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marring my friend?

By Anime_freak

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MUSE A and MUSE B are best friends. One day at the end of a mutual friend’s wedding MUSE A, worried that she won’t ever find anyone to share her life with and that she will grow old on her own, starts moping. MUSE B comes up with an idea; If they both are not married when they are thirty years old, they will just marry each other. Years later they, still not married, MUSE B shows up at MUSE A’s thirtieth birthday and proposes. This is when MUSE A remembers about their past promise.

Option 1: MUSE A is actually in a relationship - just not married. MUSE B knows this but still wants to come back on their promise for his best friend is not married yet and he secretly always had a thing for her. What will MUSE A do?

Option 2: MUSE A does remember and has been excited for days, yet now it is her birthday she is actually worried about it, afraid MUSE B has forgotten about their promise. It is only later that night when he does propose.

| This can be m/m, m/f, f/f. How they propose is of course entirely up to you guys. The character must will be 500 hundred, If you can't we can talk and if you give me enough to go off from i may bump it down to 300.
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