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Like a Knife // Ciel x Sebastian

By SolemnYuki
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1) People are dying all over London with seemingly nothing to tie them together. Sebastian discovers their suspect is killing demons and their contracts, desperate to eliminate powerful competition and ascend through the ranks in Hell. [b 2) Evidence missed by the Yard in a case lead Ciel and Sebastian back into the midst of the demon-worshipping cult. They discover the awful truth that not only one branch of the cult exists, but three others that are determined to summon the four crowned princes of Hell.] 3) combine 1 and 2 for a weird, super awesome rp creation.
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Ciel Phantomhive
[h3 +] [+blue [i Reject....reject....possibly accept...]] The mid morning found the small Earl sitting at his large and stately desk, sorting through invitations of varying kinds. Some were easier things to attend such as auctions and art viewings but others were incredibly dull or stressful so they made their way into the waste bin. He was certain that no matter how many he accepted, Sebastian would try to convince him to add at least one more just to see the boy squirm in an uncomfortable environment. This thought made the heterochromic eyes narrow a bit, sometimes he wished he could deliver the demon a swift punch in the throat. He terribly deserved it. As Ciel pondered which invitations he was more willing to devote time to, he slowly pulled off the eyepatch and set it down on the desk. He blinked a couple of times to allow the once-covered eye to grow accustomed to the light before easing them both open and looking down at his desk once more. He knew he would hear an earful from Sebastian about how the servants could possibly see the boy's unnatural eye, but he was willing to take the risk. It was a bit more comfortable this way. Besides, the other servants were more than likely busy with whatever chore list Sebastian had given them that it really wasn't a possibility. Sometimes he just liked to lecture to get under the boy's skin. Ciel chose to accept four of the ten invitations that he had received, beginning to write responses to them so his butler could take them to the post immediately. It wouldn't do to be late. He was beginning to feel a bit tired, perhaps a cup of tea would help with that. Instead of communicating the way most master and servants did, with call bells an the like, Ciel simply spoke into the the empty room in a soft voice. The contract made communicating with the demon so much easier, Sebastian would always be able to hear his master's calls. [+blue "I require a cup of tea, Sebastian. Make it a strong blend."[

Sebastian Michaelis
It would seem that the butler could never quite catch a break, could he? As the demon walked down the hall having presently just finished out in the garden for the morning, he heard his charges newest order. With a check to the time, he supposed it did make sense, setting off immediately for his new task as to not keep the young earl waiting. While the darkly clad butler did indeed have many things to do, appeasing the lord was his top priority. It wasn't long before the soft clink of china set on china was heard near the study, a soft knock on the older wooden door before gloved hands slid the doors open. "Tea as you requested, My lord. A strong rose black blend, accompanied by madeleines should you need them." He stepped inside, wheeling his usual silver cart in ahead of him. He stepped over to the boy, glancing over the papers as he poured his tea per his usual specifications and set the china to the side of the desk as to not disturb any work currently ongoing. "Going through your requests already? I see you have some responses drafted. Would you like them delivered?" He set the tea pot down back onto the cart, now assigning the plate of small madeleines to sit besides the cup of tea. It didn't appear that his charge had taken on too much this time.. perhaps he should ask if he was truly going to leave it at so little. After all, he likely could do much more, even if it meant bearing a little discomfort. This was his duty as an Earl, and even more as the last of the Phantomhive lineage. He had a reputation to uphold.

Ciel Phantomhive
[h3 +] Once the RSVP's were finished, Ciel sat up a bit straighter so his back could stretch and crack. It finally did, giving him a bit of relief from sitting somewhat hunched over his desk for so long, and elicited a soft sigh from him. It was the only awful part of doing so much office work, sometimes he found it quite hard to sit still or to focus and was forced to put his attention into something else. Even though he carried himself as an adult, he was still a child. A small hand pulled open one of the drawers of his desk, pulling out a red stick of wax and a book of matches. He pulled the candle stick closer to himself, lighting the wick, and set it aside for the moment so the flame could grow. The envelopes were aligned in front of him, ready for their seal. Carefully picked up the candle, holding the wax over the flame and letting it drip onto the paper's surface. Once he had enough, he pressed his signet ring into the hot substance and kept it there for about a minute until it had hardened and he could easily pull his hand away. One down, three more to go. He had begun the process with the second envelope when Sebastian arrived, dual color eyes glancing up at him before quickly looking at his work to be sure he didn't burn himself. [+blue "You can also take the two letters on the corner of the desk,"] he stated. The other letters were finished in a similar fashion, Ciel blowing out the candle and setting it aside when he was done. Afterwards, he took the cup that was set nearby and took a small drink as he leaned back into his large chair. It was good, just as he expected, and he hoped it would give him a bit more energy for the day ahead. [+blue "I imagine that four appearances are good enough, two auctions, a distillery opening, and a party."] He took one of the madeleines, eating it slowly before sipping his tea again. Another perfection. [+blue "I really don't want to add more to that list unless I'm forced to. I have enough to keep on top of."]

Sebastian Michaelis
Scarlet eyes watched carefully as he finished up the letters, white gloved hands picking them up to leaf through them. Everything did indeed seem in order here.. He was curious as to what exactly the young Earl had rejected, but he would come to hear if it was truly that important. For now, he couldn't do much more than what he was told. Delivering the letters was a task that could wait for later, perhaps. Until the house was much more quiet.. Less the young lord insisted it be completed immediately. The day had begun not too long ago at this point, so truly there was still much to be done to run off and do something as silly as delivering letters. While his Lord was sipping on his tea, he was straightening the room, something the darkly clad butler seemed always to be doing with various things around the house. There was always something to do, even just minor, which is why the manor was always immaculate. He moved one of the larger books on the bookcase back into it's place before Ciel spoke, glancing over in his direction with a slight chuckle. Of course the boy would protest his work.. he'd likely stay in bed all day if he could. "I'll take them all when I go, My Lord. I will likely depart later this evening, after dinner." He needed to run errands in the town regardless, so this would work out. It would take him no extra time, after all. This was Sebastian we were talking about. "Less these letters require I go earlier?"

Ciel Phantomhive
[h3 +] The tea and snack were finished rather quickly, the teacup set down on the saucer with a quiet [i clink.] The boy had been feeling quite famished and the caffeine in the tea was needed. It was only early in the day but he could already feel himself dragging. He wasn't sure why, he felt he had sleep adequately the previous night and had gone to bed at a decent hour. A soft sigh left his chest as Sebastian spoke, lifting his eyes to him and shaking his head. [+blue "They're not urgent,"] he answered, slowly leaning back into the comfortable chair. A small hand reached out to the desk, toying with one of the strings to the eyepatch that still sat on its surface while his gaze fell to a small stack of folders on the corner of it. He still had some cases and reports to work on though had been putting them off, an act that wasn't like him. Normally when he was presented with a case he liked to finish it as quickly as possible so he could write the report and send it back to Her Majesty. His most recent case, however, seemed to elicit the opposite reaction in Ciel. He had started out well, planning on finishing it within a week like most of his cases, but he was greeted with a haunting image when he opened the folder: inside was a photograph of the brand he had on his side, burned deeply into a piece of wood. Immediately it was shut and hadn't been opened since. Seeing it again caused his stomach to ache and feelings that he had buried deep come to surface once again. Ciel wasn't ready for that. Small fingers continued to toy with the string absently as his eyes remained locked on the closed folder. [+blue "If you're going to London, you can pick up the wax and stationary that I've ordered,"] he instructed Sebastian, though his voice was a tad distant. It was obvious that he was descending into his own thoughts again.


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