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Wizarding world with OC's

By Anime_freak

Replies: 1289 / 84 days ago

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This is a Harry potter OC role play. We are a group of friends that go to Hogwarts! But what happens is 2 get Gryfindoor, the other 2 including me , get Slytherin. We try to stay friends but after I got us into trouble we stopped talking. Will we stay friends? Will we never talk again?
please fill out character sheet and PM Me!

Full name:
wand type:
broom type:
parents: (can't be Harry potter, Malfoy, Hermione or Ron, sorry)
other:(They could have met one of the main characters though! Thats fine!)

My character:

Full name: Devin mark
gender: Male
blood: pure blood
wand type: phoenix wand
broom type:Nimbus 7000
weaknesses:Health type spells.
strengths: Harming spells
Personalty:Strong, short tempered, social, Troublemaker.
hobbies: going into the forest.
bio: loves animals, hangs out with friends, hates the rules.
other: Enjoys sneaking out, is like the main person who is blamed for the trouble so hes used to it. He has met Draco and Harry, Only because his parents are friends.
parents: just wizards. Some how related to shape
PM your character!

Full name: hillory lillian
nickname: hills
Age: 13
gender: female
blood: muggle born
wand type: dragon heartstring
broom type: nimbus 7000
weaknesses: potions
strengths: protection spells
Personalty: kind friendly loves to read and always wants to make new friends yet is always bullied
hobbies: reading quidditch(when learns to play) and drawing
parents: Dudley Dursley(if allowed) and unknown mum
other: related to harry potter but doesn't know has been raised unaware wizards and witches existed until she gets her acceptance letter to Hogwarts

Full name: Amber Yami
nickname: don’t have one
gender: Female
blood: half-blood
wand type: dragon heart string
broom type: nimbus 2000
weaknesses: talking to people (lol) people who mention on know her backstory
strengths: quidditch, standing up for people
Personalty: rude, cold, quiet, smart,a quick thinker and brave
hobbies:drawing, writing
parents: died in a fire a few years before she got accepted into Hogwarts
other: amber is really kind once you do get to know her

Full name: Damien Garnie
nickname: Tricky
Age: 14
gender: male
blood: half blood
wand type: Phoenix heartstrings (can't think of anything else off the top of my head)
broom type: nimbus 7000
weaknesses: can be bribed, not very good at socializing unless it's a about something he's very passionate about/if he absolutely needs too, can't solve riddles (he just blows them up)
strengths: good with weapons, not very easy to manipulate, can break the fourth wall, is able to complete an assignment on the day it's due and get a decent grade, has mastery over explosions/explosive spells (dunno if there are any I haven't read Harry Potter in a while lol)
Personalty: chill, a bit on the crazy side, daring, a bit self centered, and kinda lazy
hobbies: using explosives, playing truth or dare, fighting people
bio: he had a relatively normal childhood, with an older brother he got into fights with a lot but still loved each other, but once he had seen a war documentary on TV, he became fascinated with explosives and almost accidentally blew off his arm the first time he and his brother tried to use a grenade. (Don't ask where he got the grenade)
parents: Unknown
other: they are very skilled with explosives as well, which is how he got the nickname 'boom' which was shortened to 'b' then just 'bb' then to 'tricky' from both his adept explosive habits and his liking of the Madness Combat series.
I have absolutely no idea)
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At that, he ran faster, wanting to see what was happening.
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