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вellιѕ lιвerтy v2

By Unisex

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Bellis Liberty Academy

Dear Student,
Congratulations! You've been accepted into Bellis Liberty Academy for Boys. Included in this letter is a list of guidelines and school rules, the academy crest pin, and your dorm room number. We look forward to your success at our prestigious Academy and will help you discover that one true hidden talent.

Bellis Liberty Academy sets off the coast of Japan, a mile long bridge separates the campus from the rest of civilization. A private island, if you will. It's hidden for a reason. Only those who are aware of the school have a chance to attend. The main reason being.. it's a school for vampires.

The main conflict within the student body is between the purebloods and newbloods - turned vampires. One powerful, pureblood family owns the school. Keeps the students divided and always causes the major conflict. Another powerful family comes and stirs the pot, their mission to unite everyone. More conflict ensures and newbloods begin to disappear or found dead on campus. It's a wonder who'll survive and conquer the school.

Xaphan, The headmaster's son. Only heir to the Von Ruden Family. The popular boy. A pureblood who looks down upon the newbloods and does everything in his power to make their lives hell. He's quite known for his rather slender and feminine appearance, a wolf in sheep's clothing so to speak. He hates anyone who tries and overthrows him. Yet.. he makes his own discoveries. Secrets his parents kept him from, YC being one of them.

Ivan, A shy and timid newblood who transferred into Bellis Liberty on scholarship. He struggles with the whole status division and becomes a literal pet amongst the pureblood students. Despite being adopted by pureblood parents, he's come to be labelled a fraud and becomes bullied constantly. He joins a secret group of newbloods who plan to bring about change.. no matter the means. This could also bring new change for himself. A newfound confidence.

[left ]
YC is a pureblood that comes from a lower rank family. A child once belonging to the Von Ruden family. An adopted child who was kicked out once the only true heir was born. Having built a deep hatred for the Von Ruden family over the years, he seeks nothing but to get back what belonged to him in the first place. And that's stripping Xaphan down first. While he hates newbloods as well, he's been called The beast at school. One with the potential of going up against him.

[right ]
YC is a newblood who seeks revolutionary change amongst the vampires; newbloods and purebloods alike, even hybrids who attend the Academy. He's formed a group called Black Knights, 16 members and growing.. a secret group who has yet to be discovered. The next blood moon is slowly creeping up, the night he plans to make his move.

My general rules.
We'll be doubling for this. One pureblood, one newblood with their own story. This RP is open-ended for a reason. It can go any direction. Obviously an MxM RP.
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