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ˡᵒᵛᵉˡᵉˢˢ ᶜᵒᵐᶠᵒʳᵗ

By Unisex

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"Let's find comfort in each other.."

Cecil recently found out that his boyfriend of two years has been cheating on him. With a female, no less. Their relationship was built on lies. It sent Cecil into a spiraling depression. He spends his days drinking, eventually fired from his job.. now having to start over.

Anri is a wealthy and cold man. He's currently going through a rocky divorce with his wife. Mostly fighting between who gets what. This makes him bitter and angry. He frequents a bar almost every night. Drinking and smoking his troubles away.

Cecil and Anri get into a drunken conversation and sleep together after agreeing that relationships suck. Cecil becomes possessive of Anri. Anri only finds Cecil as a worthy distraction. There's no love between them.. but they seem to both find comfort in each other. One-sided love. One man who finds pleasure in the other's blindness to accept the truth. The only thing they have in common is: to forget.

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Unisexᴄᴇᴄɪʟ ✰   1y ago

[Varela+Round [size12 [i The ashtray resting beside the long-haired male at the bar became filled with many cigarette butts. Another fresh one hung from between his lips, exhaling the smoke every few seconds. He asked the barkeep to keep a tab open for him, like he could afford so many drinks. He closed his eyes, taking the cigarette from his mouth and knocked back another shot of whiskey, immediately asking for a refill.

A small sigh escaped his lips, finger tracing the outer rim of the glass. Various thoughts ran through his mind. Currently no job. Living with a good friend... once again. And single. All the past flings he had due to him being drunk were only a static memory. Another few shots in, he began approaching random men or random guys approaching him instead.. talking about nothing important. He grew bored of them, spending the next hour or so chatting with the bartender..

..until a certain male caught his eye.]


The early rays of sunlight peeked in through the blinds and illuminated the once darkened room. The awful bright light caused the male to stir while deep under the covers, head fully peeking out from underneath the covers. Once he slowly came out of his sleep, an intense headache made him feel extremely nauseous. While he enjoys the occasional drink, he went way too far this time. His eyes remained closed, hand reaching out and feeling for his phone. Empty beer cans set on the side table, some falling over onto the floor below. A deep groan escaped his lips, he opened one eye and glanced at the time.

[i 12:30..]

The longest he has ever slept. Not like he needed to get up early. He had no job anymore. Endless applications and nothing yet. Not even freelance work. Everything seemed to halt in his life for some reason. How to get out of this slump? He winced, the bright light causing more irritation for the man. He jerked the covers off of him, only in his boxers, walking towards the windows and closing the curtains. It darkened the room again. He.. can't sleep anymore. Cecil stepped into the adjacent bathroom, running the shower.. not aware of the company in his bed.

He stared at his reflection in the mirror, searching his memories of what happened last night. All it caused was more headache pain. Nothing but static.. a glimpse of a flustered face. He couldn't see his entire face. Fuck. He already knew he fucked another man. Typical drunken sex as always..
Ame|| Anri ||   1y ago

[center [font "Century gothic" Flower Anri had gotten off work about 6:00pm. He had been there almost 12 hours, not counting his lunch break. It was a Friday... back then it Fridays were they best. The kids where home from school, his lovely little wife would have dinner on the table about the time he got home.

Now that was just memory now. She was gone, the kids, the three bedroom house and even the dog. Anri honestly didn't miss that mutt. Always waking him up to go out, even thought he just let him out before bed. Anri let out a sigh as he made his way to his car. He live in a one bedroom apartment now, with a cat. Anri has always been a cat person but she was allergic to them.

Anri sighed softly as he closed his gray colored eyes. He sat there in his little car just staring at the wheel. He really didn't want to go back home. Other than his cute little cat Mizuki. He had nobody to go back to. His family of four just dwindled down to one. Shaking his head he finally put the key in the ignition and took off. He decided he was going to stop at a bar before he went home.

Anri park his little red car into a space. He got out of the car closed the door with a hard thud. He made his way into the bar. He sat at alone at the counter. Ordering drinks left and right. He drank one cocktail then got another. He did that on repeat over and over. His eyes wonder the
multiple times bar. No body really caught his attention, other than a man at the end of the counter. He too was sitting alone drinking shot after shot of whisky. How many has it been? Three... or Four, surely this man was drunk. Whisky had a special way doing that, it normally burned half way down until it became easier. Before you knew it your head was simply spinning.

Anri averted his eyes else where. [i [#8f9499 "Should I talk to him?" ]] Of corse this was the vodka talking back to him. Anri really didn't need anyone, that was probably part of the reason his wife left him. Anri might of looked charming, maybe he was. Until he lost interest then everything became dry. The love between the sheets just disappeared. Anri had grown too except that.

He was a bitter and lonely man with the face of angel. As he was told by that bitch. She always told him how she loved his face how it always has that sort of innocent look to it. Deep down Anri knew that was a charade, a mask he simple wore. Anri sighed softly as he looked at he bar tender he order another cocktail. Anri picked up the glass and made his way over too Cecil. He sat down next to the male and smiled a sweet smile.

[#8f9499 "Hey"] he said in a sweet but dry tone. Anri wasn't sure if the male would respond to him but it was wroth a shot. Anri was in luck the male did, they even went back to his place which was probably mistake. Anri remember them having sex but after that everything went black.

Anri woke to the sound of a shower running. Anri sat up quickly regretting it instantly. His head was throbbing, Where was he? That was went he started to remember being with someone. Oh right a man?Anri sat there in the bed hold his head as continued to look around the room.
Unisexᴄᴇᴄɪʟ ✰   1y ago

[Varela+Round [size12 How many minutes have passed? The male stood underneath the warm water, letting it roughly rain down upon his face and soak his hair. He would spend an hour or more in the shower, thinking about his life. Of course, he didn't need anyone's fucking pity. At one point in his life, he craved the so-called 'love' and 'affection'. He never received it as a child. He was curious what love felt like. He never desired marriage. The simple act of loving someone else and being loved was enough. He clenched his teeth and slammed his fist into the wall of the shower. His temper has gotten worse since then. The last 'company' he had, he vaguely remembered inflicting pain on the guy while fucking him.

A deep sigh. He cracked his neck a bit and rubbed his shoulder some. He either slept wrong or they had pretty intense sex. He rolled his shoulders, stretching out the muscle. Closing his eyes, he stayed in the shower for another minute. The heated water may help..


A loud knock came at door before it was swung open; a quite muscular and chippy guy sparkled as he marched into the room. Eyes closed, no idea someone else was in the room until he opened them again. A large grin appeared on his lips, squinty eyes narrowed towards the smaller male.. exactly aware of what happened. His drunken friend had yet another fling.

[b "It has happened again, huh? Why am I not surprised. HEY CECIL."]

Cecil turned off the water the moment his loud-ass friend yelled his name. He didn't have the energy or patience for this. He thought Evan would be out of the house already. He clicked his tongue and quickly snatched off a towel from the rack, wrapping it around his waist. He opened the door just as Evan waved to him. He walked straight towards him and shoved two fingers deep into his mouth to shut him up before he yelled again. The expression on Cecil's face told him he was not in the mood at the moment.

[#90021d "Get the fuck out of here. Now."]

Evan peered over at the smaller male again, then back at Cecil. He sighed and scratched his head.

[b "Just don't throw this one out naked."] All he said before casually walking out. [b "I made coffee, hurry and sober up."]

Cecil slammed the door and sighed loudly, forgetting to lock the damn thing last night. [i Bastard needs to learn how to knock..] He ran his fingers through his soaked hair, the ends dripping with water. Gray hues rested on the male in his bed. [#90021d "You can use the shower next."] The only words he spoke. He took off his towel and dried his hair, not at all embarrassed of exposing his body. He let the towel hang over his shoulders afterwards, walking towards the dresser and pulled on some boxers. His room wasn't much to look at; a sitting area, TV, bed, an unused guitar settled in the corner, and an overall minimalistic look. He sat down on the bed, immediately lighting up a cigarette. [#90021d "I'll lend you some clothes if you don't want to wear yours. Your decision."]
Ame|| Anri ||   1y ago

[center [font "Century gothic" Anri dirty blonde hair was a mess. He blink as he hear the door closed with a loud thud. His hazel grays eyes looked at the man that stood before him naked. Anri just blinked and looked away. [#8f9499 "Thank you... but no thanks... I just need some aspirin and water..."] he said his still wondering the room.

Anri hazel eyes they still shone flecks of blue looked towards the tall long hair man once again. [#8f9499 "Cecil was?"] he said softly. Thank god his over excited friend was loud enough to shout his name in the halls. [#8f9499 "Have you seen my clothes by any chance?"] he said in a soft but sweet tone. Anri just wanted to get out of here.

He couldn't even remember how he got here. Did he drive here? It was all still a blur other than being sore in various places. [#8f9499 "How did I get here..."] Anri mutter dryly as his gray eyes look back toward the floor. He then spotted his pant. Anri made his way to the end the bed. He slowly stood up.

He picked up his pants and quickly put them on. He reached into the pocket of his pant of corse no car keys. Anri let out small sigh, that must of meant they he didn't drive them here last night. Which was probably a good thing considering how many cocktails he had drank. Anri quickly looked back at Cecil he smiled softly. Anri stood there silently trying to think of what to even say to the man.

[#8f9499 "Look I don't remember what all happen but I don't normally do this sort of thing..."] he stated dryly. Surely this was the oldest trick in the book. Anri rand a hand through his dirty blonde colored hair. Anri found or what he at least thought was his shirt. He picked up the black fabric only to find it wasn't his shirt. Where the hell did it go? This room wasn't that big yet he still manage to lose article of clothing in it.
Unisexᴄᴇᴄɪʟ ✰   1y ago

[Varela+Round [size12 Leaving the cigarette hanging between his lips, he scratched his head some more and stood to his feet, walking towards the small portable fridge near the sitting area. It may look like he never leaves his room, but he tends to drink late at night. It's only convenient to have such a thing in his room. He grabbed a bottle of mineral water, setting it down on the bedside table before reaching into the drawer and grabbing a bottle of aspirin from within too. He placed it down beside the water. [#90021d "I won't judge you. I do this very often, so it'd make no sense if I did. You can go home with no regrets."] He'd rather not have them beat themselves up over a simple fling.. unless they were already in a relationship. Either way, not his problem to deal with how they feel about it, can either sulk or move past it.

Cecil reached down and looked through his pile of strewn about clothing from the previous night, finding the male's shirt and threw it onto the bed. He picked up his own clothes, throwing them down into the hamper near the closet. He opened his dresser, searching for a casual tank and some sweats. Usually the outfit he wore when at home. He cracked open the screen door to let some air inside the room, filter out the smell of lingering sex and beer.

[#90021d "Take your time coming down, I'll call you a cab."] He exited the room and shut the door behind him, the towel still hanging down around his shoulders. He dried his hair a bit more, the scent of coffee drawing him towards the kitchen. Cecil grabbed a mug from the cabinet and poured the coffee up to the very edge, almost overflowing. His love for coffee still raged strong. He took a generous sip, it sobered him right up. He leaned against the counter and drank his coffee, curious if he should make breakfast at least. It seemed the male wasn't going to stay long.

Evan walked back inside and beamed at Cecil like a dumbass. [b "So, you gonna talk about last night.. or?"]

Cecil narrowed his eyes at him. [#90021d "You know damn well what happened, idiot. I got drunk and had sex with a stranger. Nothing to talk about."] He shook his head, thinking his friend acts like a girl sometimes.

Evan chuckled. [b "That makes how many this week?"] He threw an arm around Cecil's shoulders. [b "Do I need to start coming with and babysit you, make sure you don't drink so much."]

Cecil kicked him hard in the leg, making him stumble a bit. [#90021d "It's not like he's throwing a fit, he probably enjoyed it.. even if he can't remember."]

Evan grinned. [b "Hope you used protection."]

Probably not. He only did such a thing when he's sober enough to be so kind. He's more of an asshole when he's drunk.. another reason why he hoped the other male would take a shower. Clean in there. But again, it's not his problem. Both Cecil and Evan chatted about non-important things, their voices could probably be heard a bit.
Ame|| Anri ||   1y ago

[center [font "century gothic" Anri caught his shirt and slipped it on to his slender frame. His jacket was somewhere in this room. It really didn't matter he had more at home. He smiled softly as the man placed water and some aspirin down on the table. Anri walked over and took a drink of water, he grabbed the pilled and took two of them. He sallowed them, then flushed them down this throat with another drink of water. The cold water felt great going down his dry throat.

The male talked about calling him a cab. That sounded great. Luckily he still had his wallet. [#8f9499 "A cab would be nice "] he said after thinking about what the male had said. It was all just meaningless sex so maybe he shouldn't feel so down. Part of him did, maybe because that was because his head was still pounding. He sighed softly as he took another drink of his water. It didn't take him long to finish the bottle of water. He set the empty bottle down gently.

Anri couldn't wait to get home. He wanted to take a nice hot bath. He was still sore, soaking in a hot water with tons of bubbles and sweet smelling soaps sounded like heaven. He couldn't wait. Anri stood there silently listening to the two males down the hall. He would need to get back to the bar and get his car. Then he could go home. He could put this night behind him right? He would never see this man again, maybe that was for the better.

Anri hazel eyes wonder down the hall to the long hair man. He watched Cecil closely but then looked away. It wasn't like he was sad to leave it just felt wrong. Everything he had done in the last 12 hour was a mistake. He sighed softly as his mind wonder else where. Surely his cat Mitsuki missed him. That was all he had. She was all he had left that really matter.
Unisexᴄᴇᴄɪʟ ✰   1y ago

[Varela+Round [size12 [i Ah Shit.. right.. told him I'd call him a cab.]

Cecil picked up his phone and scrolled through his contacts, dialing the same cab company he always uses to send someone home. Again, he's used to this kind of thing, meeting some stranger and either having sex with him or sending them home in a cab. Last night, he didn't even take his car and ended up walking to the bar since he lived fairly close to the inner city.

[#90021d "Yeah.. it's happened again. Thanks."]

After a second conversation, he hung up. He uses them so much, he even attempted applying there. He ended up getting to the know the manager there and a few drivers. Only by chance. He poured himself another cup of coffee, pressing the cigarette butt into the ashtray on the counter before he pulled out another. He knew he's killing his lungs with this cancer stick and only causing more problems with his health but he really didn't care enough. He never feared death. Besides, he never had parents who cared enough to teach him about bad habits.

Letting out another yawn, he looked back down at his phone then upstairs. He hoped the other didn't fall asleep again, although he wouldn't mind. Most of his partners stayed here all day until they had to go to work or if they were off, they stayed for another night. He never cared having company inside his bed, it felt... somewhat comfortable, very thankful for his friend Evan. He made his life tolerable, despite being an annoying fucker. Evan worked as a contractor for the government. Cecil's waiting to hear back, recently applying as a technical writer. Haah, this was very annoying.

Cecil hated living rent free, only providing groceries and cooking every now and then. He'll be going out looking for jobs again, using his phone as of now to find something. A notice came on his phone alerting him that Anri's cab had arrived. [#90021d "Your ride's here."] he called out to Anri, really hoping he wasn't feeling bad.
Ame|| Anri ||   1y ago

[font "century gothic" Anri waited patiently in the other room. Anri sat there deep in his thoughts. Surely he hit rock bottom? Is this the bottom thought? Wasn't her already at the bottom losing his wife, his children. Anri sighed softly as he ran a hand though his messy hair. It wasn't long when he heard Cecil call to him. He was glad the cab was here. He wanted to get out of here. [#8f9499 "Thank you"] he said as he stood up.

Anri sighed softly as he closed his eyes. Anri headed out the door. He was sure the man would someday find his jacket and his socks. Anri didn't look back, as he passed by the taller male and his friend. He went straight to the cab. He told the driver to take him to the bar. After paying the cab driver. He walked into the bar that was just opening. He was grateful to see his car was still there.

He was happy that the car keys were there. He thank the owner, and left a $20. It wasn't much but surely all tips were appreciated. Anri drove home. He part in the under ground parking garage. He then walked through the small hallway going up a couple flights of stairs.

He walked into the building after opening with one of his keys. He walked down the hallway, to the room 405. He stepped in after unlocking the door. His sweet cat rushed over to him rubbing up against him. He smiled softly as he picked up the slender cat. He petted his orange colored fur. She was a beautiful calico. He smiled softly as he kissed her head. He put her down on the counter. Asked her if she was hungry, his cat answered him with a long meow. He smiled softly softy as he stroked her head, he then got into the cupboard and got out a can wet food.

He open the can and put it in her food bowl. Mizuki went running to the bowl. He chuckled as little. He went to his bedroom he grabbed out part of shorts and a tee shirt. He then walked into the bathroom. He took a long hot shower. While in the shower his mind started to wonder back to Cecil. Why couldn't he get that man out of his head. Once he was done in the shower. He ate something then went to bed. His head was still killing him, maybe after some sleep he would feel better. Hopefully he could get Cecil out of his head.
Unisexᴄᴇᴄɪʟ ✰   1y ago

[Varela+Round [size12 The male stood there leaning against the counter, arms crosses and eyes closed. He exhaled the smoke from his cigarette, hearing footsteps coming down the hall. He opened his eyes, staring intently at the quick escape of Anri. This brought a crooked smirk to his lips, didn't even have time to ask if the male had everything he needed. Cecil hadn't done the laundry yet, a few of his clothes strewn about. A small sigh escaped his lips, he gazed up at the ceiling. The male did seem like his type, although he doesn't remember anything they talked about. Can't even remember his name.

After he finished his cigarette, he squished the cigarette butt into the ashtray and faced the stove. He might as well have a light breakfast then attempt the job search once more.

Breakfast ended quickly. Evan stepped out for a few hours because of some kind of business meeting. Cecil changed into something more business casual. He stroked his fingers through the black locks of his hair, stepping out of the bathroom. He picked up all his clothes off the bed and floor, not bothering looking through any of them. Into the wash they went. His thoughts went back to Anri, finding his interest piqued about the male. No... this is crossing into dangerous territory. He preferred the loveless flings... and having fun. Though hardly having any money wasn't fun. He's spending it more than making it.

Cecil grabbed his keys and phone, locking the door behind as he stepped out. He slipped on his sunglasses, walking down the stairs of the building. Another day of mild success.. hopefully. He was thinking maybe he should've at least given the guy his number.. maybe. They were technically still strangers. He sighed, needing a distraction.
Ame|| Anri ||   1y ago

[font "Century gothic" Anri sighed softly as he woke to the Mizuki kneading him. Anri sighed again as he stoked Mizuki head softly. Anri looked at his watch it was just now 8:30 pm. It was dark except for the light he had left on in the kitchen. Anri put Mizuki aside and got out of bed.

He walked into the bathroom, used the toilet. He was starting to feel a little bit better but his head was still killing him. Anri took some more aspirin. He went into the kitchen and made himself a light supper after he got Miszuki a fresh can of food which she quickly devoured.

Anri sat down at his little table that only seated two. He took a rather larger bit of his ramen. It burn but it tasted so good. Especially since he had added meat, and veggies to it. Anri quickly devour the ramen. Once he finished the bowl washed it then put it way. Anri's mind began to wonder back to Cecil once more.

Hopefully soon that male wouldn't cross his mind. Perhaps going on an evening walk would clear his mind. Anri went into his bedroom. He change into a black pair of pants. He even put on a bright pink shirt which was covered but a dark grey sweater. [#8f9499 "Mitsuki I am going out for a bit but I will be back"] he said as he patted her head. Anri went on a walk enjoying the cool night air. He had to work tomorrow so he really did need to clear his mind.

Anri walked out of his apartment building. Down the street, before he knew it he was standing in front of the bar. He stood three only for a moment, then darted off. He need to get way from this place. Anri forgotten how close the bar was to his apartment. He quickly walked hoping that no noticed him. How awkward would it be, to run into Cecil again so suddenly. It was a one night stand there was no love. No romance, it wasn't like he faith in love again more anyway.
Unisexᴄᴇᴄɪʟ ✰   1y ago

[Varela+Round [size12 A small sigh escaped his lips. He stopped by a few companies his friend suggested for him. Despite his business casual look, he wondered how many actually judged him on his appearance and demeanor alone. He did have some tattoos and maybe more than average piercings. He's a very serious guy no matter how he actually looks, he can easily act professional when the time comes. Out of the six, he felt at least two were impressed with his resume and portfolio.

Before he knew it, it was late in the afternoon. He had missed lunch. He stopped at a nearby cafe for something to eat. At least he accomplished something more today. He rubbed his temples slightly, feeling the effects of his previous night of drinking. He's used to hangovers by now. He can drink pretty well. He looked at his phone, reading various texts from his friends --- which were mostly Evan's friends. He only knew them by association. Cecil moreso sleeps around so much, he rarely finds the time to make friends. He'd rather work, drink, have sex and not worry about forming relationships with anyone. He took his coffee and exited the cafe, lighting up a cigarette.

What plans will he have for tonight?

Knowing the boss so well, he managed to snag a temporary job at the bar; helping out behind the bar. The nights seemed the busiest of all for some reason. Well, there are business men and women around, some either sulking about their dead-end job or relieving their stress for the night. Since he's always a patron of the bar, he never had the chance to see the different people who come in here. Some even complaining about their day. Cecil drew quite a crowd towards the bar, majority of them being men.. who he slept with or did some harmless flirting with.

The hours went by, people coming and leaving..
Ame|| Anri ||   1y ago

[center [font "Century gothic" Anri sighed softly as he continue to walk. After a while he decided to turn around an go back home. He showered once more; then went to bed. The next morning came fast. He had to be at work 6:30am. He normally got there an hour early. There was alway so much work to be done. Anri sighed softly as he got up from his bed. He went to the bathroom and did his normal routine. Once he fished brushing his teeth he quickly got dressed and headed out the door.

Before he left he remember to fill Mizuki bowl. He sighed softly as he left the house. He quickly made his way to his little red car and headed out. It didn't take long to get to work. He sighed softly as he pulled into his parking space. He quickly got out of his car walked into the building. Anri go to the door and reach for his badge. Only to find it was missing. Anri gasp, he never forgotten to before. He quickly went back to his car and looked around but it wasn't their. [#8f9499 "Where the hell did it go"] he said as he reach around the car.

Then it came to him he must of left it at the bar. Or worst over at Cecil's place. Anri sighed as he rubbed the back of his neck. Luckily today he could just get a temporary badge. Once he got to his desk he quickly got to work. checking emails from clients. The day seem to drag by but before he knew it was lunch time. They bar wasn't open yet. So he could just stop by real quick a check. Anri stomach started to growl he decided it would be best to go get some lunch.

Anri walked to a close by cafe. He got a sandwich and some chips. He ate them slowly as he looked down at his phone. He was reading an interesting article about cats. Of corse his beloved Mizuki was the best cat ever.

Anri soon finished his meal and went back to work. He work until about 6:40pm. He clocked off and went straight home. He decided it would be best to go to the bar around 8. He would give him time to eat and shower and visit with Mizuki. Also make sure he didn't leave in jacket.

Once Anri got home he fed and petted Mizuki then quickly looked around the house. Of corse it wasn't here or nor was that jacket of his. Anri sighed softly as he cooked up some ramen this time he made it spicy. Once he was done eating he showered then headed out to he bar. He decided it would best to just walk to the bar since it was so close. Once he got to be bar he heart sank in his check as he seen Cecil he stood there for a moment in silence.

He had to say something. Anri walked up to the counter held his head down low. [#8f9499 "Excuse me... "] he said in soft but low voice.
Unisexᴄᴇᴄɪʟ ✰   1y ago

[Varela+Round [size12 Cecil wiped off the counter and moved around the tables, clearing off the extra glasses and cups. Some plates as well. Overlapping conversations kept the bar lively, laughter and the sounds of glasses clanging against each other. This made for a good distraction instead of sitting at home and feeling lazy. He preferred a lot of distractions, meeting other people was one of those distractions as well.

Cecil heard the worries from women and men alike, offering advice as much as he could. When it came to love and relationships, he's the last person to talk to about such a subject. A pleasant conversation was never a bad way to pass the time either. This bar remained open pretty late, usually when people began getting drunk off their ass.

One or few times, he had to stop a drunken fight and throw the men out. Pretty sure he acted like a 'bouncer' in that situation. He stood behind the bar once more, serving a beautiful women a martini and wings. Eyes gazed at the familiar face, a small smirk on his lips. [#90021d "Well, well.. hello again."] He chuckled. He felt like teasing him so badly, but decided against it. He had to remain professional. [#90021d "What will you have?"]


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