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By emmaaaaa

Replies: 1 / 6 days ago

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Summaries. As an anonymous night guard, you must survive five nights as you are hunted by five animatronics hell-bent on killing you. You are the night guard at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, a Chuck-E-Cheese styled family restaurant. As the night progresses you are stalked by five animatronic characters looking to kill you.
Puppet/Charlie (Female): @emmaaaaa
Freddy/Gabriel (Male): open
Chica/Suzie (Female): open
Foxy/Fritz (Male): open
Bonnie/Jeremy (Male): open
Golden Freddy/Cassidy (Female): open
Phone guy (Male): my sis
Henry Emily (Charlottes dad, male): open
PURPLE BRUH (william, male): @anime_freak
can i be william please?
Anime_freak / 6d ago