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By Hijirikawa-
Backup thread

[right [pic]][center ━━━━━━━━━ ☽◯☾ ━━━━━━━━━][left [#0d0d0d [font "Times" greetings and salutations]] [#1a1a1a [font "Times" i am solunaie]] [#262626 [font "Times" if you are reading this, it's likely because]] [#333333 [font "Times" i am looking for a new roleplay]] [#404040 [font "Times" and this is the thread of information]] [#4d4d4d [font "Times" with which to search]] [#595959 [font "Times" and define my terms]] [#666666 [font "Times" i do not have many rules]] [#737373 [font "Times" but i feel strongly about that which is here]] [#808080 [font "Times" so please read all of the information here]] [#8c8c8c [font "Times" i do not have endless patience]] [#999999 [font "Times" try as i might,]] [#a6a6a6 [font "Times" so if you disregard my guidelines]] [#b3b3b3 [font "Times" we will never write again.]]] [i ] [i ] [i ] [i ] [i ] [i ] [i ] [i ] [i ] [i ] [i ] [i ] [hr ] [right [pic]] [i ] [i ] [i ] [i ] [i ] [#1a1a1a [font "Times" [u rules:]]] [right [font "Times" [size12 [#b3b3b3 please be over 18- i am not comfortable conversing with anyone younger than that]]] [font "Times" [size12 [#b3b3b3 do not expect the moon from me- i write between 1500-3000 characters per post, depending on interaction and how many characters i am playing. i will not add more words for superfluous post length]]] [font "Times" [size12 [#b3b3b3 be creative- at least to a point. i take a lot of plot ideas from media, but generally use all my own characters. please help further the plot, and have interesting characters, or i will terminate the thread]]] [font "Times" [size12 [#b3b3b3 playbys and character profiles- i prefer using real life pictures for characters, however this can be amended if nothing appropriate can be found]]] [font "Times" [size12 [#b3b3b3 keep your text clean and easy to read]]] [font "Times" [size12 [#b3b3b3 if you lose interest, please tell me- it happens to me all the time]]] [font "Times" [size12 [#b3b3b3 if you are not having fun, we are not doing it right. communicate with me.]]]][#ffffff .] [i ] [hr ] [i ] [i ] [#1a1a1a [font "Times" [u interests:]]] [right [font "Times" [size12 [#b3b3b3 romance]]] [font "Times" [size12 [#b3b3b3 drama]]] [font "Times" [size12 [#b3b3b3 horror]]] [font "Times" [size12 [#b3b3b3 obsession]]] [font "Times" [size12 [#b3b3b3 science fiction (to a mild degree)]]] [font "Times" [size12 [#b3b3b3 fantasy]]] [font "Times" [size12 [#b3b3b3 some fandoms]]] [font "Times" [size12 [#b3b3b3 established universes]]]] [i ] [i ] [i ] [i ] [i ] [i ] [i ] [i ] [#1a1a1a [font "Times" [u please stay away from:]]] [i ] [i ] [right [font "Times" [size12 [#b3b3b3 detailed fight scenes]]] [font "Times" [size10 [#b3b3b3 [i i am not good at them]]]] [font "Times" [size12 [#b3b3b3 writing real people]]] [font "Times" [size12 [#b3b3b3 "bandom" plots]]] [font "Times" [size12 [#b3b3b3 over exaggerated character traits]]]] [i ] [i ] [i ] [i ] [i ] [i ] [i ] [hr ] [center [pic] [i [font "Times" [#1a1a1a [size12 tell me your favorite song]]]]] [i ] [i ] [i ] [right [#0d0d0d [font "Times" fandoms/media interests:]] [#1a1a1a [font "Times" homestuck]] [#262626 [font "Times" outlander]] [#333333 [font "Times" you]] [#404040 [font "Times" until dawn]] [#4d4d4d [font "Times" witcher III]] [#595959 [font "Times" detroit: become human ]] [#666666 [font "Times" heathers]] [#737373 [font "Times" descendants]] [#808080 [font "Times" nier]] [#8c8c8c [font "Times" mamma mia]] [#999999 [font "Times" be more chill]] [#a6a6a6 [font "Times" skyrim]] [#b3b3b3 [font "Times" many more ]]] [i ] [i ] [i ] [i ] [i ] [i ] [i ] [i ] [i ] [i ] [i ] [i ] [i ] [i ] [i ] [i ] [i ] [i ] [i ] [i ] [i ] [center [ [pic]]] [center [font "times" [#1a1a1a [size10 if you're interested, send me a message. untitled messages will be ignored. ]]]] [hr ] [left [#1a1a1a [font "Times" roleplay status:]]][center [font "Times" [size12 [#b3b3b3 full ◯ plotting ◯ [#404040 open for (2) more]]]]] [hr ]
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