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Ginball High

By Raingo
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It’s everyone's first day of high school, teachers dread the day ahead of them, and students are excited to see their friends. This isn’t just some normal school, just about everyone had an animal. Whether it's shark gills and a long tail, or a little bunny with a fluffy one. With their animal comes responsibility and not to mention skill. Everyone must learn their abilities to full capacity in order to graduate. Now, Welcome to Ginball High, where we accept everyone and everything. If you would like to apply please fill out the application below. Name: Grade and or Age: Experience: Hobbies and Extracurricular activities: Species: Classes wanted: Description of you: We appreciate your patience and understanding. We will get back to you as soon as possible. If your application is accepted then we will email you back immediately and you will start with everyone else. Good luck students! You’ll need it. -Sincerely Principal Obryant People in so far: My character: Name: Bun Grade and or Age: 16 Experience: Building sets and houses are her specialty Hobbies and Extracurricular activities: Track, Painting, Building as Previously mentioned, and surfing. Species: Crocodile Classes wanted: Theater, Art, Design Description of you: Can be an Self-centered prick at times, but besides that shes great to be around. Awfully clumsy since she was an baby and probably will forever be. User: Kanedgy Grade and or Age: 17 Experience: was used as an assassin in his younger years. While he was a slave to the normal humans Hobbies and Extracurricular activities: drawing, music, basketball, guitar Species: Snake Classes wanted: Art, P.E., Music, Stealth Description of you: He was tormented in his childhood despite his hybrid nature being the least noticeable. One snake eye and a snake tongue. The stealth of snakes and he could orochimaru that shit and do stuff like him, which was one of his inspirations as a child User: WhiteLotusName: Mercer Grade: HS Junior Species: Black mamba Gender: Male Sexuality: Bisexual Age: 17 Alignment: Chaotic Neutral Experience: Experienced in Witchcraft, and spells. Hobbies: Reading, photography, cooking (BBQ), Swimming Classes wanted: Photography & Cooking Diet: Black mambas eat small mammals like rodents and squirrels. Sometimes they eat birds. They bite once or twice and then wait for their prey to become paralyzed and die. Then they eat them. For Mercer, It is a bit different at the school as he brings his own food in a bento box. Description: The black mamba is a shy animal. They like to avoid other animals, but if another animal confronts them, they become aggressive. When the black mamba is threatened, it will raise its head, open its mouth, expand its hood, and flick its tongue. It will also hiss. Its bites are fast and it bites many times. Its venom can be fatal to us. The black mamba likes to bask in the sun, and it remembers the spot it basks at. They are fast and can climb trees quickly. Mercer Has high standards and Strong feelings of entitlement. And unlike most black mambas, is not shy, but simply introverted and dislikes others.
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Raingo     2y ago

We have three people so we can start with the three of us and move up from there! :)
WhiteLotusMercer   2y ago

Slithering into class, Mercer had arrived a lot earlier than the other students. He was tired, and just wanted to get done with the few hours of school he had to put up with.. The teacher was one of the rodent families. Since as of last year the "No meat" act was put into place, where Predators and apex predators were not allowed to hunt or kill prey animals, Mercer would find it hard not to want to lash out occasionally.. And the teacher who was a mouse, would continue to get her studies ready for today's lesson, waiting for the bells to ring for more students to come in. Again, mercer had arrived earlier than expected for a student.


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