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By lolbitthefoxUwU

Replies: 201 / 14 days ago

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Plot. Following the closing of a Fazbear location, William Afton decides to move away from Fazbear Entertainment and start his own line of children's entertainment. He founded Afton Robotics Inc. and created the Funtime animatronics.
Lolbit/Alex Afton (female) : @lolbithefoxUwU
The Voice (male) : empty
Hand Unit: empty
C.B/S.B.Ennard/Eli Afton (female) : @lolbitthefoxUwU
Ft foxy (female or male) : @daniell
Ft freddy (male) : @BonbonFNAF
Bonbon (male) : empty
Bonnet (Female) : @zeldajyjjut
Ballora/Clara Afton (female) : @maddielol1265ballora
Springtrap/William Afton (for fun (male) : @daniell
Michael Afton/Eggz benedict (male) : @CVM
Shadow Freddy/C.C Afton (male) : @anime_freak
Puppet (male) : @whitelotus
Bidybab (Female) : empty
Bidybab (male) : empty
Minireena (female) : empty
Minireena (male) : empty
Electro-bab (male or female) : my sis
Candy Cadette (male or female) : empty
Nightguard (male or female (nickname roastbeef) : @alistor_simp1
Exotic Butters (male or female) : empty
I respect all ships :D
Nightmare (male) : @FROSTBITE4395
Nightmare Fredbear (male) : empty
you may not have more than 2 roles.
"Hello..?" They looked around, seeing nothing before moving back. "Ugh.."
LosingMySelf / 8h ago
Shadow Freddy left into the shadows with his tea.
Anime_freak / 8h ago
"Why is he in that stage.. ugh, whatever.." They got up walking to it, opening the certain and looking inside.
He points to foxy's stage.
Anime_freak / 8h ago
"Wow.. where's Freddy, I was supposed to play guess who I killed with him.."
LosingMySelf / 8h ago
"Gone." Chris said while drinking tea
Anime_freak / 8h ago
They blinked, looking around. "Where is everyone..?" They walked through their stage sitting down on a seat in one of the party rooms.
LosingMySelf / 8h ago
she looked at circus baby, walking up to her stage. ¨i hate you!¨ she said, dragging her backstage. ¨now i´ll see how you like being murdered.¨ she said, dismantling C.B ¨Now, that you´re broken.¨
Mr. Andys / Darkling69 / 14h ago
"so thats why i didn't die..."
Mike Afton / CVM / 14h ago
*he walks back over to the ballora gallery, and sits down, on the floor, right in front of ballora*
Mike Afton / CVM / 14h ago
(as not character) What the frick is going on here?
Mr. Andys / Darkling69 / 14h ago
She went to mike

¨Mike, iḿ the one who scooped you. i didnt realize it was you.¨

She sighed.

¨im sorry...¨

she started crying. she ran backstage, covering her eyes.
Ok then. That works I guess.
Mr. Andys / Darkling69 / 14h ago
she started walking to ballora gallery. ¨Ballora, power on.¨

she looked up at her.


Ballora looked at her, she had blood all over her outfit.

Ballora: Elizabeth?-

¨Yes mummy?-¨

Ballora: did you possess an animatronic??


Ballora: turn into them.

She turned into ennard, looking at her feet.


Ballora: wow.

¨yes.¨ she sighed. ¨I have to go now, mummy.¨

Ballora: ok, elizabeth. goodbye.

She started walking towards the stage.