In Too Deep (Closed to CherryBooxx)

By Burning_Heart

Abigail Preston and her friends have one last thing on their Summer to-do lists before college begins: spend one night at the old Rosehill Asylum, a place with an awful past and was shut down over 50 years prior. When the group finally gets to do so, however, they find that the building isn't as abandoned as it appears. It's a fight for survival as the group of friends try to find their way out before it's too late.

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Burning_HeartAbigail   362d ago

[center Abigail stared down at her bag, tapping her foot against the floor as she frowned. She felt like she was forgetting something, but couldn't quite put her finger on what. [i Flashlight, rope, bandages...] [b "Oh!"] Rubbing alcohol. Rushing out of the room, she made her way to the kitchen, grabbing the bottle from the medicine cabinet, quickly going back to her room, and throwing it in her backpack. What was the point in having bandages and gauze if they didn't have anything to disinfect any wounds with?]

[center After zipping her bag closed, she moved to her phone, which was resting on the nightstand, and unlocked it, sending a message to her friends.]

[center [b Today's the day! I hope you guys are just as excited as I am? Before we get going, is anyone hungry? If so, we can get some breakfast. Maybe stop at the local diner?]]

[center She hit send and quickly grabbed her charger, slipping it into one of the backpack's side pockets and slipping the phone into her pocket. She was extremely excited that they were finally going to go check out the Rosehill Asylum, a place her parents were constantly telling her [i not] to go to. Unfortunately for them, she was just too interested in the place to let the idea go. Not to mention, it was her last big hurrah with her friends before they all split for college or to do other things with their lives. She wanted to make this day special.]

[center Feeling the phone buzz, she pulled it out to see a reply from Alex.]

[center [i [b Breakfast sounds perfect. You're paying, though, right?]]]

[center She rolled her eyes but couldn't help smiling at his message.]

[center [b Yeah, sure, whatever :p]]

[center With that, she set the phone back down, waiting to hear back from the other two before she left.]

[center [b ~~~~~~]]

[right [pic]]

[center Alex groaned as he heard his phone buzz, finally pulling the covers off and picking it up from the dresser. He cursed as he saw the message, fumbling to get out of bed. It sounded like Abby was already prepared to take off, and there he was, still in his boxers. Quickly sending back a reply, he put the phone aside and made his way to his bathroom, shielding his eyes from the bright light.]

[center He splashed some cold water onto his face before brushing his teeth and fluffing out his hair. He couldn't believe that the day had fallen upon them so fast. It felt like only yesterday the four friends were first discussing the idea. Now here they were, actually going through with it.]

[center And while he wouldn't admit it in front of Abigail, he was nervous as hell.]

[center Before agreeing, Alex had done some research on the old asylum, feeling bad about the idea with each thing he'd read. The Rosehill Asylum was a terrifying place, and while he didn't necessarily believe in ghosts or anything like that, he knew that there was still a possibility the group could get hurt. The place hadn't been touched in over fifty years. Who knew what kind of diseases they could catch or how unstable the floors were.]

[center Either way, it was too late for him to back out. With that in mind, he made his way from the bathroom, throwing on a pair of torn jeans, a white t-shirt, and a black jacket before reading Abby's reply.]

[center The girl was ecstatic and he didn't want to upset her by canceling last minute. He knew how heartbroken she was that they were growing up. She'd been the reason he had even become friends with any of the other three. Had she not approached him in middle school, sitting on the bench by himself, he probably would've never given her a second glance.]

[center He was grateful for his friends, though, and knew deep down, no matter how many pranks they pulled on one another or how many spats they got into, that he wouldn't go back and change anything. They were like family to him, which was more than enough for him.]


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