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Little Nightmare 2; 1-1

By daniell

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Now I'm looking at a 1 on 1 with multiple people in pm's, This over the storyline and actions Mono and Six have on the town. Let me give a brief explanation of what I want and alow. I'd prefer from 150-500 words with most replies, Please do not make this a ship, I would but in this case, it's children.. Second, Ill run down a plot in pm's and give an explanation and what I need from you. If you throw me ideas, I'm willing to comply.
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LolbitthefoxUwU     1y ago

who is availiable??
daniell     1y ago

Since its a one on one I'd like a Mono or six, if you take one ill take the other
emmaaaaa     1y ago

ill take six. also im replying late srry.
daniell     1y ago

I'll take Mono, Do you understand the lore behind nightmares 2?
emmaaaaa     1y ago

not rlly, but im gonna watch the gameplay soon after i get off school so ill try to remeber
daniell     1y ago

Okay, watch gameplay and then a video of the thicker lore
emmaaaaa     1y ago

daniell     1y ago



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