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Ame|| Sora ||   1y ago

[font "Century gothic" [#bdbdbd Sora sighed softly as he groan as his sister yelled at him for the doorway. It was time for them to head to school, why did it mattered that he go. Well that was something that only his parents knew. It wasn't fair, his older brother and sister didn't have to go yet here he was force out of his warm comfy bed five days a week for to go those cramped and crowed building, those suffocating halls that were always fill with annoying, chatty people.

Sora sighed again as he put his feet on the cold wooden floor. He slowly stood up immediately wanting to get back into his warm bed. It was hard for the male to wake up in the mornings. He went straight to the bathroom. He turn on the hot water, took his clothes off and stood in the hot stream. It burned at first but then it started to feel nice. The hot water pour down his pale skin. Sora really didn't spend much time outside until it was dark and the moon was high in the sky.

Sora proceeded to wash himself once he was satisfy with soapy lather, he rise the soap off. He got out of the shower and dried off. He changed into his favorite pair of jeans, and white black shirt. He could hear his sister on the other side of the door telling him if he didn't hurry up she was going to leave him behind. Sora merely rolled his eyes he could careless but his parents insisted they he walk with his sister to school. They had heard rumors of hunter and even traitor of other packs.

The Full Moon pack wasn't a huge pack but it did take up 80% of the town. The pack did their best to stay on the humans good side. Most of them had no clue that werewolves existed. They town was high in the mountains. The mountains were surround by a thick forest, so it wasn't unusually to see a wolf.

Sora quickly brushed his teeth. He went back to his room and grabbed his book bag. He then headed out the door with his sister Sheik. Their walk wasn't long but it was still long enough for Sora to let out another sigh. Time for another long day in boring classes. Sora might of hate school, he still got good grades. The campus was in site Sora hazel grey eyes landed on the large building that was surround by multiple other buildings.

Sora said his goodbye to his sister, went on his way to class. He walked up a couple flights of stairs to get to class. He made in just in time. The teacher was up front writing on the black bored. It was a new reading assignment. Sora didn't mind reading but most the story were boring.
Ame|| Sheik ||   1y ago

[font "century gothic" [center [#9e95db Sheik] had been up for over an hour and thirty minutes. She was waiting on her brother to get his lazy ass out of bed. She had showered, eaten breakfast, and was dressed and ready to go. While she was waiting for her brother she started reading.

She then looked down at he small black banded watch. It was already 8:30. Class started at 9:40am. She pounded on her brothers door making sure he got his ass out bed. She could hear him groan. She new she had waken him this time. Sheik smiled softly as she went back to the table she started to read again. She made it to a new chapter, she decided to stop since she heard the shower turn off.

She then stood up and put her book away in her book bag. She smiled softly as she slipped her back pack over her should. Sheik was ready for to day. She had on her favorite red blouse, a cute black skirt with black tights. She was ready for today. She slipped on her small black shoes. Waited at the door for her brother. She could hear him coming down the steps.

[#9e95db [i "About time you got down here"]] she said with a smile. She open the door, that lead down the stairs to the back yard. After crossing through the yard they made it to street. They two started walking down the street, they campus really wasn't that far way, it was still a walk. It was a nice walk. There were trees everywhere, a few house here and there

Sheik smiled when they made it too the campus she said goodbye to her brother then ran off to join her friends. She was happy to see them. They all walked to class which was a couple building down. Sheik went to her seat with her friends, their first class was chemistry. Sheik loved that class.
YavannaInanna   1y ago

The middle of the night had seemed like an apt time for a dark ritual, or so the thinking had gone for the college boy. He had slipped out from his dorm to one of the many wooded areas surrounding the isolated campus. Up in the mountains it was in a beautiful area, but staf constantly warned students of the danger in nature. Many had no idea how true that was, nor that it wasn’t just the wilderness humans needed to beware of. The mountain town was home to a pack of werewolves.

Not that any of that was of concern to the student, trying the ritual on a whim. It could help grant him what he wanted! If not, then it was harmless fun, right? No wolves came to bother him that night, but the ritual was real. Because there in the moonlight, revealed by a dispersing fog, the most beautiful woman he had ever seen stood in the middle of the circle he had etched into the dirt.

Inanna flicked her hair behind her shoulder with her hand. The moonlight momentarily seemed to dance along the black, silken strands before they settled. In the pale light her eyes were ice as she surveyed her surroundings. Her gaze settled on the human staring with his mouth open. He looked surprised, so she surmised that he was likely an idiot and had little idea what he was doing. Easily manipulated.

Her lips curled into a smile that was as cold as it was alluring,”What is your wish?”

“What?” He was so confused.

Inanna resisted the urge to roll her eyes. She wanted to have this done with. Instead she just stepped forward with the smile still in place,”That is why you summoned me, isn’t it? To grant your deepest desire. So tell me, what do you want? Anything and it’s yours.”


“Anything.” She confirmed, stopping in front of him. For a demon Inanna was young. Born from the essence of her predecessor. She was essentially reincarnated. In that way she lacked some power and experience, but that didn’t matter. It would all come back to her in time.

Just grant some mortals their wish, extract her payment, and gather her power back. If a demon is killed and their essense survives it gives birth to a reincarnation, like Inanna. A demon born fully grown and with some power from their previous life. She waited while the human boy considered. Wealth? Power? Love? What would he ask for?

“Tiffany. I want Tiffany.” He finally answers.

Love it was, then. Inanna’s smile widened,”Very well. She will be yours. Give me your hand.”

The boy held out his hand to her. She held it in one hand, and with the other her nails extended into sharp claws and quick as a flash she cut the back of his hand with four fingers.

He jerked his hand back, the scratches cradled in his uninjured hand,”Ow! What the fuck!?”

Inanna examined the blood on her still extended nails, holding them up to the moon,”I need this to make sure she will be yours. I will be back in the morning to deliver. Go sleep. I can find you.”

Inanna spent the night working on her love potion. Well, a powerful lust potion, true love was not something she could bottle. She could, however, bottle something close enough and even with a specific target rather than leaving it to chance. It would fulfil the terms, and then she could extract her price.

With the little vial in hand Inanna followed her senses to the university to track down the boy she made the deal with. She did not know his name, nor did she care. She had his scent to find him and that was enough.

She attracted some looks, but not as many as she might otherwise. Apparently a tour was scheduled for prospective students and their families. It had nearly every available hotel room in the small town booked, and the campus buzzing with more activity than usual. Another new face hardly caused waves, except that she was new [i and] pretty.

When she cracked open the door of a classroom every head looked up from their reading at her. She looked to her target and beckoned him with a single finger. It was time to finalize their deal.
YavannaAshan   1y ago

What a day to start their operation. It couldn’t be helped, it was just how things shook out. Besides, it was thoroughly possible some of the monsters were hiding in the tour groups. No one was above suspicion.

Ashan worked with his little team near dawn to finalize their sealing runes. They were lucky to get a spot near the single road in and out of the isolated town. Many teams were stuck hiking up in the woods.

“You think any of them smell it coming?” A man with dark hair asked, checking the rune he’d carved into a tree. He blew on it to clear it.

Ashan scoffed,”No way. We covered our tracks too well. None of us have gotten near yet, can’t have them getting a whiff until the barrier is done. We should go back if we’re done.”

“Yeah, you’re right. All clear here. Nothing but plain old humans can get in or out now.”

The group drove back, and as planned once all the teams reported in they went to announce the road was closed. A massive mudslide, caused by some recent rain, made the road impassible. In the meantime the hunters, claiming to be part of a relief organization, would stay and help. They said it was to clear the road and ensure supplies made it to the town, but in reality they would be tracking down each and every monster they could find. They knew there were at least quite a few werewolves, someone had tipped them off about that. Ashan had the task of going with his team to the university to liaison with the staff about what to do about the students.

It would no doubt also involve boring talks about food delivery to the cafeteria and so on, but he and his team would also be on the lookout for any signs of wolves at the school. Ashan was on edge, watching each student, parent, staff, and prospective student that passed by him. Was this one a wolf? That one? It could be anyone. Another member of his team took over for the moment, talking with a staff member and explaining the lie about the road. While he did that, Ashan leaned against the wall just outside the administrative building and watched the people wandering. He’d wait until the secured the meeting with someone important, in the meantime he felt compelled to watch his team’s back. No doubt the story about the road was starting to spread like wildfire. Would a wolf react differently from a human or not? Ashan wasn’t sure. This whole situation was a bit unusual. It was rare to have such a large, isolated community of both humans and werewolves living in apparent harmony. The harmony, he was assured, was all on the surface. According to his superiors it was just so the wolves could use the humans as cover. There was no kindness or goodwill, only calculated and cunning strategy. Why the wolves were so dangerous.
Ame|| Sheik ||   1y ago

[font "century gothic" [center Sheik wasn't thrilled about about the road being closed. That meant she was going to be stuck here on campus. She was sure her brother was going to be freaking out. Ecsepcially if he couldn't go home. Sora normally went on a nightly run with their older brother Shun.

Shun was hated humans that was why he wasn't allowed to go to school. Shun wasn't always that way but something in him changed. Sheik sighed softly as he mind wonder what about her older sister Kira. Would she be okay by herself in that large house all alone? She knew deep down her sister was still depressed about losing her litter and her mate.

[#9e95db "Tiffany way do you think about all this?"] she said with a soft sigh as she looked towards her friend who was no longer standing beside. Sheik pale blue eyes danced around the classroom as she looked for her friend. She then looked towards her other two friends. [#9e95db "Hey ladies where did Tiffany go?"] she said softly.

He friends shrugged, that was odd the four of them always stuck together until their last class. Sheik sighed softly maybe she was upset about the road being closed. She was going to have find her brother they were certainly going to have to call their older sister.
Ame|| Sora ||   1y ago

[font "Century gothic" [#bdbdbd Once Sora heard the news he bit his bottom lip hard. So hard that a small red bead of blood formed under his teeth. Sora did not want to be stuck here. He wanted to go home, he wanted to be able to crawl into his own bed. He didn't want to forced to stay here with all these people.

He let out a heavy sighed as he felt a drop of blood run down his chin. He quickly wiped the blood from his chi, hoping that no one noticed. Sora would find his sister after class today. He hope maybe she had an idea how they could get back home. Or maybe their sister Kira could help them out.

Sora didn't hate humans like his older brother did. He just like being able do as he pleased. At home he could. He was allowed to go out at night with this older brother. They normally stay out late just running. Sometimes they even hunted rabbits or deer. It was fun, his brother would even take him to meet some she-wolves. Sora didn't but he really didn't have an interest in mating yet. He was only 23, his father really wanted him and his sister to focus on school.

Sora knew that deep down his brother was going to take over the pack. His brother was strong, and dangerous. Sora didn't understand why his brother had gotten so hostile toward humans. As far and Sora and his father knew Shun had not hurt any. Sora spent most of class lost in his thoughts. Thinking about his family. Once class was over he stood in his normal spot waiting for his sister.

Sora stood under a huge oak, waiting for Sheik. He hated this, surely this whole ordeal had to be a trap. It hadn't rain in days when it did it was only a drizzle. If there really was a land slide the other creatures of the forest would of told him. Sora sighed as he paced back and forth slowly.
YavannaInanna   1y ago

The young man Inanna had made a deal with excused himself and stepped into the hall with the demon. She handed him a little glass vial with a bright red liquid inside. “See that she drinks this and she will be yours. Put it in a drink or food. But be aware [i anyone] who drinks this will fall for you.”

He looked at it in awe. The solution to his problem was just handed to him,”And the price…?” He remembered that this wasn’t free help, she’d demand a price.

Inanna’s smile was cold and heartless, yet still breathtakingly beautiful,”A portion of your life. The exchange must be fair, afterall. Now we seal the deal. I prefer a kiss.”

It wasn’t that a kiss was necessary. Shaking hands or simply agreeing would be adequate, but Inanna enjoyed this way more. Especially when they would look flustered and uncomfortable. This boy was no different. Color rose in his cheeks and he stammered out,”Wh-what?”

“Is it a deal, or not?” Inanna stepped closer and placed her hands on his shoulders,”Well?”

“Y-yeah.” The boy answered, and Inanna took her kiss and then turned to leave.

She wasn’t interested in drawing it out, this boy was too boring. With the deal sealed she drew her price from him, and he was left leaning against the wall, looking a little pale. Inanna glanced back and then continued to walk,”You’ll be fine. Remember, she just has to drink some of it.”

Once she was out in the open Inanna stepped into an out of the way space between buildings, intending to vanish. When she tried to make a portal away from here, it didn’t work. Inanna frowned. Something was wrong. She couldn’t leave. Someone or something more powerful than she was had to be behind this, creating a barrier. She’d have to be careful.

If she could become more powerful or defeat the ones creating the barrier she could escape, or even drain their strength, depending on what they were. Until she could gather more strength she’d be in danger. So, she’d need to find some humans for deals.

Inanna wandered the campus, listening enough to learn there were prospective students touring and she would hide among them. She also learned that the road was ‘closed’, something she immediately assumed was a fabrication to keep the barrier a secret. To keep the humans calm and the creatures like her wary and reluctant to attack. It was calculated to avoid a bloodbath. Because beings like her, when cornered and found out, were inclined to kill anyone and everyone in sight.

There was apparently going to be an assembly on campus to explain how this was going to impact students and prospective students touring the campus. Within hours. Meant to reassure. Inanna ended up following everyone into the massive auditorium for the gathering. The demon stayed at the edges, with the others stuck standing. There weren’t enough seats for everyone. The anxiety in the space was palpable, with plenty worrying about what this would mean for their plans.
YavannaAshan   1y ago

This whole thing was calculated to keep the wolves from unnecessarily attacking humans. If they thought they could stay hidden they were unlikely to slaughter the humans. While the werewolves tried to hunt down the hunters, Ashan and his colleagues could pick off the wolves with minimal human casualties.

So far it was going according to plan. If anyone suspected anything then they hadn’t made any obvious move. Ashan and his team had yet to identify any werewolves, but it had only been a matter of hours. This phase was focused on gaining the cooperation of the leadership of the town and college, giving the hunters the power to do what they needed to in the day, maybe even weeks ahead. However long it took them to track each and every supernatural threat in this town.

Ashan followed his team around the school, led by someone high up. Not the principal, but someone close, though Ashan didn’t bother to remember who exactly, they were. He was trailing behind, keeping an eye out for anyone who seemed to know more about what was going on than they should. Anyone who looked like the might realize they were being hunted. Those would be the first ones to take out, the clever ones that picked up on the trap quickly.

Nothing stood out to him, students worried and reassuring each other that the road would be cleared soon. Talking about how they barely went anywhere but town anyway, they’d hardly notice. Some of the girls, he noticed, giggled and pointed at him. He was a new face, a distraction from the situation. They were probably interested in all of his colleagues roaming around, he figured. Normal human things.

He was stuck watching the vice-principal, because that was apparently what she was, organizing an assembly. People were called on to help set up sound equipment and start herding in the students. That was when Ashan slipped away to wander within the crowd, watching as people filed in, seats filled up, and then it was standing room only. Others on his team watched different parts of the auditorium, some stayed backstage with the staff. Each of them wore a name tag indicating they were with Emergency Relief Services. The announcements hadn’t started yet. Backstage there were some last minute conversations about what to tell everyone. While they waited, there where whispers and a few students asked Ashan what was going on.

It had to be the name tag. They assumed he had answers. When one student tapped his arm he started, pushing down the impulse to react in self defense. It was an innocent shoulder tap. He turned around and one side of his mouth turned up into what he hoped was a friendly smile, though really it came across as more worried. That probably worked out well enough with the lie about the road. “Yes? Can I help you?”
Ame|| Sheik ||   1y ago

[font "century gothic" Sheik and her friends had gotten separated in the crowed of people. It was overly crowed, it was almost suffocating. Sheik had a feeling her brother was somewhere a long the back. It was so hard to tell with all these people crowing around. Sheik head began to spin. Maybe if she chatted to the person in front of her it would get her mind off the hoard of people.

Sheik reached up and tapped the man's shoulder. She noticed his reaction found it strange but she would simply play it off. She smiled sweetly he pale blue eyes sparkled like diamonds. [#9e95db "Hi."] she said with a soft smily grin. Sheik did well blending with the humans. She always came off as a sweet girly girl.

[#9e95db "Can you believe how crowed it is.."] she said with a soft laugh. Sheik rubbed the back of her neck nervously. [#9e95db "Sorry to bother you but I just get nervous in crows like this... So um what do you think about the road closing? "] he said as he eyes wonder to his name tag. Surely this man would be informative.

Sheik smiled then looked away [#9e95db "Sorry to be an annoying chatter box.... I got separated from my friends. I get a little weary when I am not with them"] she said with a smile.
Ame|| Sora ||   1y ago

[font "Century gothic" Sora stood in the back of the room. His gray colored eyes happen to lock on to Inanna. A stunning woman no less. Something was off about her. Her scent was of something else. She wasn't human that way for sure. Things could get ugly quick. Perhaps it was best if he stay away from her. Surely she could smell the scent of wolf on him.

Sora kept his distance but kept his eye on her. He hope this assembly would be over quickly so he and his sister could just go home. Sora sighed softly as he did his best to stay on the out of the crow. It didn't take long before he was crowed he moved away. Before he knew it he was standing right beside the stunning woman. [#bdbdbd [i Great...just where I wanted to end up..."]] he thought as he closed his gray colored eyes.

It was suffocating in this cramp room. There was too many students, to many unrecognizable faces. That were watching people closely. They were hunting, it was annoying. These stupid humans. This was part of the reason why wolves attacked. Humans just didn't know when to leave things along. The wolves had been peaceful around the town it was the one that didn't take human form to be worried about.

Sora sighed softly as he closed his gray colored eyes. Then the was abruptly pushed into Inanna. This made Sora fluster quickly. [#bdbdbd "S-Sorry"] he said as he step away from the woman. [#bdbdbd [i " Just great"]] he thought he didn't want to be noticed by her.
YavannaAshan   1y ago

Ashan eyed the girl who had tapped his shoulder. She didn’t raise any alarms in his head, but he reminded himself that the wolves could be very clever. Her being nervous would be an understandable and perfectly human reaction.

He was supposed to be a volunteer helping these people, so he managed a half smile,”Well, it was a little surprising about the road, but we were able to respond quickly. I’m sure it will be fine, my team will ensure the town stays well stocked in supplies while the issue is fixed. The announcement should tell you more.”

When he glanced to the stage it was still empty. The announcement would be soon. “It’s fine.” A thought occurred to him as he looked back at her. “You’re welcome to stay with me until you find them. In fact, I don’t actually know my way around well at all so if it’s not too much trouble a tour might be… nice. But only if it’s not a bother. We were so busy worrying about supplies and keeping everyone calm we weren’t shown around the campus or the town.”

It would also be a perfect opportunity to get a look at people and places closer to her perspective. As an outsider there were going to be things he couldn’t see, but someone local would be able to show him things he wouldn’t otherwise learn about. The chance meeting with this girl could be a great opportunity.

While he was looking at her some of the staff and a member of his team had moved onto the stage to make the announcements.
YavannaInanna   1y ago

In the dense throng of humanity Inanna could pick out another scent once it was nearby. Werewolves. At least one, but where there was one she knew there were usually others. Assuming they were alone was a stupid move.

Well, that would be the case if they were adversaries. At the moment it seemed they had a common enemy. Whoever it was that trapped them all here needed to be dealt with. She knew a wolf was nearby, but when he was close enough to be next to her there could be no mistake, she knew [i exactly] which student she was sensing.

She flashed him one of her charming smiles, but he didn’t seem to be looking at her right at that moment. Inanna had decided they were going to do better working together, so she’d find some way to secure his cooperation.

Then he bumped into her, jostled by the crowd pressing in. Her smile widened and she wrapped both her arms around one of his, keeping him from stepping too far away without causing a scene,”Oh no, it’s quite alright. But you see, I came here all by myself to see the university and now I’m hearing we’re all stuck here. Won’t you please show me around? I could really use some help.”

Few men could probably resist the batting of her long eyelashes. He might though, he probably had some inkling that she wasn’t human at least. So she leaned in closer to whisper,”You might need my help too, pup. To slip away from the hunter’s trap.”

Then she moved back as if she hadn’t said anything odd, maybe just whispered flirtatiously considering the more flirtatious look she was giving him now,”Getting stuck here was such a surprise, I don’t even have a place to stay.”

She fell quiet when those on stage started to speak. “Settle down, quiet. Thank you. I know this must sound alarming.” The principal started, speaking into the microphone at the podium set center stage. “But I want to assure everyone that we are in no danger. Thankfully no one has been injured by the road issue, and teams are already working to fix the issue. Given the nature of the problem and possible dangerous terrain all are being asked to remain in town until the area can be declared safe for travel. We will be coordinating with the town to try and find places for visiting students and their families to stay. For those residing in town, we ask if possible to open your homes to some of our temporary guests. The town is well beyond capacity, so we’ll need all the beds we can find. The Emergency Relief Service has assured us that should we need anything they will see that we have it, so food and other necessities will continue to be brought in by air. I’ll let a representative from the Service speak now and answer questions. Residents of the town are receiving a similar announcement about now, so we’re all on the same page.”

With that the principal stepped aside and a man with a name tag like Ashan took the podium,”Thank you. As mentioned, we’re making a joint announcement to the university and town, and will be coordinating efforts the rest of today to ensure shelter for all visitors. We will also be setting up a center here on campus where anyone can come with requests or who need anything. We’re working hard to ensure the safety of every person here while we deal with the problem. Until the problem is dealt with, travel in and out of town is too dangerous. We’ll do all we can to ensure everyone’s wellbeing in the meantime, so please come to us with any questions or problems. Feel free to come to our help center or to approach any member of the Service you see around town. We’re here to help. With that you’re all free to go, but out in the grass we’ll begin setting up to find housing for anyone in need, so assemble there if you need housing or would like to offer a room or bed to those in need. Otherwise feel free to go where you like within the town or college. Classes for today have been canceled, but the principal assures me that there is every intent for classes to resume as soon as everyone has adequate shelter.”

With a motion he dismisses the assembly and people start pouring out the doors right away to escape the crowded space, and the noise as everyone discusses things is enough to be almost deafening.
Ame|| Sheik ||   1y ago

[center [font "Century gothic" Sheik smiled widen when the male spoke back to her in kind tone. She could tell he was one of the outsiders just by his scent. To keep up her act she smiled and nodded. [#9e95db "I'd be happy to show you around but I am afraid I might lose you in the crow. I can't even find my own brother. ] she said with a soft sigh.

She was sure Sora way standing in the back somewhere. Doing his best to stay awy from people. She smiled soft then looked back to Ashan. [#9e95db "If you want to meet me by the big oak tree in front of the school. I'd be more than happy to show you around. "] she said with a smile.
Sheik watch as the stage as she seen the principal walk across it to a small podium. He then spoke to everyone not long after Ashan took the stage. She listen to the male speak. Sheik wasn't too worried about these invaders. Sheik and her family were good about staying hidden away. Well most of her family was. Her mind soon raced to her older brother Shun. She let out a smile sigh before she knew the assembly was over. She made he way out to the giant oak tree. She wonder if Ashan would be able to find her.
Ame|| Sora ||   1y ago

[center [font "century gothic" Sora was surprise when she hugged on to his arm. He blushed as he looked down at the floor. He was embarrassed, being this close to a stranger. He Listen to her speak. It was not a surprise she didn't know where way around thus place. [#bdbdbd "Y-Yeah..." ] he said softly almost to hard to heard over the chattering people around.

[#bdbdbd " I can show you around maybe help you find some where to stay"] he said with a soft smile. His gaze never met her, it stay locked on a small crack in the floor. It wasn't long before the school principal made the stage and spoke. The male ramble on then another man step foot the stage. He spoke Sora gray eyes locked on the male. He listen to the man speak the only thing that came his mind and surely his sister was here older brother Shun. He hated humans and any one who tried to deify him.

His grey eyes then look over to Inanna [#bdbdbd "Could you really help us?" ] he said softly in almost a whisper. [#bdbdbd "Perhaps I could make you a deal "] he said as he looked at her [#bdbdbd "Lets talk somewhere more private!"] he said as the crowds of people flood from the auditorium doors.

[#bdbdbd "Follow me and try not to get lost!"] he said softly. Sora started walked to the door. He lead her up a couple flights of stairs and into a small room. He open the door they were on the third floor in the library. You could tell no rarely came up there. It was dusty and incredibly quiet.
YavannaAshan   1y ago

The oak tree. Ashan was sure he’d be able to find it even in the sea of people exiting the auditorium to flood the grassy area outside. As promised there were tables set up by other hunters, ready to start organizing shelter for everyone they had stranded up here. It couldn’t be helped, and the genuinely wanted the humans to be taken care of while they tracked down all the werewolves supposedly in the area.

The intel they had wasn’t much. Supposedly some werewolves had used the university tour and influx of new students to sneak in, and word was a few had actually arrived and set up some undetermined amount of time before now. It really wasn’t a lot to go on, just some bits and pieces one of their scouts had picked up. Unfortunately he wasn’t around to ask for more details. Not long after the first report he turned up dead at the base of the mountain. Clearly the work of some werewolf. Hence their perhaps over the top reaction. They’d trap all the wolves, and ensure not only revenge but the elimination of likely a whole pack.

If only it were easier to find them. So many of these monsters were so good at blending in when they put some effort into it. Ashan would just stay on his guard. First thing first, he needed to get more familiar with the area, and to do that he went to the large oak tree. It was the biggest tree nearby, so he assumed it was the right one. Sure enough, she was standing there presumably waiting for him.

“I hope you haven’t been waiting too long.” Ashan offered her a smile as he approached. He would need to stay on his guard, but she seemed nice enough. He didn’t feel particularly threatened by her, and while he didn’t exactly trust her he felt comfortable enough to follow her around without the other hunters around.

“What would you like to show me first? I’m afraid I don’t know enough to know where to start. Well, I do know there’s the town and this college, so I assume you’ll show me around both at some point. If it isn’t too much trouble.” Ashan ruffled the hair at the back of his head, a thought finally occurring to him,”I’m sorry, I don’t believe I know your name. We didn’t really get to have a proper introduction with the announcements. I’m Ashan.” Though she might have noticed that from his name badge, which he hadn’t yet realized. He wasn’t used to wearing such a thing.
YavannaInanna   1y ago

“Good. A private spot sounds ideal.” In her opinion privacy was the best for making deals. And she liked the idea of a deal, something for each of them to get out of this mess. To stumble into a hunter’s trap… it was embarrassing.

Inanna followed the shy werewolf up the stairs. They were very soon away from the crowds, which all flowed out toward the sunshine and grass. Instead the pair ascended up to a seldom used space crammed with books. Inanna leaned over to examine a shelf which contained mostly biographies of people she didn’t much care about. “An interesting choice.”

Inanna went up to him, looking him over from head to toe and then back up before she settled her gaze on his eyes,”I’m Inanna. You may have guessed, but I’m a demon. And you are?”

She knew what he was, but not his name. And introductions were only polite. They were here to make a deal, though. “To business then. A barrier like this is magic, and even barrier spells like this can be broken. Not easily from the ‘wrong’ side, which I’m sure we’re on. On the ‘right’ side there are weak points, the anchors of the spell, if you will. But anyone with half a brain knows not to expose those to whoever you’re trying to keep out or in. Since obviously they want to keep us in, the weak points will be outside. Following so far?”

Inanna smirked, seemingly enjoying giving her little explanation. “But how can I break it then? Brute force, essentially. Any barrier can be broken by magic stronger than itself. Here’s where we hit the snag.” Now she wasn’t having quite so much fun. Her lips twisted into a slight pout as she went on,”I’m not powerful enough to break this barrier [i yet]. I need humans, specifically humans to make deals with me. They make a deal, I give them what they want, and I take a portion of their life. That grants me more power. I get enough power, we break this barrier. And preferably a few hunters along the way.”

After her explanation Inanna leaned a little closer, putting her hands on Sora’s upper arms,”I propose that you and your pack help me gather the power I need, and then I get your pack out with me. A fair deal, yes? What do you say?” She’d said this was business, but at this point there was an undeniable flirtatiousness to her tone. Inanna was inclined to flirt when making a deal, almost no matter the circumstances.


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