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DearestRoleplayer     1y ago

Welcome to my window shop of ideas!

I do hop you find something you like!

Before we get to the good stuff, here is about me and what I am looking for in my potential partners:
Please be active. At least a reply a day or once every other day.
No one-liners or short stop replies. Been an issue lately.
No controlling my characters, no matter how slight; another issue.
I only RP on-site over PM's.
I don't need big elaborate characters, just a name, age and image (realistic) included in with intro.
I have no triggers and very much enjoy dark RP's, so long as they don't break forum rules.
I live in CDT (central daylight time) and am only active during day time hours.
I only write "bottom" roles.
I can do any gender pairing you prefer.
Please be able to write multiple characters.
I cannot and will not write sexual scenes.

Vampire / Human* (craving)
Priest / Girl* or Boy*
Gothic Superstar Model / Boy*
Runaway* / Sadist
Dark Angel / Human*
Lucifer / Runaway*
Bully / Target*
Vampire Outlaw / Cowgirl* or Cowboy*
Youtuber Kidnapper / Victim*
Supernatural Youtuber / Human*
Mind Reader* / Serial Killer
Mental Patient* / Mental Patient

Supernatural (Looking For Cas, Crowley or Lucifer)


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