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Black Butler search thread

By SolemnYuki

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I'm a Ciel roleplayer looking for a Sebastian! I tend to make Ciel as asshole-ish as possible so I need a good Sebastain to dish it back to me. The plots are as follows:

1) People are dying all over London with seemingly nothing to tie them together. Sebastian discovers their suspect is killing demons and their contracts, desperate to eliminate powerful competition and ascend through the ranks in Hell.

2) Evidence missed by the Yard in a case lead Ciel and Sebastian back into the midst of the demon-worshipping cult. They discover the awful truth that not only one branch of the cult exists, but three others that are determined to summon the four crowned princes of Hell.

3) combine 1 and 2 for a weird, super awesome rp creation.

The requirements:

+The character limit will be 1000. More is always welcome.
+I'd like a reply every week but am willing to slow to two weeks if life gets super busy. Or just talk to me and we can work something out. I just want to keep it going and not give it a chance to die.
+Sebastian has to be quite cheeky to deal with all of the shit I'm going to give him. Don't just accept it, retaliate against me like a man.
+obviously cursing is acceptable.
+grammar mistakes happen, don't sweat 'em. If you're making it look like an early 2000's text message then we'll have a problem.
+God mod is not acceptable.
+I'm not a picture dictator. As long as it's the right Sebastian and it doesn't break rules, throw it on up.

Please PM me with your favorite animal in the title if you're interested or let me know if you have questions!
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Foxygogogo     1y ago

hello i would love to rp
SolemnYuki     1y ago

Awesome. Which number would you be interested in doing and do you have any questions? ^.^
Anime_freak     1y ago
We'll make memories, friend.

i'm interested!


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