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|| S T O R A G E ||

By CherryBooxx

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Place for me to place profiles that are made for me. Muses. Etc.
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CherryBooxx     1y ago

[center [pic]]
[google-font][kurale [size13 [center You are loved for the boy you are, the man you will become, and the precious son you will]]][google-font][kurale [size13 [center always be. I asked God to send me a man that will always love me. So he sent me a son.]]]
[right [pic]]
[google-font][kurale [size13 [center Please call me Cherry unless I know you.]]]
[google-font][kurale [size13 [center I will forever be ageless]]]
[google-font][kurale [size13 [center I am a bi-sexual female.]]]
[google-font][kurale [size13 [center I am happily taken.]]]
[google-font][kurale [size13 [center I am a mama bear to my amazing children.]]]
[google-font][kurale [size13 [center I am a proud Muse Holder.]]]
[google-font][kurale [size13 [center I have my friends close, and they mean the world to me.]]]
[google-font][kurale [size13 [center I am a writer, seeking new partners.]]]
[google-font][kurale [size13 [center Kindly fuck off now. Toodles.]]]

[right Emmi Made This For Me]
CherryBooxxѕerenιтy   1y ago

[center [pic]][google-font][kurale [size13 [center ♡ You survived what you thought would break you. Now straighten your crown and]]][google-font][kurale [size13 [center move forward like the Queen you are. Stand back and watch the Queen conquer everything. ♡]]][center [pic]][google-font][kurale [size13 [center ♡ Cherry ♡ Female ♡ Ageless ♡ Happily Taken ♡ Friend ♡ Muse Holder ♡ Immortal Dreamer ♡]]][google-font][kurale [size13 [center ♡ Writer ♡ Mother ♡ Lovely ♡ Cared for ♡ Loathed ♡ Gentle Being ♡ Queen Bitch ♡]]]
[google-font][kurale [size13 [center ♡ [b Status;] I just had a baby. I will not be able to post right away. Posts will be very spread out. If you can’t handle that, please don’t write with me. ♡]]]
[google-font][kurale [size13 [center ♡ [b Stories 12/12;] {} Masked ♡ {} Stay ♡ {} Hunter ♡ {} Nightshade ♡ {} Deep ♡ {} Dreams]]][google-font][kurale [size13 [center ♡ {} Forbidden ♡ {} Incantation ♡ {} Fatal ♡ {} Discovering ♡ {} Moon ♡ {} Never ♡]]][center [pic]]

[right Another profile Emmi made for me]
SSerendipty-     1y ago

[google-font] [font "Playfair+Display" Testing...]
[google-font] [font "Satisfy" Testing...]
[google-font] [font "Cookie" Testing...]
[google-font] [font "Handlee" Testing...]
[google-font] [font "Ruda" Testing...]


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