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SeaSoSlimey[ G D ]   1y ago

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"[+SeaGreen What are you doing over there?]" Lifting his arms slowly, he crossed them over his chest, cocking an well-groomed eyebrow. The adolescent teen squealed a gasp, hand reaching for the object on desk freezing, and neck snapping quickly towards the sound. "[+SeaGreen I look forward to hearing your excuse.]"

"[+slategrey Um, I was just looking for the package brought in yesterday.]" A small smile stretching his lips as he stepped away from the desk. "[+slategrey I ordered a package from amazon and mom told me she brought it in here.]" Gordon huffed a chuckle under his breath. "[+SeaGreen You mean to tell me, that if a packaged arrived, that mom wouldn't look at the name on the package?]"

Koda lifted his shoulders in a small shrug and went to place his hands on his hips. "[+slategrey Now I didn't say all that but it could be a possibility that she was in a rush or something.]" Becoming more animated the longer the lie trailed on, he took a few steps towards Gordon, fingers tapping softly against his hips. "[+SeaGreen What if I call mom right now? Ask her if she was confused or in a rush.]" Placing the pad of his foot behind his leg as he rested his weight against the doorframe.

Relaxing the muscles in his face, he reached in his pocket, and pulled out his cellphone. "[+SeaGreen What do you think she'll say?]" Calling his bluff, his older brother wouldn't disturb his mother, especially when she was at her office. "[+slategrey Go ahead, I'm sure she would agree with me, as I am nothing but honest.]" Normally, as the eldest, he wouldn't stoop to lower levels. It was his duty to his mother to instill and reinforce positive behavior in his younger sibling. However, he had time today.

His eyes flicked toward top right section of his screen, taking note of the time and day of the week, and how that corresponds with his mothers schedule. Coincidentally, it was close enough to her lunch break, and he was positive she was itching for an excuse. As hard working as the woman was, she could equally be just as lazy, and he sometimes wondered how she is able to function.

Sliding his gaze back towards his sibling, who stood there looking smug, lips stretching into a wild grin. "[+SeaGreen You chose the wrong day to test me brother.]" Pressing his contacts, selecting his mothers name, and lifting the phone to his ear. Finally reacting to his older sibling, he lunged forward, arm stretched in the direction of the device. "[+slategrey Fine, just hang up the phone.]" Just as he thought. He pressed the end call button and slid the phone back to the safety of his pocket. "[+SeaGreen Explain yourself Koda.]"


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