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[✧ S e a r c h ]

By Hijirikawa-

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━━━━━━━━━ ☽◯☾ ━━━━━━━━━
greetings and salutations

i am solunaie

if you are reading this, it's likely because

i am looking for a new roleplay

and this is the thread of information

with which to search

and define my terms

i do not have many rules

but i feel strongly about that which is here

so please read all of the information here

i do not have endless patience

try as i might,

so if you disregard my guidelines

we will never write again.


please be over 18- i am not comfortable conversing with anyone younger than that

do not expect the moon from me- i write between 1500-3000 characters per post, depending on interaction and how many characters i am playing. i will not add more words for superfluous post length

be creative- at least to a point. i take a lot of plot ideas from media, but generally use all my own characters. please help further the plot, and have interesting characters, or i will terminate the thread

playbys and character profiles- i prefer using real life pictures for characters, however this can be amended if nothing appropriate can be found

keep your text clean and easy to read

if you lose interest, please tell me- it happens to me all the time

if you are not having fun, we are not doing it right. communicate with me.






science fiction (to a mild degree)


some fandoms

established universes

please stay away from:

detailed fight scenes

i am not good at them

writing real people

"bandom" plots

over exaggerated character traits

tell me your favorite song

fandoms/media interests:




until dawn

witcher III

detroit: become human




mamma mia

be more chill


many more

if you're interested, send me a message. untitled messages will be ignored.

roleplay status:
full ◯ plotting ◯
open for (2) more

Video ChatKumospace [Everyone] [Everyone]


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