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Keeper of the Flames

By Blake_Pierce

Replies: 19 / 7 days ago

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  1. [Allowed] Anime_freak

There are always different ways to make sure that your legacy stays. Assassinations, sacrifices, and other things. Well, these 5 people might just make the legacy of New Covington the same or even better.

All these people can have magical powers but they cannot be overpowered. They have to have some sort of weakness.

There really arent any roles to speak of so far but we all need to work together on making this work.

I am needing some more people to help me work this out.

Dm me if you are interested at all or if you just wanna help out.


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She glared at him and backed away. "I think you are the freak in this situation if you can't appreciate what you have." Then she turned around to walk away when she felt a sudden pang of guilt.
BlakeTheDino / 5d ago
he stares at her. ''are you crazy? you have to keep them a secret or your a freak."
Tyson / Anime_freak / 6d ago
She frowned very hard at this and said a little too loudly. "Why not?"
BlakeTheDino / 6d ago
he shakes his head. ''but I don't want them." he says with a cold tone.
Tyson / Anime_freak / 6d ago
She looked around to make sure no one was looking. She turned back to him and waved her hand in a circle and created a small dagger. "You have powers too."
Blake_Pierce / 6d ago
''d-don't please..'' he said softly.
Anime_freak / 6d ago
Ashlynne jumped back and covered her mouth. "Y-You have..." She looked like she was about to scream.
Blake_Pierce / 6d ago
he made sure no one was looking and he made the same book appear in his hand. He hoped it was from a store and not some ones home. He couldn't control that part yet.
Anime_freak / 6d ago
She giggled and leaned down to give it to him but pulled back. "What's your name?" She asked gently. "If you answer, then I will give your book back."
Blake_Pierce / 6d ago
"Hey g-" he looked down. "P-Please give it back.." he said pulling his hood up.
Anime_freak / 6d ago
She frowned and grabbed the book from his hand. "Whatcha reading?"
Blake_Pierce / 6d ago
Not hearing her, he kept reading. The novel was long, but he could finish within an hour.
Anime_freak / 6d ago
She smiled and came up to him. "Hey! I noticed that you were looking kind of sad." She put down her hood and smiled even wider.
Blake_Pierce / 6d ago
He felt a shiver down his spine. He looked up and saw a girl walking up to him. He saw this and looked down into the book. He acted as if the rest of the world was gone, Thanks to his dyslexia.
Anime_freak / 6d ago