the star he was born to be.]

“What!? Where? Who?”] He jolted from his slumber, caught completely off guard. He rolled over as if he was about to climb down from his bed but instead was met with a cold rocky ground. Cursing through his teeth, he brought himself to a sitting position and began to fix his mangled hair, brushing it down with his hands. He couldn’t believe people did this [i sleeping outside thing] for fun. The reality of their situation started to come back to him as the effects of sleeping began to wear off. Denis reached around for one of the jugs of water and took a few sips to clear his dry throat. He would have preferred to stay in the confines of his dreamworld.

“The water is gone? Maisie…are you delirious because you didn’t sleep?”] Denis almost wanted to laugh but pulled himself up to his feet instead and stretched out. His clothing had dried overnight, and his jeans felt like starch. He peered over the ledge and to his surprise the water was completely gone. The path that they had been on just the day before was clear, but he didn’t understand how it dried up so fast without the sun to help. Denis felt excited that they could leave the confinement of the cave but he hadn’t heard or seen any sign of a plane looking for them and it made his stomach sink to the floor on the downside.

“At least we won’t have to worry about you drowning today, right?”] He didn’t turn around to look at her but instead kept his focus on the ground below. [#ff00ff
“I’m ready when you are. The faster we can get back to the base camp, the faster I can get a shower and some clean clothes.”] They both were a mess.
Maisie watched Debis try to get comfortable. She wanted to protest him and bite back, make some sort of sassy remark to try and keep her pride intact but Denis was asleep before she could, some of his weight on her shoulder and Maisie raised an eyebrow. He was actually tolerable when he was asleep and she fidgeted ever so slightly, figuring it was best not to wake him up if she could help it. She figured he was probably not a morning person and Maisie finally seemed to get all the thorns plucked out of her hand and she eased back, careful not to disturb Denis but she had to admit the fire was warm right then and despite nothing being comfortable about the cave, she did manage to drop off to sleep. Thankfully it didn't rain any further and when Maisie opened her eyes, it was glorious sunshine.

She sleepily untangled herself and fed the now dying embers of the fire with what little she could find. It was enough to get the flames kindling again, locking at the dry wood and leaves. She grumbled a little as she flexed her fingers, at least it wasn't agony to work with and she stepped outside, basking in the sunlight and then she realised something.

Not a drop of water was on the ground, as though someone had pulled up a plug from a tub. Maisie squinted, were they going mad? She eyed her clothes, they were still damp but she didn't feel the chill with the sun blaring down on her. She sat down, glancing over her shoulder suspiciously but after a moment, she just sat on the rock which was warm beneath her. She looked at rhe skies, clear and blue. It as hot, too hot almost and she let herself dry out like that, her body needing the heat after the uncomfortable night. Hopefully, Denis was right and the plane would still be there, or maybe more supplies, anything. They needed to eat and drink, she knew that much. She got to her feet and headed back in.

Where had the water gone? It had been like a raging lake just last night, with shark infested waters. She had almost drowned! Water didn't dry up that quickly? She eyed the ration packs and sighed out, trying to figure out what was in them as she found some water and took a drink from one of the bottles. She ought to wake Denis and she hesitantly reached over, prodding him.
[+blue "Denis, get up...You're not going to believe this."] She whispered quietly. Maybe she was just going insane.

[+blue "The water is gone."] She muttered to him. Hopefully he called her crazy, dragged her out there and the water was still there and she had just been wishful thinking or dreaming. She wasn't quite sure. They really should head to the clearing the jet had landed in, it would be easier while it was dry at least. Maybe they would find their own luggage there too, she wasn't going to be much use in this flimsy summer dress and heels she sported. They had hiking boots, she remembered. The luggage bags from the beach and she rummaged around, finding the small pair and putting them on. She laced them up, they would ache without socks but the heels would snap her ankles with a stumble.
Maisie 'Mazelle' / Resident Fey / Nullification / 7d ago
Without a doubt, he was thankful for the heat emanating from the fire. A little bit of control had been gifted to them, but he had a sinking feeling that it wouldn’t last. Just like the fire before, he knew this one would lose its light too, but at least it was something. Denis outstretched his arms over the fire and spread his skinny fingers out, taking full advantage of the time he did have. He eyes began to droop and he gave out a loud yawn not bothering to cover his mouth. It was only Maisie, no one important around to judge him.

Denis took a seat back on the ground and brushed up against Maisie’s arm as he leaned back on the side of the cave wall. He preferred a two-thousand thread count sheet and Egyptian cotton pillows, but this would have to do for the night. The idea of sleeping frightened him because of the unknown danger lurking nearby. The storms were bad enough, but he felt he would have a better chance being swept away in the water than being face to face with a hungry animal. Denis shook his head and tried to focus on at least getting an hour of sleep in. Energy was the most important thing in his chances of survival, and he needed to build up whatever he could. He also needed to remember to force himself to eat the wretched food in the morning, or he would have to listen to his groaning stomach on top of everything else.

“I don’t really think you will do any good keeping guard, so you might as well try and get some rest. At this point…I can’t even imagine what tomorrow will be like. Though if you’re sleepwalking, what use are you?”] Without the energy to smile, he wiggled his body into the most comfortable position possible and tilted his head back, hoping she would take his advice. If she was tired, she would only slow them down more, so it was the logical thing to do. With the inability to process another thought, Denis was out cold. His body slumped over with some of his weight distributing onto Maisie’s shoulder. Hopefully she wouldn’t mind his drooling habits.
At least Denis didn't let her go until the danger had passed, although for how long that would last was anyone's guess. She didn't seem to react to his yelling or his cursing of her, she just stared at him. She wasn't stupid, she knew very well she could have died. All his shouting didn't change anything and she had managed to right herself, she was still here, unfortunately. It was better than a watery death though, better than being a drowned victim or being eaten by one of those sharks.
[+blue "Sorry."] She managed, her voice hoarse and cracked. She didn't know what else to say, she hadn't exactly planned on dying either.

She nodded to him, he was right but she couldn't quite bring herself to say it out loud. It was the only option they had. They needed to get dry first and foremost, try and warm up as best she could. It was hopeless though. She eyed her palms and the thorns stuck in them, managing to slide down to sit with her back propped up against the stone. Night was starting to set in and she was exhausted, her muscles just wanted to sleep and all she wanted to do was curl up. She knew they shouldn't, they risked hypothermia that way, she had seen it on some weird TV show.
[+blue "Thanks, for... Not letting go."] She murmured quietly to him, awkward given his anger towards her but she supposed it was adrenaline and the ferocity of the moment. She shivered slightly and eyed around the cave. They had to warm up, they needed to get dry.

[+blue "We should start another fire, I'll go..."] She mumbled softly with a wave of her hand as she started hobbling around to try and pick up foliage and twigs around her, thankfully the shelter had kept them dry and she lumped them into a heap in the middle of the cave. Maisie sat when the light kicked in from the fire and started to pull the thorns from her afflicted hand, glancing to Denis. He should sleep, he needed energy for whatever petty dramatics he was going to start tomorrow and someone likely had to keep watch for the next few hours. Her heart was still racing and it seemed her fear manifested itself in the frightened rabbit way, quiet and twitchy, unsettled.
Maisie 'Mazelle' / Resident Fey / Nullification / 8d ago
Denis held onto her arm in a panic barely able to see his surroundings. The entire scene was chaos, something out of an apocalyptic video game. He didn’t know what had happened but by the way she had come stumbling in, he knew it wasn’t [i good]. When he felt her touch disappear, he sunk to his knees, trying to calm the impending storm that was brewing inside of him. [#ff00ff
“Fuck, I thought you were dead.”] He cursed under his breath, gritting his teeth in frustration. [#ff00ff
“Maisie, What the fuck!”]

He didn’t know what else to say, what else to think. The storm was gone just as fast as it had come. His brain was fried, he was exhausted, cold, and hungry. Denis pulled his hands over his head and rubbed on the back of his neck trying to stimulate some sort of heat. He had no idea what time It was but hoped the sun would reveal itself soon or he would have to worry about becoming hypothermic on top of everything else. The thought of sleeping in this bipolar climate was also unimaginable for him. [#ff00ff
“I don’t give a shit if you can’t swim. Hold on to a damn log. How else do you imagine we get off this fucking island? Don’t be one of those stereotypical dim-witted women and assume I’m going to take care of you and figure everything out.” ]

Denis felt his blood begin to boil as he grew more frustrated by the second. He didn’t mean to yell but it vomited out on her. They had to do something; he just didn’t know what. For the first time in his entire life, he hadn’t a clue what to do. He knew she couldn’t swim but they had to get back to where they were dropped off if they wanted to survive. He also knew he couldn’t leave her because if he was alone his chances of survival would cut dramatically.

Feeling defeated stood back up and looked over towards where he thought Maisie was. He could barely make out her silhouette in the darkness as he narrowed in on her. [#ff00ff
“Well figure it out, no other option, right?”] Part of him felt like he should apologize for his cold actions but he quickly shrugged off the strange thought.
Maisie figured Denis would answer something along those lines and she sighed out. Well, maybe he would be right and they would be safe come tomorrow. She managed managed give a single nod when Denis mentioned moving everything inside and then the force of water hit her like a truck. This was unreal, she had never had rain that hard ever in her life and she gave a sharp inhale of breath. This was unbelievable! She felt the force of the water take her breath away and she stumbled backwards, managing to snag a bush, ignoring the thorns that dug into her hand, causing blood.

Her eyes shifted to Denis, feeling her waist submerged in water. She could barely hear him over the storm and she couldn't believe how quickly the rain had come on and how hard. She pulled herself up stifling a cry of pain, grappling onto the slippery, rocky surface. She managed to haul herself up, her heart hammering in her chest and shebwas drenched. She moved from the edge and caught Denis' arm, not really caring who he was or what sort of attitude he sported but there was a look of terror on her face that showed she had been utterly mortified. She looked at the depths and a shark fin cut straight through the water.
[+blue "What the fuck?"] She whispered quietly, barely audible but she knew they couldn't stay in the torrential rain as she moved into the cave for some sort of shelter. The rain stopped immediately again and Maisie was breathing hard, she finally let go of Denis.

[+blue "Somethings not right, Denis I can't go out there, I cant- Well, I can't swim in that! I'll drown, we're stuck!"] She had dragged the rucksack in at least and she was panicking, stumbling over her words and pressed as far back from the water as she could be without leaving Denis' sight. It was starkly obvious then that it was better to be stuck with him for company than to be entirely alone. She eyed her hand, bramble thorns caught in her palm and she let out a shaky breath. It would heal fine and she would have to pick out the thorns.
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