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Kidnapped... 14 years later

By Character

Replies: 434 / 13 days ago

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''Both..'' The doctor said.

Johnathan started to get angry
Sf_Pappy / 7h ago
"W-wait, broken heart syndrome?"

Hailey was shocked.
Character / 12h ago
Lucy knew who the blunt trauma was from. She just looked at the ground

Johnathan looked at Hailey then the doctor

''We still don't know what plunged her into this'' the doctor continued
Sf_Pappy / 23h ago
Aiden looked at the doctors in shock.

Caleb looked worried for Lucy.

Hailey just was shocked.
Character / 1d ago
''I-i didnt want to worry you guys...Your busy with ''Work'' and mom is overly emotional as it is..'' Lucy said

The doctor walked in ''Her head injuries worsened due to more blunt trauma to the head.. She also has broken heart syndrome''

Johnathans eyes widend

Justin looked at Lucy
Sf_Pappy / 1d ago
Aiden stood back.

Caleb looked around.
Character / 1d ago
Lucy looked down

He smiled back

Johnathan looked at Lucy ''How come you never told us you head stuff was getting worse?!'' he had risen his voice some
Sf_Pappy / 1d ago
"I know"

Caleb smiled.
Character / 1d ago
Lucy looked up at him ''Ive had this head injury since I was a baby..'' she blinked a bit as tears filled her eyes

Justin kissed him back
Sf_Pappy / 1d ago
Aiden just cried.

Caleb kissed Justin.
Character / 1d ago
''I-its not your fault..'' Lucy said

Justin looked back at him
Sf_Pappy / 1d ago
Caleb looked at Justin.

"I'm sorry" Aiden said, tears starting to form in his eyes.
Character / 1d ago
He hugged back

Lucy didnt say anything
Sf_Pappy / 1d ago
Caleb hugged him.

Aiden walked up to her.
Character / 2d ago
He smiled a bit

Lucy just blankly stared at them
Sf_Pappy / 2d ago