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By Unisex
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[center [pic]] [google-font ''] [center [size11 A roleplay with [b MATURE] themes; blood, violence, drugs, ect. Not a roleplay for the [b faint of heart or easily triggered]. Not going to be a totally violent RP but I'm putting a warning anyway. Inspired by an Anime.]] [Balsamiq+Sans [size18 [h3 [center Bellis Liberty Academy]]] [i [b Dear Student], Congratulations! You've been accepted into Bellis Liberty Academy for Boys. Included in this letter is a list of guidelines and school rules, the academy crest pin, and your dorm room number. We look forward to your success at our prestigious Academy and will help you discover that one true hidden talent.] Bellis Liberty Academy sets off the coast of Japan, a mile long bridge separates the campus from the rest of civilization. A private island, if you will. Despite being hidden, it's quite the widely known school and most popular. It holds events every now and then, letting its male students into the co-ed experience. Though.. some romantic interests have spread among the student body. It hasn't become too much of a problem.. until students begin to indulge themselves into the dark arts for the lack of anything better to do.. and even the teachers and staff become involved as they feel it's their duty to care for their students.. [hr ] [left [pic]] [b Nikolai], a new transfer student becomes the point of interest; having no special skills or hidden talents, neither the self-confidence. Suffers from social anxiety. He believes this school will change him into the person he wants to be. Make friends and memories. Quite gullible and a pushover. He's a curious fellow, always waiting for something to catch his attention.. which more than likely, will give him trouble. [right [pic]] [b Syil] the pretty librarian, took over the previous staff member after he mysteriously disappeared. As a part-time creative writing instructor as well, he's quite new to the Academy.. having escaped his abusive life.. living on campus. He has developed somewhat of an attraction towards a certain teacher, but his dark past comes back and haunts him when things begin happening. [hr ] [left [pic ]] [b YC Name] is the {Subject} teacher and extremely popular amongst the student body. He's quite the smooth talker and develops a nice student-teacher relationship with all the students. Yet, there's a whole different side of him no one's aware of.. dark, possessive, violent .. hell, he could be the devil himself.{You can change this to your liking.} [right [pic ]] [b YC Name] is a sophomore who's almost like him. More dark and mysterious. Almost something sinister about him. Leader of a clique of those who indulge in said dark things. May or may not worship the devil.. or even being a demon himself. {You can change this to your liking.} [h3 ] [center [ My general rules.] [size11 [b We'll be doubling for this. One student, one teacher/staff member. Basically like two different stories in one. This RP is open-ended for a reason. It can go any direction. Obviously an MxM RP.]
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