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The Mysterious Disease, Crystalscourge

By Catlover33

Replies: 1168 / 19 days ago

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In recent years, everything has been peaceful until today. A new disease was recently discovered that is now known as Crystalscourge. So far, there have only been three confirmed cases. All three of the people who have the disease are young males who are from the Final Fantasy series. Not much is known about this mysterious disease as of yet but there are some symptoms of this disease that have been recorded.

[b Symptoms of Crystalscourge]

The victim’s hair will start to turn white at first however this is only during the first minor stages of the disease. It only gets worse from there as next, the victim’s blood will start to slowly crystalize which will result in something that isn’t good. The victim’s eye color will also change to a paler version of their original eye color and they will become noticeably paler in appearance. The final stage of this disease will result in the victim unwillingly enter a death like sleep. The final stage happens when every drop of blood in the victim’s body has crystallized.

[b Research Facilities]

These facilities are where those who have Crystalscourge are taken in hopes that a cure will be found for this disease. The people who are brought to these facilities are treated with kindness and affection in order to keep them calm. Each day, those who have Crystalscourge will have a small amount of their uncrystallized blood drawn by workers at the facilities in order to help find a cure. There are other tests that are run as well in order to get a better understanding of the Crystalscourge disease.

[b The Final Stage]

As stated before, the final stage of Crystalscourge forces the disease’s victims to enter a deathlike sleep. However, it also forcibly removes the victim’s soul from their body. To help with this, the staff at the Research Facilities have created artificial bodies that are meant to house those disembodied souls while their original bodies are kept in a special location so that one day, the effects that the Crystalscourge had created can be treated.
Ace remained curled up in his room.

Tidus and the others were currently talking amongst themselves for some unknown reason.
Ace / Catlover33 / 11h ago
Naomi stayed with Shep as she remained antisocial and wouldn't approach anyone new
Naomi / Kitiki_Anemara / 11h ago
Machina was ready to attack anyone that would approach him. He didn’t want to be approached nor did he feel like interacting with any other people. He was currently being an aggressive grump.
Machina / Catlover33 / 12h ago
Naomi's ears twitched as she had just been drifting off to sleep and grumbles slightly at the loud noises from outside her room
Naomi / Kitiki_Anemara / 12h ago
A very upset Machina was brought into the facility. He ended up growling as his eyes flashed red for just a second. “LEAVE ME ALONE!” He would yell out.

Ace was still curled up in his room and was oblivious to the outside noise.
Machina / Catlover33 / 15h ago
Naomi yawned and fell asleep while petting Shep
Naomi / Kitiki_Anemara / 17h ago
Ace ended up yawning. He was slightly tired now.
Ace / Catlover33 / 1d ago
Shep. was big hap doggo. nothing could turn his smile upside down
she smiled more and gave him belly rubs, tails almost wagging
Shep would roll over and lay on his back
she smiled, tails swaying a bit as she continued to pet him calmly and almost happy
Shep would lay down now. and continue to wag his tail happily
she smiled as she came out of her thoughts and her ears rose a bit as she continued to pet him while her tails started to sway a bit
“I wonder if anyone will come in here...” Ace said softly.
Ace / Catlover33 / 1d ago
he would continue to wag his tail happily, and then booped her again