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Worlds Collide: The Moonlit Fang’s Journey

By Catlover33
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What happens when a young male from another world stumbles into a completely different world? What happens when people find him? All of that and more will be answered soon.

In another world, most of The Returners were captured by the Ghestalian Empire and were forcibly fused with Espers. This left very little survivors with only Locke Cole and 1-2 other people surviving. These people were taken somewhere else entirely however Locke managed to escape. Just as he was escaping, he fell into a portal that transported him to an entirely different world. Scared and confused, he started to try and find his way around this new world. Little did he know that he fell into a world full of people from other worlds.

The New Esper Experiments

These experiments had to deal with Espers. Conducted back in Locke’s home world, these experiments were run by the Ghestalian Empire in a research facility dedicated to it. Just recently, these experiments involved forcibly fusing humans with Espers. The most recent people subjected to this test were The Returners. The experiments had a high casualty rate with almost all of the experiments dying. Those who survived gained the power of the Esper that they were fused with and were also unfortunately stuck sharing a body with that Esper. It is unknown if these experiments have spread to other worlds.


Portals are mysterious gateways to other worlds. Not much is known about them however they have been popping up a lot in other worlds recently. They transport people to one world but for what purpose is unknown as of now.

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Catlover33Locke   1y ago

Locke was unconscious in the middle of a grassy field. He had been recently dropped into the area by a portal and had yet to wake up. He appeared to be human except for the wolf ears and tail that he had thanks to the Ghestalian Empire fusing him with Fenrir.

Khaalida was walking through the forest about a mile or two from where Locke was when she'd felt the strange energy caused by the portal opening. "Another one?" she wondered as she began to wander toward the source, still confused as to where she'd ended up and hoping to- not interact- but observe the possible other's in a similar situation, if not the exact same situation as her
Catlover33Locke   1y ago

Locke slightly moved in his unconscious state. The energy from the portal would prevent him from waking up for now. He was mostly unaware of his surroundings and didn’t have any way to interact with people.

Khaalida wandered around a while longer, changing her form to travel through the shadows as she went across a highway alive with cars and speeding traffic and went across into the forest around the field, changing once more as she returned to her own form and looked at Locke from the shadows, observing quietly as she kept her distance.
Catlover33Locke   1y ago

Locke muttered something in his sleep. He then tried to wake up again but to no avail. He still wouldn’t wake up because of what the portal did to him. He laid on the ground motionlessly.

Khaalida would note this, emotionlessly, she decided to get closer and would see if she could help in some way though she remained on guard and skeptical as she did
Catlover33Locke   1y ago

Locke ended up slightly moving again. He seemed to be having a nightmare with no way to get out of it. He ended up yelping and started to whimper in his sleep.

Khaalida sighed, shaking her head as she held out a hand, palm facing him as she focused a small charge of mana (or magic or something) and released it as it hit him directly, causing no injury or anything but only working to wake him up
Catlover33Locke   1y ago

Locke woke up and ended up yelping in surprise. He tried to stand up and sighed. He then looked around and started to freak out slightly. He was confused about where he was. “Where am I?” He said.

Khaalida sat back and shrugged "your guess is as good as mine" she muttered. [i 'if he starts berating me with questions im leaving'] she thought
Catlover33Locke   1y ago

“So you don’t know what this place is either then.” Locke said. His wolf ears were folded against his head and he seemed to generally be confused about where he was. He seemed to be lost in thought just thinking about all of the possibilities that could have happened.

Khaalida seemed unsurprised, though tense she still seemed a bit relaxed as if relieved, almost like going through the portal had saved her from a worse fate though she wouldn't show it so obviously. She remained expressionless and showed no emotion as she looked toward the direction from where she'd arrived, her ears twitched at the sound of cars crashing in a massive fatal accident on the highway. "no i dont" she muttered in response, unbothered by the distinct sounds of distress
Catlover33Locke   1y ago

“Anyway, I don’t think that it’s safe out here. I just heard a very unsettling noise.” Locke said. He didn’t want to be outside anymore after he heard the noise of a car crash. The wolf ears on his head perked up at the sound of the noise.

Her gaze shifted to him as she tilted her head slightly "and where else would you expect to go?" she stood there looking at him, not saying anything that she'd already scoped out the area where she'd landed in the forest and had decided she'd reside in a decent-sized cave that she planned on transforming into a hidden 'home' soon
Catlover33Locke   1y ago

“Somewhere indoors where it’s safe. What other option do I really have.” Locke said. He felt like he just had to find a place to stay so that he wouldn’t end up getting severely hurt.

Khaalida sighed and shook her head slightly, mumbling something as her tail flicked in a 'follow me' motion as she turned and began making her way back casually, figuring if she didn't want to end up the monster she was created to be then she'd go against the nature of the magic her creators made her with and instead help someone out
Catlover33Locke   1y ago

Locke started to follow Khaalida. He didn’t know why he was following her but he really didn’t want to be left outside anymore. He was already a little spooked.

She didn't fully understand why she wanted to go against what she was told her purpose was, but she did. They soon arrived by the cave several minutes later "wait here" she mumbled and entered the cave as a bramble of vines grew around the opening and blocked all view of the inside as all that could be seen through the brambles was a faint bright light
Catlover33Locke   1y ago

Locke stayed where he was. He was good at waiting and also seemed to be rather good at following orders. He couldn’t understand why he was good at following orders, however.

a few minutes later the brambles and vines dispersed and revealed what appeared to be a solid rock wall which Khaalida seemed to walk straight through. She nodded toward Locke, indicating he could follow if he chose, and went back inside the cave which now looked like a two story human home illuminated by spheres of light within each room
Catlover33Locke   1y ago

Locke decided to follow Khaalida. He was curious about why the cave appeared to be like a two story home. He quickly shook off his curiosity, however.

Khaalida would give no explanation as she sat down on a rocky couch that would be surprisingly comfortable as she looked at Locke. "If we're gonna be stuck in this world we might as well know each other" she muttered, her arms crossed with one leg casually over the other. She sat back as if there was nothing to worry about. "I'm Khaalida Delany but i don't really care what you call me"
Catlover33Locke   1y ago

“My name is Locke Cole. I really don’t feel like saying more but it’s nice to meet you, Khaalida.” Locke said. He was rather nice if not a little on the goofy side.

"nice to meet you too" she nodded acknowledgement and looked away from him, sitting back on the couch as she began to let her thoughts drift
Catlover33Locke   1y ago

Locke just stood there motionlessly. He closed his eyes and ended up yawning for some reason. He was slightly tired.

Khaalida looked up and pointed to a door casually "if you're tired there's a bed in there" she still didnt look up. The only reason she'd made 'bedrooms' at all wasn't for her, she doesnt sleep.
Catlover33Locke   1y ago

Locke walked over to the door. “I’ll be back once I get some sleep. I’m really tired for some reason.” He said softly. He really did need to get some sleep.

Khaalida just sat there getting lost in her thoughts, her only reply a simple "mhm" the orbs of light starting to dim enough to make for comfortable sleeping while illuminating just enough to see by to walk around
Catlover33Locke   1y ago

Locke entered the room and closed the door behind him before he fell asleep. He would be out for several hours.

Khaalida remained where she was a few hours before shaking off her thoughts. When Locke woke up the smell of food would have filled the cave-house and she would be in the kitchen. As she would control the fires on the stove and cook, she sang softly, figuring since he was asleep she wouldn't be heard
Catlover33Locke   1y ago

Locke had woken up and yawned. He stayed relatively motionless and silent. He didn’t really want to get up at all.

She continued to sing as she started to get lost in the song and the sound of her voice carried throughout the (im not sure what to call it anymore... cave or house or keep saying cave-house.....). Khaalida finished cooking as she would set the food to stay warm then sit at a table as she would draw on a thin stone slab with chalk, still singing calmly
Catlover33Locke   1y ago

Locke came out of his room and ended up yawning again. He was a little sleepy and didn’t move all that much.

Khaalida would sketch the face of a being from her world from memory onto the slab as if a picture had been taken and pasted onto it as she continued to sing, a single tear ran down her cheek as she drew and the song came to a close as her voice got more quiet until she went completely silent
Catlover33Locke   1y ago

“Just how long have I been asleep? I feel a little stiff.” Locke said. He ended up yawning again. He was trying to shake off that last little bit of stubborn sleepiness.

Khaalida tensed. [i 'had he heard the song?'] she wondered and shook away the feeling "couple hours" she replied calmly, finishing the portrait as she went and set it against a wall casually and looked at him "there's food if youre hungry" she told him
Catlover33Locke   1y ago

“I am a little hungry but I think that I can manage.” Locke said. He walked over to a table and sat down.

Khaalida shrugged and grabbed another slab of stone and set it on a counter as she began another portrait sketch of someone
Catlover33Locke   1y ago

Locke had decided to rest his head on the table. He was a little hungrier than before and was also trying hard to not fall asleep.

Khaalida would continue the next portrait sketch and hum quietly as she did, seemingly calm and almost happy for someone who was just transported out of their world
Catlover33Locke   1y ago

“Why am I still sleepy? I slept like a rock for several hours already.” Locke said softly. He didn’t understand why he was sleepy.

Khaalida looked at him a moment then returned her attention to the sketch "I dont know" she mumbled honestly, even with her magic/mana she couldn't detect anything that might explain the drowsiness Locke continued to experience.
Catlover33Locke   1y ago

“Hopefully it passes soon. I don’t like feeling this drowsy.” Locke said softly before he ended up falling asleep again.

Khaalida nodded slightly, figuring it was the portals strange energy causing this and that it should wear off in a couple more hours if not a few days at most
Catlover33Locke   1y ago

Locke muttered something in his sleep again. He was having a nightmare that had to deal with seeing all of his allies dying in front of him. It was a horrible nightmare to say the least.

Khaalida looked over as she stopped sketching and sighed, creating a small orb of mana that would float above his head to ease the nightmare and help him sleep more calmly. Having used a lot of mana for the day's evens, she went to a room to meditate calmly
Catlover33Locke   1y ago

Locke ended up falling onto the floor. He was unconscious so he didn’t realize it at all and only continued to sleep.

Khaalida was in a sleep-like state as she meditated, the cursed pendant around her neck beginning to glow and somewhat float as she payed no mind to it, her eyes closed as she would remain in this state of meditation
Catlover33Locke   1y ago

Locke continued to sleep on the floor. Hopefully he was able to shake off his sleepiness by actually sleeping.

After a few hours the pendant stopped glowing and would rest once again around her neck, she opened her eyes and stood and stretched.


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