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.The Isle of Hentai. [Completed]

By TasteMyRainbow

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This was the opportunity of a lifetime, a signed contract and a win at an 'Influencers' competition. Nothing could beat this! She was finally going to make it and be one of those big names, the ones all the kids knew about! A private jet, no customs or check-in, it was Hollywood lifestyle and Maisie couldn't be more excited. She had a couple of small brand deals, her Instagram and Youtube had been blowing up lately since everyone found out about her contest win. Two weeks, on a sunny Caribbean beach with a couple other Influencers and everything was paid for. All she had to do was make a video out there, like a vlog expressing how wonderful it was and drop a few brand names. It wasn't difficult.

Maisie or Mazelle as she was known on all her platforms, was a beauty blogger. She knew the hottest tips and tricks and she had made a decent enough lifestyle out of it, but just like every other popular Influencer, she always wanted more. She was relatively small in comparison to most Influencers, although she was only a few thousand followers off of a million on Instagram. It was exciting, this whole trip was going to get to that one million mark and then she would really be kicking some ass.

Maisie boarded the private jet, her hair in neat curls and her make-up completely impeccable. Everywhere she went, it was glamour. She was dressed nice and she eyed the plane. She was the first one then. She sank into a seat and a man in a suit offered her champagne which she gladly accepted as she pulled out her phone, angling the camera expertly to get a selfie. She pulled up Instagram, tweaked the photo a little and tapped out a quick caption before uploading it. She smiled to herself as set her phone aside and reclined in the chair. This was going to be great, a few weeks off of rest and relaxation. She already knew that fresh Caribbean air on a beach was going to be great for her skin, maybe she could do her vlog about that.

[+blue[Playfair+Display "How many others are coming?"]] Maisie asked one of the men who was waiting by the door and he just smiled at her. Weird, she figured this was a small plane, right? Maybe there was only a couple more to come. Of course, she knew a little about other Influencers, she'd met a few at social events but she hadn't really seen any other posts or updates from any of the girls she latched onto about them coming. Maisie figured it didn't matter, the less people the more time she had for herself and she sighed out as she closed her eyes.
TasteMyRainbowDenis Ivan   1y ago
Master of the Rainbow

“So, who is going to take my shit?”
Denis arched a brow at the petite lady in front of him. He was going on the vacation of a lifetime but couldn’t really be bothered. He thought it would be more of a nuisance than anything because he wouldn’t have access to his luxury cars and endless cash flow.

“You may drop them here Sir.” The petite lady raised her arm and pointed to the right where a small private jet was waiting on the terminal. “Please know that everything will be taken care of for you. Congratulations, your adventure awaits Mr. Denis.”

He let out a deep breath and stood there a moment. The only reason he was going on this trip was because he wanted to make it in Hollywood. He had already achieved influencer status by being born wealthy, so winning the opportunity was quite easy. His parents were both very successful investment bankers, and his follower count grew just by posting about his daily life. Every day he woke up to thousands and thousands of comments and messages from strangers all over the world who enjoyed his content. The only thing he didn’t have was a place in Hollywood. This was it. This was his big break. The reality show would be broadcasted to the entire world, and he would be seen by billions on the television.

Fighting the urge to turn around he forced his legs to move and began to walk over to the tiny jet. A set of stairs had been laid out and a nicely dressed man carrying a plate with champagne was waiting by the entrance. He gave him a nod as he approached, and he stepped to the side to let him through. Nothing was particularly amazing to him. He had access to his own private jet and did not have to share it with other strangers. The nicely dressed man tried to offer him some champagne and he quickly brushed it off.

His attention turned to the only other person in a seat. Her eyes were closed so he took that as ample opportunity to get a good look at her without being creepy. If he knew her name, he would stalk her online but unfortunately that information was not accessible to him quite yet. After giving her a good look over and deciding she was nothing extraordinary, he took a seat behind her and turned his attention to his iPhone so he could put in one last status to his fans before departure. He had a feeling that he would have his phone taken away for the duration of the vacation. He knew he would have to have it to post in the forums and take pictures for the various brand deals, but he knew there had to be a catch.

Sighing to himself he adjusted his body and leaned back in his seat trying to get comfortable. The flight would be long and he was anxious to see who else would be boarding.


Maisie opened qn eye when she heard someone coming aboard and she glanced over to the male, smirking slightly. Eh, he wasn't bad looking but she did recognise him. He was worrh a lot of money and she had to wonder why he was even bothering with a free trip. Then again, it wasn't uncommon for big families to go bust. She lazed back and took a drink of the champagne, eyeing the strawberry floating it in it. Fancy. She looked to Denis and and towards the door. They were starting to close and she cooked her head.

[+blue[Playfair+Display "Is it just us?"]] She asked and stared at the single attendant who only smiled.
[+green "More will will be there when you arrive. For now, have a pleasant journey."] And then he disappeared in the cockpit and Maisie raised an eyebrow. She looked to Denis and then towards the cockpit. Only the two of them? Weird. Still, maybe they were just making sure nothing was too cramped and she figured having ten influencers on a jet plane might end up messy. The amount of drunken foolery from free champagne or the egos that would flare up. Or both.

[+blue[Playfair+Display "You're Denis Ivan right?"]] She said, a little starstruck to be honest but she played it cool and calm. Maisie wasn't about to fangirl over some guy. Besides, they were both Influencers and about to go on television and be filmed in whatever this was. It would be completely fine right? Maisie noticed he hadn't taken the complimentary champagne, another small surprise but she didn't chase that one up. Wasn't her place after all and if she knew one thing about these people, it was never really ask questions. She set her phone down and relaxed, watching the man with interest. At least this place was comfortable  and she stretched out.

She qas dressed for the Caribbean. A cute summer sundress, of course she would freshen up when she got there and her suitcase had enough clothes to last her for two months despite only going away for a few weeks. A lady should always wear something new each day when in company and she smirked to herself.
[+blue[Playfair+Display "Think we'll get food?"]] Evidently she was a chatter box, she liked to talk and fill up the quiet around her in case it got awkward and weird.
TasteMyRainbowDenis Ivan   1y ago
Master of the Rainbow

Denis looked up when he heard a voice and smirked when he heard it would only be the two of them on the flight. That was wondrous news for him. Now he could relax without the added fear of being swooned over by people with less money and influence. As the thought left his head the girl in front of him turned towards him. He was a lot closer to her now and could see the intricate art on her face. He came to the deduction that she was a beauty blogger, and he did not have much interest in the matter though he respected the trade, nonetheless. He had encountered a few of them who dominated the industry for previous work.

He couldn’t help but smile when she recognized him because he knew it was inevitable. He was everywhere- practically a household name. Women usually threw themselves at him just for a selfie so they could try and achieve a fraction of the fame that he had. He extended his perfectly manicured hand and leaned up a little.

“Yes, I am, and you are?”

He could sense the attendant watching them and it made him feel a little awkward. The whole thing was a bit weird because they did not know anything besides the fact that they were going to an island. He thought that after he won the contest the details would be shared but that was not the case unfortunately. Maybe she had some details that he didn’t. It was the perfect opportunity to engage in conversation and form an ally.

He continued to smile at her and let out a little chuckle. “Of course, we will get food. You think they’re going to starve us?” Denis was expecting to get the most amazing four course meals for the next few weeks. A private chef, personal staff, cleaning staff, and- personal drivers. This was the least they could do for people of their status.

Denis looked up as he heard the plane start to cruise down the runway. He made a split decision to get up and move to the seat directly across from the girl so they could have a more private conversation. He hoped that he would not make her feel uncomfortable by doing this although most girls would give up a leg for the attention, so he ignored the thought. The attendant fled behind the curtain, and he could feel the plane pick up speed. The process was like walking to him.

[center Blast off.]

As they started to make their initial climb, he turned his attention back to the girl across from him. “By the way, do you know where we are going exactly?”

Maisie looked to the man and then his hand. It was Denis Ivan! She took his hand and shook it with a smile,
"Maisie. My online name is Mazelle but I guess we won't do that sorta stuff." She remarked. No use using alias' in this sort of place, they were just people after all. Maisie figured hebwas right, they'd get fed and she was fine with that. Then again it was going to be great to judt get away and have to relax. She watched as Denis moved opposite her and she looked him over. It was weird to be sat with a proper celebrity and she figured everyone would be jealous of her for spending time with such a man. She could see what the hype was about that was for sure.

"I heard the Caribbean but they weren't specific. I figure it's some private resort. I never really asked." Maisie shrugged at him and let her eyes roam him. Shebhad heard friends speak about him and croon and swoon over this man. He wasn't her usual type, she liked her men a little rough rather than pristine and prim like this guy.
"Did you win the contest too?" She asked him abdbglanced out the window the window see the clouds passing by, fluffy and like a rolling ocean. She smirked to herself and fixed her eyelashes for a second, looking good was an important part of her life, it was her image. Her face was her brand.

"Sorry- I don't mean to sound rude but what do you do exactly? I've seen some of your blogs and modelling stuff." She remarked and leaned back, folding her arms and watching him intensely. Some people were just popular because they were popular and she figured maybe that was his deal. He was charismatic and interesting, the good looks made sure to seal the deal too. She took a drink of her champagne and set it down. It was good champagne too, not the cheap stuff and so far everything seemed normal. A good time to get to know this guy before being on an island with him, it might give her the upper hand in the television series.
TasteMyRainbowDenis Ivan   1y ago
Master of the Rainbow

“I’m an ‘influencer’. I get paid to do whatever I want, whenever I want. That is your job too, no?” Denis shook his head and laughed loudly. No one had ever asked him what he did. People would read one article online and assume they knew everything there was to know about him. The only problem with that was that Denis wanted people to know more. He wanted actual recognition for doing something instead of just being another spoiled brat on the internet.

The fact that she asked him if he won, irked him. Of course, he had won. He had the first vote locked in and announced just two days after the contest launched. He knew he had won before he even entered the contest. Was she living under a rock or just trying to belittle him? He pondered on the two possibilities carefully trying to feel her personality out. Denis decided to ignore the question.

“Sure, we have trades like modeling and beauty hacking-but we are just fake-hero’s people look up to because we have immense amounts of money.” He eyed the champagne in her hand wondering if she was parched. He figured she had to be (I cheap) if she would drink something that was free. Denis knew the quality would be lacking and he couldn’t afford to destroy his palette with sparkling piss which was why he immediately waved off the offer when he entered the jet. “So, tell me how did you win? You don’t seem special really. Lots of influencer’s do beauty so what set’s you apart?” He continued to laugh, “you must feel lucky that so many people took pity on you…” He cocked his head to the side and met her gaze, eagerly awaiting a reaction.

There was nothing else to do on the plane and he figured he had another few hours alone with the woman, so he might as well have a little fun. Afterall, she had started the snarky conversation, so he was just beating her at her game. This was a competition. Let’s play.

Maisie rolled her eyes,
"I know you're an influencer, I just meant what do you you to influence people." She remarked but the damage was done. Denis Ivan seemed like a man who enjoyed having women throw themselves at him and she eyed him over. Plus, she knew some people out there didn't really 'win' contests, they just signed a deal, paid a little money and they suddenly had first place. His next words caused her to drain the champagne, on account of not wanting to snap at him.

"No one took pity on me, actually. I do beauty routines, but while I do the whole process I talk about murders and mysteries and unexplained stuff." She said. People enjoyed that sort of thing, a pretty girl talking about the dark and unexplainable things of the world. She had gotten some real traction over the past twelve months, it was exciting for her and sure, she wasn't as big as Denis was or as popular but she was happy doing her own thing and a large amount of people seemed to like it.
"Look, I don't watch other influencers, alright? I don't think it's good for anyone. I know you're some big household name and every man wants to be you and every woman wants to be with you, I just..." She trailed off as she tried to think, "What, do you model? Represent brands? Act?" She asked him.

She glanced out the window, she couldn't tell where they were given they were above the clouds and she sighed. Good start, Maisie, great job. The most popular guy on the Island was going to hate her and if the contention between them aired on the television then it was sure to make her unpopular and she would have his fangirls out for blood on her social media's. She eased back in the chair, grateful at least that it was a comfortable flight. This guy was cocky then, but she supposed that came with the confidence of having hundreds of thousands of people hanging on your every word, she couldn't blame him. Besides, she didn't really know him but there were no cameras rolling yet so whatever facade either of them put up, there was no point. They wouldn't be getting votes and such based on a plane ride. Well, so Maisie hoped as she looked around warily just in case a camera was somewhere.

"So, how're you going to play this whole thing?" She asked him, everyone had a game plan.
"You're already popular, you'll have the popularity down but rumours have it that the show is going to be 'Full of drama and excitement', that usually means they're going to deliberately cause fights and such." Maisie remarked with a shrug. She hadn't thought of a plan yet except try and get by, maybe feel out those around her.
TasteMyRainbowDenis Ivan   1y ago
Master of the Rainbow

Denis yawned. Maybe he made a big mistake by poking at her. He could see her mouth moving but no words. They were drowned out by his confusion. He did not care for fish that didn’t bite his hook. Maisie would take weeks to fish out of the water and eat. He figured he would starve if she kept talking. A normal female would take his bait and cry a little. Then they would ask for a selfie and a chance to join the ‘mile high club. ‘

“Hmmmmm” Denis bit his lip trying to remember a little bit of what she was asking. “Currently I mostly model and recently I have started to take a liking to acting. Maybe I’ll get on ‘Law & Order’ and tell you about it for your cute videos.” He chuckled to himself quietly and raised his arm. Within seconds the flight attendant rushed out from the other room. He was a bit frazzled and looked like he had been taken off guard.

“Yes Sir? Is everything alright?”

“Yes, two things. When is dinner served? And when is the expected arrival?”

The attendant bent down and hunched over the seat in front of Denis and Maisie. “Our chef is preparing your entrée’s now. They should be out within an hour. I expect you will find the dinner to be delicious and to your liking.” He looked down at his watch momentarily, “We should have a smooth landing in about 5 hours. Do not be afraid to get in a good rest.” He looked at them both before retreating behind the curtains.

Denis waited a few seconds before turning back to Maisie. “See how quick he came?” He whispered, growing paranoid. “Don’t get me wrong I love being watched. But this circumstance is giving me a bit of anxiety. Do you feel it as well?” His tone changed with her briefly as he hunched down in his seat trying to make himself invisible.

“This is a game, and the game is most certainly rigged. Meaning you will most likely lose early on. Unless they want an underdog to make it to the top. Audiences get a kick out of that shit.” He gasped, having an idea, “I bet that’s why they set us up together on the plane! I bet everyone is arriving in pairs and they probably have a well-known influencer and well…. your status influencer...” He honestly didn’t know what to call her.

Maisie watched him, raising an eyebrow. He clearly knew how to play his games and she watched as he frazzled some poor attendant. Of course he wanted to be an actor, that made perfect sense given his ego and she folded her arms. Clearly he was one of those bad boy types that girls fawned over endless because they 'could change him'. Sure, Denis seemed stuck in his ways and she looked him over. She watched as he became anxious and paranoid, skittish almost and she cocked her head to the side.

She would have comforted him, maybe just glad to see a soft side but then he ruined it by continuing to talk. She gave him a deadpan stare, unsure of how to answer him.
"I happen to have quite a nice personality all by myself you know?" She pointed out and sighed a little. He was probably right and that was what stung although it didn't quite show.
"Besides, maybe when people see just how [i charming] you are, they might change their mind. And anyway, once you hook up with some lovely lady, the girls chasing and fangirling over you lose interest. You're a fantasy to them." She pointed out, "Same as me to lonely guys." She added because she wasn't exempt from that either.

She was distracted when the entrees were served and she smiled to the kind attendant who looked about ready to drop everything and she nodded to him, as if assuring him that he was fine. She wasn't some big shot like Denis, she hoped she never was honestly if that was the attitude he took with fame. The food looked good, some sort of bruschetta and she figured goats cheese and tomato or something similar and she eyed him over. No doubt he would have a complaint and Maisie just kept a low profile. She thought for a while, mulling over everything he had said to her.

"For someone who loves the spotlight, you keep your family and everything out of the picture, I've seen you in magazines and everything but... I don't think I actually know the first thing about you." She remarked. Everyone knew his looks but no one really seemed to know about him as a person and she was curious. She lifted her amber eyes to his, trying to get a read on him. Surely he wasn't this arrogant and smug all the time.
TasteMyRainbowDenis Ivan   1y ago
Master of the Rainbow

“You know you’ll chase down some dick and have no regrets.” Denis didn’t see anything wrong with being a [I fantasy]. Who wouldn’t like having the ground they walk on kissed by less fortunate? He was living a dream and it was nothing to be ashamed of. Maisie probably had a taste of fan boys in her inbox and probably a fair share of explicit ‘dick pics’ as well. She was dipping her feet in the lifestyle and if she is wanting actual real relationships, then she should get out from the public eye as soon as possible.

Denis looked down at his plate and scoffed. “Uhm, Excuse me….” He could feel his stomach churn as he looked at the plastic tray it was served in. The attendant turned around, sweat dripping from his forehead. “I thought you told me a [I chef] was preparing my dinner? This is dog food.” Denis made a face and handed his dish back to the attendant in disgust. He thought he was going to be sick when he saw Maisie enjoying the slop.

The attendant pulled out his handkerchief and wiped the sweat beads from his forehead before taking the dish back. “My apologies sir. Can I bring you a tray of fresh fruit?”

He pondered a minute and nodded at the attendant. “Where is it from?”

“All of our fruit is imported from South America sir.”

Denis raised his hand and waved the attendant away uninterested in watching him sweat any longer. If that man was his butler, he would have him fired in a millisecond. The guy looked as if he was going to pass out over a mere question. It was pathetic in his mind, and he was not qualified for a job as important as this one.

As the attendant was leaving, he turned his attention back to his new little friend. He watched her eat and thought maybe she came from a farm and was used to eating with the pigs. He had never witnessed anything quite like it except for the movies. Maybe this was a good thing, he was educating himself for future roles. Not wanting to meet her gaze he turned his attention to the curtain where the incompetent attendant was.

“So now you want to know my life story? Usually, I just take a girl to dinner and bang her. She gets bragging rights and I get satisfaction for an hour. I’ve already given you more attention than most so you should be feeling on top of the world right about now, no?”

Denis' vocabulary was a touch vulgar and Maisie just eyed him. He clearly didn't know her at all and she figured it was better that way. They'd arrive at the resort and he would go with whatever charming bimbo took his fancy and shoot the ratings right up for all the romantic drama he would cause. Maisie raised an eyebrow at his behaviour towards the attendant and shook her head. Before she had become an influencer she had been a student and part time waitress, no one got paid enough to deal with this sort of thing and Denis was starting to look wildly unattractive to her right then.

"Oh, I apologise. Sorry let me start again." Maisie said as she cleared her throat, eyes dead pan as she stared at him.
"Oh you're such a charming man, I love how you act so rude all the time. Please take me to dinner and then a right good session of getting laid and and you can never call me again and we'll both move on and I'll tell you what a God you were in bed even though I was left wanting." Maisie's voice was low and utterly tuneless as she watched him. She shook her head and actually laughed a little.

"Drop it, Denis. I'm not interested in sleeping my way to the top." She warned him and eased up a little, hopefully she had drawn the line for him and made it clear where she stood on this matter. She wasn't interested in him, his personality right then was sickening to her. He qas attractive, easy on the eyes and sure she figured he would be pretty hot in the bedroom but it counted for nothing if he was going to act like an entitled brat. With any luck there would be more level headed people at the resort.

Maisie finished most of her entree and the attendant smiled when she thanked him politely. He seemed so flustered and she looked out the window. Main course was a fresh looking salad with some chicken in a nice dressing and Maisie wasn't going to scoff. She figured it was better than any airline food she had ever had before and it was best not to complain over every little thing. Besides she could stomach this for a little while, least until the resort. She looked to Denis, hoping he wouldn't complain again about something.

If he didn't want to talk about anything that was fine.
"Have you acted before?" She asked him, pushing some sort of conversation that wasn't just her digging and being curious, she supposed she could live with stroking his ego and letting him talk about himself for a while.
TasteMyRainbowDenis Ivan   1y ago
Master of the Rainbow

“For the record, I would never sleep with you.” He cleared his throat and tried to keep from breaking a smile. She was quite the entertaining one and he was starting to admirer her courage. “You would require way too much effort and I sense a little bit of a [I hopeless romantic] in you.”

Denis looked up as the attendant was coming by with his fruit. The fruit was cut into bite size pieces and layered in a glass bowl. He licked his lips, satisfied with the corrective actions that were taken. “Thank you, this is much better. See? Why couldn’t we do this the first time?” The attendant raked a hand through his hair nervously and left quickly after setting down the bowl. He picked up a few pieces of the mixed fruit and plopped them in his mouth, delighted.

“As for your billionth question, Yes I have acted before. Unfortunately, the Poroma Pandemic put a stall on auditions, so I am hoping to use this television opportunity to my advantage.” He did not want to give away too much about his intentions but felt he owed her an honest answer after the battle. “I was supposed to star in a Netflix special, but it has been put on hold due to complications with the budget and the new filming guidelines. My manager is supposed to be fetching me more information about it today actually but…” He touched the phone in his pocket over his denim jeans. “I’m stuck with you instead.”

Denis looked past Maisie and out the window as he continued to eat his fruit. There was nothing particularly interesting to see but he hoped that focusing on nothing would cause him to become sleepy. He figured they still had at least four hours left in the air and although he was enjoying the conversation a little, he wanted to get on and join the others. He was anxious to see what awaited on the other side.

Feeling a little sleepy he laid back in his seat and adjusted it comfortably. “I would just [I love] to learn more about you but I am due for four hours of sleep.” He reached up and hit the light on the monitor above their heads. He noticed a little flashing light right next to it and immediately closed his eyes. They were already being recorded. He wondered if Maisie had noticed it as well or maybe she was playing oblivious to the situation.

“Night, doll.”

Maisie watched Denis as he spoke and she rolled her eyes at him. God, he was intolerable! This act probably worked on drugged up bimbos or drunken girls who wanted a taste of fame. He as bragging rights for them, Maisie realised. She wanted to sass at him back but she had to admit that his facts about being on a show and everything were impressive. She bit her tongue and just nodded to him. He was some big shot and she figured he had earned the right to brag and be some pompous asshole if that's what suited him. It wouldn't get him very far and he would grow up some day and realise the party lifestyle wasn't a forever thing.

"Night." She murmured as she watched him turn off the light and decide to sleep. He was a sarcastic, egotistical asshole but she figured she wasn't going to change him anytime soon. It wasn't her job either. She reclined and pulled down the blind of the window looking over the clouds. She didn't notice the flicking light and she tucked her legs up as she closed her eyes. It was going to be a terribly long few weeks at this place but if she could avoid Denis then it might be bearable.

She was woken by some turbulence and she sighed out. At least the pandemic was miles away and she pushed herself to sit up. The attendant was busily explaining they were descending and should get ready. Maisie still felt tired but she was excited.

"So for the sake of views, we're going to land you about a mile or so from the beach resort. You two will hike there. Cameras and such are all built into the island for your hike so don't worry." He said and Maisie just nodded to him. She grinned softly to him as she started to fix her hair and she slipped on some sunglasses. The landing was bumpy and Maisie would be lying if she said she wasn't a little scared.
"We'll take your luggage." The Attendant assured, "Head towards the beach and everything will be revealed there." He instructed and Maisie just nodded. She wasn't exactly dressed for a hike and she figured that was the comedy factor for the viewers at home.

"Thanks." She said to the attendant as she stepped off the private plane and o to the grass. It was warm and she looked around. She could see the ocean and figured they had to go that way. Thankfully there were markers with little neon flags that showed the way and she looked to Denis. She fixed her sunglasses and shrugged,
"For entertainment right?" She mumbled before starting off down the marked pathway.
TasteMyRainbowDenis Ivan   1y ago
Master of the Rainbow

Denis was awoken from his sleep by what seemed to be a nightmare. The attendants were telling them that they needed to walk the rest of the distance to their destination. He couldn’t believe what he was hearing. He blinked the goo from his eyes and stood up realizing Maisie was already off the jet. Agitated, he made his way down and was immediately slapped in the face by a wave of heat. At the bottom he noticed Maisie looking delighted as ever which agitated him even more because her empathy for the situation was minimal.

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;")“This is some kind of sick joke.” ] As he was making his distance from the jet, he heard the door slam behind them. I’m calling my manager, this is ridiculous.” Denis pulled his slim phone from his pocket and swiped up to disable the airplane mode. He waited a few seconds for his phone to regain service but didn’t see a bar. Frustrated, he raised the phone in the air and started walking in different directions trying to see some sign of communication to the outside world.


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;")“Are you okay with this? This is not entertainment…this is sick and degrading. They said miles?! Fucking miles?” ] Denis felt as if he was going to have a panic attack. He was in the middle of nowhere with no technology, no water, no food, and no idea what awaited him at the end and the jet had cut them off. He dropped to the sand for a moment covering his head with his hands. Trying to steady his breathing, he knew he had to calm down. He was on camera, and this was not looking good for his image. Denis was being made a fool of.

After a few minutes had passed he desperately looked at his phone again hoping for just one single bar. Coming to the realization that it was completely impossible he shoved it in his pocket and stood back up to compose himself. This was acting, he needed to act. Denis brushed the sand from his pants and began walking in the direction of Maisie. He figured she was laughing at him on the inside, and he needed to reenforce the control he thought he had.

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;")“Hopefully you don’t sweat your make up off! No one wants to see what’s really behind that ugly mug!” ] He shouted at her, trying to force a cocky laugh and keep his pride intact.

Maisie stared at Denis in complete disbelief. Okay, the whole walking thing was kind of weird and a little humiliating but she wasn't as riled up as he was. She actually wanted to comfort him, offer some form of sympathy but then he opened his dumb mouth and any pity she felt for him went out the proverbial window. She just stood there, watching him and waiting for his temper tantrum to end and she sighed out when he finally let himself lash out.

[+blue "Are you done?"] She asked him, finally. She looked over her shoulder as he started to finish and of course he had to have that snide remark.
[+blue "It's a couple of miles and if I can do it in these shoes, then I'm sure you can manage."] She remarked, hiding the laugh in her voice. It was as if this man never went outside, had he never actually seen a forest? Although this was more like dense jungle, she guessed. The trail was easy enough and thankfully not completely terrible to walk and Maisie hoped there weren't any snakes or anything but the path itself was so clearly marked. After about an hour of walking, she took off her shoes and figured the flat path would feel better. She could hear the ocean very distantly, waves mixing with sand in the crashing of the tide.

[+blue "I have never met a more prissy man, you know that? You were really freaked out back there."] She said, stifling another laugh. She strode ahead and turned so she was facing him, walking backwards.
[+blue "They want us to walk! This is not entertainment, this is sick and degrading!"] She impersonated his earlier tantrum and giggled softly. Surely he saw the comedy in it, at least a little? Her flowing laughter was interrupted as she lost her footing and fell ungraciously on her backside. Nothing broken and only her pride bruised and she cast him a look. She still didn't look as ridiculous as he had with his little show back there. She pushed herself up and dusted the dirt and sand from herself before turning and smiling, showing him how unbothered she was.

She slowed when she saw the path end, opening up onto a glorious beach. The skies were dark, heavy with clouds and there were suitcases scattered around. She couldn't see her own bag and she approached.
[+blue "This is where they said..."] She could see up the beach and down the beach and there was nothing. Just a few tattered looking suitcases and she narrowed her eyes. Something was up. Fat droplets of rain started to come down and she looked back at the path. It was deserted, there wasn't a soul around and she cleared her throat.
[+blue "Now it's a bit weird."] She said quietly, all hilarity gone from her voice.
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Master of the Rainbow

He was a bit embarrassed he had to admit. Besides his mother, she was probably the only other person to see him lose his cool. The only upside to that was that she was practically a [i nobody] and her opinion was garbage in his eyes. Denis had finally caught up to her as she continued to mock him. A genuine laugh erupted from deep within him when she lost her footing. Part of him wanted to help her but he couldn’t help but feel she absolutely deserved the beating. No one made fun of him and got away with it.

[div(style="border: 1px dashed #888; padding: 30px; -webkit-border-radius: 17px;-moz-border-radius: 17px;border-radius: 17px;-webkit-box-shadow: 7px 7px 11px #000000;-moz-box-shadow: 7px 7px 11px #000000;box-shadow: 7px 7px 11px #8888800;color: #ff00ff

;") “I really hope that hurts. I hope that you feel it for weeks.” ]Denis desperately wanted to tease her more, but she was up and walking ahead of him like nothing had happened. He rolled his eyes and continued, growing hotter by the minute. It felt as if hours had gone by before he saw the open beach area. It was desolate and nothing like he had imagined on the journey up. He couldn’t see or hear anyone or anything around except old suitcases scattered along the water’s edge.

[div(style="border: 1px dashed #888; padding: 30px; -webkit-border-radius: 17px;-moz-border-radius: 17px;border-radius: 17px;-webkit-box-shadow: 7px 7px 11px #000000;-moz-box-shadow: 7px 7px 11px #000000;box-shadow: 7px 7px 11px #8888800;color: #ff00ff

;") “Not feeling so confident anymore, are you?” ]He paused and felt the rain hit his head. He couldn’t make out a cloud above them and didn’t understand why they were in a sudden torrential downpour. His environmental science class never prepared him for a situation like this one. Denis walked further down to one of the suitcases and fidgeted with the latch on the side until it pried open. To his horror the only item inside was a box of 200 matches. Dumbfounded he made his way to another and the only thing inside of it was a gallon of spring water. He gathered both items as the rain was getting worse. He could feel the water coming up to his shoes and pushing them into the sand as he stood making it hard to walk.

[div(style="border: 1px dashed #888; padding: 30px; -webkit-border-radius: 17px;-moz-border-radius: 17px;border-radius: 17px;-webkit-box-shadow: 7px 7px 11px #000000;-moz-box-shadow: 7px 7px 11px #000000;box-shadow: 7px 7px 11px #8888800;color: #ff00ff

;") “Something’s wrong. Maisie grab something! We have to get to higher land!” ]This time Denis felt actual panic pour through his body as the situation was growing worse by the second. He could hear the oceans waves crashing the shore and moving some of the suitcases farther out beyond reach. He had no idea what items were in them but had a feeling they needed anything they could get their hands on.

Maisie just shot Denis a look and started to go through the suitcases, none of the contents made any sense and she stared at the flimsy ration packets in silver foil. She looked to Denis as the rain began to pour down and she looked upwards. This didn't make any sense. She found a rucksack and stuffed the rations inside, there was the sound of thunder and unnatural flashes in the sky above and she could feel her feet getting wet. She grabbed another suitcase and tore it open like a woman possessed, grappling at the contents and realised this was something sordid. Hiking boots, a rucksack each with their name each and she stared at it in disbelief. She thrust a rucksack to Denis and his panic was completely infectious. Higher land?

She looked down to realise that the water was climbing rapidly and she felt a tightness in her chest. Her eyes moved to Denis as she looked back towards the path they had come down. They had no option but to go back. She carried what she could, stuffing whatever she could into the flimsy rucksack and she hoisted it over her shoulder. She cast aside the fancy shoes, there wasn't any time for her to break her ankle. She snatched Denis' arm and hauled him up the path, stumbling now and then but she never lost her balance.
[+blue "What the Hell is going on?"] She called above the thundering rain. She was drenched within minutes, her red hair plastered to her face and the make-up long since washed away as she climbed up the path. The water seemed like it would never stop and she saw a rocky ledge. She figured they could head up there and she pulled herself up, it wasn't steep but it was enough to get them out of harm's way, at least for now.

There was a small, cramped cave, shrouded in climbing foliage and Maisie had no idea if there would be a bear or something in there but it seemed abandoned and she made her way to the ledge. Just as soon as the rain started, it stopped. It was like a switch was flipped, just like that. It just stopped. The water stopped climbing and it levelled out. Maisie stared at the ridiculous lake around them. She let the rucksack fall to the floor and eyed the murky depths, shrouded with trees and drowned creatures.
[+blue "I think I want to go home now."] She said in the smallest voice, moving away from the edge. The last thing she wanted Denis knowing was that she had a deep rooted fear of deep water. She could swim but she didn't want to chance these sort of things. Her muscles were screaming for respite, she was soaked and she knew when the sun set it would get freezing.
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Master of the Rainbow

[center [pic]]

[b “Do you think a flash flood was too much in the beginning? Maybe we should have given them a simulated tornado? They are kids…” A small chubby man eyed his boss sitting across from the control table. They were both in a large room surrounded by running wires, radios, and computers covering the walls. An old man with a beard and wrinkles let out a maniacal laugh, “No way, this is the rating’s we want. The premiere is going to make us rich. Just look at the terror on their faces!” His lanky fingers pushed a button on the right causing the rain to ease momentarily.]

[center [pic]]

With no time to think he brushed the water from his eyes and followed Maisie up the ledge, struggling to hold onto the water jug and matches. Unfortunately, he picked the wrong day to wear slim fit jeans. He could feel the weight of them as they hugged his skin, making it harder to hustle. When he finally made his way up to the ledge, he threw the jug towards the entrance of the cave and hoisted himself up. They were both drenched, and he didn’t even notice that the rain had stopped somewhere along the way.

[div(style="border: 1px dashed #888; padding: 30px; -webkit-border-radius: 17px;-moz-border-radius: 17px;border-radius: 17px;-webkit-box-shadow: 7px 7px 11px #000000;-moz-box-shadow: 7px 7px 11px #000000;box-shadow: 7px 7px 11px #8888800;color: #ff00ff
;")“This is insane.” ]

Denis didn’t know how to describe the situation. Two hours ago, he was walking off a plane and now he was watching the island that he was on, sink. He plopped down by the entrance of the cave and leaned his back on the rock letting out a sigh. He could sense the fear on Maisie as she was fixated on the water below. It was apparent she was also clueless on their situation. He hoped that she could at least swim because he wasn’t about to play a hero. Honestly, he figured she might be more prepared for a situation like this than him because he had never even been camping and the thought of bugs made him want to light himself on fire.

Luckily for them Denis wasn’t some random username on the internet. Millions of people knew he was here including his security team and help would be on the way within hours even if the water did knock out the camera systems. Every single cell in his body told him to panic but he managed to relax himself and have a little hope in his team. He did hire them after all. If his team was the flight crew who had taken them here, then he would absolutely accept defeat.
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“In a few hours we will see a helicopter or something. Just sit down and be thankful that you’re with me.” ]

Maisie stared at the murky water and she felt completely helpless. This wasn't supposed to happen, right? She swallowed and she couldn't shift the lump in her throat. When Denis spoke, she glared at him over her shoulder.
[+blue "Oh, of course, I'm with Denis Ivan, survivor extraordinaire and you just freaked out over walking!"] She wasn't quelling her panic like he was and she couldn't stop it blossoming in her chest. She was panicking, utterly and completely because the fear of drowning along with starving in this place.

[+blue "This isn't a coincidence, look at what was in the bags!"] It was no simple twist of fate that it had bottled water and rations and matches and everything else, it was insane and it was stupid and they were going to die. Her chest was tight, she realised all too late that she was having a panic attack. She moved back from the waters edge and she couldn't get over the sensation that she was simply going to drown in those depths.
[+blue "We are so fucked."] Maisie muttered as she looked to Denis, [+blue "I'm going to die on an Island with a complete brat for company."] She was being unnecessarily harsh and she knew she would regret being so awful in a few hours. She couldn't help it, she was terrified of what this would mean. She wasn't world famous like Denis. Maybe this was just all part of it.

Maisie shuddered a little and wrapped her arms around herself. She had no idea how to survive these situations. She had been camping when she was a child but it wasn't enough knowledge to actually survive this sort of disaster. Her breathing was slowly starting to even out, she wiped her face with furious determination and sank to sit down with her back to a rock, knees tucked up. She wasn't built for this and all she could do was hope Denis was right and a helicopter would circle over head and she wasn't even sure where it would land. Her eyes shifted around. They didn't have much time before sunset no doubt and she was drenched. She didn't know how to dry out properly or how to even go about starting a fire. There was dry twigs and such in the cave and she looked to Denis. He probably didn't know how to survive this either, they were screwed.
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Master of the Rainbow

[div(style="border: 1px dashed #888; padding: 30px; -webkit-border-radius: 17px;-moz-border-radius: 17px;border-radius: 17px;-webkit-box-shadow: 7px 7px 11px #000000;-moz-box-shadow: 7px 7px 11px #000000;box-shadow: 7px 7px 11px #8888800;color: #ff00ff;")
“You are so ungrateful, my god…Obviously this wasn’t planned! The suitcases were probably a game and then we just had some unexpected weather. I expect that by tomorrow, this whole television series will be cancelled, and we will be featured on 60 minutes or something. This will be International news for sure.”] He offered to let her on the rescue mission for him and she insults him? Denis scoffed and folded his arms, irritated at the woman. That was the last time he would be nice to her. Looking up, he could see the sun going down and wondered how much time they had before sunset. He knew that if it became dark no one would be able to see them and their chances of being rescued would look grim for the night. [div(style="border: 1px dashed #888; padding: 30px; -webkit-border-radius: 17px;-moz-border-radius: 17px;border-radius: 17px;-webkit-box-shadow: 7px 7px 11px #000000;-moz-box-shadow: 7px 7px 11px #000000;box-shadow: 7px 7px 11px #8888800;color: #ff00ff
“Do you think I really want to be spending my precious time on an island with a drowned out looking clown?”]

Denis swallowed hard and crawled over to the rucksack and matches. He also knew they needed some sort of light to be seen. To his surprise the matches were not completely soaked from the downpour, although he wished the suitcases would have carried a waterproof lighter instead. [div(style="border: 1px dashed #888; padding: 30px; -webkit-border-radius: 17px;-moz-border-radius: 17px;border-radius: 17px;-webkit-box-shadow: 7px 7px 11px #000000;-moz-box-shadow: 7px 7px 11px #000000;box-shadow: 7px 7px 11px #8888800;color: #ff00ff;")
“Hey, sourpuss…why don’t you come over here and use some of your…” ]he paused thinking a moment, [div(style="border: 1px dashed #888; padding: 30px; -webkit-border-radius: 17px;-moz-border-radius: 17px;border-radius: 17px;-webkit-box-shadow: 7px 7px 11px #000000;-moz-box-shadow: 7px 7px 11px #000000;box-shadow: 7px 7px 11px #8888800;color: #ff00ff;")
“uhm mm…poor people skills?” ]Denis surely didn’t know the first thing about starting a fire and he absolutely was not going inside the cave to collect foliage. [div(style="border: 1px dashed #888; padding: 30px; -webkit-border-radius: 17px;-moz-border-radius: 17px;border-radius: 17px;-webkit-box-shadow: 7px 7px 11px #000000;-moz-box-shadow: 7px 7px 11px #000000;box-shadow: 7px 7px 11px #8888800;color: #ff00ff
“Look, just be a little useful and go in there and collect some stuff we can burn. We need to make our presence known if you ever want to get back to your mobile home.” ]

The thought of spending the night alone in the middle of nowhere, frightened him. He didn’t want to admit that to Maisie but if someone didn’t come for them soon, he was going to panic. He didn’t sign up for a survival show. He didn’t sign up to be tied down by a stranger. Denis just wanted to go back home to his luxurious lifestyle. He shook off the thoughts and tried to look inside the cave. It was dark and he wasn’t sure how far it went or what it went to. It was a much better idea for Maisie to go in as bait because at least if she screamed, he could jump in the water and swim away.

Maisie glared at Denis when he spoke and called her ungrateful. She stared at him for a long time, speechless. This self absorbed idiot really thought he was just going to up and be rescued and now he wanted her help withba fire! What a joke! Maisie didn't utter a word. She narrowed her eyes and got up, making a point of huffing. She knew fine well he just didn't want to go ambling around anywhere himself. She was scared, terrified in fact and it had manifested as anger and lashing out horribly. She would regret it if Denis wasn't such a cocky asshole about every little thing.

Maisie stormed into the cave and frankly she wanted to rip the rocks apart but if course she hadn't the strength. She eyed the inside. It was desolate and it didn't look like anything had been living in here. Well, she hoped not. She managed to gather some dry materials, foliage and some twigs and she carried them out in her arms. She threw them down beside Denis and then retook her place, sitting with her arms folded, haughtily over her chest. They wouldn't survive anymore rain.
[+blue "Sorry."] She finally said after a few minutes if sitting and sulking. She hadn't meant to lash out at him. It wasn't his fault this had happened and maybe he was right, maybe theybwould be rescued.

She lifted her gaze to him for a brief moment, trying to read his expression. She watched the matches and figured they would need more things to keep the fire burning but the bundle of twigs and foliage would have to do for now. She was no survivalist.
[+blue "What if they don't come, what if this is some terrible accident or- or say they can't find us?"] She asked him, quietly. Drowned clown she might have been but she was trying to be realistic. If Denis wanted to try and be some laid back idiot and just huff and be adamant they were going to be rescued them fine but it looked like they would be spending the night, whether he liked it or not.
TasteMyRainbowDenis Ivan   1y ago
Master of the Rainbow

As soon as he was alone, he felt chills up his spine. The air was still and the only thing he could hear was the water traveling rapidly down below like a river. Every second that passed caused the ever-growing lump in his throat to swell. He wasn’t sure what to do. They didn’t have cellphone service or wifi and the only people he knew of were miles away on a jet. The sun was setting, and he was cold, hungry, and losing hope. Denis hadn’t seen any planes. He hadn’t heard any kind of a search party. He began to wonder if they were just being left to die. Or worse, the rescue already thought that they were dead and thus never came.

He saw Maisie and gave her a nod as she reclaimed her seat on the rock. He didn’t like her, but he needed her. If the situation was as bad as he was beginning to think, Maisie would soon become closer to him than he could have ever imagined. Denis looked down at the foliage and twigs she had collected and scooted it all in a pile right under the entrance of the cave. Once satisfied, he took a match, lit it, and threw it in. An immediate blaze started, followed by the noise of crackling leaves being burned. The heat was an immediate relief to the chilly temperatures outside. Feeling like a hero he inched closer to the fire and began to warm up his hands. He wasn’t sure how long it would burn but in the moment, it was more enjoyable than the scent of fresh bills.

[#EE24DF “You’re welcome. Now you won’t get hypothermic, idiot.”] He laughed a little bit. [#EE24DF “I’m not going to die out here, so if no one comes then tomorrow we have to walk back towards the jet. The rescue search must think we are dead or lost at sea. It could be the only possible explanation as to why we haven’t even heard an engine. Hopefully the water will recede enough, and we will have a path we can travel on.”] He turned to her, watching the fire’s reflection in her eyes. [#EE24DF “Unless you want to wait here…by all means, stay. I wouldn’t want you slowing me down.”] In his head he knew that he was the lesser athletic one and another walk seemed like the end of the world. But in this unfortunate situation, he had no choice.

There wasn't so much sting in his words now, she noticed and she watched him set the fire up. For the briefest if moments he actually seemed likeable and nice and then he kept talking and she just shook her head. She would argue but the situation seemed too hopeless tight then and she was wet and starting to get cold. She moved closer to the fire and stretched out her fingers, warming them in the edges of the fire as she watched him. He gave off the air of a fox, and she the rabbit and Maisie narrowed her eyes. She figured Denis would really die stubborn and with a catty remark on his lips, regardless of when it was. She didn't intend for either of them to die right then and even though Denis seemed like a vile asshole, she wouldn't let him die either. She was no survivalist though, neither of them were.

[+blue "What do you know about surviving?"] She finally asked. He was right about heading back to where the jet had dropped them off, it had been an open area and with any luck it would be easier to spot them if they were being looked for. If Denis knew how to hunt or fish or make a shelter then maybe they would last a little longer because this wouldn't bode well for them either. Islands could be changeable, she knew that. It was always terrifying that way. The days were hot and humid and the nights cold and unforgiving and that was without storms.

[+blue "Can you hunt or fish or anything?"] It was very clear she didn't have the energy to argue with his stupid remarks, she just wanted to try and figure out a plan. If the plane didn't get to them tomorrow, they had to find a way to survive. The fire was warming her up, at least so she was comfortable and she slouched slightly. Adrenaline was making way for tiredness but she felt on edge. They didn't know what was awaiting them tomorrow or what predators were on this Island.

[+blue "I won't slow you down, either. I used to run track in high school I just... can't swim very well."] She muttered, although there was little bite behind her words. Denis was hardly a Knight in Shining Armour, more like a drama queen wrapped in aluminum foil but he was all she had right then. She supposed normally they wouldn't even cross paths in the real world back home, she would avoid him actively most likely the minute he opened his mouth.  The way it had flooded so quickly had been strange, immediate almost. She just sighed out and closed her eyes, not asleep and listening for any noise.
TasteMyRainbowDenis Ivan   1y ago
Master of the Rainbow

“Do I look like someone who can hunt? I’ve have never even made myself cereal.”] Denis scoffed at Maisie and her dumb questions. They were in a situation where they could possibly die, and she was making jokes. Back in LA he had a private chef that followed him anywhere that he went. Sometimes that meant a casual flight to New York or a photo shoot in Dubai. Unfortunately, the rules of the television show wouldn’t allow for the extra accommodation, and he was on his own. [#ff00ff
“I don’t know anything about living outside. I’m still betting on the idea that we will wake up to a bunch of news cameras.”]

The sun disappeared completely followed by the small fire they had for warmth. He watched as it smothered down into embers. He investigated the cave and breathed deeply before gazing up at the clear black sky. It was time to go in. The moment was complete dread for him because he was subjecting himself to a whole new level of desperation. [#ff00ff
“Do you want to move our camp in here?”] Denis stood up feeling the weight of his jeans. They needed another fire, or they would be sick by dawn. He didn’t give her time to answer because as soon as the words left his mouth another torrential downpour began. It was as If someone was dumping swimming pools on their heads. The water hit him so hard he lost his balance and stumbled back.

With little time to process the scene he picked up the matches and stumbled into the cave. It felt like he was going through a waterfall. He couldn’t see two feet in front of him because of the heavy rain. It didn’t make any sense. Two minutes ago, he didn’t even see a cloud. The matches in his hand were soaked. The box was falling apart in his grip. Desperately he fumbled to rip apart the box. A few of the matches on the bottom were still dry but the majority were ruined. He also realized that he had no way to strike the matches.

[#ff00ff “Maisie!”] He had forgotten about her during the panic. All he could think about was the fire. Denis knew she couldn’t swim so if she was washed off the edge then he was [i really] on his own. [#ff00ff
“Maisie!”] He called again wondering if she could even hear him through the noise.

Maisie figured Denis would answer something along those lines and she sighed out. Well, maybe he would be right and they would be safe come tomorrow. She managed managed give a single nod when Denis mentioned moving everything inside and then the force of water hit her like a truck. This was unreal, she had never had rain that hard ever in her life and she gave a sharp inhale of breath. This was unbelievable! She felt the force of the water take her breath away and she stumbled backwards, managing to snag a bush, ignoring the thorns that dug into her hand, causing blood.

Her eyes shifted to Denis, feeling her waist submerged in water. She could barely hear him over the storm and she couldn't believe how quickly the rain had come on and how hard. She pulled herself up stifling a cry of pain, grappling onto the slippery, rocky surface. She managed to haul herself up, her heart hammering in her chest and shebwas drenched. She moved from the edge and caught Denis' arm, not really caring who he was or what sort of attitude he sported but there was a look of terror on her face that showed she had been utterly mortified. She looked at the depths and a shark fin cut straight through the water.
[+blue "What the fuck?"] She whispered quietly, barely audible but she knew they couldn't stay in the torrential rain as she moved into the cave for some sort of shelter. The rain stopped immediately again and Maisie was breathing hard, she finally let go of Denis.

[+blue "Somethings not right, Denis I can't go out there, I cant- Well, I can't swim in that! I'll drown, we're stuck!"] She had dragged the rucksack in at least and she was panicking, stumbling over her words and pressed as far back from the water as she could be without leaving Denis' sight. It was starkly obvious then that it was better to be stuck with him for company than to be entirely alone. She eyed her hand, bramble thorns caught in her palm and she let out a shaky breath. It would heal fine and she would have to pick out the thorns.
TasteMyRainbowDenis Ivan   1y ago
Master of the Rainbow

Denis held onto her arm in a panic barely able to see his surroundings. The entire scene was chaos, something out of an apocalyptic video game. He didn’t know what had happened but by the way she had come stumbling in, he knew it wasn’t [i good]. When he felt her touch disappear, he sunk to his knees, trying to calm the impending storm that was brewing inside of him. [#ff00ff
“Fuck, I thought you were dead.”] He cursed under his breath, gritting his teeth in frustration. [#ff00ff
“Maisie, What the fuck!”]

He didn’t know what else to say, what else to think. The storm was gone just as fast as it had come. His brain was fried, he was exhausted, cold, and hungry. Denis pulled his hands over his head and rubbed on the back of his neck trying to stimulate some sort of heat. He had no idea what time It was but hoped the sun would reveal itself soon or he would have to worry about becoming hypothermic on top of everything else. The thought of sleeping in this bipolar climate was also unimaginable for him. [#ff00ff
“I don’t give a shit if you can’t swim. Hold on to a damn log. How else do you imagine we get off this fucking island? Don’t be one of those stereotypical dim-witted women and assume I’m going to take care of you and figure everything out.” ]

Denis felt his blood begin to boil as he grew more frustrated by the second. He didn’t mean to yell but it vomited out on her. They had to do something; he just didn’t know what. For the first time in his entire life, he hadn’t a clue what to do. He knew she couldn’t swim but they had to get back to where they were dropped off if they wanted to survive. He also knew he couldn’t leave her because if he was alone his chances of survival would cut dramatically.

Feeling defeated stood back up and looked over towards where he thought Maisie was. He could barely make out her silhouette in the darkness as he narrowed in on her. [#ff00ff
“Well figure it out, no other option, right?”] Part of him felt like he should apologize for his cold actions but he quickly shrugged off the strange thought.

At least Denis didn't let her go until the danger had passed, although for how long that would last was anyone's guess. She didn't seem to react to his yelling or his cursing of her, she just stared at him. She wasn't stupid, she knew very well she could have died. All his shouting didn't change anything and she had managed to right herself, she was still here, unfortunately. It was better than a watery death though, better than being a drowned victim or being eaten by one of those sharks.
[+blue "Sorry."] She managed, her voice hoarse and cracked. She didn't know what else to say, she hadn't exactly planned on dying either.

She nodded to him, he was right but she couldn't quite bring herself to say it out loud. It was the only option they had. They needed to get dry first and foremost, try and warm up as best she could. It was hopeless though. She eyed her palms and the thorns stuck in them, managing to slide down to sit with her back propped up against the stone. Night was starting to set in and she was exhausted, her muscles just wanted to sleep and all she wanted to do was curl up. She knew they shouldn't, they risked hypothermia that way, she had seen it on some weird TV show.
[+blue "Thanks, for... Not letting go."] She murmured quietly to him, awkward given his anger towards her but she supposed it was adrenaline and the ferocity of the moment. She shivered slightly and eyed around the cave. They had to warm up, they needed to get dry.

[+blue "We should start another fire, I'll go..."] She mumbled softly with a wave of her hand as she started hobbling around to try and pick up foliage and twigs around her, thankfully the shelter had kept them dry and she lumped them into a heap in the middle of the cave. Maisie sat when the light kicked in from the fire and started to pull the thorns from her afflicted hand, glancing to Denis. He should sleep, he needed energy for whatever petty dramatics he was going to start tomorrow and someone likely had to keep watch for the next few hours. Her heart was still racing and it seemed her fear manifested itself in the frightened rabbit way, quiet and twitchy, unsettled.
TasteMyRainbowDenis Ivan   1y ago
Master of the Rainbow

Without a doubt, he was thankful for the heat emanating from the fire. A little bit of control had been gifted to them, but he had a sinking feeling that it wouldn’t last. Just like the fire before, he knew this one would lose its light too, but at least it was something. Denis outstretched his arms over the fire and spread his skinny fingers out, taking full advantage of the time he did have. He eyes began to droop and he gave out a loud yawn not bothering to cover his mouth. It was only Maisie, no one important around to judge him.

Denis took a seat back on the ground and brushed up against Maisie’s arm as he leaned back on the side of the cave wall. He preferred a two-thousand thread count sheet and Egyptian cotton pillows, but this would have to do for the night. The idea of sleeping frightened him because of the unknown danger lurking nearby. The storms were bad enough, but he felt he would have a better chance being swept away in the water than being face to face with a hungry animal. Denis shook his head and tried to focus on at least getting an hour of sleep in. Energy was the most important thing in his chances of survival, and he needed to build up whatever he could. He also needed to remember to force himself to eat the wretched food in the morning, or he would have to listen to his groaning stomach on top of everything else.

“I don’t really think you will do any good keeping guard, so you might as well try and get some rest. At this point…I can’t even imagine what tomorrow will be like. Though if you’re sleepwalking, what use are you?”] Without the energy to smile, he wiggled his body into the most comfortable position possible and tilted his head back, hoping she would take his advice. If she was tired, she would only slow them down more, so it was the logical thing to do. With the inability to process another thought, Denis was out cold. His body slumped over with some of his weight distributing onto Maisie’s shoulder. Hopefully she wouldn’t mind his drooling habits.

Maisie watched Debis try to get comfortable. She wanted to protest him and bite back, make some sort of sassy remark to try and keep her pride intact but Denis was asleep before she could, some of his weight on her shoulder and Maisie raised an eyebrow. He was actually tolerable when he was asleep and she fidgeted ever so slightly, figuring it was best not to wake him up if she could help it. She figured he was probably not a morning person and Maisie finally seemed to get all the thorns plucked out of her hand and she eased back, careful not to disturb Denis but she had to admit the fire was warm right then and despite nothing being comfortable about the cave, she did manage to drop off to sleep. Thankfully it didn't rain any further and when Maisie opened her eyes, it was glorious sunshine.

She sleepily untangled herself and fed the now dying embers of the fire with what little she could find. It was enough to get the flames kindling again, locking at the dry wood and leaves. She grumbled a little as she flexed her fingers, at least it wasn't agony to work with and she stepped outside, basking in the sunlight and then she realised something.

Not a drop of water was on the ground, as though someone had pulled up a plug from a tub. Maisie squinted, were they going mad? She eyed her clothes, they were still damp but she didn't feel the chill with the sun blaring down on her. She sat down, glancing over her shoulder suspiciously but after a moment, she just sat on the rock which was warm beneath her. She looked at rhe skies, clear and blue. It as hot, too hot almost and she let herself dry out like that, her body needing the heat after the uncomfortable night. Hopefully, Denis was right and the plane would still be there, or maybe more supplies, anything. They needed to eat and drink, she knew that much. She got to her feet and headed back in.

Where had the water gone? It had been like a raging lake just last night, with shark infested waters. She had almost drowned! Water didn't dry up that quickly? She eyed the ration packs and sighed out, trying to figure out what was in them as she found some water and took a drink from one of the bottles. She ought to wake Denis and she hesitantly reached over, prodding him.
[+blue "Denis, get up...You're not going to believe this."] She whispered quietly. Maybe she was just going insane.

[+blue "The water is gone."] She muttered to him. Hopefully he called her crazy, dragged her out there and the water was still there and she had just been wishful thinking or dreaming. She wasn't quite sure. They really should head to the clearing the jet had landed in, it would be easier while it was dry at least. Maybe they would find their own luggage there too, she wasn't going to be much use in this flimsy summer dress and heels she sported. They had hiking boots, she remembered. The luggage bags from the beach and she rummaged around, finding the small pair and putting them on. She laced them up, they would ache without socks but the heels would snap her ankles with a stumble.
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Master of the Rainbow

[i “And the academy award for best male lead goes to…Denis Ivan!” The crowd roared in excitement as the announcer read aloud his name. He could see the maniacal fans pressed up against the bars just trying to touch him as he walked through to collect. Denis smiled brightly for the cameras and fixed his tie as he posed for a picture. The audience looked like a million lights to him and all he could see was his name flashing as he was getting the recognition for the star he was born to be.]

“What!? Where? Who?”] He jolted from his slumber, caught completely off guard. He rolled over as if he was about to climb down from his bed but instead was met with a cold rocky ground. Cursing through his teeth, he brought himself to a sitting position and began to fix his mangled hair, brushing it down with his hands. He couldn’t believe people did this [i sleeping outside thing] for fun. The reality of their situation started to come back to him as the effects of sleeping began to wear off. Denis reached around for one of the jugs of water and took a few sips to clear his dry throat. He would have preferred to stay in the confines of his dreamworld.

“The water is gone? Maisie…are you delirious because you didn’t sleep?”] Denis almost wanted to laugh but pulled himself up to his feet instead and stretched out. His clothing had dried overnight, and his jeans felt like starch. He peered over the ledge and to his surprise the water was completely gone. The path that they had been on just the day before was clear, but he didn’t understand how it dried up so fast without the sun to help. Denis felt excited that they could leave the confinement of the cave but he hadn’t heard or seen any sign of a plane looking for them and it made his stomach sink to the floor on the downside.

“At least we won’t have to worry about you drowning today, right?”] He didn’t turn around to look at her but instead kept his focus on the ground below. [#ff00ff
“I’m ready when you are. The faster we can get back to the base camp, the faster I can get a shower and some clean clothes.”] They both were a mess.

Maisie watched Denis and honestly she wanted to be delirious because of lack of sleep. She swallowed a little and watched as he realised she wasn't insane. She shook her head slightly, it wasn't right. Water didn't just vanish like that overnight. Even in deserts it hung around for a few days and it was like nothing had ever happened. She stared at Denis and just nodded. They should get back to the drop off point and then everything would be fine, right? Everything would work out just great if they could get back there and they'd be back in a hotel room, just like Denis said. Maisie watched him and started packing things into the bag, hauling one over her shoulder. The water and everything weighed her down but she would manage the trek back up the hill to the plane.

[+blue "Thanks for last night, and I promise you, you don't have to look after me alright? I'll be fine I just- I got a fright."] She mumbled to him, begrudgingly. She doubted the cameras were rolling, she doubted that they even cared at this pointed. She fixed the hiking shoes and figured they'd be uncomfortable for a while at least, until they broke in properly. It was better than the flimsy heels and she couldn't shake the feeling that something had planted them there. It seemed too good for coincidence. She glanced to Denis again, he seemed quieter and less spiteful but she knew that wouldn't last long.

Maisie trudged up the hill quietly, even the soil seemed dry and she eyed the area. It would have been beautiful in any other situation, her eyes shifting as colourful birds moved and insects crawled and little creatures skittered around. Coconuts... she had read somewhere that coconuts were great for water in emergencies thanks to the milk inside. She wasn't sure if it was true or not. She kept walking, legs aching and muscles screaming for rest. She looked a damn mess and she wanted so badly to find makeup but instead she left her hair down to try and cover as much as she could. She felt one dge without lashes or contour or concealer.
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Master of the Rainbow

Denis followed behind closely trying to take in his new surroundings. The first time he had walked the path he didn’t care about anything except relaxation, this time, however, anything and everything was important. He was on high alert, trying to remember even the slightest clue to help them if they needed to get back. As he walked on, he noticed that the dirt wasn’t muddy in the least. His shoes were even clean for the most part. The situation puzzled him and made him wish that he paid more attention in his ‘earth science’ class.

His attention turned to the backside of Maisie, watching her walk-in boots was comical. Perhaps she would give up heels after the ordeal. [#ff00ff
“I think the look rather suits you. It helps you fit in more with your economical class.”] Denis snickered, somehow finding humor in their grim situation. [#ff00ff
“Now you just need a gun and a wife-beater.”] He caught up to her and began walking at her pace, needing an immediate distraction. He was concluding that every rock looked the same and trying to track it was an impossible task. He wasn’t even sure if they were going in the right direction.

“I really could care less about your life, but why don’t you tell me something interesting so I can pretend I’m not walking into the unknown.”] Part of his sentence was a lie; he was a little interested. He was alone with a stranger and was forced to put blind trust into her. He needed to know if she was the child of a serial killer or had previous criminal history. For all he knew she could have murdered her parents with an ice pick before the arrival. Denis tried to shrug off the paranoia, blaming it partly on his lack of edible food. The disgusting airline food he had previously scoffed at was beginning to sound like caviar, causing his mouth to salivate.

The soles of his feet began to ache as he waited in silence for Maisie to snap out of her funk. He liked her more when she was talking his head off.

Maisie listened to Denis with a half a thought, sighing out at his comment about the look and she shook her head. She was so sure this was the way they came. Yesterday had been disorienting though, she wasn't sure where exactly they needed to go.
[+blue "Interesting?"] Well, that was a trap because Denis didn't find her interesting and she eyed the footpath. This was the right way, she was sure of it. She tried to think of something, anything that might make her seem interesting to Denis that he wouldn't sneer at and mock.

[+blue "I used to be a gymnastics champion."] She murmured, [+blue "Gymnastics and dance."] She commented as they walked and she figured he would have some snide remark ready to make her feel awful about that too, or some way to douse cold water on all her achievements and she eyed him suspiciously. She wondered if he had any interesting traits. She knew why he was famous, he was drop dead gorgeous and had the attitude most girls loved, but surely he must have a hobby?
[+blue "What about you? Besides chasing your career, have you got hobbies or anything?"] She asked and trudged on. With any luck, he'd be distracted and quit with the shitty remarks. Somehow, Maisie doubted it.

Denis was not a man you let your guard down around, she realised. He was no different than a shark, the faintest sniff of blood in the water and he would set upon you and tear you apart over your weakness. Maisie wondered why, likely he had some sort insecurities, just like everyone else. Maisie was running out if energy when they finally broached the edge of the jungle and saw.... the plane? It looked fine, just completely deserted and she wondered if the pilot was still around. She crept forwards, she couldn't fly a plane and she climbed inside, it was empty. Their luggage was there though, along with some random luggage bags and she sighed out. This was weird but at least they had the plane, it was better protection than anything else, it was comfortable for the most part too. Maisie eyed her luggage case and threw it open, she needed out of the dress and into something actually movable. She grabbed ahold of some tracksuit pants and a vest, gesturing for Denis to turn around as she slipped off the dress and quickly pulled on the clothes. She slung the dress carelessly to the side.
[+blue "We could make this a base, if anyone comes looking for us then the first thing they'll do is check the plane and its well sheltered and there's places to sleep."] Maisie muttered.


[b "Well there you have it ladies and gentleman, last night we asked you to vote for what happens to our two wonderful survivors. We are live wjth the results now."] A bubbly woman appeared in a small pop up box, holding a card and looking excited.
[b "The worldwide public has voted for...."] She smiled and held the moment for dramatic effect.

[b "The Public has voted for the release of Wild dogs onto the Isle! Thank you so much for watching, for all of our live coverage please go online, so you don't miss a moment. And remember, for a small fee you can send our two survivors something anonymously to make them comfortable or uncomfortable."] The woman laughed before music rose and she faded out.
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Master of the Rainbow

“You ever charge for those dances? I’m sure people pay exceptionally well for exotic positions.”] Denis laughed, drowning out the sound of his angry stomach. [#ff00ff
“I like to surf, go out on the yacht, sometimes even mingle at a high-end club. It all depends on how I’m feeling really.”] His life was almost [i too] privileged. From the moment he was born he was fed from a silver spoon and treated as royalty. He would never have to work a single day in his life if he didn’t want to. But he did want to; he wanted to be an actor. Denis wanted to make his own fortune and outshine the family who made it all possible.

Denis heard his stomach again and felt it twist inside of his body. It was aching for something, anything. He had never even missed a meal, much less an entire twenty-four hours’ worth of food. Luckily, they found the plane just in time. He quickly followed behind Maisie and climbed on board leaving the cabin door open behind him. He eyed his designer luggage and ran towards it, overwhelmed with joy. Denis had no other thought than to rip his clothes off and put something suitable on, so he did. He stripped naked without a care for anyone else and sighed contently as he felt the fresh linens drape his body. He decided on a light blue sweater and a pair of dark slacks.

“Not a bad idea, dragon. I can smell your breath from here. You packed a toothbrush, right?”] He brought his sweater up over his nose to add to the dramatic effect. [#ff00ff
“We can do whatever you want as long as it involves not leaving this plane. I don’t know what kind of cursed island were on, but this is the only place with a door that locks.”] Denis gave her a thumbs up and made his way down the aisle to the curtain where the little kitchen was located. He peered open the fridge and pulled out an apple, already drooling. With just one single bite he wanted to marry the delicious fruit. It was the best thing he had ever tasted, and he quickly gobbled the entire thing down.

[center …]

[center [pic]]

The old man took a bite out of his submarine sandwich, juices seeping down his fingers and onto the wrapping. He was watching the two players with money in his eyes. His idea was genius, and it was executing better than he could have imagined. His phone buzzed beside him, and a message appeared reading, [#336600
‘They voted for Wild Hounds, boss.’]

Wanting to give the viewers what they wanted, he leaned forward and pushed a red button to the left followed by a green button to the right. The hounds were out and they smelt blood.

Maisie happened to glance over as Denis was stripping, ready with a sharp retort but it died on her lips as she averted her gaze almost immediately. She cleared her throat and went rummaging for socks, finding a pair as she stuffed her feet into the socks. She left the boots for now, she sank into a chair and looked through her things. She hadn't exactly packed for this sort of thing and she looked to Denis, narrowing her eyes slightly. What if the cameras were rolling still? She eyed her makeup bag, some lipstick couldn't hurt... maybe some concealer. She knew Denis was going to jab at her regardless and she found her brush and pulled her hair back into a ponytail, using a wipe to clean her face and give herself as much as a freshen up as she could. They would need to wash soon no doubt, in case they weren't getting off here anytime soon.
Maisie slicked on a little makeup, enough to look better than some bedraggled mess and as a matter of fact, she did have a toothbrush, finding some water and brushing her teeth before rinsing and spitting the water outside as she opened the door and eyed the jungle. The skies were clear, at least for now and she sank down on the awkward step in the doorway of the jet. They ought to try and secure this place, make it water tight in case another storm came and she glanced over her shoulder to see Denis with an apple. Food sounded good. She got to her feet and for a split second she thought she heard a howl. She paused and waited but heard nothing further. Maisie watched Debis, for a moment she actually watched him. Not his Instagram or his social media, him. He was a regular guy, perhaps a little spoiled but he wasn't terrible. He was in danger just the same as her, they were both clueless as to how to go on.

[+blue "We ought to try to ration it. Eat the fruit and stuff first because it'll spoil."] She mumbled, God she wanted to sleep. She figured they ought to make it comfortable. She smoothed her clothes down and looked to the sets of chairs. They reclined and she pushed them down, rummaging around and finding some crummy airline blankets. It would do for now, they couldn't be picky. She folded away the tables and made up the makeshift bed. No pillows, none that would be bed worthy but it was better than a cave floor.

[+blue "You should sleep. I'm going to organise the water and stuff."] She explained quietly to him as she started tk go through the bottle water. The kitchen area had some different drinks, sodas and wines and some bottles water. She stowed it altogether and then eyed the food. It wouldn't last long. Her head shot up at rhe sound of barking and she thought she was going mad. Dogs? Search dogs!
[+blue "Denis! They brought search dogs!"] She beamed to him, he was right and she pushed the door open, only to be greeted by a pack of slavering dogs with glowing eyes and definitely not search dogs. One lunged and Maisie managed to grab the door and start to pull it shut but another but down on her arm and she shrieked blue murder.
[+blue "Help! Denis, we need to close the door."] Her hands hung tightly to the door and the dogs massive head lodged as Maisie tried to shake the mutt off.
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Master of the Rainbow

Denis mocked her as he grabbed two more apples from the fridge. He wasn’t at all concerned about rationing food because his stomach was literally dying. His anxiety was easing because they were back in a safe territory and away from the weather conditions. He felt that he could finally let his guard down, even if the cameras were watching. Denis made his way back down the aisle and to the little bed Maisie had set up. He plopped down, making himself comfortable and stretched out his arms on the makeshift arrangement. [#ff00ff “Anything is better than that floor…My back will ache for weeks. I’m way too young for this shit.” ]

The feeling of not being on his feet was wondrous. He was afraid to change his socks because of the sores that he was bound to be littered in. Now that his stomach was no longer distracting him, the aches in his feet were more apparent. Denis crossed his arms behind his head making a pillow and closed his eyes, relaxing. He wasn’t sure if he would sleep since a little day light was still available, and rescue could be within an hour’s reach now that they were in the open. If he had to spend another night on the island he would, it just wasn’t ideal to him.

He heard his name being called in excitement followed by panic. Denis rolled over hearing barking and howling and took in the sight with widened eyes. He was by Maisie’s side in seconds, trying to free her arm. He could see the blood spewing out of his teeth as the hound shredded her arm like minced meat. Denis began to turn pale at the sight and kicked the dog on the nose hard breaking the grip it had. The hound let out a yelp and backed down momentarily.

Denis was not a big guy by any means. He stood at a height of 74 inches with just enough muscle tone to land a modeling contract. It wasn’t nearly enough strength needed to fight off a pack of wild mutts. [#ff00ff “What the fuck! I thought you said they were guard dogs! These are fucking Satan’s blood hounds.”] Denis tried not to panic but it was evident in his voice that the realization of their situation was getting worse. First, they dealt with flooding and heavy rains and now psychopathic hounds. He held the door with all his might, gritting his teeth in pain as one of the hounds’ teeth grazed his arm, ripping a nicely sized hole in his designer sweater. They had to come up with a plan quick or they would be eaten alive for dinner.
“Maisie! I got have the door for a minute. Grab something and hit them! Anything! Is there a fire extinguisher on board?”] Denis started yelling, his hands going numb from the excess strain. [#ff00ff
“Hurry…I’m fucking going to slip.”]

Maisie managed to get her arm free as Denis kicked the dog and it backed off. She stared at her arm and then looked to Denis who was valiantly battling to keep the door closed but these hounds were huge, monstrous in size and relentless. A fire extinguisher? She figured there had to be, she held her injured arm close to her body and moved to the kitchen area, sure enough there was a bright red fire extinguisher, propped up on the wall and she figured if they could get the door closed then maybe they could figure this out. Maisie was struggling with one arm, trying to unpin the latch and she grit her teeth.
[+blue "Denis, don't breathe in."] She said as she tried to aim the nozzle to the gap. She let rip and the foam and blasting air hit on of the hounds directly in the face.

Maisie moved forwards and when the cannister was spent, she threw it out and helped to wrench the door shut, locking it over. She was unsure of how to go about making it any more secure but she figured the hounds couldn't open doors. She stumbled back, breathing heavily. Her top was shredded and covered in blood and she didn't want to look at what was going on underneath. She looked out one of the windows, the hounds circling below, snarling and slavering, a couple of their noses caked in her and Denis' blood. First aid kit... They needed to find a first-aid kit.
[+blue "We have to- I think..."] She was in shock, as she got up numbly. This wasn't happening, this wasn't happening, this wasn't happening...

There was a first-aid kit, although it was hardly anything fancy but it had bandages and disinfectant in it and Maisie eyed her arm. It didn't hurt but she supposed that was down to adrenaline right then.
[+blue "Let me see, I'll do you, then you can do me."] Maisie whispered quietly. Her fingers were all working, so she hadn't broken anything. It was all muscular and flesh damage. Maisie found a shoddy towel from a suitcase and set it down to try and protect the surface from becoming slick with blood as she gestured awkwardly for Denis to sit.

She was pale, confused looking and completely dumbstruck. Those weren't regular dogs, she had thought they were search dogs sent to find them. Now her arm was in tatters and riddled with puncture holes. She mumbled something inaudible and soaked a cloth in some disinfectant.
[+blue "I'm sorry."] She said to Denis as she placed the soaked cloth over his injury, it was bound to sting like all Hell too but it needed cleaned.
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Master of the Rainbow

Adrenaline was pumping through his body at a rapid pace. The entire scene before him was straight out of a videogame. He couldn’t feel where he was bitten, only knew from the tear in his sweater. This had to be a dream, [i of course] he would wake up at any minute. Denis thought that it was the only possible and logical cause for suddenly being attacked by rabies infested hounds. He watched Maisie as she was fumbling for the first aid products. At least she was moving, because he felt he couldn’t. Denis leaned back on the door, panting heavily as he tried to calm his heart from dropping straight out of his chest. They weren’t even safe on the plane anymore. They weren’t safe anywhere if this was just a taste of what was in store for then he was probably not going to make it.

Denis reluctantly moved to sit next to Maisie, drawing up his sleeve for her. The first aid kit was rather pathetic, containing only the essential bandages. In the event of an actual plane crash the contents would be rendered completely useless and he wondered why the crew even bothered to pack such a measly supply. Though at this point they were on their second night and none of the questions had been answered. Instead, a thousand more were spawning out of control. He bit his lip causing it to turn white as the pain hit him. He wanted to pull his arm back and smack her with it, but the fear of disease was present. [#ff3399 “Alright, alright! Just wrap it up! Fucking sadist.”]

Denis let Maisie finish and then pulled back down his tattered sleeve. The initial sting had worn off and he focused his attention onto Maisie. He took out a little cloth and dabbed some water on it from the jug next to them and began wiping off the blood so he could see the initial bite. He had never been a fan of animals and seeing the deep flesh wound on her arm only justified his dislike. Quickly he repeated the process Maisie had done and tied the bandage, sealing out the contaminants. [#ff3399 “I don’t suppose you have a plan, do you? While you’re over there feeling sorry for yourself.”]

The hounds barked loudly and scratched at the planes outer metal walls viciously. He wished they were back in the cave. It seemed that whatever decision they made was [i wrong.] When they sought shelter, they were met with more rain. When they tried to get to get to a more open spot, wild hounds smelt them out for dinner. [#ff3399 “I haven’t heard a plane…a search party…nothing…Maisie what is this shit?” ]

Maisie mumbled some apologies as she wrapped his injury in a bandage and secured it as best she could. She gave a sharp intake of breath when Denis mimicked her actions, clenching her jaw. She swallowed thickly, trying to catch her breath as she leaned back and she shook her head. She didn't have a plan, she was hoping he would have one.
[+blue "We can't go out and they can't get in."] She whispered quietly. She was feeling sorry for herself, her arm was aching and stinging and it would for the next few days no doubt. She watched him for a moment, she could feel his desperation and she mirrored it. No search plane, no rescue.

[+blue "I don't know..."] She said quietly, she didn't have any enemies right then that would want this for her.
[+blue "I don't think this is an accident."] She murmured softly but she was losing the will to stay awake, despite the hounds outside. She needed to sleep and they were safe for now.
[+blue "I have to sleep."] She said, as if looking for a way out. Maybe tomorrow they would be rescued, but she wasn't sure how long she would keep telling herself that. She pushed herself to her feet, slightly wobbly. She didn't feel great, the adrenaline was leaving her and she wanted to just sleep. She was glad they hadn't bled everywhere though, if this was going to be their refuge then they would need to keep it as hygienic as possible. She found the makeshift bed and lay down, draping a blanket over herself and she rubbed at her eyes. Her arm felt numb which was better than pain and she looked towards Denis. She wasn't sure how long he planned to keep up this stone cold wall towards everyone, whatever sarcastic attitude, but she needed him to just... not, for once. She didn't have the energy to combat him and they were stuck with each other.

[+blue "Try and rest. It'll heal that quicker."] She murmured softly to him, trying to get comfortable and settle down so she could sleep. The scratching and gnawing sounds from all around were daunting, spooking her and she closed her eyes. She wasn't asleep, she couldn't right then. She felt absolutely exhausted, but she also felt alone, sore and scared. She didn't want to admit that to Denis, it would just be something else for him to dig his teeth into.
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Master of the Rainbow

Denis closed his eyes and tilted his head back on the seat. He figured that if he tried to get comfortable, something would happen. He had to sleep with one eye open, alert and aware. The hounds carried on outside, howling and snarling viciously. It was as if they had been sent on a mission and couldn’t return until it was completed. How else would wild hell hounds end up on a secluded island and focused on them? He could hear their claws as they slashed at the metal, relentlessly. It was as if they were going to go all night, refusing sleep for the hunt.

He swallowed hard, and tried to focus on sleeping, though the noise was almost unbearable. The equivalent to [i ‘nails on a chalkboard’.] Denis sighed loudly to himself in growing frustration as he kept his eyes shut hard. He was determined to sleep a little so he could have the energy to decide on a plan by morning. The cave now seemed like paradise to him; he would take a rock pillow over scratching any day.

Denis awoke to the sun rising, pleasantly surprised to realize that he had fallen asleep. Groggily, he forced himself to his feet and stretched out his arms above his head, feeling a little pain from the bite. He couldn’t hear any more scratches or noise, so he peeked through the circular window and the area around them was deserted. Not a hound or anything in sight. Puzzled he turned to Maisie who was fast asleep. Her hair was a mess, sticking out every which way from the slumber.
[#ff0066 “Hey, get up. The hounds are gone.” ]
Denis moved forward towards the entrance of the plane, and carefully unlocked the latch, peeking outside. He was delighted to be free from the hounds, but the situation was becoming more troublesome. He wondered why they hadn’t even been rescued yet. He couldn’t comprehend the notion that a search party wasn’t out looking for them. His stomach began to churn at the thought of another night, but deep down he knew it was inevitable. If he kept waiting out for a rescue, they would both become hound food. They had to leave, find another spot. Maybe the other contestants were lost on the island too.

Maisie shifted awkwardly when Denis disturbed her and she grumbled a little. She waved a hand dismissively, blissfully unaware of just where they were. When she remembered, her eyes snapped open and she looked to Denis, pushing herself to sit up. She rubbed the back of her neck and yawned,
[+blue "That's good right?"] She said to him with a smile as she got to her feet and gave a surprised gasp. A hairy tarantula was creeping over one of the desks.
[+blue "Oh hey, look."] She said to Denis as she held out her hand and the little critter felt its way onto her hand, [+blue "She's a Chilean Rose tarantula. A friend of mine used to keep exotic animals. Snakes and frogs and things."] She said to Denis as she balanced the critter on her hand and giggled a little.

[+blue "They're harmless."] She assured him as she approached the hatch door and stepped outside. Sure enough, the hounds were gone and she crouched down to let the tarantula skitter off into the foliage and she dusted her hands off, looking to Denis with a bright smile. Still no rescue, well, at least they were safe now though. They had a shelter and some food and water so they weren't going to die horrifically and slowly.  She went back into the plane and brushed her teeth and fixed her tangled hair, inspecting her arm. It ached but there was nothing they could do. They weren't surgeons and she wasn't even sure if they had stopped infection.

[+blue "How's the arm?"] She asked him as she tilted her head. He looked freaked out and she figured it was because of the hounds. Bugs and things didn't bother Maisie, they never had. She liked most animals besides the ones in the water. She picked at some fruit and sighed out a little, if they didn't get rescued then they seriously could be in trouble. They weren't the type of people to survive in the wild, something would happen. Someone could get hurt and if one of them died then... Maisie watched Denis for a moment. She didn't want him to die out here, sure she didn't like him but that didn't mean she wanted him dead. It was humid and she was grateful for her vest and shorts, anything more smothering and she would be exhausted and disgusting. Then again this wasn't a pageant show.
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Master of the Rainbow

Denis felt his body turn to stone. He couldn’t move as Maisie carried around the tarantula as if it was a newborn puppy. Her careless attitude made him want to vomit as the evil creature crawled along her hand. His skin began to turn pale at the thought of it touching him. Quickly he jumped back and made his way away from her towards the back of the plane. He stood on one of the middle seats and watched as she set it free as if it could do no wrong. She was insane, he was convinced.

[#ff3399 “You fucking witch. What was the hell was that?!”] Denis practically screamed at her as she rounded the corner and came back from brushing her teeth, keeping his distance. He wanted her to shower before she got close and rid herself of the contaminants.
[#ff3399 “Just when I start to think I can tolerate you…you…you do something absolutely vile.”] He shook his head in disgust, imaging the tarantula’s hairy legs crawling along her arm.
[#ff3399 “Now you probably have a disease. Your face is going to blow up like a balloon! God! I can’t believe you didn’t kill it!” ]

Denis cursed under his breath and walked towards the bathroom in the back of the plane locking the door behind him. He relieved himself and washed up, hoping to bring back a little color to his face. He was hungry but felt he would probably vomit up whatever he ate because of the disgusting visitor. The thought that more of those creatures existed around him swirled around in his brain causing his anxiety to flare. He hated bugs more than anything, [i anything.] Sighing out he splashed his face with a little bit of water and returned to main corridor of the plane, watching his unwanted companion with distaste.
[#ff3399 “We need to leave…scope out the area.” ]

They had to move on search for something to help their grim situation. Obviously help wasn’t coming as quickly as he imagined. Denis scooted his way past Maisie, careful not to touch her tainted body. He unlatched the door again and stepped out, feeling the hot air kiss his skin. Looking around he kept his eye out for the hounds and walked ahead, stomping to scare away anything potentially lurking beneath his feet. As he made his way a few meters from the plane he noticed a shiny object in the ground. Curious he pulled it from the sand and determined it to be a sealed cannister of some sort.

[#ff3399 “Hey witch! I found something!”]

Maisie almost dropped her toothbrush when Denis screamed at her and she looked wildly confused. What was he so upset about? He didn't like spiders then, Maisie watched him storm off, her toothbrush hanging lamely in her mouth and her face puzzled. She didn't think it was a big deal, the tarantula hadn't hurt anyone after all. Maisie just finished brushing her teeth and found a brush to run through her hair, leaving Denis to his temper tantrum which was apparently her fault because she rescued a tarantula and he wanted to act like a big baby about it. She had never met such a spoiled, bratty, smug man in all her life and she sighed when he came out, giving orders and she was tempted to go find a bug and demand an apology from the overgrown Prince.

[+blue "What?"] Maisie snapped out of it and eyed Denis who was crouched down next to a cannister. That seemed a little oddly placed and she looked around, curious about where it had come from. She found another and frowned a little,
[+blue "What is this..."] She muttered quietly and opened the cannister she had, at arms length incase anything sprang our. There was a note inside that simply read [i 'For Denis and Maisie']. Maisie eyed the contents as she tipped them our carefully. Some antibiotics in the form of a shot and a guidebook full of information on the local wildlife and plants.

[+blue "Denis."] She said and looked up, utterly confused but they needed the antibiotics.
[+blue "Do you trust me enough to give you a shot or do you want to do it yourself?"] She asked as she handed over the contents of her find. The small book would help a lot now that she thought about it and she figured maybe there wasn't anything venomous here, if they had been planning to film a bunch of people in a resort, they might have cleared out anything toxic. That was wishful thinking. And where had the cannisters come from? Maisie eyed the shot and stretched out her damaged arm, injecting herself. Fluxocillin was printed up the side of each shot, a common and strong antibiotic.

[+blue "What's in yours? And stop calling me witch."] She asked Denis, if he couldn't do the shot himself then she would do it for him. Maisie hoped he wasn't terrified of needles too because if he was then she was really in fir a great time trying to survive with a big baby.
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Master of the Rainbow

[#cc00cc “Just stick me. What do you think I am? Some kind of wimp?”] Denis scoffed, and held out his arm to her. His eye lids shut tightly when she stuck the needle in, and he breathed out when it was done. The assortment of contents was quite strange, yet almost too ironic at the same time. They had their names written on a note, some book on plants, and medicine. It was almost like they were being watched like dogs and given the supplies they needed as things grew worse for their situation.

Denis rolled his sleeve down and picked up the book, flipping through it quickly. He didn’t understand why a book on plants was sent to them though it wouldn’t hurt if they grew desperate enough for food. He came to a few pages on berries and studied the colors for a few seconds. Anything that had spots, or a dark coloring seemed to be off limits for consumption, unless more cannisters were to appear with antibiotics. He tabbed the corner of the page, losing interest.

[#cc00cc “This has to be some sick game. I’m convinced.” ]
He tossed the book down on the ground next to the note and cannisters and sighed heavily. He was utterly drained and mentally exhausted from trying to piece together the puzzle. Nothing made sense. Just last week he was enjoying a day at the beach in his private yacht. Now he was contemplating on where they would sleep. They could take their chances and spend another night on the plane but that left them open to the hounds if they returned. Any choice was a disaster, and they were doomed. Denis kicked a rock out of frustration, and it bounced off the sand and hit Maisie in the shin forcefully.

[#cc00cc “Sorry.” ]
When the foreign word left his mouth he blinked a few times, perplexed by what he said. He never apologized because he never did anything wrong, so why did he? Feeling his face flush, he turned away from her and looked back out at the direction they had traveled from. It seemed pointless to go back to the cave, but what other option did they have? The day was new, and the sun was bright. If they had any chance of finding any ray of hope, now was the time.

Maisie did as instructed and stuck him with the needle. Hopefully it would keep the infection at bay and she knew this wasn't some strange coincidence. Those cannisters had their names on it. This couldn't be... part of the show, right? Maisie shook the thought off of her and then Denis spoke her thoughts. She gave him a look at his words and then a rock hit her shin and she doubled over, giving a yelp. She was about to fume at him and then he did something she never thought possible.

Denis apologized.

Maisie stared at him for a moment and just nodded,
[+blue "It's alright, I got in the way."] Maisie frowned at herself. How dumb did she sound?! And why was she taking the blame for him having another tantrum? She sighed and looked away, rubbing the back of her neck.
[+blue "We should uh, try and get some more rest. I'll uh... Make sure the plane is safe and no creepy crawlies will get in."] She mumbled to him quietly. They'd need to make it safe against some of the wildlife, maybe board a couple of windows up and get rid of any gaps. If Denis was afraid of harmless spiders then it was probably best not to tell him there were toxic ones about right then.

Probably, she could only imagine in the thick jungle there were animals that were harmful, not just the hounds.

Maisie stepped back inside the plane and dragged a hand down her face, groaning a little. She fixed the place up as best she could, shooing any wayward bugs that had crawled in and she found a sheet of sorts, pinning it over the doorway. It would serve as a mosquito net, it wasn't the best in all honesty but it would have to do. She cleared as much space as she could, Maisie and Denis living in close quarters like this was bound to have a terrible clash at some point so the more space they had, the better.

[+blue "Hey, Denis."] She called as she stuck her head out the cabin door and eyed him over, [+blue "I made some space. If you wanna nap, go ahead I can keep a lookout."] She said and shrugged. She was doing her best to be nice to this spoiled brat.
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Master of the Rainbow

He almost just wanted to ignore her at this point. They clearly had different opinions on what they should do. She wanted them to [i nap], he wanted to go out and continue to try and find help. Feeling agitated he pressed on and kept moving farther away. He was not courageous enough to wander off to far, but he felt that if he could see some part of the plane, he would be [i ok.] It wasn’t like Maisie offered him too much protection. Mainly to him she was just a few extra braincells and a great decoy in case shit got real.

Denis had no idea how much time had passed but he was feeling more relaxed after the fresh air. His head was a bit clearer and perhaps he could convince Maisie that they needed to leave. The haunting feeling was eating at him more and more, but he still hadn’t the slightest clue as to why. He took off in a sprint back in the direction he came from and stopped at the railing of the plane to catch his breath before entering.

It was tidy, spacious, and cleaner than he remembered. In the middle row, Denis noticed Maisie curled up with some blankets, fast asleep by the window. He imagined she also had a restless night of sleep due to the hounds and was probably dreaming of releasing her own make up line or something uninteresting to him. Denis approached her and knelt beside her, feeling the sudden urge to take a quick nap himself. The sprint had depleted more of his energy than he realized.
[#ff0066 “Hey, wake up, witch.” ]
He shook her shoulders a little bit, waiting for her big eyes to flutter open and give him a frightened look. Denis tried to hold his laugh as he hovered inches from her face and the window. Feeling a sudden shiver down his spine he turned towards the window and was greeted by a malicious looking clown staring back at him.
[#ff0066 “On second thought Maisie…Don’t open your eyes.”]
His voice shook unable to react to the demonic being.

[center ……….]

[center [pic]]

[#996633 “Can you believe they voted for a killer clown, boss?” ]
The boss shook his head grinning. He had much bigger plans in store to really kick off his ratings into record breaking highs. The sky was the limit at this point for him and he couldn’t lose the opportunity to keep climbing towards the money.

Maisie must have dozed off amongst the blankets at some point. Her arm hurt, last night she had gotten barely any sleep and all she wanted was just a couple hours if peace. Denis would be fine, so why was she dreaming about him? She could hear him, she thought but then she realised he was waking her up and she squinted slightly, stifling a yawn. She could feel his breath and she managed to open her eyes, half lidded and gazing at him sleepily. He noticed something and told her to close her eyes again. Maisie narrowed her eyes and gazed at him but she was so tired.

[+blue "Denis, please, I'm so tired."] No pranks, she just wanted to sleep and recover from this injury. Maybe in the next few days they would get a rescue plane, word just needed to get out, right? She opened her eyes fully and watched Denis, whatever it was, he wasn't joking around and she furrowed her brow. She sat up slowly and prodded his cheek,
[+blue "Hey, Denis?"] She asked him quietly, fighting every instinct to look behind her, [+blue "What's behind me?"] She said, half afraid of the answer. Maybe it was another bug, something harmless and he was spooked.

Maisie held onto Denis' arm and turned over her shoulder, seeing the leering face of the clown, with a sickening grin. She stared in disbelief. A fucking clown? Now she knew someone was screwing around with them! He wasn't doing anything, he was just staring and smiling like some psycho and Maisie shuffled backwards.
[+blue "Denis, what do we do?"] She asked him, suddenly the clown was laughing, it was muffled by the glass and Maisie could feel terror rising in her chest as she clutched onto Denis for dear life. She wouldn't leave him behind, she didn't know whether to run or not, he wasnt advancing on them but suddenly he brought up a hand and started pounding at the pane of glass, it started to crack slowly and splinter.

Maisie held onto Denis and stared as the clown retreated and she couldnhear the laughter circling the plane and she got to her feet very slowly, peeking out of one of the windows and she could see him about ten yards away, staring and laughing, cackling like some warped hyena. She looked to Denis,
[+blue "He's still there. I- I don't think he has any weapons, I can't see but what the Hell is this?"] It was probably good Denis hadn't been outside when this idiot showed up.

Maisie sank back down so she was out of sight and looked to Denis, she had no idea what to do now, where to go. They were sort of just stuck. The hounds had cleared off and now they were stuck with this prankster. But if a person was on the island then that meant there was others, right? Maisie hadn't let go of Denis the entire time, absolutely petrified of what the Clown might do. They were alone out here, she was alone. Denis would probably sell her for an apple right about then and she didn't blame him.
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Master of the Rainbow

The fact that she asked him what they should do was beyond his comprehension. He had never been subjected to a situation where he was being taunted by a psychotic guy dressed in a clown costume. It was some trend you would see on the internet for views, not an actual reality. This didn’t happen to people like him. People with immense amounts of wealth and privilege. A wave of impeccable defeat washed over his face as he dangled inches away from Maisie. Now they were stuck inside forced to wait out the monster. It was the craziest situation he had ever found himself in.

He winced as she took his arm and had a feeling of relief because at least he wasn’t subjected to the torture by himself. His relationship with Maisie was unwanted yet vital to his survival.
[#ff0066 “Do we have any weapons?”]
Denis tried to ignore the clown and focus on figuring out a plan, but it started banging on the window so viciously that it cracked to his amazement.
[#ff0066 “Holy shit, alright. We are going to need some weapons. Is there anything we can use on this thing? Can you fight? Is this guy for fucking real?"]
He tilted his head, some of his golden hair brushing against Maisie’s face.
[#ff0066 “This is becoming personal. Something isn’t right with this whole thing. No rescue but we get antibiotics. Come on…we are being toyed with.”]
The realization was becoming evident the more he thought about everything that they had been through and the unusual circumstances surrounding it.
[#ff0066 “A fucking torrential downpour and flash flood, blood thirsty hounds, and not a maniac? What the actual fuck?” ]

Denis hit his fist against the window and rolled out of the seat. He needed to get his head together and think. The clown had already cracked the glass and it was bound to do even more damage. Obviously, the plane was not safe anymore but how could they leave? They had no guns, knives, or anything sharp for that matter, only the hands of a make-up guru and a pretty-boy model.
[#ff0066 “We are going to die out here…six feet under…dead”]

The clown raced around the plane, circling it like prey. It laughed maniacally with a twisted smile as it ran its axe along the outer metal edges of the plane’s body. The noise was ten times worse than the blood hounds scratching, almost deafening. His sick game was only beginning.
Nullification     1y ago

No weapons, nothing to defend themselves with. The sound of his blade scratching along the metal of the plane hurt her ears and sent chills down her spine. Denis was panicking, Maisie didn't know what to do, it was a nightmare come to reality and she gazed at him. His panicking wasn't helping and as far as she could tell, the psycho couldn't get in. He was right about one thing, this was getting personal. They couldn't keep on like this, every day it was something new, something more horrific. The flood, the hounds and now this? It was too much coincidence and Maisie was trying to think of a plan. They couldn't leave.

She looked to Denis,
[+blue "Okay, okay."] She said, trying to calm herself down and trying to calm Denis down too while she was at it.
[+blue "We aren't going to die, that's not- Okay, just Denis calm down!"] She said to him. They couldn't fight, but he couldn't get in.
[+blue "He can't get it, just calm down, if he could get in then we would have already and we'd already be dead."] She tried to soothe him but she didn't let go of his arm, clinging onto it for dear life. She was terrified but one of them had to have some sort of hope that they'd survive the night.

[+blue "He can't get in."] She comforted, although there was fear hitching her voice and she was scared. She slowly got to her feet, doing her best to try and ignore the scratching sounds coming from around the plane. She started to cover up the windows with what they could spare, sheets, towels, anything. That way he couldn't see in and her hands were shaking violently. This wasn't funny anymore and if this was a practical joke then it had gone too far.
[+blue "See?"] She said, it was hardly a huge help but it might at least mean they could sleep more through the night. They had to sleep, eat and drink, she knew that was the basics for survival and they had to stay as safe as they could. Everything else would fall into place, she had to believe that. Neither of them were equipped to deal with this sort of thing, they weren't survivalists, they were personalities, Denis was a model and she did tutorials online.

[+blue "It's alright, we'll be fine like this."] The clown couldn't see them and they couldn't see him, right? She swallowed and it was evident she was nervous but trying to put a brave face on given everything going on right then.
TasteMyRainbowDenis Ivan   1y ago
Master of the Rainbow

[#ff0066 “Maisie! This is not the time to tell me to ‘calm down’. HOW CAN I CALM DOWN?” ]
He watched her board up the windows with whatever cloths she could find, too much in shock to help. She wanted to [i hide] and he wanted to [i run]. They were both cowards, who were doomed to lay victim to The Isle.
[#ff0066 “A fucking blanket is not going to keep this psychopath out. He knows we are in here. I feel like if I can’t see him…its almost worse.”]

Denis was having a fit as he went to the door and peeked through the window that was covered up with the sheet. He felt his anger and frustration boil and didn’t want to take it out on Maisie since she was already trembling from the situation.
Scanning the area intensely, he sighed loudly not being able to see the clown anywhere. There was no way he was going to sleep with the maniac out there. He could keep watch through the night and let Maisie catch up on some rest. Just as he was about to close the sheet, the clown appeared. It slammed into the door face first, planting its face against the window.

Fear was always something he believed he could overcome, except the fear of insects. If he pushed himself to do something, the fear would vanish. However, this fear would never leave him. The look on the clowns deformed face will haunt him forever. The psychopath’s deep set black eyes caused the hair on the back of his neck to stand-up. He had never been so close to someone that belonged in a high security prison. As the panic set in, he backed up and dropped the sheet, regretting the fact that he wanted to be able to see him.

His heart was racing as he slumped down in the front seat. Whoever that clown was, it was not human, he knew for a fact. Humans didn’t look at people the way that the clown looked at him. Denis felt that his growing suspicions were being validated, and this was a set-up. Someone or something was toying with their lives for a sick and twisted reason.
[#ff0066 “I never thought I would be telling you this but, I’m scared shitless, Maisie.”]
He overlapped his hands and pressed them on top of his head, trying to compose himself.


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